The team here at Roku has been hard at work on another software update for Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD players. Rolling out today, Roku software version 4.7 contains several “under the hood” improvements and fixes:

  • Added support for channels that use Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Added improvements to support several new partner channels to launch in 2012
  • Improved stability of the new Roku HD player
  • Improved Roku device discovery on Roku iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Fixed a bug related to French localization

The Roku software update will be pushed automatically to all connected Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD players over the next 48 hours. To get it now, select Settings > Software update > Check now from your Roku player.

Information on what we added in the previous 4.6 release can be found here.

Stream on.

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  • Primemover333

    Is this going to do anything about the XDS crap support for Hulu Plus?

  • Primemover333

    Is this going to do anything about the XDS crap support for Hulu Plus?

  • Mrjayryan

    It needs to support other video formats…..AVI…especially…until then it will sit and collect dust

    • Go with PlexApp. I stream everything through an old laptop now.

      • Armando H

        Thanks Dan, Plex ( is great!! I especially like how it even organizes my content by folder / decade / resolution, etc.!

  • Would love to see an update that included connectivity to the Amazon Cloud Player. Thanks for continuing to improve the product!

  • Nick

    Agree on the other video format support. Plug in the USB and it recognizes very little of what’s there. I have to plug the USB into my DVD player. Would much rather use Roku.

    • Nick

      Adding: Love my TWO Rokus and thanks for keeping them updated (my Seagate is what’s gathering dust at my place, that and my Apple TV!).

    • David

      Just convert the videos. Sure it’s easier to be lazy. But it’s not that hard to convert a movie format. (I use Xilisoft video converter to convert unrecognized formats to either MP4 or MKV. And a lot of Blu-Ray rips have audio that isn’t recognized by the Roku (I don’t have a fancy sound system, I just use regular audio from the TV.) and Xilisoft will convert the audio. It will also allow you to add subtitle files to movies. It’s a great program.

  • Salinger

    All you guys complaining about your Amazon and Hulu should be thankful. 🙂 Here in Canada, my Roku is basically just another Netflix box. Pretty much nothing else worth watching on it. I knew it’d be rough going early on, but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it is. I already have at least a half dozen ways to see Netfllix, I don’t need another one.

    • Anonymous

      I am an american who agrees. As far as tech issues, things should be equal. Having said that, I love Canada and your national sport Hockey! In fact, I’m surprising my GF with a trip across the border soon,

    • just a joke settle down

      you have free health care. Stop complaining

      • Anonymous

        Lol… nothing is ever free.

      • Hopeless

        Like most things free in this world.. its total shit.

        • davin cleary

          at least you don’t lose everything if you get sick like here the GOOD OL’ USA!

        • C W

          It’s not “free” as in beer, they pay for it. It’s freely available, and available > “better”.

    • may be worth your trouble to start developing channels. maybe NokNok could be a good solution if you don’t want to write them yourself.

    • Frederick P

      i agree i have amazon prime and i never found anything worth watching on that same with hulu plus.. the only thing i use my roku for is NETFLIX…..

    • Strain J

      If you get the Astrill software it will give you a usa ipo that will allow you to get the us version of netflix which has so much more to watch

  • Kathy

    I love my ROKU 🙂

    • OCURRAN60


  • Chris

    Roku would be great if there were more live, 24hr, USA, news stations with video. Please toss the audio only stations as pointless.

  • Eyestalk

    Would be nice if the Roku android app was available in Canada… you know you sell Roku boxes here right?

  • Southaven1981

    Youtube would be a welcomed improvement. And the ability to play avi file types.

  • Red

    Could you activate the ROKU iOS app on the Canadian App Store, I think you forgot to add it after the release of Roku in Canada.

    Thank you

    • Fer

      Same thing for the Roku Android app, it is not available on the Canadian Play Store.

  • Awesome! Glad to see Smooth Streaming support.

  • Herbert Jones

    I really like my ROKU but is one of the older version. Is it possible to trade in in for one of the newer versions.

    • I bought a new one and resold the old, felt good to be able to introduce someone else to Roki

    • davin cleary

      I bought a sandwich last week. Now it’s old can I trade it in for a new one?

  • Jamessalyer

    Would really like to know who broke into my house and stole my Roku.

  • Randaway

    LOVE my Rokus .. want youtube please… thank you

    • Duathman

      It’s called playon. Get it and get YouTube

  • Cobalt Dragon

    Hope a Windows Phone app is in the works!

  • Still really want Youtube and UPnP/DLAN support. Keep up the good work otherwise!


    I love where the updates are going this year 4.7 is great. there is still few updates roku forgot about thats needs to be coming out. The USB app needs avi,mov,mp4,high hd 720p 1080p, Stream better photos. Netflix channel disable search browser off and on from kids 3 to 12 years old access the 500 instant queue list. Subtitles in the setting disable on and off all movies anytime. Netflix needs new color,layout,thumbnails,remove the popout, bigger and better, buffing 4 dots to HD, audio fix, new roku playbar to play faster and easy, automatic play next episode, Disable the search option roku 2 because everyone has kids and we want to add our favorite movies and shows whatever we want without the search in the way. update the roku 3d logos to start faster. setting needs to have more stuff fix display size, 1080p cant work, 720p HD buff movies with freeze, 4:3 needs to be fix for hd tv. All channels needs to be update new icon new logos. a new home scream design no more left and right access all 12 channels display on the scream 4 row x 3 down row makes 12 channels appear. Roku i love the 4.7 and other updates but i am waiting for safety access to watch netflix with my kids we love the disable search on and off feature so my kids can access there 150 kids content without the search. bring it back please i am been waiting for a year right now since i bought the roku 2 please thanks

  • Nick D.

    I would like to be able to stream my tivo videos on my roku 2 box. Having control of the schedule would be cool too.

  • Smooth Streaming, an IIS Media Services extension, enables adaptive streaming of media to Silverlight and other clients over HTTP.

  • The Roku player instantly delivers HD-quality movies and TV shows directly to your TV over the Internet.

  • Anonymous

    Worldwide or US only?

    HD audio fix?

  • Storm72rb

    Would be nice to beable to connect to facebook as well. I type in code and keeps saying error has occured with roku. Help???

  • Great update!

  • Pat Shane

    Having problems w/ PLEX. – Takes up the entire PC Screen, and the mouse won’t show the cursor unless you hover it at the very bottom tray. – Nothing about it seems to work. – (Possibly me, but I can’t even get started w/ this program.) – – The only response I have had was when logged on, it popped up a mssg. & said ‘There are no videos to stream’, – so what about my Pictures, and music??
    ALSO: – I have to press cntrl-alt-delete to start the Task Mgr. to ‘end process’, to get the darn thing OFF! Help Needed! – Thanks.


    I want the netflix setting back on roku 2 disable the search feature and watch movies in 500 instant queue way the best way to enjoy tv. roku 2 should have a two way search and disable search and just for kids plus subtitles fix and more major fixes i found on my roku

    • Frederick P

      i agree.. i dont need alot of the lists of movies which slows down the loading alot.. and there are alot of movies on the netflix website that i wish i could see on my main netflix screen.. more customization for the netflix app on roku would be key!!

  • Twiaterlight

    I found 100 issue on Netflix app channel as of today may 30,2012

  • I wanna watch youtube vids, plus I would like it to play avi

    • Frederick P

      looks like they have no intentions of ever supporting AVI.. ive been asking for about 7 months now and notta…. lost cause might as well forget avi on roku from what i see..

      • Jeff W

        You CAN watch AVIs, MPGs, MKVs…etc using Roku!
        I’ve been watching AVI movies since day one of getting my Roku – simply use Plex to stream the content off a local PC/Mac. It also supports youtube BTW…

        • David

          Plex is only good if you have low-res files to watch. I used to use Plex (or PS3 media server, before I got my Roku. And it would work, but it was too slow, and buffering movies in the middle of playing them was annoying.) A much better solution is to get an External HDD. Then load all your movies onto it. Then connect that to your Roku 2. Load times are much better. There’s no buffering in the middle of the movie. And it doesn’t need to be FAT32 formatted (like a lot of devices require, like an Xbox 360, or PS3. Which only allow files less than 4GB to be loaded on them. So HD movies aren’t usually going to fit.

          • Matt

            That is a great solution David, only issue for me there is that all of my movies on my External HDD are in the .avi format… and I am up to about 300 or so atm. That means converting them to an acceptable format is not going to fly…

          • That’s absolutely not true David. I’ve been using Plex for almost a year now. There was never an issue with resolution. You need to adjust your settings. It takes a little bit of finagling but when you get it, it’s absolutely perfect.

      • Jeff W

        You CAN watch AVIs, MPGs, MKVs…etc using Roku!
        I’ve been watching AVI movies since day one of getting my Roku – simply use Plex to stream the content off a local PC/Mac. It also supports youtube BTW…

  • Roku offers three different Roku 2 streaming players with built-in Wi-Fi

    • Frederick P

      Netflix HD streaming works best on roku 2 xs with wired ethernet and FAST Cable internet.. wifi seems to not be as good of quality even with linksys E3000 wireless N which was a $150 router.. i have 50 MBPS Comcast high speed internet..

  • Rikki Dontlosethatnumber

    I’ve been a Roku user and fan for over a year, but was disappointed when I could not stream my movies from my NAS. Roku simply did not support the MKV/DTS format- from the NAS, nor from a USB drive – and I had to move to the WD Live, which supports it out of the box, but is otherwise inferior to the Roku in terms of user interface, and number of available channels. Is Roku looking at fixing this with a firmware update? Would really prefer to go back to Roku if that one feature could be fix. You guys rock.

  • Frederick P

    any updates for the netflix app coming soon?? also any improvements for the Ethernet drivers?

  • SteveMcartney

    I love my Roku. I will pass on the free health care.

    • davin cleary

      so, you would like to go bankrupt and lose everything if you get sick? frickin ‘merrkans

  • Jrowell

    like my roku player very much. ps. i was wonder if you all wii have youtube as a channels

  • I access Youtube and my Avi’s thru PlayOn Server….works great

  • DJ

    I just got my Roku and was told by the tech I could get my local channels but can’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jack27

    Would like more Fox news channel programs on my Roku.
    How do I get HULU+ on my other Roku HD.