Hi there. As you all know, we’re always striving to improve the selection of entertainment available on Roku, either by adding more channels (we’re now at more than 500 today!) or by improving the experience of existing channels.

We’re thrilled to announce that customers who have the HBO GO app through Time Warner Cable, Optimum and Bright House Networks can now access HBO GO on their Roku players! TWC is one of the largest cable operators in America, so this is clearly a huge benefit for Roku customers who live in their respective service areas. You can see the TWC announcement on their blog here. For a full listing of cable and satellite providers who support HBO GO on Roku, click here.

If you haven’t tried HBO GO yet—well, it’s awesome. Not only is the movie and TV series selection huge, unique and fresh, it’s just incredibly easy to browse and find something great to watch. I was hooked after blasting through a season of Entourage in a weekend.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

Happy streaming!

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  • Anonymous

    Great news! now HBO needs to update their channel to provide Closed Caption and/or Subtitles. It’s ridiculous that this feature is not available on HBO Go.

  • Shemoody

    Now….if Comcast would just join that club!

    • Ipwee

      AMEN!…. Come on Comcast get with the program

  • Jinglebelles

    Must you be a Cablevision TV customer? What if you get your Internet access or telephone through them?

  • Anonymous

    Will wonders never cease! Thanks for plugging away at them, Roku!

  • Jessiemrobinson

    What about DirectTv we still do not have it

  • Melanie Harrison


  • Omdesign

    Time Warner Cable has retained me as a customer. I was going to switch to Dish but allowing HBO GO on the Roku has reversed that decision.

  • Anonymous

    Great. Now let’s try to get Comcast-Xfinity (as in Xbox) on board.

  • steve s

    will showtime-anytime be added any time in the near future?

  • qwqw12

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  • Someone please explain to me why other cable providers like Time Warner are able to get HBO to go on ROKU and Comcast Cable customers are being blocked.

  • Cruzin_slc_2007

    Comcast sucks. THey are trying to come out with their own version of a ROKU & and force you to use theirs. I smell lawsuit.

  • marcus0263

    HBOGo and Showtime are useless on Roku for you must already be a Cable/Sat subscriber. Pretty much defeats the purpose of having a Roku box ya know

    • beherenow

      Marcus I thought it was just me; if your hooked up with cable provider why the heck do you need a roku? What’s these peoples IQ’s?

  • Leonard

    But we cannot watch HBOGO through Directv. Just lovely!

  • mhorton54

    How about adding Dishnet to the HBOgo list of Providers. I can use HBO.GO on my computer and Kindle Fire. If it worked on the Roku I would definitely purchase the Roku asap.

  • Borigata

    Are we going to get Redbox streaming on Roku?

  • Don Martinez

    time for hbogo for roku to include directv. I can get hbogo on appletv for directv. why not roku?

  • kidshamrock

    But you would still have to pay for HBO, right? People try to tell me that everything with Roku is free, but that obviously isn’t true. Can the bloggers here please tell me if you still pay a satellite or cable bill? I’m trying to weight the value of a Roku player and which one to buy. Thanks!

  • Raven King

    Add xfinity to the list HBO GO. Chromecast has xfinity as one of the selections.

  • Raven King

    Add xfinity

  • Ken

    I have an original Roku
    Worked great until the 4 came out. Pic quality is garbage now and on sports; streaming breaks after no more than 15 seconds.
    If this is intentional to get users to buy newer, it worked. I ordered the new Apple tonight and Roku is soon to be trash