Today, Amazon released a new version of the Amazon Instant Video channel on Roku. With the update, you can now add movies and TV shows to your personal Amazon Instant Video Watchlist.

The Watchlist is a handy way to manage your Amazon streaming queue – anything you add to your Watchlist on Roku is automatically added to your Watchlist on Kindle Fire and the WebYou can access your Watchlist directly from the home screen of the Amazon Instant Video channel.

Other channel improvements include:

  • Helpful “more like this” suggestions for movies and TV episodes
  • Ability to filter search results by several criteria including movies only, TV only and Prime eligible content only
  • All available seasons of a TV series grouped together for easy streaming
  • New options menu with shortcuts to add a title to your Watchlist, view “more like this” titles and navigate to search, Watchlist and your Video Library (If your Roku remote doesn’t have an options (*) button, try the free Roku remote app for Android or iOS)
  • User interface, performance and error handling improvements

The channel update is available for all Roku players today. To ensure that you have the latest Amazon channel, simply go the Roku Channel Store from the Roku home screen and select Amazon Instant Video from the Movies & TV category.

Happy streaming!

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Director of Product Management, Roku
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  • Anonymous

    Since you know the silly off-topic comments are coming, let me start with some make-believe ones:

    “How come my Roku disconnects from my wireless?”
    “When will you support xxxxxx”?
    “How come there’s no web browser”, etc., etc., etc.

  • I was hoping for subtitles.

  • Ttime2

    Thanks for the update to Amazon, I love having the watch list and having the tv series all in one spot!

  • Suznee

    Funny I wrote the other day asking about this option to only get a response stating it was not available at this time and the would forward my request on to the appropriate department. Glad to see these features added.

  • The little Prime corner banner should be more prominent on titles in the Watchlist, I’m thinking. Or maybe divvy up the Watchlist by Prime & Not-Prime. Hm.

  • Anonymous

    When is AMAZON going to recognize that PUERTO RICO is PART OF THE UNITED STATES; We speak ENGLISH and we WANT to watch what they have?????????JEEZE, how stupid can they be???????? it’s a BIG audience that is NOT being serviced!!!!!

  • ian

    When will this be available in the UK?

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