Today, we’re rolling out a free software update—Roku software 4.8 for Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD players. Like most of our software updates, this release is a combination of improvements, bug fixes, and new features for the Roku platform.

Improvements for Roku users:

  • Improved video playback for an overall better viewing experience, including significant playback improvements to the MLB.TV and GBTV channels
  • General performance optimizations to make Roku 2 and Roku LT players more responsive in certain situations
  • Expanded language support, adding Spanish and German to the user interface (To change your language, just go to Settings from the Roku home screen.)
  • Under the hood preparations for some great upcoming channels and features – stay tuned for an upgrade to the Roku iPhone and Android apps!

Improvements for Roku Developers:

  • Support for PlayReady 2.0
  • High-performance JSON parsing in BrightScript
  • Extended List screen and Roku 2D API features
  • Increased theme attribute support on many screen templates

The 4.8 software update will be pushed automatically to all Roku 2 and Roku LT players over the next 48 hours and will begin rolling out to new Roku HD players early next week. If you just can’t wait, select Settings > Software update > Check now on your Roku player to update manually.

You can read all about the previous 4.7 release here.

Sweet streams!

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  • Mike

    Don’t know best place to ask this, but hopefully the Netflix channel can add the “Just for Kids” section. Only reason I’m holding on to AppleTV right now. Makes easier for kids to pick what they want to watch

    • Jesse Kaufman

      a “view all” on genres would be nice … trying to find a movie to watch on the roku feels incredibly limiting compared to the AppleTV or the netflix website … I helped get a friend setup with a Roku and her biggest complaint is that “netflix hardly has anything” … that obviously isn’t the case, the Roku just doesn’t allow her to browse the way she expects …

      just a thought … personally, I use Netflix on my AppleTV and Hulu (and others) on the Roku … that way, I feel I have the best of both worlds … I wouldn’t give up either the Roku OR the AppleTV to save my life, however 😉 … especially since I have PLEX on both of them 🙂

      • I agree. I’d also like to see some Parental Controls for netflix.

        Love our Roku!

      • TheEndless

        The Instant Watch Browser channel for the Roku provides access to the entire Netflix streaming library:

    • this is exactly what I was just searching to see if there was a way to do this on the Roku. love the roku, but searching netflix isn’t the easiest, especially for kids.

  • gilbert king

    Do you know if older roku users will get this update also? I have the XDS.

    • A Voracious Reader

      I’d also like to know this since we bought ours in 2009. No model name on the box, but it’s either the HD or HD-XR serial number starting with ’20’.

  • I hope you’ll fix Netflix at some point. Frequent use of Netflix makes the Netflix video browser misbehave, and it often locks up the whole Roku, requiring a power reset.

    • Bozoukitar

      Add me to those hoping for that too – Netflix will start to load a show and pause 25-30% and freeze. One has to power off the Roku (XDS), which is 2-3 minutes of one’s life they’ll never get back. Sad really, but what are you gonna do…

      • XDs is a Roku 1, have one. This software update is only for the Roku 2. Sorry.

        • Lowmiller34

          Anything to make us buy another Roku. Updates should be available for all of them!!!!!!!

          • Hgreenleaf

            I have three, the first is the original ROKU and still works great. Just replaced the power brick, but other than that, still runs like new.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll second this too. We reset our roku at least twice a week.

    • Karl

      Agreed. Problems are frequently manifested when watching TV episodes; after finishing an episode the Netflix application will freeze completely. I can hear the Roku responding to input(the button press sound), but will not load another episode or navigate to other titles in Netflix. I can usually go to the home screen and start over, but sometimes need to restart the Roku. I have a Roku 2 HD.

      • Raffy

        Can someone please give us a solution to this problem? I’m having the same problem that Karl is.

    • Tommy5725

      Amazon Prime works well and it gives me free 2 day shipping, all for less than Netflix.

  • great upcoming channels??? any hints as to what they might be?


      Rhapsody and Spotify? The musical masses are waiting!!!

  • Can we disable the search and browse feature yet? The previous Roku generation allowed us to disable the Search and Browse menu, which prevented my kids from seeing inappropriate search results.

    The following image shows how a search for PBS’s “Wordgirl” children’s cartoon brings up results for a mass-murder slasher movies and kidnap/hostage movies.

    • Amy

      I can disable that feature on mine. Click the home button on your roku remote, go all the way to the left and click on settings, click to the right until you see the option for Netflix settings. Click on it and you can choose to disable Netflix from your Roku or disable the search and browse feature.

      • Unfortunately, that is not an option on my Roku 2. Do you have an older Roku, perhaps?

        > click to the right until you see the option for Netflix settings.

        My settings menu goes up and down, not right-left, and there is no option for Netflix settings.

  • That70sdude

    Yes, I would also like to be able to browse the entire Netflix library. I finally had a genre of old classics that had many movies I wanted to see and after I watched one movie it was gone. What a letdown. I’m thinking of going back to using the Nintendo Wii to watch streaming movies again.

    • TheEndless

      As mentioned above, the Instant Watch Browser channel for the Roku provides access to the full Netflix streaming library directly from your Roku:

  • Supervised

    DNA options please, and more formats on the usb player

  • Ktwski

    My husband is hearing impaired and requires closed captions, and even though the online Netflix description says that captioning is available (like the 24 series), that option doesn’t show up when we try to watch it. Hopefully, the software update will fix that problem.

    • What version model number do you have? Captioning only available on the Roku 2.

      • EJDubya

        I have a Roku 2 and so far haven’t been able to find captioning (except for subtitled foreign language films). It’s pretty much useless at our house, so not much chance that we’ll be getting a new Roku 3 or any other until this is fixed.

  • Supervised


  • What’s the difference between the LT and the new HD? Looking at the comparison chart they both have the same features.

  • I don’t know Roku’s plans for your units but I do know this upgrade is only for the Roku 2.

    • Ropeguru

      There are no plans. They want us to buy new units so they can make more money and screw their early customers.

  • Marty J.

    Since Classical TV seems to have gone out of business, can you add or some other classical station?

  • Mudheadmackerel

    Looking forward to enjoying the update. One of the most cumbersome aspects of Roku is the lack of channel organization. Many of us have several hundred channels including private channels and even though we can organize these channels through the “my channels” app, you are brought out of “my channels” while browsing channels, landing where the channel you opened is listed outside of the app – and then you have to navigate to get back to “my channels” to continue to browse.
    Just like some versions of Roku have a Pandora and Netflix button on the remote, how about a version where there’s a “my channels” button on the remote?
    Or – how about updating “my channels” so while browsing you stay within the “my channels” app?
    This one thing would be a major improvement.
    Thanks alot…

  • Tim

    Slingplayer on the Roku coming?

  • Any chance there will ever be a Sling channel? With the death of my Sling Player, there’s no way to watch my Sling box on a different big screen.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, yes, pretty please!

  • Julia

    Netflix is so limited, I looked of the horror movie, “The Ring”, nope not there and it’s a old movie, I wish there was more selections. I won’t go with Hulu because by the time I pay for Hulu plus then netflix and rent a couple of movies a month I might as well pay for cable. Wish netflix would have more streaming. Less freezing.

  • Teresa McElroy

    I hope this helps getting tired of having to reboot the system all the time

  • easternwawoman

    Is there any way or possibility that we’ll have access to Days of our Lives? I have huluplus which has Days but I was bummed when I discovered that even after paying for huluplus, I can’t watch Days on TV monitor — have to return to the computer screen to watch. What’s the obstacle? Anyone know of an app that will enable viewing this on TV screen?

  • Hello,

    In light of the ruling in this article:

    Court Lets Startup Rebroadcast Live TV to Web-Connected Devices

    When is my Live Roku T.V. going to be available?


  • Carol

    So far, I’ve not had any problem with Roku and I love it for many reasons. There’s plenty to watch and it’s great to catch up on some movies and shows I’ve missed in the past. I recommend it to everyone I meet. It’s a great experience and the savings as well.

  • Michael

    Can we get a youtube channel? Every other streaming media player has youtube. I love the roku, but without youtube, for this long, with promises, come one guys. You all are great programmers and engineers. It would probably take you all of maybe 6 hours to program a youtube channel. Please.

    • Roku does not have contract with YouTube which is owned and operated by Google. Roku cannot put YouTube onto their devices without legal consent from Google. Roku cannot allow channels to be shared on their devices either if the third-party content provider decides they do not want it on the Roku system of devices. Basically, if Google sees the Roku as a threat to their own Google TV media streaming devices, they will decide to not allow Roku legit access to their services such as YouTube

      • Blmichaletz

        youtube is on through the app PLAY ON

        • MrPeach

          As well as plex, which is free and openly extensible.

          • Dissapointed user

            Yes, it is available through third party apps but with very limited capabilities. It is already time to have an official YouTube channel in Roku. I am even considering to sell or give away mine and get another device because of this.

          • Tommy5725

            I Love Youtube through PLEX. PLEX is by far my favorite Free Channel/App It has my youtube subscriptions, favorites, and playlists. Plus Plex lets me stream my movies, home movies, and music on my pc through my tv. The only thing it cost me was about an hour to get it installed and running. A++++

      • Bill

        that makes no sense! I work electronic retail and Roku is the ONLY one that doesn’t have YouTube….

    • Dparker1520

      I totally agree, you guys will loose alot of customers if you don’t add YouTube. You’re rated number 1 without the number 1 app YouTube..

    • twobits

      Youtube was available as a private channel. Google made them pull future access to it, but you got to keep it if you already added it. The problem is $$ not programming at this point.

    • Larry

      Lack of youtube support puts the roku at a severe competitive disadvantage. Every other device, TVs, DVD players, competitive streaming boxes and even my DirecTV DVR have youtube apps. I think that when roku sales start to slide, then maybe they’ll hurry up and come to an agreement with google for the rights to youtube.

    • Tom

      youtube is available now via the PLEX channel/application or private channel videobuzz

  • keith j

    I wish that you could use the HDMI for video and the analog for audio at the same time on the current Roku models. I do this with my PS3 and it works like a charm. My TV only has DVI… so I use an HDMI to DVI cable and then run the audio separately. I get perfect hi-def (720p) through the PS3. The Roku doesn’t work this way. All I get is a blue screen. I hope it would be just a software fix, unless the hardware just isn’t designed to work that way. :~(

  • RJ

    My old XD shows Im running 3.1 and it wont allow me to update. Says I have the latest software.

    • Ropeguru

      THat is because it is for the newest model Roku only and they want you to pay more $$$ for a new one rather than supporting those of us that have older ones.

  • Sightbehindclosedeyes86

    Add Vudu as a channel!!! I have so many movies that I’ve purchased on Vudu and would like to watch them through the Roku. I can watch them on my blu-ray player but it has a strange habit of freezing up with Vudu. So I’d rather it be on my Roku.

    • I have the same issue as well with my Vudu — I wouldn’t mind it either if they could update the Flixster channel to show my movies as well

  • Frankie

    Please consider adding YouTube asap

    • Blmichaletz

      you tube is on through the app PLAY ON

  • i am me

    Please continue to support your original early adopter customers that helped Roku grow to what it is today.

  • Jnl99

    This seems to have broken my Roku’s ability to stretch anamorphically encoded video that I am streaming to it from my pc. Can this be fixed?

  • Jnl99

    This seems to have broken my Roku’s ability to stretch anamorphically encoded video that I am streaming to it from my pc. Can this be fixed?

  • Twisterlight

    Disappoint on the new software every month, i cant even watch NETFLIX and other channels perfect.

    NETFLIX: netflix setting disable the search, 500 instant queue, buffing 5 dots to HD, new thump nails,
    new netflix design layout where it shows our 500 queue movies we add 6 movies in a row all down to last movie
    every 15 mins of watch netflix it freeze and reboots thanks u

    USB more format support and new layout and design

    new front home look

  • Twisterlight

    Netflix setting 500 instant queue please bring it back

    • Twisterlight

      not happy

  • Marie Paradise

    Can anyone tell me how to get Roku to work on my 2 other TVs in the house? I have it hooked up to my router in my living room. But how does it work on the other TV’s. I can not find any help for this question. . I am a 65 year old woman and would appreciate an answer to this problem. Thank you so much.

  • Ezequiel

    I’m from Argentina, I have the Roku 2 XS, I use Netflix channel much since the last update I’m having problems with subtitles, shows all the streams available but when selected are not displayed. It is also strange that shows two options for each language, so does the audio stream, for example, shows English Mono, English Stereo, English 5.1 and so on. Could help me please?
    Thank you very much in advance

  • Gailsmail51

    I have the original ROKU box and I get closed captions on Hulu Plus. Why does this work on Hulu Plua but not Netflix. I read a comment that closed captions are on ROKU 2 only, but I don’t have a ROKU 2.
    I will not buy a new ROKU for closed captions for Netflix. I think it is unfair that ROKU is using that tactic to get people to buy new boxes.

  • Twisterlight

    Roku 2 new update didnt fix netflix channel at all. Netflix cant open, netflix buffing slow, bring back 4 dot to hd, slow, freeze, restart every 5 mins, netflix browers should be turn off, disable search for the kids, delete and add netflix channel every hour, netflix should have the access going from search to 500 instant queue, just for kids, subtitles should be in the setting all the time, cant even enjoy netflix at all so disappointed. we want to enjoy netflix without any errors bugs and massing problems everyday. today is july 25,2012

  • I personally have roku 2 hd boxes and have not had a single problem with either of them here in Cnada and Netflix runs great on it. Now please add youtube to my channels.

  • mykel salazar

    My LT has been so much slower since this update and now has frozen. Had to do a full reset, power reset did nothing

  • Dave

    Flixster uv and vudu for me please.

  • Scalliwag

    Thanks…………FOR NOTHING! YouTube no longer works on both my Roku devices as of today, so I’ll have to assume the software update f’d up my YouTube application. What is the fix?

    • Rdupre

      Me too. Prior to this I didn’t know that google and roku weren’t speaking. Now, I can see the youtube video listings, but cannot play them. I have to use Playon to get to the youtube videos, but I prefer the format of the existing channel better.

      Please Google and Roku, make nice and return the Youtube channel to Roku.

  • WantYoutube

    Why don’t ROKU ask google to sell the youtube channel on ROKU for 99 cents or $1.99. As I have seen other channels & games for sales on ROKU for a purchase price of $ X.XX. That way Google can make money out of ROKU and roku owner get what they want. Since this problem is a result of greed & money, then let solve it by money. I am willing to pay a one time price from 99 cents to $1.99 for youtube channel, but no more than $1.99. I don’t know how the others are willing to pay but Google & Roku can do the math on what price would get them the most buyer of the channel resulting in the greatest revenue. And maybe ROKU can get 10% or whatever on each sale of the youtube channel from google on ROKU. The problem is greed. The solution is money.

  • Khuong

    Why don’t ROKU ask google to sell the youtube channel on ROKU for 99 cents or $1.99. As I have seen other channels & games for sales on ROKU for a purchase price of $ X.XX. That way Google can make money out of ROKU and roku owner get what they want. Since this problem is a result of greed & money, then let solve it by money. I am willing to pay a one time price from 99 cents to $1.99 for youtube channel, but no more than $1.99. I don’t know how the others are willing to pay but Google & Roku can do the math on what price would get them the most buyer of the channel resulting in the greatest revenue. And maybe ROKU can get 10% or whatever on each sale of the youtube channel from google on ROKU. The problem is greed. The solution is money.

  • Sam

    I’m very happy with my “old” Roku XD player. Is there a valid reason to upgrade to the new Roku 2 series? I don’t need Angry Birds or games.

  • John-Andrew Kambanis

    I hope Roku pushes Netflix to improve their Netflix app on Roku. I feel like my selections are severly limited. I’m constantly using the web version to lookup titles by actor so I can broaden the selection. I’m not loving that I’m limited to the suggested selection and the roku lookup does not allow a search on actor or genre. It’s outdated. I have to lookup on my computer and then go to roku and enter the title. Also, why can’t I use subtitles on roku but on the ipad app it’s there. Am I missing it?

  • Steve Morales

    How many more months (years?) will we wait, until we see a legitimate YouTube Channel on our Roku devices.

  • Joey1459

    My roku won’t update. I try all the time and it will not update past 4.1. Last time it was updated was in February, because of this I cannot access my amazon prime account. Should I just switch to Apple TV cause when I called tech support they were no help at all?

  • Hs

    My roku I was so excited for is not working at ALL. Tech support says its a software problem that should be fixed soon but can’t say when. Im ready to send it back within the week and just get an apple tv. Figured it was too good to be true.

  • Rrd

    I have model N1000 on version 3.1. Are you going to have an update for closed captioning?

  • david

    i buy roku because i think it have youtube. so disappointed, return soon

  • Gustavo Del Castillo M.

    I have a Netflix account in Colombia and works perfectly on Mac, iOS, XBox 360, but not on Roku XS. Same for Crackle. When will you support for Latin America?

  • Mrs. Young

    Where is the just for kids for netflix on the roku…this is big because there are some movies not child friendly on netflix..please include this upgrade soon we have two roku xd boxes

  • Aiki_Mom

    Please help new user for Roku 2 XS – watching shows on HuluPlus but all I get is a blue screen and audio from the TV show. I deleted HuluPlus app and re-installed. I checked for updates on Roku and no resolution. Please help since I cannot find solutions at either webpage for HuluPlus or Roku. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    Any chance that the US will get more British channels/ shows like ITV?

  • jmg48307

    My Roku XS will NOT update from 4.8 to 4.9 No error code it just wont do the update I have tried all the posted info and tricks to get it to do update but to no avail… any help out there?

  • Juve

    I have a Roku 2000C, and I am having many problems watching MLBtv. I watch 1 day old games and the streaming stops constantly and many times I loose the connection. My download speed is 2.73 Mbps. and I bought a Netgear WiFi extender, trying to eliminate the problem, but still the same. How can I fix this?

  • Ashley

    Roku don’t have closed captions in all channels but Neflix had a closed captions. All deaf people need closed captions.

  • Joe

    I have a Roku 2 HD and it won’t update. I have performed a factory restart on the device, a soft reset, called tech support and it will not update. I cannot access Amazon app which is my only paid subscription. I am very frustrated and the support staff was unhelpful. I really don’t want to have to drop another $90 on a new device. What can I do?

    P.S. Crackle and Netflix will play but both tell me to update but the device never updates. The update my Roku is stuck on is like 4.1 and it is trying to update to 5.3 something. Plus I no longer subscribe to Netflix so here I am, trying to find an answer.

  • Dee

    Will there be an update to the flixster app or access to flixster video app? I cannot see the movies I own on flixster. Thank you.