The most popular music channel on Roku just got better. Today, we are excited to announce a major update to Pandora, which includes a refreshed interface and several welcome enhancements.

Here’s what’s new in Pandora version 3.0:

  • New station screen design – Makes it easier and faster to find and navigate to your favorite Pandora stations
  • Genre station support – Explore and add over 275 genre stations from a new genre station grid screen
  • Multiple account support – Connect up to 5 Pandora accounts and switch quickly between them
  • New screen saver – Displays track, artist and album name together with album art that glides across your TV screen
  • Search album art – Displays album art on the extended search results screen

Pandora 3.0 is available now for all Roku players. If you already have Pandora installed, the channel will update automatically within the next 48 hours. (Note: Some graphic effects, like station list button icons and cross fading of album art on the screen saver, only work with Roku software 4.8.)

The channel, as always, is free. If you haven’t yet tried it, you can find it in the Music category of the Roku Channel Store or add it here.

Happy streaming!

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  • EnTerr

    How’s that YouTube channel going by the way, will it be out any year soon?

    • Craig Boliek


      I do not believe that they will be coming out with a YouTube channel unfortunately for awhile. There are too many legality issues with it I believe. They used to have a private channel or some way to rig it on the older models. It would definitely perfect the Roku if they were to add YouTube. We can only hope and pray…

      • EnTerr

        There is something wrong with Roku corporate. How come every single streaming player *other* than Roku has YouTube? AppleTV, GoogleTV, PS3, Xbox, Wii, Boxee, WD, even Netgear. Also BD players and smart TVs, phones and tablets too. Rule of thumb: if it plays 2 out of Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Amazon – it also plays YouTube. How come all known and unknown manufacturers can include player for youtube and it is only Roku that cannot manage it? What could be that hurdle that cannot be jumped?

    • you can get YouTube on Roku via the Plex channel/app, give it a try.

  • Daj6607

    I don’t see the option for genre stations?

    • Joseph Wolfe

      I also see no genre stations yet, even though the interface is reskinned.

      • Jc Mccarty

        You need to first select “New station”, you will then see two choices, the 2nd being Genre

        • Brian Krezman

          Three years since you posted this but it just helped me tonight. I could not figure it out. Thanks!

  • Daj6607

    I don’t see the option for genre stations?

  • Calcoast805

    Will it still stream without commercials?

    • Jqs8810

      Yes, of course, if you pay to pandora 36 $$$ a year

      • Calcoast805

        Hmm….currently my Roku (and WDTV Live) are the only devices I can stream Pandora without commercials. I was told it was because the software had not been updated. I don’t currently pay. I think I will avoid the software update if that’s an option.

        • CalCoast805

          My suspicion was true. The update now enables commercials. i know I shouldnt complain for a free service and 3yrs without commercials. I guess i will have to use my “other” streaming device to stream Pandora.

          • Johnny Corvette

            Yes it appears commercials are part of the update. Still not many commercials but….

            And it is not free – we pay by allowing ROKU and all commercial content and pay services inherent therein into our living rooms. I subscribe to several pay services (such as Netflix) that streams through ROKU. ROKU get a piece of the pie I am assuming.

  • Aztedwilson

    Good stuff… BUT…. where is Spotify?

  • Andre

    Can I control the app via the iOS app without having to turn on the tv? Sometimes I just want to play pandora via the reciever but don’t see why I have to turn the tv on. Should be able to choose my channel from the iOS app

    • Houstonpaula

      I have a rca splitter with a front headphone output. I plugged a computer speaker system into the input and now one I can set the roku to whatever and turn off the tv and still get the audio feed.

  • B.J. Thayer

    Boy this is awsome!

  • Black1jack

    Any chance of getting an NFL channel?

  • OMG we’re so spoiled. Most of the comments are “nice, but what about (insert another app here)

    • People are spoiled! LOL I agree with your comment. Roku is constantly upgrading and adding new features and channels, I couldn’t be happier.

  • Blind5sparrow

    This is a welcome upgrade to Pandora. I have less than 1% vision & can fin
    ally use my Pandora 1 without eye strain. I hope other channels go to this higher contrast theme as I
    cannot use many other channels I’ve been wanting to use for a long time. Thanks!

  • Travis

    The graphic of the gliding album artwork is not clean. Is there an update on the cable channel a la carte feature?

  • Adamshearer1998

    “New station screen design – Makes it easier and faster to find and navigate to your favorite Pandora stations” can we get this for the Roku menu? Afterall, the channel store is organized up nice, but we have to scroll to the right fo surg through our stations!

  • Craig Boliek

    Honestly Tome, I think I liked the UI better with the previous version. Liked how it navigated horiontally with larger album covers. Also the dark blue seems to dull out the experience. The screensaver is great. I am not trying to belittle or offend. I just wanted to give my opinion. Thank you for all of the work on the Roku. Look forward to all of the new additions!

  • Guest


  • I ♥ me some Pandora on Roku -however,
    The old version was much cooler.
    How about adding some options for backgrounds and themes?

  • The new Pandora channel is worse, not better… I used to be able to listen to Pandora for hours via Roku and never hear a commercial. With the new interface came commercials so it’s just like listening on the computer or phone. It might be OK if I had a Pandora One account and the Roku could sync with that, but from what I understand, it won’t. Thinking about MOG now that there is channel for that on Roku.

  • Michael Parizo

    On 20-Dec-2013 at 11:50 a.m. EST my Pandora stream via Roku was interrupted by an ad from ATT. I’m sure this is a sign of things to come.

  • Mike

    Pandora will not disconnect when Roku is in the Home position. I keep getting messages from Pandora asking if I am still listening? How can I stop this issue?

  • Charles Kopf

    Can you make the Pandora app able to play in background like Google TV? I like having pandora play while I have the weather app displayed or other apps.

  • Kurt Greves

    Google TV used to allow pandora to be running in the background while you did other things on their platform. Is that feature also available on the Roku platform?

  • Metoo

    How about a real estate channel to look for houses on the big screen ???

  • Tim

    Is it possible to shuffle stations on the Roku Smart TV on Pandora

  • faztang

    Trying to figure out a way to create a custom shuffle on ROKU, because right now Shuffle only uses all the stations even if I uncheck certain stations from my account via a computer. Doesn’t seem to be an option to create custom shuffle on the ROKU app.