As you know, we’re always working to expand the selection of streaming entertainment available on Roku, and we’re thrilled to announce that Amazon Cloud Player is coming soon to Roku in the United States!

Cloud Player makes it a snap to shop from over 20 million songs, upload your own music collection, create and manage playlists, and stream your music from the cloud – all from the comfort of your living room. Today, Amazon launched some great new updates to Cloud Player, including secure backup, scan and match technology, and free audio quality upgrades.

We’re excited to add the updated Cloud Player to our 500+ and growing channel store in the United States, and we’re currently working with the Amazon team to finalize the channel. Stay tuned!

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  • Ragz

    Great News! Can’t wait for the cloud player

    • Is this option going to be merged into the existing Amazon Channel on Roku? That way they can minimize the number of icons in the Roku channel store.

  • That’s wonderful….how about Spotify!

  • bruin

    Will this be free???

    • EnTerr

      What, will buying songs be free? No, dummy – you have to pay for the songs! As of uploading content *from* Roku… yeah, keep me posted on how that goes
      Basically they are cross-promoting Amazon Cloud and will add option to shop from Roku.

      • Wendy

        You’re a jerk, EnTerr

        • Anonymous

          Yes Wendy, En Terr is a jerk. He/she is also an idiot.

    • kingsley

      Amazon has a lot of free music, samplers by record labels you might really like, and free songs all the time. You can upload your favorites from your computer to the cloud and play any of these any time, wherever you can access the amazon music cloud. I’ve been asking amazon for this, thru roku, for over a year. If you travel you can take music as well as your channel subscriptions with the roku.

  • Jqs8810

    Pleeease, youtube………….

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty cool. Good job.

  • 🙂

  • SweeeeeeeeeeT!

  • TedRyerson

    That’s great, but when are you going to have youtube?

    • Tom

      I get youtube via the Plex app/channel.

  • Lhock

    I Love ROKU. If you could stream the news, then I would cut the cable !

    • Tom

      I get all my local news channels free via a set of bunny ears, in HD. Also channels such as RT and BBC offer worldwide news services that stream live.

  • Dave

    I agree – whenever you can have live, streaming NEWS (FOX News and CNBC would be my favorites), that would be great. Any chance of making a deal with ESPN and ESPN 2 as well?

  • hch

    Can’t wait! I’ve been waiting for this since I got my Roku.

  • Please include MSNBC and Comedy Channel shows somehow! I do not have cable and these are the two big things I miss. Love Roku and Amazon!

  • Ebringman

    YouTube and the free Hulu please

    • Jake

      Unfortunately Hulu is not owned or run by Roku, it’s up to Comcast and NBC to give Hulu content for free, not Roku.

  • Gregghud
    • Jqs8810

      This is not an official channel, it is not the same user experience. I need youtube!!! :lol

      • Tom

        youtube is available via the Plex app/channel

  • kingsley

    I’ve been asking Amazon for this for a year or more. Don’t remember when they started the cloud for music, but I have about 300 songs there.

    • ryanx30

      They started cloud player on March 31st, 2011.

  • OSBastard

    News like this makes my current tendency to purchase music/videos through iTunes waver.

  • Cyyoung99

    Awesome, I have been waiting for this!

  • So when, when, when will it be available? I’m so excited.

  • Ctwrye

    Hurry up!

  • Sweetfornyc

    How long? I’m waiting eagerly. MP3tunes was the WORST!

  • This is one of the big reasons I bought a Roku, and I am VERY excited to see it happen! Yea! Good on you Roku and Amazon!

  • Great news! This is the one feature/channel that I have been waiting for.

  • Anonymous

    You know it’s been a year since the thread’s been started. I would like to see some action here. Apparently the announcement was made in July ’12 so can anyone from Amazon tell us when this is actually going to be available? And please people, this is a topic on Raku And Amazon Cloud Player not You Tube or anything else. Quit hijacking the thread and stay on topic.

  • csa

    Any word on when this is coming? I am waiting with bated breath…

  • enchristi

    I join with all the others in this thread. When is this going to happen!!! I have TONS of music on my cloud and would MUCH prefer streaming from my music to playing whatever pops up on the other music channels!!! Can you at least give us an estimate!!!

  • Marilyn

    Any word yet on when this will be finalized and available in the Channel Store? I’ve been using Amazon to buy music for several years (hate iTunes DRM and restrictions on numbers of players), and use Cloud Player on my laptop, but would love to be able to play on my TV. Plus to those who asked, you can upload some music from CDs, etc to the cloud player for free (I think it’s a 5GB limit). I’ve done this for a couple CDs. I think you can pay them for more space if you want to upload more than that.

    • Another heavy user of Amazon Cloud Player who can’t wait for the ROKU channel- any word yet Roku?

      I’m being patient, but looking hard at other options to replace my ROKU, if I can’t access music the same as I can video.

  • cecil chapman

    It is September 18th now,,, so where is the channel?

  • Anonymous

    Been waiting for this since July. I hate PLEX. No search or jump functions – you have to scroll through your entire collection alphabetically to find anything.

  • steve

    ok, it’s October 1st. we’ve been “staying tuned” for 2 months now. Where is the cloud player channel????

  • csa

    At this point maybe it’s a legal issue? Can’t imagine what else would hold it up for so long. I am beginning to lose hope…

  • Anxious

    PLEASE, Roku, give us an estimate of when Amazon Cloud will be available on Roku. It no longer seems to be “soon” after the July announcement.

  • steve

    really wish Roku would stop making false promises. They did the same exact thing with the youtube channel last year which never happened. All it does is make people disappointed and frustrated.

    The least you can do is communicate honestly, Roku. Instead of this complete silence

  • Amazon Cloud Player Please

    Was soon referring to by the end of the year??? We need ACP like yesterday on the Roku !!!

  • Adam

    Does anyone have any clue when this is coming to the Roku? Still waiting . . . and feeling impatient. “Soon” appears to be up to interpretation.

  • October 9th now…what’s the ETA on this?

  • Rocky

  • Karl Kevilus

    This would be very nice .. any updates?

  • JohnT

    Is this some kind of joke? Coming soon? It’s been 3 months already!

  • Waiting patiently… Amazon: I buy most of my mp3’s from you. This is making me reconsider.

  • steve


  • Sam M.

    We’ve waited patiently since July, now it is time to be impatient!

    I work in app development. Don’t promise a project and not deliver it within a reasonable time, that is just lame.

  • roku doku

    ‘Soon’ as in the next ice age?

  • aphrotrite

    Can’t WAIT for this channel!!!! Thank you Roku and Amazon!!!!!!! 🙂

  • DaveB

    Is there a way to get MSNBC news programs such as Chris Mathews Hardball and The Ed Show through Roku? Then I could completely cut cable.