Today, we’ve released a minor software update for Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD players. Our goals with this release are to get your player ready for some upcoming channels and to fix a number of small issues.

Here’s what you can expect from Roku software 4.8 builds 3339 (Roku 2, Roku LT) and 3340 (new Roku HD):

  • Support for several new channels and channel updates to launch later this year
  • Improved standard definition (480p) playback on the new Roku HD
  • Improved MLB.TV playback
  • A number of bug fixes and performance optimizations

The update will be pushed automatically to all Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD players over the next 48 hours. To update manually, simply select Settings > Software update > Check now on your Roku player.

Read about the previous 4.8 release here.

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  • Anonymous

    May I say something (again)? You guys’ New Channels in the store is being hijacked by all these unconstitutionally tax-exempt purveyors of religious ignorance, so that it’s hard work to find anything new that ISN”T religious claptrap of one brand or another. I have suggested before that you put all these on their own stripe below the new non-religious channels. I am reluctant to recommend Roku now as a device to be preferred to a media PC (I have both), because the latter doesn’t allow religious crud to horn in on the parade as Roku does.

    • that isn’t Roku’s fault … that’s people developing channels … want something non-religious? code your own channel (this coming from not only someone that skips every one of those channels, as I’m not religious, but someone that is also a software developer) … seems pretty ridiculous to write off a device based on what 3rd party developers put in it’s “app store” …

      • Anonymous

        This is the same sort of nonsensical reply that was posted in the forums, when the subject of channels came up.
        Whilst you might find it relatively simple to ‘Code your own channel’, others do NOT. Do you know how to strip and rebuild a jet engine? Or how to install new wiring in a house?
        NO? why not?

        Let me guess, I’m being unreasonable? Not everyone knows how to do that? Well then.

        It seems pretty ridiculous that Roku haven’t sectioned off these ‘special interest’ channels. Seeing them offends my Atheist beliefs.

        And speaking of channels, where are the UK centric channels? yes, we have the bbc, but where are the others? lovefilm? Skygo/now ? ITV? Empty promises, 6 months after release. Do we have to wait for Roku 3 or the Roku Stick to be released before we get those channels?

        • nijaju

          I don’t remember reading any complaints about jet engines or house wiring so that’s not really a good argument. If you want to complain about it, learn to do something about it and write your own channel.

          Seeing the religious channels sectioned off into a ‘special interest’ group would offend my religious beliefs.

          • Anonymous

            another nonsensical reply saying one must become a software developer in order to have a decent channel selection instead of the religious claptrap If you can’t understand an analogy perhaps this topic is too highbrow for you..

            Offend your religious beliefs? Oh, so its ok to ram it down everyone elses throat? Please use some of your religious ‘tolerance’ and at least try and understand where others are coming from.
            Just what about ‘special interests group’ offends you? Can’t you turn the other cheek on this one?

  • I’m hoping the “new channels” include an Amazon Cloud Player channel!

  • Socal805

    Please add Iheart radio!!!

  • Jason Smith

    I noticed that after this update, for those of us who still have the “old” YouTube private channel, that it no longer works after this update. Disappointing as I probably used my Roku box for the YouTube channel more than any other.

    • Tom Halgen

      I also notice that the RateRix channel no longer works either…any video you choose now gives an error message saying “unsupported video format”. Not liking this update at all….

    • you can find Youtube on the Plex channel/application.

  • old channels dont work

    why did you disable the old channels with the update? now the roku is useless to me. better to buy a blueray with streaming capability than have this happen

  • old channels dont work

    this “update” is has turned my Roku into a paperweight, please roll it back or keep the old channels working, i’m sure thousands of your “old” customers feel the same sentiment

  • Bad Update

    My youtube channel no longer works. Guess it’s time to throw my Roku in the garbage and go with somebody’s elses streaming box. You guys have lost your way…

  • Anonymous

    So I see anyone that mentions the religious channels gets their comments deleted. So the fanatics win again.

  • Darryl

    Can’t get past he bouncing Roku unless I unplug the power. This update continues to push to my roku and I have to hard reset every time. When it comes back it still shows build 1184 so the update is not taking and just locks it up. Tried a manual update with same result. Did the paper clip reset to start from scratch, same result.

    • lion7718

      I’m having the exact same problem…so now everyday when Roku checks for an update it reboots & gets in the startup loop & has to be unplugged to reset it.

    • Richard Carrion

      Same thing is happening to me

    • Duffy

      me too…srsly roku wtf?!

  • Vlonkenheimer

    I noticed that Hulu is far less buggy after this and the subsequent required Hulu update. Much more responsive and no more freezes…..

  • For those of you upset about Youtube, try the Plex channel/app you can find Youtube there.


    Update has slowed Roku down so bad it’s useless. Will there be a fix and how soon?

  • Vinod KP

    Scr** the Dish Network. I have a year long subscription for yupptv and it no longer works!

  • The latest update really improved the image quality. Who is it going to be Roku? Amazon or Google? I can’t see a path ahead that does not include one of them.

  • Re: 4.8 build 3339 not updating, bouncing logo – I have this problem on Roku 2

  • Superjoe

    It appears that this update has wrecked the Plex apps for Roku. AC3 audio movies are dropping audio around 10 seconds and locking up the Roku. More info on the Plex forums.

  • Rocky

  • Larry

    This update killed the YouTube plugin on NokNok. Roku really needs to get a native YouTube channel in order to be competitive with every other streaming device out there that has it… TV sets, DVRs, DVD players and other competitive streaming boxes, or they risk losing market share. As we speak, I’m considering buying a dLink streaming box that Walmart sells for $38, and dumping my Roku.

  • netrace

    Possibly this has been fixed? I got stuck on the bouncing logo last night and had to do the factory reset. Now I’m at 4.8 3343 after the reset and things seem to be back to normal. Anyway, FYI.

  • me

    mkv’s are still crashing the roku 2

  • many say to try Plex, I tried it and I hate it….you have to download Plex on your pc, which Plex makes your computer very slow, you have to have your PC on at the same time to watch it on your Roku, and the videos take forever to upload on the Roku….If you don’t want a slow computer or a slow roku upload- DON’T USE PLEX….it’s not worth it in my opinion….

  • Linda

    What happened to the Khan Academy app? I bought a Roku for my sister’s kids just so they would get Khan Academy!

  • Big t

    I own a roku and a Sony streaming device and the one thing I really miss is a genre for netflex . I believe that roku should let everyone experience netflex the way it was ment too be this is the one reason I will not get an other roku

  • mike

    Will roku work in Mexico?

    • Daniel Muder

      I don’t beleive that it will unless your IP address shows you in the USA. You need to hide your VPN, Go to “Hide my Ass” to find out how to do this. I did it in Costa Rica this month.

  • I AM BLUE #UniteBlue

    Well I spent over 1 hour on Customer support & now my ROKU HD wont go past the update. Thanks for nothing & they cant help fix it it a paperweight now until they get back to me who knows when. This is BS.