This weekend is all about you – it’s time to slow down, sleep in, play hard and stay up late. We’ve got a great list of new releases to help you relax and unwind, so kick back and stream on! 

Amazon Instant Video New Releases:

  • Snow White and the Huntsman- Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart star in this classic fairy tale turned action-adventure epic. (2012)
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Inspired by the best-selling book, this heartfelt comedy follows five couples dealing with the challenges of impending parenthood. (2012)
  • Sons of Anarchy Season 5– In the Season 5 premiere, Jax presides over SAMCRO as a series of events begin to unravel. (2012)

Amazon Prime Instant Video New Releases:

  • Thor– The mighty Marvel hero reignites an ancient war, falling in love in the process. (2011)
  • Captain America: The First Avenger– Steve Rogers, a sickly man from Brooklyn, is transformed into super-soldier Captain America to aid in the war effort. (2011)
  • Rango– An imaginative chameleon lands in a Western town plagued by bandits and is forced to reinvent himself to protect it. (2011)

Hulu Plus New Releases:

  • The Inbetweeners– MTV’s new scripted comedy series features a group of teenagers navigating high school and charging into adulthood the way everyone does…by taking one step forward and three steps back. (2012)
  • The New Normal: Sofa’s Choice– Nana tracks down Goldie’s ex-husband, while we learn the story of how David and Bryan met. (2012)
  • From Martha’s Kitchen– Martha Stewart’s most popular recipes, techniques, and tips for simple weeknight meals and easy entertaining.  (2003)

Netflix New Releases:

  • Marley– Featuring dozens of interviews, electrifying concert performances and rare footage, this documentary explores the music, life and legacy of reggae icon Bob Marley. (2012)
  • Abduction– A teenager finds his childhood picture on a missing persons website and begins to wonder about the people he assumed were his parents. (2011)
  • The Vampire Diaries Season 3– In its third spooky season, the teen drama series sheds an eerie light on the mysterious and blood-soaked past of rival vampire siblings Stefan and Damon.  (2011)

Crackle New Releases:

  • Universal Soldier: Regeneration– Reactivated to fight terrorists, Universal Soldier Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) comes face to face with a more powerful upgrade of his former adversary (Dolph Lundgren) in this action packed sequel from director Peter Hyams.  (2011)
  • Ultraviolet– Milla Jovovich is hell-bent for vengeance in an unruly comic book version of The Matrix on speed. (2006)
  • Easy Rider– Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper bring the ‘60s counterculture to the big screen, changing Hollywood forever. (1969)

Fandor New Releases:

  • Once Upon a Time in Anatolia– After a brutal murder takes place, a group of local officials and the suspected culprit scour the Turkish countryside for the victim’s corpse in this dark crime mystery (2012) 
  • The Fever of ’57– This Cold War/Space Race documentary features never before seen footage of the Sputnik launch, America’s failed Vanguard rocket project and Laika the space dog! (2007)
  • Love and Anarchy– A simple farmer and an anarchist prostitute plot to kill Mussolini. Giancarlo Giannini’s performance won him the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival (1973)
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  • Davie

    Crackle…..These movies you speak of, Easy Rider, -Universal Soldier: Regeneration are not new releases they have been there for some time now…add some new movies, Please!!

  • EnTerr

    Any new releases ever since? It’s been couple of weeks