Movie buffs rejoice! As of today, VUDU’s subscription-free video streaming service is available on Roku.

VUDU brings thousands of new releases, Hollywood classics, independent films and TV shows to the Roku platform in vibrant HD. The VUDU channel is free to Roku users, and you’ll even score a free $5.99 video credit when you link your player!

With the VUDU channel on Roku, you can:

  • Browse and filter titles by name, genre, release date, most watched, top picks, video quality, MPAA rating, studio, purchase option or Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer rating.
  • Search for either titles or people
  • Check out video extras, cast and crew filmographies, critics’ reviews and a list of similar titles for movies
  • View free trailers for many movies
  • Preview the first two minutes of a title and test your Internet connection speed to make sure you rent/buy the best resolution video for your network
  • Add a movie, TV show or TV episode to your VUDU Wishlist for later viewing
  • Enjoy HD titles in Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound (pass-through only)

Available now on all Roku 2 models, the current-generation Roku HD (model #2500) and Roku LT players in the U.S., VUDU will be coming to the Roku Streaming Stick in October. You can add the VUDU channel here or find it in the Movies & TV section of the Roku Channel Store.

Happy streaming!

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  • Mike

    Great news! All we need is Amazon’s Cloud Player and we’re all set. Any ETA on that?

    • We’re working with Amazon to make the channel perfect, Mike! Stay tuned – it’s coming soon.

      • Let me guess, it’s only going to be available on the news boxes and not my XDS. What are the technical reasons why it won’t work on these boxes?

      • opted36008

        Would you PLEASE….. “work to make the VUDU channel perfect for me and all the other ROKU XD owners. You make me wish I had never recomended you to so many people. Only to find out that you refuse to make a “upgrade” for the ROKU XD.
        Not nice…. there are many other players out there. And I am telling everyone I know about NO UPGRADE for the VUDU {and no doubt other channels that will be added}

  • Russell Carroll

    So does that mean my XDS (2100x) won’t play VUDU? It’s not that old.

  • Marcelo

    Nice, once again the Roku 1 owners are left out of the party 🙁

  • Unhappy Roku 1 owner here… No Vudu? Sup wit dat?

  • Scott C

    I have the Roku XD and RD boxes and this app won’t work with them? Come on guys! These boxes aren’t even two years old yet and their obsolete? Discovered two weeks ago that the CNN channel won’t work on them either. What’s next, Netflix?

  • Blake B

    The LOYAL 1st adopters get left behind. I now have 3 XD units that are obsolete. Ridiculous!

    • Tim

      I know – and I like my XDS better than the Roku 2 due to it’s superior 5ghz WiFi

  • Luis S

    Glad I upgraded to an Xbox! Have had Vudu support on my XBox since late last year.
    My Roku XDS will now be a paper weight in my house.

  • sdr984

    Awesome news! I was going to buy a Sony streamer until I saw this.

  • m

    When will Roku have the Just for Kids option on Netflix?

  • Aohurst

    Can you explain what “pass through” on DD+ means?

    • Anonymous

      Pass through means it sends the undecoded digital signal to a receiver capable of decoding it. It will not decode the audio internally and allow for analog output.

  • Ahurst

    Can you explain what “pass through only” means for DD+? I have a Pioneer AV receiver. What do I set it on for pass through. Will it have the same popping noise issue I have now with Netflix?

    • James Mildren

      (Didn’t mean to post as a reply to you, Luis S.)

  • Misleading blog post. Vudu is NOT free. While you can browse the Vudu library for free, the movies and shows are NOT free.

    • They didn’t say it was free. They said subscription-free which means no monthly fee to have the channel. It is a movie rental service.

      • Ethan Jarlewski

        Yes, but BigSky1970 is right – the title is BADLY “misleading” – any NORMAL person reading the title is likely to infer “VUDU = free movies.” The title SHOULD have been “VUDUS’s pay-as-you-go service, requiring no subscription.” Author was/is going for “# of blog hits,” not accuracy/clarity.

  • This stinks, my box is less than 2 years old and it won’t play this. What are the technical reasons why it won’t work on XDS.

  • Louie Thomley

    Total bull shit my two xd wont work will never buy another Roku

  • Can Roku, Inc. please answer, why I can’t get Vudu on XDS? I got this box on x-mas.

  • Greg

    I have the Roku2 XS and I can’t get the sound to work with the VUDU app. What am I missing?

    • Hi Greg, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Please email therevolution(at) and our support team will look into it!

  • So…why not on the early-generation Roku boxes? My Roku HD-XR is plenty capable of playing HD video.

  • robert

    Notice no comments from Roku to question why not XDS…..guess they are lost for words!!!!

  • James

    The Vudu app needs some work. It randomly states that there is no internet connection, it also freezes at the end of every trailer (even though the trailer has played successfully it get stuck with a “buffering” message.

    Vudu works fine on my panasonic blu-ray player

  • James

    The Vudu app needs some work. It randomly states that there is no internet connection, it also freezes at the end of every trailer (even though the trailer has played successfully it get stuck with a “buffering” message.

    Vudu works fine on my panasonic blu-ray player

  • wirelesswan

    I’m no longer a loyal customer since you are leaving Roku 1 people (the people that helped the get to where they are today) behind in so many areas. My Roku1 HD (2000C) is plenty capable of producing a SD and 720 HD signal, both of which are VUDU formats. Netflix works fine in 720 so there doesn’t seem to be good reason why VUDU can’t be made to work as well too. Nice knowing you Roku.

    • Roku is only the carrier… the person you should be complaining to is Vudu.

  • David

    I’m really disappointed in the lack of response from Roku on why the early-generation boxes won’t support Vudu. My hunch is that this is their way of “encouraging” users to upgrade to newer hardware because if it were a technical limitation of the boxes I’m pretty sure they would have just said so by now. Very disappointed Roku 🙁

    • tim

      and the new boxes won’t support 5ghz WiFi – that’s a deal-breaker in my house. 2.8 won’t even stream SD without major compression

  • The Kingfish

    Trying to watch Vudu on a 36″ 4:3 Sony TV and the menus look horrible. I realize 16:9 HDTV is the current format but is there any way to enlarge the tiny fonts of the menu screens? Even Netflix and Amazon Instant have well readable menu screens with larger fonts. Vudu just looks bad on a standard format TV.

  • Very upset that it is not comptible with my players, was so excited to get an email from Vudu that it has been added and frustragted I could not find the channel to add. Just to find out my HD and 1100 are not compatible here.

  • This is a long time coming. But, alas, I cannot be excited about it as I have an XD. C’mon!

  • James Mildren

    This is such b.s.! I bought my 2050X XD in June 2011–only 15 months ago–and it’s no longer being supported for new channels? If that’s the case, then this is the first and last Roku I will ever buy. Arg!!!

  • Tim

    Ok, so add me to the long list of extremely annoyed (and potentially former) Roku customers. My Roku’s less than 2 years old and already obsolete. I realize that obsolescence will happen eventually, but this is a little ridiculous. How about letting me trade in my still shiny box for a significant discount on a Roku2?

  • PO’d

    +1 on extremely annoyed.

    I am a software engineer by trade and if we were to pull this kind of stunt with our products we’d be out of business. I could even see in 5 years not being able to be 100% backward compatible but 18 mos?* I like(d) my Roku * I am utterly shocked that Roku would do this to their customers and expect any kind of loyalty. * Tom Markworth come on man…* I will never buy another product from your company
    Anyone want to buy a non-Vudu capable Roku for short money?

    Poo on Roku

    • wontwork

      I am a software engineer by trade. Sure you are!One of the people responsible for the pathetic mess we face today..thanks..NOT.

  • Mark Wooldridge

    Another vote here that Roku 1 folks should be able to get this channel. So, I do have the N1000 but it is a good device and still works great. If a silly D-Link “MovieNite” box gets Vudu then why not Roku?

  • Ralph

    This sucks!! I was happy when I read that I can connect my roku with my vudu account, but since I was one of the early buyers it will not work with the first generation. Just another reason for me to upgrade to apple tv.

  • Dale

    Just another purchaser of 4 Roku XD/S’s that is unhappy about the channel not being available to earlier models. Roku if your listening (but apparently not as I have seen zero responses to any of the posts above) just do the right thing!

  • teneuse

    Add me to the people disgruntled with the Roku 1 series being left behind. I purchased a Roku mainly because the streaming capability on my TV (a 2009 Panasonic Viera) became obsolete a year after I purchased it, and I thought Roku was committed to not doing the same to its consumers. Apple TV has just become a more attractive option…

  • Dean

    I downloaded to Roku, but it won’t play for me. Slow internet connection? Everything else works…Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon… Is the high def aspect? It shows bad connection message.

  • Roku 1 will be making it’s way to ebay and I will be looking for an alternative brand player. Too bad Roku doesn’t read these comments or apparently care. i was an excited early adopter and even got friends to buy and now I feel bad for that.

  • It appears to me that now having bought my second Roku box a Roku 1 and Roku 2, that the business model for Roku is make people buy a new model player every year. Is that how you plan to make your money? Answering some of these comments might make people feel they are not buying a “Atari box”.

  • Tim

    Hi Roku, You’re clearly monitoring this thread. Any response at all to your army of hacked off long time customers? Just wondering . . .

  • Tim

    Hi Roku, You’re clearly monitoring this thread. Any response at all to your army of hacked off long time customers? Just wondering . . .

  • Glassrabbit

    Me too so sad I want the vudu but my older tv has no connector type for the rokus. Seems very unfair to me. I have supported roku from the start we should be ble to swap older units a discount!!!

  • Listen to what it says….free but you get a 5.99 credit…I got the credit. I have the XD…but you have to pay for the movies its not free as it suggest. It is pay per movie. 99 cents a piece and up depending too on what quality picture you want from 420 HD 1080. its another pay channel.

  • Matthew B

    After reading through comments input over the past month, it is shocking to me that the Roku team elects to respond only to select posts, not acknowledging the primary concern that was raised by the users loyal enough to read a Roku blog. Clearly their teams read the posts as they’re responding to several users concerns. What say you Roku about turning an ignorant eye to the concerns of many?

  • Free Willey

    I have one of the early (1st) Rokus. Right now I’m thinking about getting another video streamer… I’m not even considering Roku any longer. In fact, I’ve already told friends about other streamers, purposely steering them away from Roku box.

  • Kevin

    I also have a Roku that’s less than 2 years old and now obsolete. No response from Roku on this is unacceptable. I went out and bought a Xbox. Vudu, netflix, amazon out of the box. Haven’t turned on the Roku since then. Probably will throw it out pretty soon.

  • Rob

    Roku 1 owners I would be pissed as well however I have a roku 2 xs with the fastest Internet connection time warner cable offers in New York. My connection will handle every roku channel and my game consoles with zero problems HD or not. Giving roku all of my bandwidth and a direct connection, every 5 mins Vudu warning pops up saying it lost my connection and requires me to exit the channel and reenter. I’m all for a vudu channel with its huge library and hd if I could just watch a movie on it. Its The largest blockbuster store but you can’t rent or buy Just walk down the aisles looking all the movies you wish you could rent. If you decide to get a roku 2 don’t do it just for this channel.

  • John L

    Vudu SEEMS great, but everytime I try to watch a movie on it with my ROKU2 I get frequent buffering. Makes it impossible to watch a movie, yet I can watch the SAME movie through Amazon with no problem? Could this be because Amazon has better servers??

    Let me know your experience.

  • Magister

    Again, this is keeping me from upgrading to a Roku 2. The Roku 2, like my Roku 1, is old tech at this point. So I have learned my lesson. Stay away from old Roku tech. Even Roku thinks it is no good.

  • Will

    I just bought the Roku XS and it does not work on it either.

  • The app has a bug. Will not stream for more than 20 seconds then says I have a network connection problem. Happened both times I have tried to use it. I flip over to my Samsung TV VUDU app and it streams perfectly..Please fix because I love the ease of the Roku menu

  • I was so excited about buying the new Roku and one for my daughter. My husband told me all along to just get a netflix capable bue ray but no for 2 months I was on a Roku kick and finally convinced him. Well, then I found this blog and all of you comments. Guess I will be buying 2 Blu Ray DVD players instead. Bummer.

  • ApK

    Sad to say, I’m with all the Roku 1 owners who feel betrayed. I’m not saying I’m not getting value from my Roku box…it’s still a fine little Netflix and Amazon player. But it was supposed to be an upgradable device with potential for the future. Now, no Netflix subtitles, no Vudu. There is enough competition in streaming devices now, that it’s doubtful Roku will see another dime from me.

  • daveng

    what this likely means for me as a roku 1 owner is that I won’t be using the vudu channel and will continue to use amazon.

  • Unbelievable! This sucks. I have the Roku XDS that I bought a year ago and can’t access this channel? What’s the difference between this and Amazon Instant Video? Oh, we’ll guess Amazon will be getting my money.

  • Just another Roku XD owner that feels ripped off on the three units I bought. What a scam to make something that’s less than 2 years old obsolete even when it’s very clear that VUDU could work perfectly fine on my “older” devices…not buying another Roku ever again.

  • Mke524

    We have had our Roku box for several years now as my husband loves to be an early adapter…we got rid of cable, the whole deal. We have purchased additional ones for other rooms and for family members…this is our thanks??? Make it available to all boxes or give us a good reason NOT to go to Apple TV.

  • Karen Nakamura

    Well this totally stinks. I have the original Roku. Plays netflix and other secured streaming media just fine. I was thinking of stepping up to a new box, but if this is how Roku treats its customers then I have to rethink my decision.

  • Put me down as another Roku XD owner (2 units) that is disappointed to see it no longer get updates like this.

  • bblackmoor

    When Vudu offers a flat-rate subscription like Netflix, I will happily subscribe. I am not going to pay for every individual movie. That’s just stupid.

    • Ethan Jarlewski

      Wrong, it’s just SMART! Why pay $80/year if I only watch 1 movie every 2 months? It’s MORE STUPID to “pay for something you won’t use.” Your comment is ignorant. Some users, like me, might watch ZERO MOVIES in a month and then 1 or 2 movies the next month so, for those cases, VUDU makes perfect sense. There are a lot of people who just want to buy/rent ONE movie, occasionally.

  • lee

    well no shit guys u think if u bought a computer 10 years ago and they put out new software for a more recent model that it would be compatible ?? upgrade its worth it

    • Kaos

      Lee we didnt buy our roku 10 years ago, I bought mine 6 months ago at full price. so piss on your comment and piss on roku I’ll be looking for something different soon.

  • AKSandi

    I have a Roku XS and added the Vudu channel but it will not open! What’s the deal? Is this a Roku problem or a Vudu problem?

  • skowheganresident

    I bought a ROKU in January 2012, now somewhat obsolete. I paid full price. should have got a clearnce price

  • bob

    I was excited about the addition of vudu, but it does not live up to it’s promise. I have had no problem in using any of the other apps on roku but vudu will not stream even is I use the lowest definition choice. I am very disappointed.

  • JB

    I am gong to also have to abandon Roku, since they abandoned support for my devices. Bought a new movienite, and an apple tv to see which I like better. I probably would have purchased new Roku boxes had they not pulled this Vudu stunt, as my original 1000 and my HD are both rather slow.

  • Given the clear lack of commitment to customers, and with so many other options available, I see no reason to upgrade to Roku 2. What a stupid shortsighted and have I mentioned stupid blunder. I do not expect Roku to be around for long. Dumb asses!

  • David

    People, this is vudu’s fault. Not rokus. Vudu won’t work on the wii either, my feeling is it is because vudu charges a sliding scale based on how high the hd quality is. The old roku and wii don’t do 1080 so they can’t charge you more.

    • Ethan Jarlewski

      Does NOT matter “whose fault” it is – ROKU should post on here and say that! Tell us “Hey, it’s VUDU’s fault for not making a compatible player for XD” or words to that effect. Just TELL THE USERS THE TRUTH – that’s all. Then, if it’s VUDU’s fault, the users should “assault” VUDU with complaints and DROP VUDU! Of course, VUDU is a “pay-as-you-go” service, so there’s no real “dropping VUDU” – it’s just “don’t buy/rent movies from VUDU.” Vote with your wallet! It C-A-N-N-O-T be THAT difficult to make a simple VUDU app that works with XD. Or… maybe the player is too slow & limited that it wouldn’t work, if so, then JUST SAY SO!

  • wontwork

    Really? VUDU? the worst service on the planet? Most people don’t want to have anything to do with VUDU. Why can’t VUDU be made to work?…on ANYTHING. Roku has prob seen the writing on the wall -VUDU is a mess. They can’t even get things to stream on a PC.
    If it won’t work on Roku it is a blessing in disquise. Just keeps you from having to call VUDU for a refund.

    • Ethan Jarlewski

      Vudu works on my OLD Samsung BD-C5500 blu-ray and my latest Sony BDP-S3100 (I think that’s the model). Most new models of blu-rays STILL lack 5GHz wi-fi support, and I will NOT buy another that doesn’t have it! Haven’t tried VUDU on my Roku XS yet. Will try to respond back when I try it. I agree with most everyone that it is appalling that Roku refuses to respond and at least ADDRESS THE ISSUE(s). It is “not enough memory” on the older boxes? Is it “processor too slow?” Either way, why do Amazon and other apps (Netflix) work, virtually glitch-free? VUDU cannot be THAT much different – for heaven’s sake, it’s a “movie menu selection app!”

  • Reality_of_it

    This is the second time my Roku XD is incompatible with a channel offering that I’d like to try. Roku should at least offer a significant upgrade discount for current users if they wanted to keep their user base. They apparently don’t care whether you buy something else or not. It’s all just business decisions, so maybe they will indeed make more money by not giving two craps about their customers. So given their lack of interest, I will at least look around and see what else is out there. The Roku experience for me has really been about saving money over cable, and that it has done…sort of, but not as significantly now that my purchased hardware is obsolete. You really have to factor all this in. It’s not just one box, but however many you have in your house. In my case, that’s four Roku XD boxes that I have to think about re-buying again. If Roku thinks I’m going to do this every two to three years with them, they’ll need to mix some more kool-aid.

  • common sense

    Wow, people. I’m going to make a few observations REGARDLESS of the fact that you are all directing your anger towards the wrong company: the Vudu application is owned/maintained by VUDU and not Roku.
    1) upgrading hardware is not new. How many iPhones / iPads do you have? 4? 5? Oh, what’s that, you spend $400 every year upgrading your phone / tablet? oh, and that’s not including the $100/mo you spend on your 2GB data plan? well then . . . stop your complaining, you spent $50 on your stupid roku for a free service. You didn’t LOSE anything, you just didn’t GAIN what others did via the Vudu app, go buy another one!
    2) The physical memory in the Roku 1st gen is not enough to support memory hog apps like Vudu – that’s the reason why it’s not available. It’s like fitting Rosie O’donnell into Jennifer Anniston’s pants . . . it just won’t work! If you want to figure out a way to break your Roku apart and add more memory then go ahead – you probably also have the skillset to figure out how to force it to recognize the Vudu application, too.
    3) The newest version of Safari doesn’t work on my 2007 macbook (in fact, new versions of safari hasn’t been compatible with my macbook for about 2 years). I can’t use the appstore, and OSX Tiger is basically useless now. That is due to the fact that the developers had no interest in maintaining support to old versions of safari/firefox. It’s just a lame fact of life that we must deal with. If the companies don’t sell more hardware, then where are they making profits? There are only a handful of retards out there that spend $30 on apps per month.

    If you ask me, Roku is still a way awesome deal, and you should get a new one. But don’t waste your old one – just buy a 19 inch TV, attach your old roku on it and put it in the bathroom or something. Who cares if you don’t have Vudu!?

  • Tommy

    How do I redeem my $5 credit with Vudu? I ordered a movie and had to pay for it, and it list my account balance as $0. HOW DO I REDEEM the $5. seem shady that it’s this difficult.

  • OnePCWhiz

    Roku is quit lame. They gave me some BS response about the Roku 1 not supporting subtitles on Netflix because of Netflix! They wouldn’t even admit that the hardware wouldn’t support it or that they didn’t want to spend any money doing any more development for the Roku 1. All they had to do was be honest with me and I would have accepted that.

  • Jenna Micha

    I recently purchased a ROKU 2 and inside the box was a $5 free movie credit from VUDU. Every time I enter the code it says invalid. Has anyone else had this same problem?

  • Yes VUDU $4.99 Movie Credits Emailed Worldwide Today! Join 4SaleUSA and get ultimate list of VUDU Movies…

  • RK

    I’m done with Roku too. The player malfunctions all the time and now not making new video streaming like Vudu available for earlier generations. I paid close to $100 for mine when it came out, model 2100X, now I think I will just spend $35 on a Google Chromecast… Sad, I always root for the small startups, until they pull a big company BS move like this.