Earlier this year we announced the Roku Streaming Stick™, a tiny wireless Roku player the size of a USB drive.

The Roku Streaming Stick plugs into an MHL port (looks like HDMI but actually powers and commands the Streaming Stick) on Roku Ready® consumer electronics devices, bringing Roku to a range of new products. Today, I’m pleased to unveil the first product of its kind–the 3M Streaming Projector powered by the Roku Streaming Stick.

The 3M Streaming Projector uses the Roku Streaming Stick to provide access to the more than 600 channels on the Roku platform. Small enough to fit in one hand, yet able to project an image up to 120 inches, the 3M Streaming Projector is perfect for family movie nights, sleepovers and backyard parties.With up to a two-hour 45 minute battery life, the 3M Streaming Projector can project almost anywhere a Wi-Fi connection can be accessed – onto a basement wall, a bedroom ceiling or even a backyard fence.

The 3M Streaming Projector is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com for $299, and will begin shipping on Oct. 22. For more information, visit www.3MMobileProjectors.com.

You can find out more about the Roku Streaming Stick right here.

Happy Streaming!™

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  • This is a really cool idea and almost fits my needs….but because of the singular “streaming” focus I’m going to have to pass. Here are the two major problems I see.
    (1) no video input besides the streaming stick. huh, Really? So I have a nifty little projector but I cannot connect my dvd/blu-ray, computer, or xbox/PS3/Wii? Really? $300 seems like a good price, but not if I have to buy another projector for my other needs.
    (2) The only times I can imagine myself needing a battery powered projector are those times when I’m out of WiFi range. If can get a good WiFi signal (basement, backyard, wherever) then I can easily run an extension cord there too. Now if the projector/streaming stick had the ability to connect a USB thumb-drive with some movie files…well then I could see this being a cool device for camping or the beach.

    I really love my Roku XDS…I just feel like this little baby misses the mark

  • Rudy

    At the price the unit (projector) is being offered for, one would think the Roku stick would be included.

    • Hi Rudy, the Streaming Stick will be included in the package. 🙂

  • Hello Chas, what’s the video resolution on this? It’s not stated on the specification section on the site.

  • Rocky


  • homeron

    I have the 3M Streaming Roku Projector I can barely hear the sound and external speakers such as computer speakers are very very quite. I sent it back and was told by 3M this is normal ? They returned the projector to me. I would love to use it to be able to hear it farther than a foot away Do you recommend an amplifier ? to boost the sound through the 3 mm connection. I connect the 3mm cord to my surround sound and it is still very quite on most Netflix movies a few we can hear but it is like having your sound on low volume

  • SCAN 2 TPA

    does the roku game remote from my roku work with the projector? i cant get it to pair up

  • Blue

    I would like to know what would be the right screen and size to use with Roku?

  • I am having a similar problem to homerun. It tried two sets of external speakers, and Spotify works fine volume wise, but netflix and plex are barely audible. Is there anything I can do to fix this- is it a settings issue?

  • Mronda

    Hi all, I had the same issue as homeron and ManateeRex. I was using my projector with speakers, and the sound was still too low on many channels. I purchased a FiiO Fujiyama E06 amplifier, and it works like a charm. The sound is amplified so well that I had the luxury of having to turn down the speakers while watching a movie. Perfect.

    • Susan Bill

      When I looked for this amp it says it only amplifies headphones. Has anyone found anything can make this thing audible in the room?! Thanks

  • Alex

    I love this Roku Projector! I got an awesome deal for it on http://rokuprojector.com

  • Jyang12

    Is the quality pretty good if you are using it with gaming consoles compared to AAXA P2Jr. Projectors or AceK132? I’m assuming you can use it with a console since the Roku is HDMI.

  • Susan Bill

    Has anyone gotten an answer about the sound? It’s terrible, really. You can’t hear a thing if you are more than a few inches away.

  • Dan

    I am at a motel with wifi but it has a login and password that requires an internet browser to connect. Is there any way around this so i can use it? please help