As the days get shorter and the evenings grow chillier, making time for fun becomes even more important. Cozy up with friends and family to enjoy old classics and discover new favorites this weekend – we’ve got a great list to get you started. Happy streaming!

Amazon Instant Video New Releases:

  • The Raven– When a brutal killing spree terrorizes 19th-century Baltimore, a young detective turns to notorious author Edgar Allan Poe for help getting inside the mind of a serial killer. (2012)
  • Prometheus– Legendary director Ridley Scott (Alien) returns to his sci-fi origins in this epic adventure bursting with spectacular action and mind-blowing visual effects. (2012)
  • Moonrise Kingdom– Wes Anderson’s poignant pre-teen love story starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray and Frances McDormand is currently available for purchase. (2012)

Amazon Prime Instant Video New Releases:

  • Fringe Season 4– The fourth season of this suspenseful sci-fi thriller kicks off with relationship drama and inter-universe action. (2012)
  • Damages Season 4 – Glenn Close stars in a brainy legal thriller full of red herrings and unexpected twists.  (2011)
  • Absolutely Fabulous Season 1– Jennifer Saunders leads an all-star cast as the outrageous, fashion-obsessed,  hedonistic Edina in this beloved, multi award-winning British comedy. (1992)

Hulu Plus New Releases:

  • The Vampire Diaries Season 3– Elena awakens on the morning after the accident to find the thing she dreaded most has come true. (2012)
  • 30 Rock Season 7–  Liz must balance her new professional success with her love life, all while helping Jack bring down NBC. (2012)
  • Supernatural Season 8– This haunting series follows the Winchester brothers as they hunt down evil supernatural forces on lonely country back roads. (2012)

Netflix New Releases:

  • Act of Valor– An elite squad of Navy SEALs must rescue a kidnapped CIA agent from a lethal terrorist cell in this covert-action thriller. (2012)
  • Get the Gringo– Mel Gibson stars as a man who ends up in a notorious Mexican prison after a failed attempt to escape with a million-dollar stash. (2012)
  • Indie Game: The Movie – This captivating documentary follows several independent game designers as they painstakingly develop their games and hope for breakthrough success. (2012)

Crackle New Releases:

  • The Black Keys: Live At The Crystal Ballroom– Blast The Black Keys’ bluesy, no-frills rock ‘n roll sound on the living room big screen. (2008)
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose– This chilling horror flick is inspired by the true story of a lawyer who takes a negligent homicide case involving the exorcism of a young girl. (2005)
  • Knock Off– Jean Claude Van Damme plays a fashion designer who must join with a C.I.A. agent (Rob Schneider) to combat terrorism during the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese. (2001)

Fandor New Releases:

  • Busking the System– This documentary chronicles the day-to-day lives of several subway musicians in New York City. (2011)
  • Hidden Love– Acclaimed actress Isabelle Huppert stars in this downbeat tale of a suicidal mental patient trapped in an endless maze of despair following the death of her only child.  (2010)
  • Balloonland– This 1930s cartoon follows a young girl and boy on a journey through a magical land populated with (you guessed it) balloons, singing balloon-like citizens, and the evil Pincushion Man. (1935)
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  • lifethroughalens

    With the rise in the cost of cable and internet I am starting to consider alternatives like the Roku box for my families entertainment needs at home. The issue with where I reside is that you only have the option to get Comcast. Dish and Direct TV aren’t’ possible due to XYZ. I will be doing some price crunching in the near future by my rough guestimates tell me that for the price of a half way decent amazon subscription and a strong wifi connection I can still come out winning with the price to operate and enjoy a Roku device. I love technology!!

    • @lifethroughalens:disqus I cut cable a couple of years ago for a couple of reasons, mainly the price and the selection. I found myself watching the same 5 channels all the time. I also found that so many programs can be watched online via the channel site, or via a service like Netflix/Hulu and Amazon. I love using my Roku and tell everyone I know about it. I have a Netflix subscription and Amazon Prime which affords me and the family so many choices, just using those two channels alone. I have many more channels in addition to those in my Roku lineup, most of which are free. I also get the broadcast channels ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW by using a $10 antenna, and mind you those channels are broadcast in HD. Search for AntennaWeb online and it can give you an idea of the type of antenna you might want in your area, and best direction for reception. So, for me, no more cable bill, MUCH more selection and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Gary Robson

    Any chance of a UK blog? Looks like we’re the poor cousins of the US Roku. Would love to be updated on where you’re at trying to get the big names in the UK.

  • beakldy

    Rogers for DSL internet is great but its cable TV sucks – it’s also pricey. I have ordered Roku and when I get it, I will cancel Rogers cable TV. I don’t watch channels with commercials anyway. One other great connection I don ‘t see mentioned is that Roku also gets Acorn TV. If you like those great Brit movies (and I sure do!) that’s another biggy!