NOW TV, the popular streaming movie service powered by Sky, is now available on Roku players in the UK!

As of today, NOW TV customers can instantly stream more than 600 movies on Roku, including recent blockbusters and up to 20 new premieres a month. Sky Movies is also offering exclusive on-demand access to all eight Harry Potter films throughout the Christmas holidays.

In the coming months, NOW TV customers will be able to enjoy live action from Sky Sports, including the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, England Test cricket, Heineken Cup rugby, ATP tennis, F1™, Masters Golf and much more. Also coming in the future are must-see shows from Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts and Sky Living.

New NOW TV customers can take advantage of a free 30-day trial, plus a three-month introductory offer of £8.99 a month. UK streamers can add the channel here or find it in the Roku UK Channel Store.

Happy Streaming!

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  • HadEnoughOfPoorRokuContent

    Now if it was the skygo app you might have something worth installing.

  • TooManyEmails

    Who cares? You can’t tell U.S. email addresses from U.K. ones??

  • Itan2Much

    What kind of service(s) does Roku have in Holland. My son and his family recently moved to Rotterdam.

  • Now TV isn’t all that great in all honesty. I’ve been using it on my Xbox for a few months and it has a tiny selection of films (most of which are brainless rubbish) and no TV shows. I guess take-up has been low as Sky have lowered the price to £8 a month until early next year. Even then it’s still more expensive than the competition.

    During the course of this year (Roku’s life in the UK) Amazon’s LoveFilm has risen to be the best streaming service in the UK by a mile. Nothing else comes anywhere near it. Netflix UK is, with the exception of their decent TV line-up, utterly dreadful, and Now TV just has too small a catalogue to be worth the money.

    Plus Now TV are bizarrely restricting the HD feeds to their Xbox app. Roku just gets brutally low end SD feeds.

    So Roku staff, I’ll say this really clearly –


    A date please. You’ve had more than enough time to get this sorted. And while you’re at it, where are the other catchup TV services you promised a year ago? (4OD, Demand 5 etc)

  • jon

    Yeah, used nowtv for 2 hours, very poor quality so switched back to netflix