As always, the Roku team has been hard at work improving the streaming experience on the Roku platform. In that spirit, we’ve released Roku software 4.9 build 5060 for Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD players.

For users, we fixed a number of bugs and improved platform stability. We also made several behind the scenes improvements to enable some exciting upcoming channels.

For developers, we added support for in-app subscriptions. Additionally, we enabled the ability to display closed captioning for any developer who adds SMPTE Timed Text closed captioning to their MP4, Smooth Streaming or HLS video streams.

The update will be pushed automatically to all Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD (model 2500) players over the next 48 hours and Roku Streaming Sticks next week. To update manually, simply select Settings > Software update > Check now on your Roku player.

Read about the previous 4.8 software release here.

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  • EnTerr

    Are you noticing what kind of quagmire the unfortunate choice of names “Roku LT” and “new Roku HD” are turning out to be? If you were to call all ARM-based models “Roku2” vs the MIPS-generation being “Roku” (or Roku1), there would be no need to say “and Roku LT. oh, and Roku HD but the new one, model 2500”. A little planning goes long way.

    • Tom Burke

      I happen to own the discontinued Roku2 HD (which I love by the way). The names do get a bit confusing. But thank you Roku for the updates and improvements!

      • EnTerr

        From what i can tell, the “new Roku HD (2500)” for all practical purposes is re-packaged “Roku LT (2400)”, the difference being box has a more subtle purple bottom instead of purple top. Roku2 HD (3000) had bluetooth for motion remote and a bit faster CPU (does it matter? i don’t know).

        • The double “New” Roku HD is larger than the Roku LT and Roku 2 and includes RCA connections.

          • EnTerr

            Hm, my LT (2400X) is exactly the same size as 2XS and has composite output through stereo-jack – but shows LT with RCA connectors on back and a larger base, could that be a difference between 2400 and 2450? And so 2500 might be re-colored 2450

  • Condor

    I hate your update, it delete me Netflix, I jusy buy a Roku for it, and now i have to much trash channel to see and no Netflix……

    • wut

    • Tim

      Stayed for me

    • David Holmes

      What do you mean it deletes Netflix? That would SUCK!

    • english, do you speak it?

    • Cason Snow

      Did anyone else read this with a Russian accent?

      • EUte

        Central Eurasian…like Borat.

      • Arrrrrgggg

        I read it as a pirate

    • EUte

      Just go in and re-add the channel. Should take you much less time than it did to write that thoughtful post.

  • I love my Roku. Thanks guys. One thing, it would be nice to be able to arrange my channels how I’d like, rather than only by “order added”.


    • MarkAzali

      Excellent suggestion. I would love this too.

    • You can. Just hit the asterisk (*) button on your remote and you can choose to rearrange the channel.

    • Agreed.

    • You can arrange them how you want. Put it on the channel that you want to move, and click the star button. It will give you an option to move the channel.

  • Nick.

    Hello, love roku, have three, but please add more video-type playing options. what plays fine on my computer should play fine using plex on roku but doesn’t always. thanks.

  • So what are the new channels referring to?

  • aaronfisher

    Any chance this update will support DLNA live tv streaming?

  • Meanwhile, all of using the first edition Roku players get absolutely nothing? Thanks for nothing!

    • Kevin

      I’m guessing you said the same thing when you bought your iPhone…

  • I have one of the very original ROKU along with Roku 2. The original still going strong!!! Thanks for keeping them all updated. Haven’t looked back at cable since!!!

  • keith j

    How about an update that will allow me to use an HDMI to DVI cable with my Roku? My PS3 can do it.

  • My LT has had intermittent issues with wireless network connectivity. Quite frequently I have to exit Netflix, go to check network connectivity, all looks good and then I go back to Netflix and all is fine. Issue existis with both of my LT’s yet no other wireless devices have issues (i.e. WDTV, Mediabrowser HTPC). Seems to have become a real issue since the last few updates. Is this one of the bugs fixed?

  • I hope YouTube comes this time around, I lost count as to how many years we been waiting. I dont want no comment about using this or that to watch YouTube on my Roku! I dont want to have to use two devices to watch Youtube. I want a YouTube Channel directly on my Roku.

    • EUte

      For as great of a product Roku is technology-wise, they are certainly lacking in the content department.

    • Kat

      lol, Amen. 😉

    • Enzo

      try video buzz channel. Log in to your Roku account, click on “Add a private channel”. Then type “videobuzz”. Then say, “Eureka! Youtube videos.” hahaha

    • ek2112

      You can get it through Plex.

  • I don’t ever use the remote with my Roku 2, I downloaded the Roku app on my iPhone and the Roku remote app works much better than the one that comes with it. For some reason, the batteries die quickly unless I take them out when I am not using my Roku. Much faster response on my iPhone.

  • AJB

    Best regards, whith this update I cant find Netflix channel. I am from Venezuela, recently I usee Netflix channel with roku 2 unlink device.

  • AJB

    I don’t understand, Why if ROKU company don’t have a relation whith NETFLIX LATIN so delete the NETFLIX channel whith this update. I had my roku player unlink only to see NETFLIX. Now, Roku player doesn’t work in Venezuela.
    This update sucks.

  • jmkca

    Since this update, everything is off-centered to the right on my TV. Am I the only one with this problem?

  • luistacie

    I want to get my son a Roku for Christmas, but I’m confused. He loves American Horror Story. Will he be able to watch it at the same time it airs, if he can watch it at all? Will he get Comedy Central? How about local channels? Or is it like Hulu, where you have to wait a day before you can watch new shows? I’m hoping it has more advantages than just getting to watch what you could on your computer, except on the TV, because then we could just hook up the computer to the TV, like we’ve been doing. Thank you for any info anyone can give me. 🙂

  • Hey, you guys screwed up the streaming PC content via PLEX. Completely freezes the Roku 2 XS box if you try to do anything at or above 8 MB/S HD. I was using 20 MB just fine until the update. Please fix asap! Thanks!

  • John Hawkins

    Only one app missing that I would LOVE to see and that’s a Chrome app! The Roku app on my phone could be updated to allow the use of a keyboard. So I see this as a NO BRAINER!

  • Adam

    Just read that Redbox is coming out with a streaming content, hopefully we can get this made into a channel for our Roku.

  • Rich

    Will Roku offer internet browsing in the near future?

  • When you say, ” any developer who adds SMPTE Timed Text closed captioning to their MP4, Smooth Streaming or HLS video streams.”
    how does one add the SMPTE-TT file to their MP4 once it’s created?

  • Kit

    Netflix does not work will it be fixed soon?

  • JWD

    Since the CC has been “pushed” to my Roku 2 XD. I cannot get rid of them. Help? Thanks!

  • We experience HBO GO making the ROKU 2 restart and displays the ROKU bouncing logo and then it restarts: Only happens when watching HBO GO

  • Tiffany

    I can’t even get to the menu on my Roku 2. The icons for my channels are covering it, so I can’t get to Settings in order to get the software update. Here is a pic of my screen. Please tell me how to update it. I’m paying for Hulu Plus and Netflix for nothing.

  • WeNeedLiberals

    Here is a company that creates ROKU compatible Closed Captioning.
    www dot EastTexasCaptioning dot net

  • Does anybody know how to activate closed captioning on the Roku Streaming stick?