Tick tock… the countdown to Christmas is well underway. After weeks of shopping, your head feels heavy, your wallet feels light, and you still have a few hard-to-shop-for gentlemen (or ladies) on your list. As you settle down on the couch to some quality streaming time with your Roku, you ask yourself, “Do they really need another pair of flannel pajamas?”

Suddenly, inspiration strikes. Roku!

Lucky for you, Currys is now offering a special price on Roku LT for £39.99 and Roku 2 XS for £79.99 (fully loaded, Angry Birds game included). There is probably a store near you, but if you really don’t want to peel yourself away from your Roku, stay put and order online at the same great price.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlNoZxwij9o&version=3&hl=en_US]
Roku is small enough to fit with anyone’s home theater system, but packed with entertainment – 300 channels and counting – the perfect gift for the man (or woman) who has everything. Who wouldn’t love an afternoon of cozying up with movies from Netflix or NOW TV, powered by Sky? How about finally catching up on your favourite BBC show with BBC iPlayer? Setup is so easy, even your grandmother will have it running in no time.

This offer is good until 31st December, 2012. Happy shopping – and streaming!

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  • Have fun with the customer complaints when they find out that the no.1 subscription streaming service in the UK – Amazon’s heavily advertised LoveFilm – isn’t supported on the Roku. Nor are any of the catch-up TV services aside from iPlayer.

    If you have even the slightest interest in succeeding in the UK, you have to make a gargantuan effort in 2013, as what you achieved in 2012 was to be frank, hopeless. That even services which both have Roku apps, and exist as services in the UK aren’t on the UK channel store speaks volumes. (Amazon Cloud Player as an example)

  • Ghostindashadow

    I have had a similar rant about my roku and the content in the UK on a post months ago when they annouced 150 channels on rokeu. To be honest I love my roku for what I can use it for: cruncyroll, plex and iplayer but a complete lack of matching catchup services that are available on the xbox 360 or even ps3 is starting to annoy me slightly. My girlfriend wanted to watch a show that was on ITV so we had to turn off the roku attach the laptop and watch it that way. Come on Roku show you love the uk and get the base services there (ITVPlayer, 4OD, 5 Player and Lovefilm). Youview is currently twice your price and to be honest there are tvs slowly coming out that do this without a need for device. Not forgetting the aforementioned consoles because when either of those gets under a hundred quid that may be where I am heading soon. But hey I have already bought two rokus so maybe you don’t care.

  • I’ve just ordered the 2 XS purely for the plex support. I had the option of Roku or LG Smart TV upgrader and although the spec is higher on that I didn’t want to pay ~£150.

    I’m hoping that the channel list will grow and that this platform will succeed. I would like to see firmware updates to include more container support. MKV with AC3 and DTS audio make sense for most people these days. MP4 is ok, but so much media won’t mux in MP4.

    Keep up (what I hope to discover shortly is) all the good work.