The ultimate Roku command center just got a little bit better. Today, we released version 2.1 of our iOS and Android apps.

In version 2.0 of our apps, we introduced Play on Roku, which enables users to stream music and photos straight from their mobile phones to their Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD players. Version 2.1, available today, adds music shuffle and repeat options for Play on Roku.

You can now create on-the-fly playlists of your favorite artists with the “All Songs” view on the artist screen. Additionally, we fixed several bugs related to music and photo playback on Play on Roku in both versions of the app.

If you haven’t tried our free mobile apps, you can get the iOS version here and the Android version here.

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  • Miracast. Nexus 7. Make it so! *waves hand*

  • Rohan Mayers

    I would like DLNA for videos, music, and photos and Intel Widi for screen mirroring. From the app, I would like to play videos. Lastly, please bring YouTube or, preferably, Google Play Movies

  • Jeff

    I would like a Windows Phone app – preferably one that works on both Windows Phone 7 (what I have) and Windows Phone 8.
    I also think Google Play movies and/or Xbox Movies would be cool (MS and Google – are you listening?).

  • vishal

    Can I use the App to play games?
    I am not having gaming remote.

  • inbruCHes

    I agree with Jeff – would be great to get an app for Windows Phone 8. I have a Nokia Lumia 920, which is great, but doesn’t allow to stream media. Having a Roku app that allows me to do so would be fantastic!

  • Larry Zbach

    Will there be a firmware update to enable the Roku to play DD on Netflix?

  • Julrie

    Okay I am not very tech savvy and I just got a Roku HD. I have a windows 8 ultrabook that I would like to connect to it with. I can’t seem to find the right app. for that. Can anyone send me a link? New computer, new Roku – like giving a monkey keys to a submarine!!

  • ATV

    why only Music and pictures for Apple TV if it would have included Video on “playto” would have been a grandslam, add that and u can name your price on this app

  • mc

    Windows phone plz

  • AC

    I would use this feature more if the videos weren’t exported at low quality when playing from iPad Air or iPhone 5.

  • Gab

    Windows phone 8 support

  • Magwai

    I cannot play video from my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my Roku 3. Is this a know limitation?


    i cant stream from my lg android with kitkat4.4 O.S. to my roku 3 or to my roku2 xs either.I installed the app and all i can do is use my phone as a remote.Im using the roku v3 app on my phone,even the roku customer support cant figure it out,they just keep saying it should work

  • Dev70000

    I am not able to view high resolution pictures from my phone to roku.

  • Ethan

    The app stops streaming photos when my screen locks

  • Anna Lise

    I have Roku TV and am trying to stream my videos from my iPhone 6splus. All updates have been loaded on TV and phone. Modems have been reset multiple times. But only 6 of over 500 videos on my phone show up in the “play on” feature. Nothing about these 6 videos are any different than the others and they’re not the most recent, consecutive or have any thing else noteable in common. What to do????