Roku® streaming is growing by leaps and bounds, and this past holiday season was the best quarter in our company history. Here are some of my favorite stats:

  • On Black Friday alone, we sold one Roku player every second!
  • Roku’s “same store sales” were up 40% year over year in Q4, despite the fact that many of our largest retailers sold out.
  • We’re closing in on 5 million Roku players sold in the U.S. – we expect to pass that milestone in the coming weeks.
  • Last year we streamed one billion hours. That’s a lot of TV, music, and games.

As we expand the reach of Roku, we are also working with many consumer electronics manufacturers who are making Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, audio receivers and digital antennas that can take advantage of the Roku Streaming Stick™. Today we announced even more partners, bringing us to 14 Roku Ready partners.

With demand from the CE market as well as consumers, it’s clear that Roku is the #1 streaming platform.

Of course we are very focused on bringing you more entertaining content. We launched with only one channel in 2008, as the first device to ever stream Netflix, and now we have more than 700 channels. We’ve just announced a partnership with Time Warner Cable, which will bring TWC TV™ (featuring up to 300 live television channels) to Roku streaming devices in the U.S. Our Channel Store features the best range and quality in streaming entertainment. And because we ask our partners to work with us to develop the channels from the ground up for a TV experience, they are fast and easy to navigate. This is one of the reasons why Roku players streamed more than one billion hours of entertainment in 2012.

We’re just getting 2013 started – there’s A LOT more to come.

Happy New Year and Keep Streaming, America!

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  • When will there be a You Tube channel?

  • And how are you doing in the UK? Sold more than 10 yet?

    You need to learn that the UK isn’t a clone of America. We don’t want the same content, or to be more precise, a small subset of American content which is licensed for the UK as well.

    You need UK services, such as LoveFilm (the no.1 film streaming service in the UK – it’s owned by Amazon, who you may have heard of?), 4OD, Demand 5, ITV Player etc.

    You also need to lower your pricing a LOT. Selling Roku for £99 is nuts when a 4gb Xbox 360 sells for only slightly more than that, and an Xbox is a VASTLY superior streaming platform for UK viewers.

    So yes, pat yourselves on the back for your wonderful success in the colonies, but if you have any interest of succeeding in Britain, you need a massive re-think. You can start by removing all the nutso religious rubbish which dominates the UK channel store. We’re a country of rationalists, we have no time for superstitious rubbish from America. (or anywhere else for that matter)

    • older-woman

      the colonies? We long ago stopped being your colony. Good grief

  • Gamaliel

    Can you put Youtube channel back ? pleeeeeeeease?

  • Scott.Mays

    So, like thousands of TW Cable customers, I was thrilled at the prospect of the TWC app on Roku.. So thrilled that I ran out and purchased a Roku 2 XS. However, I was stymied in my attempts to add the TW Cable channel to my device. So I contacted Roku support, asking about the channe. Here was the response.

    “We are glad to know that like us, you are also looking forward for the channel/app of Time Warner Cable on the Roku players. Yes, you are right that the said channel will be soon be added to the Channel Store this year 2013. However, like you, we do not have any clue on when will this channel be available on the Roku device. This is the reason why you are still unable to find the channel on your player. What we can tell you though is that there is already an application that our engineers has been testing. This is to make sure that when this channel launches, it would be convenient to use for you and to all our customers out there who is also looking forward for this channel. Although we do not have a particular date yet, there is an ongoing news that it might be launched very soon. Rest assured that if the said channel will already be launched, we will definitely notify you.”
    As they say, “C’mon man!”

  • so can you stream actuall channels? or do you just pick the shows like they have on netflix???