The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) marked another new year of exciting consumer tech developments. Not one to miss out on the action, Roku had two important announcements of our own to share.

First, we announced that we have now surpassed 700 channels on the Roku platform in our quest to bring customers the best range and quality in streaming entertainment. In fact, we ended 2012 having streamed one billion hours! We’ve just announced a partnership with Time Warner Cable, which will bring TWC TV™ (featuring up to 300 live television channels) to Roku streaming devices in the U.S. We’ve also inked deals with more than a dozen new partners including Blockbuster On Demand, FOX NOWPBS, PBS KIDS, iHeartRadio and Big Fish Unlimited to name a few. These new video, music and casual games channels are launching in the Roku Channel Store this quarter.

We also announced six new Roku Ready partners who are using the Roku Streaming Stick to add an integrated streaming experience to their new Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, digital antennas, and audio receivers. As demand for streaming entertainment continues to grow, there is more interest from consumer electronics manufacturers, particularly TV makers, who are looking to introduce streaming features to their devices. Rather than invest in building and maintaining their own platforms, many are turning to Roku.

Coby Electronics Corp.; Harman Kardon; Hisense Electric Co. Ltd.; TCL Corp.; Voxx Accessories Corp. and Westinghouse Digital join existing Roku Ready partners 3M; Element Electronics; Haier America; Hitachi America, Ltd.; Insignia, a Best Buy brand; OPPO; Sumar Intl., Inc. and TMAX Digital, Inc. (Apex Digital®TVs), bringing us to a total of 14 Roku Ready partners.

We’re thrilled about these milestones so early in the New Year and look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in 2013!

Happy Streaming!

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  • Seth Price

    so when do these new channels launch? This quarter like Valentines day…or like end of March?

  • c_h_c

    Any updates on allowing HBO Go on the Roku with a Comcast account? Is it ever going to happen??

    • Marc

      Just got my Roku on Saturday, and was disappoint as well about the HBO Go, I am a Comcast customer too.

      • Comcast refuses to allow the Roku to authorize. They are friggen idiots and are losing many customers over their narrow minded decison. I’m switching to DISH next month.

        • Warren Lauzon

          Direct TV is the same, which is a loser for them as I will be dropping them as soon as my present pre-pay deal expires in March. With Roku getting closer to 1000 channels, I almost never use DTV anyway.

        • bullet2354

          works for me.

          • Rey


          • bullet2354

            My error – sorry. i do not get HBO over roku.

  • Felix

    Any updates on allowing HBO Go on the Roku with a Direct TV account?

    • Sadly, that’s a decision that Direct TV has to make, not Roku.

      • Switch to DISH as they love the Roku platform

        • I’ve actually got Time Warner Cable, so no problems here. I’ll be getting the new TWC channel in a few months and they allow HBOGO, too!

          • Keith


          • they already have hbo go on roku u just have to download the app

  • Great news! Any word on You Tube?

    • Video Buzz is an alternative Youtube Channel….

    • Jake

      I love my Roku, but YouTube would make it 10X better. I think just about every other streaming device already has it.

    • Sean Finnerty

      Yeah, it would be great to watch Youtube live channels

    • aub

      Just get plex and u can stream youtube & music from your computer works great!

    • Keith

      Video Buzz, Mobile Tribe, Metatube

  • Ron

    Get rid of Comcast or Direct.Go with Dish go works there on Roku

  • after you take out all the foreign channels, old tv show channels, news programming channels, and not so good movie channels…..your left with only about 10 good channels out of the 700….

    • Don’t forget the 5 billion religious channels…

  • Chris Hightower

    Can’t wait for the IheartRadio channel! Was looking for it just last week. Glad to hear y’all are on top of it!

  • PBS Kids is fantastic news! My kids will be excited to see what content is being added.

  • Smithsonian channel is great too! Hopefully they update their content soon as I have watched most of the longer episodes.

  • Michael

    Any word on Iplayer here in the states?

  • Why can’t I get closed captions on Roku? Does Rokoudiscriminate against the hard of hearing ?

    • Dave

      Don’t forget that it is the content provider that must include closed captions in its content, not Roku. Roku only builds the device, which is capable of displaying captions already. If you had a Samsung TV and went to watch something on your local NBC channel and it wasn’t captioned, you wouldn’t get mad at Samsung, but NBC. Same deal here.

  • Jonny

    So I guess I am confused. What does the Time Warner deal mean to the average Roku customer? I got away from Crime Warner because I hated paying their sky high bills. Does this mean I will have to get a subscription from them? Why don’t I just get cable again? Can someone help me figure this out? Thanks.

  • trikar

    The time warner service is only for the Warner customers or i will contract a tv plan with the roku? Like HBO Plus, is only for hbo cable customers, other people cant

  • And not a single announcement for all 5 UK Roku owners. Still no LoveFilm or 4OD. I guess it is a bit of a big ask to get LoveFilm on board, what with it only being the no.1 film streaming service here.

    Still, never mind, I could just download any of the 5 million insane religious channels instead and listen to how the crazy people over the pond talk.

  • What about CinemaNow and Redbox Instant? I’m glad to see PBS and PBS Kids available. I’m hoping there will be free full episodes available. Blockbuster really needs to consider offering a unlimited service to everyone, not just Dish subscribers.

  • I hope TWC’s involvement in the ROKU offerings stays limited to TWC TV. If they try to buy it, take it over, or monopolize offerings, they will make it suck completely.

  • Ang

    Roku needs CinemaNow, redbox on demand and SiriusXM apps hope we get these apps soon!!!!!

  • parker

    are yall going to have the Netflix Kids option like the XBox 360. my little boy wants a roku in his room but cant let him have all those options of movies

  • DL

    I really only want a tv for some local channels for weather, news etc. Does this equiptment work for that?

    • NJmom

      What you have to remember that these are “internet channels”.

  • Gabriel

    will the TWC app release on all roku models?

    • Carl

      Just added to my Roku 2 features in text format: Weather Underground (includes 5 -7 day forecast, radar, satellite, webcam, wx special advisories, and vital stats) and a screensaver that gives local vital numbers for your zip code. That’s all I need for weather. Great private channels such as Justan TV and Video Buzz….

  • Will Redbox Instant be available to stream on Roku?

    • Keith


      • How do you know, Keith?

      • Kimo J.

        It started streaming last month.

    • Kimo J.

      Yes, it began streaming in early August.

  • debbie

    will roku ever have Fox news live programs?

    • Handsome Black

      Roku has FOX NEWS ….

  • Diggindeeep

    NFL Game Rewind, SiriusXM, EZStream, MISL Live on Unation, Newspaper apps are the ones I’m hoping for from Roku.

  • Can’t wait for PBS!

    • It’s April 24, 2013 and still no PBS channels on Roku. The quarter will end in six days…

  • David Anderson

    Is Redbox coming?

  • gilbert king

    Please let us know when the Iheart radio channel will be released on the roku box.

  • Jaire

    I’m new to this device and not quite in the 21st century yet. How do I access the free channels from Roku and how do I find out what those channels are?

    • Jeremy Ballard

      I like how they haven’t replied to you in a months time. I can tell by the customer service, I don’t want anything to do woth this device.

      • I’m not sure a blog though is where one would normally find customer service hanging out.

    • NJmom

      You can purchase a roku through their website or Amazon. Once you receive your Roku player you install it to your TV…very simple and easy just plug and play device. YOU MUST be connected to the internet(wi-fi) some older version of Roku have wired connectivity some newer models don’t…like the Roku lite. Once plugged in follow the on screen steps for connecting to your wi-fi and thats it. There are hundreds of free internet channels(wheather, news, international, games, etc.) as well as paid internet channels like Netflix and Hulu plus. And im so happy to hear that Blockbuster will be added soon.

    • bullet2354

      the second option on on the main Roku screen is “Channel Store” – Browse until you find Channels you want – ADD them to your channel line up and then pick them to see the shows – Netflix is $8/month and has TONS of stuff.

      at least for now NO COMMERCIALS ON MOST SHOWS. Watch hour programs in 42 minutes!

    • lsa196

      You go to the main menu in your Roku and scroll to “Channel Store”. Most of them are free; others are not. Just click on “add channel” and that’s it.

  • Eva Bogaardt

    I have two roku devices and am streaming with twc. I have been unable to enter the hbo code. Have any suggestions?

  • sheila

    can you add channels that are not listed on the roku site?

  • The Roku Kid

    Okay, we’ve read about the what’s coming up, now give us all the “Whens.”


    most of the movies you stream are very old, how can I changed that?

    • Annie

      well if U have a newer model of Roku, U can get Vudu & pay $2 for a movie. out the same day as DVD’s are. I also have no problem getting HBO through Charter.

  • bselab

    I have my ROKU but have not hooked it up yet because I just don’t understand how I can use it without paying exhorbitant prices for a movie channel which limits my bandwidth so severly I can only watch one movie per month. How do you get around the the bandwidth usage scam?

  • noorbigtime

    when are they coming to roku box thanks

  • Frenchie

    When can we see channels from France (not Canada). I would dump Verizon if Roku had the Verizon French channel.

  • fredg

    What about Slingbox?

  • sheltiemom

    Just bought my Roku last week. Hope they get Hallmark channel soon!!!!

  • sheltiemom

    Food Network too….please!!!!

  • k singh

    Eros now must be on Roku it is the fastest growing Indian channel

  • Lynette Carsten

    Could you add as a channel? I would consider subscribing if they were on the Roku.

  • Gerry

    you can watch youtube videos through videobuzz on roku.

  • I love my Rokus. I have 3 currently. I’d love to get TWC running on these things, but so far, I’m not seeing any indication of when it will go live. I love the iOS TWC app, and I hope the Roku channel is just as good. I just want it to go live. Any update on when that will happen?

  • Jeff

    Can’t wait till they release the TWC TV app, bought my Roku just for this.

    • phil

      Contacted TWC after failure to play videos on TWC TV. Time Warner internet service (Roadrunner) is required to use TWC TV on ROKU. Any other internet provider is not acceptable. Spent two days with Time Warner Customer Service to find this out. Time Warner set up instructions fails to mention this.

  • john

    When will TWC TV be on? Didn’t see it@ the channel store.

  • Gary P.

    Most of the new channels you have listed are not compatible with the N5100 model, you guys are forcing us to buy a new one and some of us like myself just can’t afford to!! It makes me not want to own a Roku anymore and you guys really suck.

  • fretless

    get the hang of Roku and you are fine. It is really pretty damn good once you get used to the different way you use it. Netflix is a waste of $ You CAN NOT get any good movies on the Internet version. HULU Plus rocks, Crackle is OK and other channels are quite good for you can make your own channel line up. Once you get the hang of how to set up your channels it is well worth the $. You need to realize how to reset the darn thing! That can really get under your skin until you learn to HOLD DOWN the button for 15 seconds when resetting up after changing batteries. WOW that one really got under my skin!

    Commercials are only like 10 to 20 seconds! Or none at all. Many channels are in HD. Some are really bad. But MORE GOOD THAN BAD by a long run. Some channels run the SAME DARN commercial time after time! Lots of adult content and Church channels! Sports, kid stuff…just a ton of everything! At first I hated it, now it’s pretty darn good for a one time payment! Hulu Plus rocks. Once again Nenflix sucks for you have to still get better movies mailed to you so I dropped that !

  • Handsome Black

    Getting use to my ROKU 2 HD …… its now almost a month old in my house ….. 3 neighbors and 2 friends of mine have come over / watched my Roku AND WENT OUT AND PURCHASED their own …….. they don’t have everything on Roku but its a great start …… Just like MAGICJACK hits the phone company pockets / ROKU is slowly putting a DENT in cable & satelite tv ….. I’M ON THE ROKU BUS!!! …… and others are coming along with me …….

  • Stalevine

    PBS on ROKU does not include “PBS America Unmasked” shows. Why not? How can one request shows from PBS?

  • Dave

    I am a PBS Masterpiece Theater fan and got all excited about a Roku channel for PBS for Masterpiece,etc. I upgraded my Roku box as required and could not believe that the PBS channel has trivial content. What a bummer and false advertising!

  • Dukhunr

    I have purchased 5 Roku devices over the past 7-8 yrs. I own 3 and gave 2 as gifts. Roku is the best $79.99 – 99.99 I have ever spent. Thanks Roku for getting me clean and sober from 30 yrs of abuse from Comcast.

  • Stephanie Ah

    I get PBS on my Roku 2HD but, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to watch the full programs – and I’m a fairly techy person. Anything I click on seems to be just previews. Can anyone help please?

  • Keith

    You cannot connect PBS and Roku.There’s no place to enter code . I’ve been to 20 sites on the web and called 4 phone numbers.