On this great day in 1935, Elvis was born. Grab a peanut butter and banana sandwich and slip into your blue suede shoes – we’re celebrating The King’s birthday with an epic rock ‘n’ roll lineup.

  • Blue Hawaii Cheesy? Yes. Does it matter? No. We can’t help falling in love with this movie over and over again. http://ow.ly/gEo9M 
  • Jailhouse Rock – While behind bars for manslaughter, bad boy Elvis masters guitar slingin’ and (surprise!) becomes a teenage rock star. http://ow.ly/gE6jD 
  • King Creole – Elvis delivers one of his best early performances (and gets into a brief rumble with Walter Mathau) in this classic New Orleans drama. http://ow.ly/gElDR
  • Viva Las Vegas – Elvis stars as a race-car driver who falls for a hot swimming instructor (stunning Ann-Margret) in this hip-shakin’ musical. http://ow.ly/gE6gL 
  • True Romance – Val Kilmer appears as the Ghost of Elvis in this irreverent, profane Quentin Tarantino story starring Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette and Christopher Walken. http://ow.ly/gE66a 
  • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story – Jack White of White Stripes fame plays Elvis in this hilarious faux music biopic starring John C. Reilly. http://ow.ly/gEhOa
  • Walk the Line – Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon deliver strong performances as country superstars Johnny Cash and June Carter; musician Tyler Hilton makes a cameo as Elvis. http://ow.ly/gEkXH 
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