Attention, movie lovers! We’re excited to announce that Blockbuster On Demand is now available on Roku.

The Blockbuster On Demand channel offers rentals for thousands of movie titles, including recent releases and classic favorites.

You can browse by new releases, most popular and genre, or peruse curated collections such as “Shakespeare on Film” and “I Heart New York.” Blockbuster On Demand has also been added to one-stop Roku Search, so you can find the perfect movie faster than ever.

The channel provides a rich movie experience with support for closed captioning, trailers for many titles, a browse filter (HD only, MPAA rating, etc.) and a Watchlist to help you remember movies for later viewing.

Blockbuster On Demand is available today in the United States on the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku 2, Roku LT, and new Roku HD players (model 2500X) running Roku software version 4.9 build 5060 or later. You can find it in the “Movies & TV” category of the Roku Channel Store.

Keep streaming, America!

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  • Jay Wasack


  • Fred

    Im so thankful for my Roku XS 2 it with no cable but high speed internet, & the d-linc router bas paid for them selves in a month anx a balf as the wifi is a bonus being affected by limited data on my smart phone! Being unable to get out as often due to illness to cut my data from 10 gig.s to 1gig. thats at least $50 less a month on the cell bill too! So I use Netflix and HuluPlus I can stream tons of shows, & didnt know tv on Hulu has a continue to play button for tv! If I want to treat me to a newer movie I can go to VuDu or Amazon im able to use all my channels of pandora free no adds block this and rare vocal adds same for TuneIn my channels were there in a couple minutes! I hope for a live tv with usa staions one day I know if a dev can do this its guna be huge even the networks a variety of cable channels if chosen well wont need to be hundreds of channels it could e en have 3/4 options! But im not complaining just a wish! Roku XS2 Rocks and the quality of picture and sound on a shh non smart LG 1080p 47″ thinks it a smart tv now! I wont tell! lol Thanks for a bigger window to the world I can afford I have a friend who now has two Rokus and no more satellite bill! Its waking these big cable ppl up already I cant wait to see em wonder what happened?! Again thanks n sorry I get excited but dystrophy keeps me home now its not near as bad!! GodBless, Fred

  • JoAnn Brereton

    Wow. Red Box is really starting to look like total crap now. Even Blockbuster, long since left for dead, has beaten it to Roku.

    • cloncs

      I only rent new movies from RedBox. I have Netflix streaming and the two at a time DVD plan so I can get old DVDs from Netflix that aren’t in RedBox. RedBox and Netflix are cheaper to rent the DVD than all the other streaming movie rental services.

  • All seven subscribers that Blockbuster has left will surely be pleased.

  • intewedm

    So why doesn’t it work on Samsung BD-E6500? Why does your website say it does, but it doesn’t? This kind of incompetence is one of the reasons Blockbuster can’t compete!

  • kimberly

    Do you have to pay for the movies when you want to rent them, or do you pay monthly?

    • cloncs

      as you rent them

  • Carolina Lady

    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!! The rep was RUDE as well as totally
    CLUELESS as to what I was talking about. I’m deleting BB on Demand as soon
    as I open my Roku. Hope they go bankrupt & are out of business ASAP !!!!
    Leave this channel & the people who answer the phones alone!!!!!

    • Amanda Connelly

      how do you delete roku channels? I haven’t been able to figure that out

      • carlos natal

        you go to the channel store,the very first row will be your on the one you want to delete,and it will have that option.

      • Robert

        On the channel menu, move your cursor to the channel icon u want to delete and press the * button on the remote. A list of options will appear incluuding delete.

  • John W

    Wish it worked on my 2100x model…

  • Amanda Connelly

    Blockbuster on demand for roku is stupid and pointless if you’re an amazon prime member. Amazon Movies are cheaper and the selection is larger.

    • Honked OFF

      Subscription vs non-subscription. I don’t watch enough movies to make amazon worth the subscription.

    • Robert

      As Honked OFF pointed out, definitely NOT “stupid and pointless”. Amazon is a flat monthly fee regardless of what you watch, while BB is a “pay as you go” service. There are plenty of people who may only watch 2 or 3 movies a month, and for those, a “pay per rental” system can make MUCH more sense than a monthly flat rate. Only takes a minute of simple math to figure out which is best for you.

  • Comments SF

    WHO CARES? All I want to know is Where the HELL is the ROKU 3 UPDATE for ROKU 2 USERS?

  • Karen L. Bass

    I just want to sign up have tried 4 times and they don’t like my email

  • teeski

    no sound from blockbuster on demand just picture on Roku 2 what gives…

    • Robert

      Same problem here. I’m really sick of the problems with BB OD. Just going to delete it and stick with amazon for newer movies OD.

      • Rhenna

        I was able to get the sound to work with a speaker plugged into the Roku and by changing the audio settings within the Roku, but it was still a pain. I won’t be purchasing anything else from BB OD

    • cloncs

      A known issue. If no sound change from Surround Sound to stereo in settings. You still get the surround if you system supports it.

      • pctyson

        One channel that sound does not work on? Change the Roku settings for one channel? I think not. Let me know when this is fixed Roku and Blockbuster. It has already been 2 years based on the posting date shown above.Bye bye Blockbuster.

  • Karen

    I just got the roku 2500x from amazon ( manufacture refurbished) and the main reason I got it was for Netflix and going the the channels in the channel store I can’t find netflix….
    Please help

    Did I buy an old model roku ???

  • Guest

    I have Roku, I signed up for blockbuster, I can pick movies for my Watchlist, but I can’t get it to actually play the movie. What am I missing? Those of you who have it working, please reply. Thanks!

    • cloncs

      Click on the movie in your Watchlist and it should say Rent from $2.99. If you click on that it switches to Rent SD $2.99 or Rent HD $3.99. Becareful. If you click at this point you’ve paid for it and have 30 days to watch. And 24-48 hours after you first watch it.

  • cloncs

    You have to have a credit card on file. I believe mine is on my Roku account. You have to rent or buy each movie

    or tv show. nothing is free. you have 30 to watch and from first watch you get 24 to 48 hours. Peace.

  • Tom

    If I click watch trailer and there is no price listed do I have to pay for this movie on blockbuster demand?

  • Tom

    Can anyone help me?

  • Rudy

    Ya just rented a movie this morning got a movie with no sound not impressed, so how do I fix this

  • doesn’t matter

    Just about every time I rent a movie on your BB channel the sound doesn’t work but every other channel does, you guys suck

  • Rob

    I am sick to death of problems with all this bulls^+t!!!! I can get to BB OD- I can search and find a movie, watch the trailer, but have no option to pay to watch it!!!! Fu:k Blockbuster!! They should fire every programmer they have. Isn’t the ability to sell movies kinda the point???? Wow- can’t even pay to watch……. Booooooooo!!!!!! Fail.

  • John

    when I watch trailers I have sound, but when I try to watch the movie there is not any sound, what is the problem.

  • first and last time user

    no sound, i want my $4.99 back ASAP

  • Alberto Armas

    I wish I would’ve read these reviews before joining blockbuster OD. I rented a movie and no sound. Tried all the different things outside of adding speakers. Pointless!!!!! Roku, this is very disappointing. How do you allow a channel like this to operate within your system. Just a waist of an evening.

  • Brian

    Avoid Blockbuster, their service has not improved since their stores all went under years ago.

  • Me24u

    Rented a movie last nigh..we have sony tv and roku….got error message sorry and error has occurred during server communication??? Any fixes this happned once before with BB and we got it working but forgot how. Their customer svc is worthless. Thanks in advance.

  • gayle yates

    I have just spent over $30.00 in movie rentals through blockbuster on demand and can’t watch them due to a server error according to the message on the screen, how do I reach a live person or get a refund?

  • Pete Wilkens

    Paid for movie. Won’t play. Customer service is hard to reach and they are horrible. Don’t do it.

    • Brandi

      How do you get in touch with customer service. I paid for a rental that won’t pay and want a refund. I can only find an email and I’ve tried emailing twice with no response. When I try to access support from my computer it says it could be an unsafe site. Do you have a phone number??