It’s a great day for TV lovers. Today, we’re excited to introduce the new, fully loaded Roku 3 – our fastest, most powerful streaming player to-date. From an intuitive new interface to an enhanced remote with built-in headphone jack for private listening, the all-new Roku 3 was designed with you in mind.  

Clocking in at over five times faster than our previous players, the Roku 3 will get you to your favorite movies and TV shows in a flash. Even better, the Enhanced Remote with an integrated headphone jack makes it easy to enjoy TV time anytime. Just plug in the included in-ear headphones and Roku instantly switches audio to the headphones while muting your TV speakers. It’s that simple. Now you can turn up those late-night Breaking Bad marathons without waking the whole family!

In the spirit of simplicity, the new Roku interface features a streamlined layout to provide quicker access and greater visibility – especially if you have many channels installed. The Roku Channel Store and Search are now fully integrated into the home screen, and both have been redesigned with our new on-screen experience. Over 750+ channels are available on Roku, and it’s easier than ever to find that perfect movie or show in our updated Roku Channel Store.

Check out the new Roku experience in action:

The new interface debuts on the Roku 3 and will automatically roll out as a free software update in April to all Roku 2 models, Roku HD (model 2500), Roku LT and the Roku Streaming Stick. (Note: Roku Search is available only in the U.S.)*

The Roku 3 is available now for $99.99 in the U.S. through, and several other leading online retailers. It will be available at major retail chains beginning in April.

At Roku, we strive to make TV watching as enjoyable as it can be – and we do that by delivering useful innovation, like a convenient private listening mode or an incredibly simple, intuitive interface. We don’t believe in tech for tech’s sake. We’re not going to make you shout or gesture at your TV. We just want to bring you the best TV experience, and we’re extremely proud of the Roku 3.

You’ll find more information about the Roku 3, including product features and specifications, right here.

*Update: The new Roku interface will begin rolling out to Roku 2, Roku HD (model 2500), Roku LT and the Roku Streaming Stick the first week of May. We took a bit more time to ensure that the update will be a great experience, but the rollout will be complete by the end of May 2013. Thanks for your patience!

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  • Phil

    Cool 🙂

  • Head Phones in the Remote is Ingenious. Will Certainly be Buying one of these Once the reviews start coming out.

    • Thanks, Tom! We’re glad you think so.

  • David Good

    Will the old remotes work with the Roku 3? And, do you have an option to get an old remote instead of the new model? While it’s nice to have the newer style remote for games (and now headphones) I’ve experienced too many problems (mainly with them falling ‘asleep’ on me… so I have to mash a bunch of buttons to ‘wake’ them up… which, in turn, usually result me me getting kicked out of my app back to the home screen). I’m sure this ‘sleep’ state is some form of battery conservation, but the old remotes don’t do this and last forever on a single pair of batteries.

    • That never happens to me. Weird.

    • Hi David, remote controls and power adapters from other Roku players, such as the Roku 2, will not work with Roku 3. Roku 3 players come packaged with the enhanced remote. If you continue to have trouble with your remote, please email so our support team can look into it!

      • Two Bits

        So this model is no longer able to be used with a universal remote like the older models?

        • Crewski

          This is a huge oversight if they have left it out….hopefully I can use my harmony with the Roku 3.

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • DaHui623

    Will we be able to buy the new remote to work with a Roku 2?

    • Hi there! The Enhanced Remote is not compatible with Roku 2.

      • DaHui623

        Sad face 🙁

      • DaHui623

        Okay, new (?) question. I have the Roku 2 XS which uses the WiFi (not IR) game remote. Will the new remote work with that? It seems they are the same except for the headphone jack. Please say yes!!!

      • Will you update the Roku app so I can use my headphone jack on my iPhone to listen?

  • Looks great and exciting to hear our Roku 2 will be getting an updated interface too. Any chance we’ll see the “just for kids” Netflix interface on Roku?

    • Hi Justin, we hope you’ll love the new interface as much as we do! We can’t talk about future plans, but we’ll keep working to expand content and improve the Roku experience over time. 🙂

      • MarvcoPolo

        I would also like to see Just for Kids on Roku, as well as the multiple queue features they are testing when they come out. Please address soon! Otherwise, my money will probably go to an AppleTV box instead of new Roku 3. Thanks

      • m

        I have been waiting for this for a long time. Seems like every other device has Just for Kids. My kids are getting older now and this is starting to become an issue that makes me think, as much as I love Roku, I will need to find another device unless it happens soon. Just sayin’.

      • EnTerr

        @Roku, can’t say i love the new interface: The way the text menus scroll vertically while the selection bar stays in place sucks! It feels unnatural and counter-intuitive. As additional offense those menus “wrap-around” which adds to the confusion.

        Related thing happens when browsing the channel list – the selection always stays on the first line and i can see lines below with *next* channels but none of the *previous* channels… and it wraps-around again in most confusing way.

        If you have no UI expert, just look at how iOS and OS X does those things. Or give one of those boxes to your mom and observe her experience!

      • Labesh

        I hope Netflix and Roku can work on adding Netflix for Kids. I am beginning to look at other streaming options just so we can have this channel for the kids.

  • TKnox

    headphones in the remote! Very cool. A new way to listen to Pandora or music on Amazon cloud. Mp3 player??…No, that’s my remote!

  • Mike

    What the heck..I just bought the XS a few weeks ago…

    • Notarokuemployee

      They are updating the UI for older Rokus, so I wouldn’t feel too burned. That headphone jack in the remote does look awesome though!

  • amos

    Rrrr. Angry because I JUST bought 3 Rokus from Costco.

    • Didn’t you realize there was a reason they were on sale at a bargain price? Don’t feel bad, we all get stuck with stuff sometimes. I bought TWO Betamax players from Sony TWO DAYS before they canceled the format. Yeah. I did that.

  • Make them in fire engine red and you’ll have a sellout…

  • Roku 2 came out less than 1 month after I bought my Roku, now 3 is out…glad I didn’t buy a 2!!

  • Love the look of the update. Will you also be updating the Roku app’s as well? I love using my IPAD as a remote and that’s via the app.

    • Hi Judith, we’re glad you’re loving the new look! We’ll continue to improve the Roku mobile experience over time. Stay tuned!

  • Brian

    Headphones on the remote is the best idea yet. Assume that means I can plug into an HDMI computer monitor with no speakers (say in the bedroom) and still have audio.

  • You do this NOW, when I just finally gave in an bought my Roku? Ga!! BTW, I have literally only watched an hour max of regular television since it arrived a month ago. I am addicted! <3's it!

  • c_world_poster

    “We don’t believe in tech for tech’s sake. We’re not going to make you shout or gesture at your TV.” Good. Because that is what i do at my PC’s.

  • Will this remote also have the Freespace motion technology?

  • stromtrooper

    does it still have an ir port for using with harmony remotes?

    • stromtrooper


    • Crewski

      Same question. No harmony…then no roku.

    • CiXel

      Agreed. While the remote may not have IR on it is there anyway for the box to accept IR for those of us with universal remotes?

    • Kathy

      Come on Roku, if you say it has IR I press the “complete this transaction” button if you say it doesn’t have IR, I press the button and tweet my disappointment.

  • Without Youtube Roku3 is still a piece of cr*p.

    • Troll comment. Youre probably pissed it doesn’t wack you off and spit out gold coins too.

    • Not only is youtube most likely coming, but there’s already a third-party app that works great currently. You should embrace knowledge.

  • Joe Hauptman

    Very nice. What’s the power draw for the R3 compared to the R2?

  • Aporium

    Does the new interface have the rumored Miracast wireless mirroring?

    (Oh yeah, also features that would be cool in a future Roku would be a clip aggregator/playlist that would allow you to select diverse clips and play them straight through. And also bookmarks or favorites that would give you shortcuts to your favorite shows or pages).

    Don’t mean to sound like I am complaining. I am loving the Roku HD 2500 I bought a few weeks ago. I keep recommending it to everyone. They probably think I am obsessed. : )

  • JohnnyRockets


  • adsfhjjads

    will the Roku 3 be available in Canada as well?

    • BambiBlue

      I second this question. I have my funny Canadian money in my hand ready to pass off!

      • Bacon

        Did you get the roku 3?I have one brand new for sale on kijiji for $150

    • François Girouard

      And if so when can we expect it?

    • James McCollick

      Yes please – when will this be available in Canada?

    • Darryl Williams

      Roku, please answer this. When will it be available in Canada?

    • Glen

      Please… tell us;<

    • Mark

      Don’t bother, i got a Roku 3 and im in Canada, content when using it in Canada is horrible.

      And for people who plan on using proxies and changing their DNS for american channels on it, dont bother it doesnt work on the Roku 3, you will not be able to get american channels. I have already tried.

      You can still get american content on netflix with a proxy or changing your DNS but not american channels like hulu or amazon like you can get on other devices like WD live tv, or sony google tv which proxies do work to get those american channels.

      Very disappointed in the roku 3, may be great in the states but the content here in Canada completely blows, unless you want it just for netflix and plex

  • Jake18oly

    Any chance you’ll update the iOS app to output to the headphone jack on the iPhone? That would be a dream come true!

  • Twyla

    So I JUST bought the Roku HD last weekend. Thinking I should return it for the three??

  • How faster is it going to be? Is it worth upgrade when I have the Roku 2 XS?

  • benjaminpc

    Is the remote bluetooth? I’d like to put this behind my TV.

    • Notarokuemployee

      Not sure about the new one, but I know mine isn’t, that’d be a nice addition because I hate having to re point my roku to where I’m sitting, it’s range isn’t great. Also, rokus are so light, my HDMI will just pull it away and down just by the weight of the cord.

      • cron

        sticky velcro? we use it in the server room to stick lightweight devices to rack shelves. worked great for our cable modems.

    • DaHui623

      I’m sure it’s like my Roku 2 remote and it works off your WiFi. I don’t have to point mine at anything and it works great from anywhere in the house.

  • Qbenguy

    I’m extremely happy to see an update to the interface. I know that’s one feature that has stopped people from buying any of the ROKU models and instead purchasing an AppleTV. Even without the new interface ROKU is miles ahead and better than any streaming device on the market. Thank you ROKU and all of the developers for making this happen!

  • 2000N8

    How fast is the free shipping and when will they be available? I LOVE Roku. I have 2 in my home and have bought a few for friends and family over the years because people really don’t see how wonderful they are until they own one. Thank you for always being amazing!!!

  • Qbenguy

    I’m switching my friends and family from cable to ROKU and I was about to buy some 2XS models. I’m glad I waited.

  • Ashotjan

    no keyboard = fail.

    • Capt Obvious

      unnecessary cost that would have to be passed on to consumers. Download the app and use the keyboard in there!

      • Ashotjan

        I didn’t realize Roku had that yet. We lost our Boxee remote but use the Linux-based apps to type in everything which is very convenient. This one looks pretty good.

    • JoAnn Brereton

      Not really. If you’re dying for a keyboard, then use the Roku mobile app and use your tablet/phone keyboard or attach a real keyboard to your phone or tablet.

      For 99% of my interaction with Roku I don’t need a keyboard. For times when I do, I use either the Roku mobile app or

  • I’m glad you FINALLY changed up the main menu.

  • Ty

    Did you take the advertisements off the home screen?

  • Rohan Mayers

    What about DLNA?

    • phflupp

      I’ve found posts as old as 2010 claiming it was coming… others saying the device has no UDP so cannot discover DLNA compliant servers. Don’t hold your breath 🙁

    • Eric Ertman


  • presto117

    As someone who has never owned a Roku before, putting a headphone jack in the remote to listen to anything is one of the most innovative things I’ve ever heard.

    I feel like the Wii U missed out by not allowing you to listen to your game through the headphone jack on the GamePad while it played on your tv.

  • Chuck

    I bought my XS less than a month ago. Will you offer some kind of trade-in or upgrade program, or am I s*it outta luck?

    • Anon

      Seconded. Please consider this, Roku. I am using a first generation and am interested in an upgrade, but not creati e-waste.

  • Samgard

    I am soooo glad I am an adamant “check reviews and pricing first” buyer!! We just decided to get a Roku yesterday and while “reviewing and pricing” I find that the 3 just got released!!! Further more, since it will not be in retail stores until April, I have plenty of time to check out the “reviews” before I purchase it! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

  • lah

    When will you start selling Roku in all of Europe (not just UK)?

  • Charlie Duash

    Can’t tell you how happy i am with my roku HD and just roku in general. I already turned my cousin onto one and he had an xbox 360 and told me he now can’t live without his roku and my parents too! Thank you for creating such an amazing little box! 🙂

  • M.J. Nesbitt

    I wonder if the new roku will make my playon channel stream. Preferably smoothly than it does on my roku 2xd. I’m tired of having to watch playon on the Wii.

  • Owl

    Any plans to release an USB model since there is no XS model anymore? Thanks.

  • Amo

    Looks very nice. Are you any closer to adding video streaming from iOS devices via PlayOnRoku?

  • rtylerjames

    is the remote powered by wifi also. if not will you be adding a feature to the smart phone app so that your headphones will work on your phone the same way they work on the remote

  • Giordano

    Why you keep putting the “OK” button in that position??? It’s so uncomfortable, not intuitive at all!!! It should be in the middle of the directional pad!

  • sounds excellent, roku.truly is a wonderful device, and just keeps getting better

  • Two Bits

    Hmm… the link for specs seems to be more marketing fluff then specs?

    Did mpeg2 support get activated so we can write a channel to control the hdhomerun, or a front end to our dvr without transcoding?

    Did the support for vorbis get brought out so more then just spotify can use it?

    Can we now seek and/or start playback into audio streams to make listening to long netcasts more viable, or let us skip commercials when using something like

    How about OPUS support for more efficient codec support with netcasts?

  • Sweet!!!!

  • Great to see your developments stateside. We mainly use our Roku 2 XS to watch BBC iPlayer and I am wondering if other UK-based catch-up services especially 4OD will be coming to Roku this year. Kind regards.

  • Gorgon

    Ordering two Roku 3s to replace my old Roku HD (2050) and Roku XDS. Love the headphone jack in the remote.

    Question: Is the headphone jack standard? Will any set of standard headphones work with the remote?

  • D.Engel

    Amazon doesn’t seem to have the Roku 3 posted yet. I’m looking and all I see is the Roku 2. Guess Amazon misses out.

    • Ronnys48

      My oku HD came from Walmart so that’s where I’ll be looking for my next.

    • EnTerr

      Yes, Amazon has it – – it just does not show in the top results when searching yet

      • D.Engel

        Ahhh….I looked a day or two ago when it was announced and did not see it. Thanks! I guess it doesn’t matter where you buy it from, it is the same price and free shipping from everyone right now.

        • EnTerr

          They have even started pushing it – today i went to check d-link streaming box on Amz and i see there is a box there where normally they show coupons/special offers: “Roku 3 – The Fastest, Most Powerful Roku Experience Ever … Learn More”. I am sure competition will be thrilled 🙂

  • Mountaineer/Lions Fan

    bring the price down guys.. your getting too far ahead of yourself.

  • getthething

    Will this one still have ads? It’s awesome when I pay for a Roku box and pay for a Netflix subscription but I still see ads on the main screen for Netflix. It’s the reason I returned the last one.

  • dre

    Netflix now has 1080p movies.. will this apply to roku 2 1080p player… I haven’t seen titles listed on netflix channel offered in 1080p but netflix says roku player is enabled divice… the netflix channel needs upgrade id like more of a pc approach so I can see all movies available instead of searching pc then roku

  • loveroku

    Well that just figures. I just bought the roku 2 a few weeks ago. Now I’m a version behind. 🙁 Great to see the new interface will be coming to the roku 2 though. Still loving the roku and glad I’m using it to replace over priced cable.

  • Mau

    The headphone jack sounds fabulous! Love that idea. And I’m so excited that the interface is coming to Roku 2. I just convinced my dad to get his own Roku yesterday, so the timing is ironic. 🙂

  • shutterbug98

    All of you guys wanting to view youTube via the ROKU should go here:

    I’ve got this & it’s GREAT!!

    • Agreed—it works great.

    • safari_punch

      I have that and have Youtube via my subscription for PlayOn (which really makes Roku worth having). I can look at my favorite and subscribed videos through the PlayOn version of Youtube.

  • Still not on Amazon yet!

  • Bob

    I haven’t tried a device like this yet. My question is how much do the channels cost once I’ve bought it?

  • You’re making me want to throw my AppleTV out the Window’s.


    Impressive stuff, guys! I might get one for my office.

  • dansus

    Hi, is the remote audio via Bluetooth?

    Any more codec support like DTS?

  • reckelator2000

    What about DLNA is great question? why can’t you stream home videos from a media server or a computer… looks great but is half baked without this feature in my opinion…

  • Joyette Scantlebury

    Does the new interface translate to the channels or do the devs have to udpate their channels to reflect this?

  • Andre Aguiar

    Would it be possible to use your mobile device via the Roku app to also stream the audio and not depend on the Roku remote? If both are on the same wifi I see no reason why it couldn’t.

    Also DNLA really needs to be supported. My original Roku (the very first model) is able to do this via the Twonky beam app so I can’t see it being a hardware limitation.

  • I love my Roku 2! So happy to hear about the updated interface, and the headphone jack is a great idea. Ready for multiple wireless headphones!

  • niceguy

    Junk!!! No DLNA Support!!!! They just dont get it!! We want a DLNA feature. Had 3 of the Roku 2 and sold them. Went to a sony that supports DLNA!!

  • Sandra Freeman

    I just caught on to the Roku crazy literally 3 days ago. And it came in the mail yesterday! And today I log on to check it out and I find out that a new 1 is coming out! Why would you not tell me yesterday when I bought my Roku that a new 1 was coming out the next day?

  • Ember

    Love the headphone jack on the remote. But I’m terrible with losing remotes. Will the Android Roku app add the functionality to plug headphones into the Android to get sound from the Roku?

  • Anon

    When will it be avaliable in UK, I’ve been waiting for this a while.

  • Hernán Mouro

    Very cool. Will it support Netflix in Latin America? (I have an original Roku and the Netflix channel just doesn’t work).

    • amunoztico

      Estamos en la cola…

      • I just wrote roku’s customer service about that, and the say it will take some time to allow the Netflix channel in Latin America… it’s in their expansion plans though.

    • amunoztico

      Only Netflix believes in Latin America!

  • linval

    can this device be used on 2 tv’s simultaneously?? that would be the next great thing for roku’ be able to use one on multiple tv’s…

  • inkahoots81

    Is finally making a app for roku 3? They just launched a phone app for my droid. Baffles me more companies of this sort dont catch on. well does a great job with theirs!

    • yoyo

      Yeah I really wish they would get on board with this, it seems the bigger company’s are not staying ahead of the game. Lets go the future of convenience is now.

  • JoAnn Brereton

    I got a note today in my mail which touts the following:

    “Great news for existing Roku customers!

    If you have a Roku 2, LT or HD (model #2500), you’ll get the new Roku interface automatically as a free upgrade by May of this year. Woo hoo!”

    My Roku 2 is the XS model, 3100x… this note is confusing. Do we get the new interface or not?

    Finally, how about some love for YouTube?

  • Dc

    Love mine so far, but I don’t see how to move the cursor diagonally as shown in the video.

  • steve512

    I received my Roku 3 yesterday. It is my 4th Roku and I the one I now use. I ordered the Roku 3 because I would be to connect my earphones to the remote. I feel it is worth the price of a new Roku 3 to have a wireless earphone connection to my receiver. Connecting my headphones to the remote cuts the sound to the receiver. The new home page is a big improvement over the older interface. I also have 2 Logitech Vue Google TV boxes, a Sony Google TV box and 3 home theater ready computers. I have the Sony Google TV box connected to my home theater only because it has YouTube and the ability to surf the web with Google which Roku does not have. The replay button is the one feature of Roku that caused me to use it for nearly all of Netflix, Amazon and Acorn TV streaming. The 3 computers and 3 Google TV boxes do not have the repay button and no other easy way to backs up a few seconds like Roku does. The new wireless earphone connection gives me a second really good reasons for Roku to be my preferred method for streaming video.

  • What about the Roku XD (2050x)? No firmware update for that?

  • Why roku dropped bluetooth is beyond me even without a bt remote they should’ve realized that jawbone,sonous and others offer wireless bt speakers though roku could offer a bt micro usb accessory to add bluetopth back in roku 3 which would then be fully loaded.

  • tsfab4

    Okay so with one HDMI input on the Roku 3 and no audio outputs at all how do you connect a stereo? My receiver is 10 years old, has no HDMI input or outputs, and only has analog, coaxial and digital in optical. Am I out of luck? Any suggestions would be helpful.

    • We use the audio output on our TV to connect to stereo. That way – we leave the stereo on AV IN, and the sound is always what’s on the TV. Pretty sweet!

  • Curious Viewer

    Does Roku 3 support 802.11ac protocol?

    • stevekling


  • kritikl

    Jim at ROKU or anyone out there can help answer what I am looking for in streaming. I have high-speed broadband internet with 1 Mbps speed. Will Roku 3 work with broadband speed of 1 Mbps? I also have 802.11 a, b, g, n wireless router and LG 3D Smart TV of 2012 model. Will I be able to get passive packet streaming from Roku 3? ( I do not care if I don’t get live streaming). Will I need any other gadget besides the connecting cables? Do I need 802.11ac wireless router?

  • RuloSuper

    Bring the audio feature (headphone listening) to the IOS remote app!

  • Alex

    Yeah, so when will you be updating the ROKU 2 XS which some of us were unlucky enough to purchase just scant days before your release of Roku 3? I LOVE my XS so much I bought a second one (on 02/28/13) but it’d be nice if you could update its firmware to ROKU 3 in a timely fashion. 🙂

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  • Rob

    Any news re a UK release date? Definitely going to get one as soon as they are available.

  • ineptone

    When will Roku 3 be released in Canada? I was ready to pull the trigger on Roku 2 XS until the Roku 3 was announced but can’t find any information on the 3’s Canadian availability.

  • Anyone looking to get headphone like support to their portable listening device can do so now simply by hooking up an FM transmitter to the audio out on their TV. I can’t say for the iPhone but the older iPod that I has FM radio built-in so all I need to do is tune in to the FM transmitters frequency and I can listen to ALL tv content on my iPod.

  • Oh and also when will it be available in Canada and are the network settings a bit more flexible than on the 2 that’s really my only complaint.

  • darlaj

    Headphone jack in the remote!!! Why has no one thought of this before? But one concern — will using this feature drain the remote batteries?

  • Tom Barrister

    Is the Roku 3 device and/or interface for Roku 2 going to solve the Netflix failure to auto-advance episodes problem that’s now almost a year old?

  • Philbj

    Will this play the UV download films via Flixster? – if so that is a major plus as it will be the only way I’m aware of to play UV on a TV other than iPad mirroring, which is not good

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  • Erin

    Still no “off” functionality. I would buy a new one of these in an instant if I had the option to turn it off between uses.

  • ted


    I have a western digital tv live that plays netflix at 1080p HDTV.

    So, I know what 1080p looks like on my TV. And, that the TV is capable of 1080p

    Roku 3 lets me select either 1080p HDTV or 720p HDTV.

    I selected 1080p HDTV.

    But, Roku 3 still plays netflix and Amazon Prime only at 720p HDTV.

    I don’t know what other channels only show at 720p HDTV so I may have more

    How do I play it at 1080p HDTV? It seems changing the setting to 1080p HDTV does nothing.

    Thank you.

  • jbeenemd

    I just got my ROKU 3 yesterday and have just finished adding all the channels that I wanted. May add more when my family comes back from vacation. I noticed that YOUTUBE Channel was missing. Now don’t tell me the hardware can’t handle it. My OLD Seagate Freeagent Theater has YOUTUBE and it is now 3 years old!!

  • Martin

    Could you give us a ETA for the availability in Canada ?


  • CosmicRust

    When is Comcast going to get onboard with HBO GO app for Roku? 🙁

  • I am extremely interested in purchasing Roku 3, but my tv is not HDTV, could I use a HDMI converter? Or would it be a waste of time and money? Please help, I will really appreciate it.

  • George Hobbs

    I am an American working in South Korea, I want to buy a Roku 3 this week- end while I am at my home in Texas. My question is will the Roku 3 work in South Korea so I can see American broadcast? I currently have a Apple TV box in Korea from the USA, it works fine. Will your product work? Will Hula still be blocked via your unit? Thank you

  • Chester Rockwell

    Hello, when will the 3 be released in the UK ?

  • Citizen Joe

    Still no thoughts on when we might see this in Canada?

  • Stevenpg

    Update Netflix to have “just for kids” setting. Just saying

  • Eric Ertman

    Love my Roku XS, but of course I´m slightly jealous of the Roku 3. When can I expect the updated interface to be pushed out ? Thanks 🙂

  • Eric Ertman

    Love my Roku XS, but yes, I am slightly jealous of the 3. When can I expect the interface update to be pushed to my XS ? Thanks 🙂

  • herbert

    is this thing for real?

  • Larry

    My Roku quit working. I am looking at getting another one from a friend. How hard will it be to transfer my account from the old unit to the new unit.

  • Avery

    Hey guys. U promised us 5.0 for Roku LT and Roku HD but it is now the 28th/29th and its not out. HURRY UP. 2 DAYS LEFT.

  • Nedjo

    So it’s April 29th and still no update to my Roku 2 XS. LAME. I’ve emailed and received the “we have no information” response. Thanks for getting my hopes up. Even if I get it today or tomorrow I’ll be pissed! You can’t tell people they will receive the update within a certain month and 1)not release it that month or 2)release it on the last day of that month. Come on Roku!

  • MartyP

    I find it painfully adorable that Roku comments only to things that might make it look better. Just an observation. And on the countdown, it is now April 30th, and no new look has touched my Roku HD. This is the folly of giving exact dates. Not exactly wise. Even less wise is leaving people twisting in the wind not knowing when an update is coming. If you don’t have it all together, just say so. People will appreciate information and a little bit of honesty a lot more then lip service and or silence.

  • when will version 5 be available to roku 2 boxes? says april, but haven’t gotten anything yet. delay?

  • Kenneth

    Less than 6 Hours to May 1st where is the update?

  • johngardner58

    Probably won’t upgrade existing roku until they supports DLNA. Even my phone has DLNA support and our sony stream box has it. This makes it wonderful to play music off my cell phone. I have to use Plex for my PC but that doesn’t work for my cell phone. Please support DLNA!

  • earl

    where is this new update i keep hearing about ???

  • Is there an ETA for the update of Roku 2’s to the new Roku 3 interface?, my guess is the end of May at the earliest. And why is the new Roku search limited to the US?

  • Chris Richards

    Any decent home cinema setup needs to play video using DLNA/upnp. I don’t currently have this ability so I’ll have to buy another device to do it. My new Onkyo amp only works as an Audio dlna/upnp renderer. One of my options is to buy a Google TV box, and when I do that I can’t really see the point in having a roku. Please make the roku a dlna/upnp renderer! (Ideally make it a OpenHome renderer)

  • SitkaCharly

    How is the volume controlled to the headset when using the Roku 3?

  • Rich Decker

    Just installed Roku 3. Easy set-up. The issue is with the picture sizing and regular TV quality. The Roku prevents or blocks the options for screen size. The quality on regular TV is not good. The resolution is not clear and crisp. I tried 1080 and 720. Same result with hdmi cable.
    Any suggestions?

  • Nater

    Is there a release date for Miracast Channel on Roku 3? or a channel that will do Display Mirroring like Apples Air-Play?

  • JC63

    Will the NFL be available as a ala carte channel soon ?

  • bellasmommy

    okay this might have already been asked, so I apologize in advance, Can you download programs onto the roku, Like the streaming program Graboid? Thanks in advance for any answers…

  • jayw654

    I will NEVER buy a Roku without the support of DLNA. Cinavia detection MUST also be non-existant.

  • John1379

    Need LoveFilm ASAP, Now TV by SKY is a rip-off!

  • Josh

    I have a roku 2 xd wanted to know if there will be a just for kids part on Netflix

  • Kong

    Roku’s headphone set up is unbelieveably ignorant to me. The headphone jack shutting off tv sound assumes that people dont know how to turn down their tv or sound system.

    I am hard of hearing and my wife isnt. Now my elderly mother visits and she needs hearing assistance also.

    I have a Sony wireless headphone system and thought this would give me two headphone outs, but no. Roku missed a huge market with this set up, as if the younger generation is too stupid to hit the mute on their tv remote.

  • This is very useful for me. I hoping this is available in my place. 🙂

  • robin

    i have the roku3. what do i do if the headphone jack doesn’t work?

  • disqus_w9LswOPFEk

    Hi, I am stationed in South Korea, can I use the Roku3 here?

  • kikieliped

    So i keep hearing about these new updates for the roku 2… When will the update actually happen. all the shows on netflix are old and nothing at all is new…. very irritated.

  • Ric

    Roku 3 no longer being sold by Office Max and Office Depot per their online website

  • JB

    I just purchased OPPOS 105d bluray player and I’m having issues connecting the Roku 2 to the unit. I’ve connected the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN jack on the OPPOS and unit doesn’t pickup internet. Are they compatable??