In January, we announced that Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable company in the U.S., would bring its authenticated cable service, TWC TV, to Roku. We were very excited to be selected as the first connected TV device to stream TWC TV, demonstrating Time Warner Cable’s confidence in the strength and value of the Roku platform.

Today we are pleased to share that TWC TV is now available on the Roku platform at no extra cost to Time Warner Cable video subscribers who own a Roku 2, Roku HD (model 2500), Roku LT or Roku Streaming Stick™. If you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy TWC TV in places where you may not have a cable box, like in the bedroom or the den, you can easily add a Roku player and stream TWC TV.

TWC TV features up to 300 live, linear TV channels including networks like Animal Planet, Bravo, Food Network, HGTV and more. You can find TWC TV in the Roku Channel Store.

Happy Streaming!

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  • JTEPSU02

    It is too bad they make you pay for their cable to stream. I have their internet service but refuse to pay their ridiculous fees for TV!

    • I’m right there with ya! We get their internet service as well, but I purchased the Roku specifically because I was not willing to pay Time Warner’s prices!

    • Wait what? You think TWC is going to give you stations that they have to pay to retransmit? How does that business plan work out?

      • JTEPSU02

        Now let’s not put words in anyone’s mouth here! All I am saying is it is too bad that streaming is not part of their “Internet” service. And as far as “retransmitting” a station, this would not be a very large expense at all on Time Warner Cable. In my area, they are the only choice we have for TV and the prices are so inflated that is crazy. I do not have any choice on internet in my area either. I either get TWC or dial up. I will take the lesser of the two evils! But thanks for your comment. I see where you are coming from and appreciate your thoughts!

        • Avi

          TWC pays each channel for every household that has access to the channel. With the Rocku you have access and TWC needs to pay. With this service you have cable tv service, why should’t you have to pay for cable tv? The only difference is you don’t have a cable box. But TWC charges extra per box anyway.

    • T

      So you expect to be able to piggy back off those who do subscribe and pay for cable? If they allowed streaming free of charge, everyone would drop cable for Roku, which would mean no money for TWC to pay the stations. No money for TWC means no more TWC. Ah, the entitlement generation.

      • You already can piggy back, it’s called go to the channel’s website and stream it from there on your computer for free. Some people would like to be able to watch it from their tv instead.

    • jonnyohio

      Have you considered going with a Cable Card? I built my own DVR with a Ceton InfiniTV 4 in it and ordered a Cable Card from them. I only pay $50-$60 a month for all the digital channels. Their ridiculous fees are from the box rentals…I ended up taking the money I saved on those rental fees and ordered the movie channels so now I get HBO and can get HBO Go on my Roku. If I have to, I can always drop the movie channels if money gets tight…it would have to get pretty darn tight for me not to be able to afford the $50-$60 a month though for all the digital channels.

      • mitch

        JonnyOhio – I’m not familiar with a Cable Card – can you educate me on this? or maybe provide a link to where I may educate myself? Thanks

        • jonnyohio


          And you can get one of these to put it in a PC:

          I use Windows Media Center in Windows 7 as my software, and I have 2 xbox 360s acting as media extenders to stream live TV to 2 other TVs in the house.. The only reason I decided to go with CableCard myself and build my own box was because TWC wanted to charge me $30 a month on top of everything else to have a DVR plus one extra box for another TV. It would have been another $10 a month for the other TV. There are not that many devices that have cablecard slots in them still, though the tech has been available for awhile now. But I suspect as more people learn about, the more demand there will be. Currently, the setup process for a CableCard is much easier than it was in the past.

          I’ll also mention that in my local TWC still sends an analog signal over the coax for basic cable (local channels + cable channels for a total of 72 channels). My mom signed up for that because she still does not have any HDTVs in her house, and she wanted to the cheapest thing possible and still have cable channels she watches. I built her a small windows PC using spare parts I had around the house and ordered 2 older analog tuners (PVR-150’s– there are newer hybrid tuners that are better but they are more expensive). I got the tuners dirt cheap on Ebay. It has been working great so far.

  • trikar

    But if i have roku but not TWC TV account, but i want to watch TWC only in roku, how is it work?


    • If TWC isn’t serving your area, then you can’t use the TWC service.

  • mpritc1019

    DO you have to be on your home router like you do when using the TWC app on the ipad?

    • DaHui623

      I just read the channel description from the store. It says TWC authorized modem required.

      • You also have to have Standard/Basic cable. It’s in the user agreement you have to agree to.

        • Beverly Vokoun

          I have standard basic and internet and pay almost $90 a month. I tried to get just internet and use my roku for movies and TV programs and TWC told me that my bill, WITHOUT cable, would be $98 a month. That’s the way TWC gets you into their packages. Be very careful.

  • purewitz

    So can Bright House subscribers use it to? I ask because Time Warner Cable and Bright House are the same company, just different names for different regions of the U.S.

    • No not yet, but as with other TWC initiatives, perhaps in time. But this is not always the case. BHN and TWC have a marketing and technology sharing agreement, but they are two different companies. BHN is part of Advance/Newhouse Communications (my former employer), is based in Syracuse and owns a lot of magazines and newspapers. TWC is in NYC and used to be part of the Time-Warner complex but split off into a separate company.

  • Joe B.

    Amazing! Just remembered this announcement from January and thought to check today. What a nice present for a Tuesday in March! Rock on, Roku!

  • kat

    just checked it out. there is no on demand, just live stations 🙁

  • willdoug

    When I signed in with username and password I get the message that I have to be a basic or have extended service and then it kicks me out. I do have basic and extended service, so what’s up with that?

    • T

      It uses the username and password from TWC’s MyServices.

      • Guest

        300 live channels and 5000 On Demand shows on new TWC TV App now
        available on Roku platform.Free for Time Warner Cable subscribers
        having basic and expanded video service

  • silverhawknike

    No support for older roku model???

  • Dmwaps

    Works okay. Even with their 20 down and 1 up some stations rebuffer a lot. Its a good added value and saves me 20 a month for a dvr and dvr service.

  • cmonNow

    Why wouldn’t this support older models like the HD-XR?

    • l. g.

      Because they want you to buy a new one.

    • jonnyohio

      The older ones probably don’t have the power to do it.

  • Your article is not correct. I am a “Time Warner Cable video subscriber”, yet I can’t get this service because I’m not also a Time Warner internet subscriber. I had to figure this out by first unsuccessfully trying to log in to the channel on the Roku, and then finally coming here from my RSS feeds and reading the comments. And chalk up yet another disappointment for Time Warner.

  • BAMc

    It would be nice if your press release included all the information. I am a “Time Warner Cable video subscriber”, yet I can’t get this service because I’m not also a Time Warner internet subscriber. I had to figure this out by first unsuccessfully trying to log in to the channel on the Roku, and then finally coming here from my RSS feeds and reading the comments. Yet another disappointment from Time Warner.

  • Cris

    I have TWC internet, but do not have their cable/tv services. So my question is; what if I’m willing to pay for a TWC ID, can I do it and just use my Roku as a receiver box?

    • jonnyohio

      Pretty sure you’d have to subscribe to their TV…check to see if you can just get basic service in your area…you should get streaming to any channels you subscribe to (no local ones though). I am doing the cable card thing and pay $50 a month and get all the channels streaming to my Roku.

      • You have to have Standard/Basic cable along with their internet. I canceled my cable before I got my Roku and just kept the internet. The user agreement after you log in on the Roku states you must have both to agree. I don’t know what happens if you just have the internet and still “agree” but I am not willing to try it. By the way, TWC was charging me $80 a month just for the Standard/Basic cable, that’s why I canceled it.

        • Geo

          You can’t watch the streaming channels, I did the same thing basic cable and Internet in nc was costing me 90.00 a month.cancel drop my service to just Internet $44. A month bought 2 units sling cost me 60 for three months ( still cheaper then screw our customers Warner ) just sucks that some of the channels I can’t watch because you have to have TV service not worth adding 46 a month back just for a few channels

      • tferguson1973

        Hi how do you get the $50 cable card? Can you email me back at

    • Nick

      You can always splice your internet cable and get free basic cable.

  • I have some roku’s but they’re the xd/s and xr so i don’t know if twc and Amazon mp3 are avaible unless o get roku 3 which returns dual band Wi-Fi which my current boxes have but roku Lt,2,hd and streaming stick all lack.

  • anode505

    Its HORRIBLE!!!

    First thing is I have to sign in each and everytime with userid & password (such fun with the remote)

    Then since All I have is broadcast cable, I get NO, ZERO, ZILCH, channels. What a waste of time setting it up for NOTHING. TWC= Totaly worthless crap

    • jonnyohio

      They can’t stream the local channels….they probably will never get the rights to do so. You’d probably get something if you upgraded to their basic cable service though. I subscribe to digital service with a cable card and I don’t have to login every time.

    • lucille

      You have to pay, dumbass, nothing is free.

  • rokuforme

    Discouraged with new TWC channel lineup on Roku. There are no CBS,NBC,ABC, PBS, or other local TV channels. Another major let down from TWC.

    • Kurt

      I am finding the same thing out the HARD way….very upsetting

    • piccadillybabe

      You still have basic cable so put the cable into the back of the TV for local stations. The ROKU streaming on WiFi is for all your other channels other than local. Although there are a lot of local channels on ROKU from all over the country.

    • lisa

      The TWC on Roku is an app — a national app. Obviously local channels are not on it because local channels have different programming from city to city. It isn’t possible for the app to carry every channel in the United States. But it’s a great way to get cable in a room where there is no cable access, almost like a smart TV.

  • Letmechoose

    DISAPPOINTED once again. So you need an account with Time Warner, which where I live means an account with Comcast. I just got out of bed with the cable company. Please don’t make me crawl back into bed with them again?

  • Roger

    I get TWC TV, BUT you have to be connected to your home network to watch it. Why would I watch TWC on Roku connected to a TV when I watch the programs on cable? Unless TWC TV is available over the internet so I can watch it away from home…it’s worthless. This is another service TWC has invested in without knowing what customers’ want.

  • LoFo

    It doesn’t make sense to own a roku and pay loads of cash to a cable company for tv service. Very very counterintuitive.

    • Beverly Vokoun

      Finally….an person with a brain !!!!

    • Stacey

      Right?! I thought that was the point of having the Roku…

  • Jasper

    Like other commenters noted, it appears you must have BOTH time Warner “Standard TV” AND Time Warner internet to use the app. I have TV but not their internet (use my phone for connectivity at home), but I take my Roku when I travel and it would be nice to have my TV services when away from home (and have internet).
    Apparently this is not supported, maybe they will fix it?

  • huh

    I am not understanding this. I have to have a TWC video and internet account and I can only view it when I am on my TWC home network. If that is the case why watch it through the Roku when I can just watch it through my cable box?

    • jonnyohio

      Hello, and welcome to the Mr. Obvious show. Caller, allow me to answer your question: Let’s say you have a TV in a bedroom and don’t want to pay another $10 a month for another cable box to put TV in there. Well, you could hook a Roku up to it and it would have TV (just no local channels).

      “Huh, I never made the connection. Thanks, Mr. Obvious.”

      • rokuwhat

        What is not obvious to Mr. Obvious is that Mr. Obvious created a second TV scenario when the caller said nothing of a second TV. He asked the logical question of watching through a cable box he already has. Mr. Obvious created the second TV scenario. The caller’s question was not answered. Mr. Obvious answered his own question. That is what is obvious.
        “Huh. I made a wrong connection and jumped to a conclusion. Thanks caller.”

  • Dave9876543

    Why isnt it available for the Roku XD|S?

  • Kurt

    The most frustrating thinh (for me) is that I pay a boat-load of cash to TWC in my home, but i cannot watch TV in my home office. THe office has only 1 cable jack and thats already used to hook-up the home router system. Therefore, I spend more $$$ and buy the ROKU (cool tool) to watch local TV in my office and I find the TWC app, but then I realize that I CANNOT GET LOCAL TV in my own office…..very disappointing!

    • jonnyohio

      Why don’t you just buy a good splitter and hook up a small TV?

  • Steve D

    I get 178 channels including all local stations out here in Hudson Valley NY.. works perfectly

  • Disgruntled

    Where is the closed captioning?!! The FCC instituted new regulations this year requiring it for all online video streaming. Someone needs to sue TWC’s ass off.

  • lorddylan

    Theoretical Question:
    I have a house in LA with TWC cable and internet, plus another house in Tahoe with TWC internet only. Can I use my TWC account from my LA house on my Roku in Tahoe? I don’t want to pay for cable TV at my vacation house if I’m only there 2 months a year.

    • piccadillybabe

      Yes, take your Roku box and all you need is your TWC ID and password and also the password to your WiFI internet. That is the beauty of Roku, you can take it with you where ever you go. No more big digital boxes around that you have to pay for every month.

  • piccadillybabe

    Do you need to have their digital HDTV boxes connected to get all the digital channels through Roku?

    • piccadillybabe

      To answer my own question, no you do not. Found this out.

  • stateofcircle

    Do yourselves a favor and cancel your cable. I am a TV addict and we did a decided to hold off on getting cable when we moved and just use our Roku and XBox. It’s been over a year without cable and we couldn’t be happier. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu provide pretty much everything you need, which works out to about $22 a month, but we share our Netflix and Hulu subscriptions with my brother in law, so it’s half that. If you know anyone who has HBO, you can use HBO Go for free. Awesome. Roku is adding more and more good content all the time, and more and more companies and networks are getting in the streaming game. Yah, there are some things you may not be able to watch, but there are some techy-back channel- workarounds to get more major content, and if there is a show you just have to watch now and can’t wait until it streams free, you can buy episodes on Amazon pretty cheaply. It still works out a lot cheaper than cable. There are an endless amount of TV shows, movies and documentaries on so many Roku channels that you’ll always have something to watch, and new things to enjoy and get hooked on (for me it was BBC shows and NOVA 🙂 )

    With the way things are headed, the content is only going to get more diverse, bigger and better. For example, PBS was just added and there are a bunch of docs and shows and concerts. Pretty sweet. There’s also games you can play, music channels like Pandora, a ton of stuff for kids and NO COMMERCIALS (well, except for Hulu….not that many though

    • Kelley

      I am new to Roku and I love the options that it gives you but is there anyway that you are able to watch local news such as King 5 in the Tacoma area?

  • Mike Hutchinson

    Yikes! Have TWC internet and standard broadcast cable. Added the Roku TWC channel in May, and finally got C-SPAN through it to see Memorial Day ceremonies in Washington D.C. Now I get a message that I can’t use the Roku channel because it’s not supported at my “level”. WTF?? I took out the Roku TWC channel!!!

  • Carol

    I have twc in new york but when i got to Florida, the lower part of the state they dont have tw connections. So i have to pay comcast tv while i’m there. Would be nice to have that fixed so i didn’t have to pay twice. Any ideas?

    • sdb

      slingbox at home in NY hooked to your cable box and a WD TV box (like a ROKU but with the slingplayer app) in Florida…you have to have wi-fi in both NY & FL and you r good to go

  • AZ

    What’s the point of having this app if you have to pay for Time Warner internet and TV service? It’s redundant and more expensive.

  • Andrews Ramson

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  • Rafa

    Get DISH it’s the only way to go all you need is wifi and stream all your channels DVR etc… Need I say more.

  • Beverly Vokoun

    If you are going to allow TWC on Roku…I will find another way to watch Netflix. TWC is the biggest crook ever. I have had it for 40 years, without a problem one until the President decided we couldn’t have any other way to watch TV besides cable or dishes, TWC has decided that it is now the big cheese and can do anything they want to. The will cheat you from the word “Go”..I warn you !!!! Ask anyone that has worked there in the last few years.

  • Jony Mehar

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  • noknowshell

    We bought a Roku and cut the TWC. We keep their internet because they have no data cap. They just increased our speed (for free they said, no choice) and low and behold they also took a large increase in monthly service. Interestingly, (insert sarcasm) it’s not that much more now to add cable. Well, we are betting “not much more” until you look at all the “fees” and rental charges. We want current content from AMC, FX, USA etc. I have heard that HULU Plus is a pain with really obnoxious commercials. I think we have to give it a trail run before giving in to TWC. Is anyone else with Time Warner internet getting the squeeze? Did you go ahead and get cable? This is our only internet provider with no data cap. Wonder how long that will last??

  • Sumobobby

    What I like about it is I don’t have to have a cable box in my other 3 rooms and it shows all of the programs in HD. I’m wondering if I can scrap my one cable box (which I pay about $15 a month for) and just use my roku.

  • kate

    i just bought a Roku and am loving it! i streamed the TWC channel onto my Roku, i still have my internet and T.V through TWC but want to cancel the T.V. but still keep my internet , My question is,”once i cancel will i be charged to keep that channel?”

  • Glenn R.

    Just to add to the discussion. What a lot of people don’t realize is that cable tv used to be free, and receive their money through sponsors from tv ads. Just like with radio and their ads. So why pay for cable?

  • Lane Vanegas3

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  • Vee

    The TWC app in roku is completely useless UNLESS YOU RUN IT AT A PLACE THAT RUNS TWC. It’s ridiculous why I would run the app if I already have twc cable?????? That’s why I switched to another provider.

  • helpadya

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