As of today, UK streamers can enjoy the best live sports on a simple pay-as-you-go basis with the launch of Sky Sports on the NOW TV Roku channel.

For just £9.99, NOW TV customers can get 24-hour access to all six Sky Sports channels and a wide range of great matches and events, including:

  • Exclusively live matches from the Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League
  • All 19 Grands Prix™ from the Formula 1® season– as well as qualifying and practice sessions
  • Exclusive coverage of the British & Irish Lions 2013 Tour of Australia
  • All 10 Ashes Test matches from home and away, exclusively live – as well as all one-day internationals and Twenty20 internationals
  • Three of golf’s four Majors – including The Masters
  • Exclusive ATP tennis, including the ATP finals from The O2

Now it’s easy to skip the pub, invite your mates over and watch your team beat  Man UTD. from the comfort of your own sofa! All without the hassle of a contract, set-up costs or installation.

You can add the NOW TV channel to your Roku player here.

Happy streaming!

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  • Skidmarks69

    At £9.99 for 24 hours worth of Sports in addition to the monthly cost of NOW TV this could soon add up to a circa £50 per month viewing bill for less actual content than via standard SKY tv. Until Sky/Now TV make a comparable offering to Netflix with live TV and sports for a realistic monthly all in price I’m not going back to sky and will stream over the net using anything other than now TV. So sort yourself out sky and people will come back!

  • This has rightfully received the critical blasting it deserves. £300 for Sky Sports is insane even by Murdoch standards. You’d have to be comically naive or just plain idiotic to pay for this.

    I tried the Now TV movie service for a while on my Xbox but was very unimpressed. The film selection is very poor, and very small, and is massively behind LoveFilm Instant.

    The pricing is crazy too. LoveFilm for £10 a month offer unlimited streaming (70,000 films plus a good pile of old TV content) with unlimited blu-ray rentals. Compare that to Now TV, which is £15 a month for a few hundred films (almost all of which are brainless Hollywood dreck) with no TV shows at all. It’s just a bad deal whichever way you look at it.

    But hey, don’t worry about the lack of LoveFilm on Roku. I mean why would you bend over backwards to secure the NO.1 FILM STREAMING SERVICE IN THE UK? Don’t trouble yourself, we’re not fussy in the UK, we’ll just watch whatever junk you throw our way. I personally find the combination of hardcore American religious propaganda channels and the straight to video no budget out of copyright B movies from the 1940s, which makes up 99% of Roku’s channel line up, to be simply intoxicating.

    I saw a tiny Roku add in Currys recently, which proclaimed it to be the best way to stream video to your TV. Trade descriptions anyone?

  • LIC-Hove

    I love my Roku and I love Now TV. Better than LoveFilm and Netflix.

  • Safers

    Having content like this on Roku in UK is good, the partnership with Sky is promising however I don’t think it will work to satisfy me or many others. The content you get on Sky is attractive and people can be prepared to pay a lot especially for the football. But paying £15 a month for Now TV then £10 a month extra on top for sky sports is very expensive you might as well get a proper sky dish and box.
    Although I won’t be getting this (and I really doubt they’ll be loads of other takers) this high profile input is a good thing if it doesn’t stop here what everyone wants is access to other UK channels, 4od, itv player, five on demand and Lovefilm. This is what will make the Roku box properly attractive to UK buyers and make it indispensable to me.
    Sky have form with getting other catchup services, like 4od, on their boxes but I’m hoping the people at Roku in the UK are pulling their fingers out. I understand they won’t announce till they launch anything but in this day and age feeding people with press releases like this just won’t do. It appears like they aren’t doing anything or care about the UK market. It might not be like that. It might be they are trying to work with, sell and develop lovefilm, itv and the rest of the channels we want but they aren’t playing ball just yet. But we don’t know because it’s just too quiet at UK Roku towers.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of these little set top boxes with BBC iPlayer, Netflix and a good Plex client these a great value for money for my setup but I’m not sure I can completely recommend them to others because of the lack of UK support for content. But at some point if they’ll be competition from maybe a Raspberry Pi/XBMC type box or Android.
    One year ago at the UK launch of the Roku said they were speaking to other UK content providers with basically just a poor version of a sky box added the annual rating is Must Do Better.

  • ghostindashadow

    So once again we are back to this continuing UK rant about where the heck are 4od, lovefilm, itvplayer, five on demand and for those with sky (my dad) “sky player”. To be honest I given up on every getting any of it. I do understand business and how being invested in by Sky that it is not really in Sky’s interest to push lovefilm onto the box when they can use roku to try and get market share of streaming content. I am not sure if anyone has figured or knows that lovefilm is owned by amazon and what do i see is available on the US roku, oh yes that would be the amazon player. So I suspect amazon could get lovefilm on roku if they wanted. But to be fair to roku and sky getting market share is the way business works. Will someone take sky sports offer up, maybe I have friends who have sky for sports and this would save them money, although they prob wouldn’t buy a roku. To be honest if there was some US or even UK ice hockey pay per match and it was cheap, hey maybe I would even watch some sport. My dad looked at now tv but didn’t want to use it as he was already paying for sky as it is and argued could by the dvd for cheap in a supermarket then pay for the service. But the fact we have some UK content is a good thing even if it is not what any of us wants. Ok that sounds weird but look at boxee they did nothing at all in the UK other than iplayer, the apple tv doesn’t even have iplayer. It does mean there is some hint that they are trying to do stuff for the uk. The other roku channels that are available in the uk are, even if you don’t like them, what the internet is about well at least to some degree, the choice to pick what is right for you and diversity is the key. So my point here is yes there is a lot of religious channels, do what I do as a non religious person ignore them or show them to your religious friends who might like them :).

    I suspect we have been ranting at roku for the last year to get us some more uk terrestrial content and maybe deep down the issue is not just roku maybe it is those content providers. 4OD and 5demand is mainly using youtube which is not directly available on roku. I am not sure what the backend platform they are using for ITVPlayer but maybe just maybe that is not compatible with roku as is and they don’t want to spend the resources fixing it or converting it. Plus people remember there is youview (which all the terrestrial channels have spent time investing in) which does at least to some extent give you the content we want as does the XBOX 360 which gives you everything you want. So yes it would be better to give your money to Roku rather than microsoft or some other massive company but if you want the content it looks like those are the devices to goto. I love my roku box and use it everyday. I guess you can either not buy more rokus and let sales tell them something is wrong with their current stratergy or lobby/email the content providers asking why they are not on roku. Truth is I only really want the other services for my 62 year old dad, who once again has to watch an itv drama huddled in the computer room. Although he did watch doctor who on the tv in the lounge over iplayer on roku, so that is a small win.

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  • GorfRoku

    I’m still waiting for Premier League broadcasts in the US. Any chance of Sky Sports on this side of the Atlantic?

  • Roku Sucks

    I wish I’d never bought a Roku, it is total garbage. All I can use it for right now is Netflix and BBC iPlayer and after owning it for around six months I doubt that will get any better. The lack of any proper UK channels or YouTube on it is an absolute joke. And to make it even worse the layout of it looks like has been designed by an idiot and it’s just clunky and horrible to navigate.

    I’d use it as a door stop, but it would just suck at that as well.

    • Roku Rocks

      Does anyone really care about the UK….Nooooooooooooooo…quit your crying Roku Sucks…the Roku rocks here in the states…I have over 100 channels UK crybaby!!!!!

      • stephen

        Yeah, but at the end of the day I’m in the UK and you’re in the US.

        Swings and roundabouts.

        Having shit content on the UK Roku doesn’t seem so bad now, strangely enough.

    • Pieter Le Roux

      weird, I’ve had my roku since 2012 and I’ve had YouTube on it. Maybe you don’t know how to use it?

  • SonoranSnoozer

    I would pay the $16 USD for it, if it had a ton of premiere league soccer that is, and if I could get it on it’s own without NOW. At least there are some chinks in the cable cartel armor.

    • Bruce

      Same. I wish Sky Sports had it’s own channel. I don’t want to go through NOW.

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  • Geo

    I too wish that I had never heard of Roku and now TV. It’s the biggest waste of money.