UPDATE: Happy April Fools’ Day, friends!

Streamers rejoice! Today, we are excited to introduce Roku Streaming Shades, the first wearable Roku player.

Roku Streaming Shades were designed with the on-the-move TV watcher in mind. Comfortable, silicone nose pads keep the lightweight frame securely in place on even the smallest-featured of faces. Our industrial designers worked side-by-side with fashion designers to create a frame that looks smart wherever you want to watch a movie secretly, whether it’s a dull work presentation or your child’s piano recital.

Simple voice commands put you in control of Roku Streaming Shades. “OK, shades, play next Breaking Bad on Netflix” will start the next episode of the gritty, award-winning drama on the built-in glass prism display (a mere 3 cm from your eyes).

Roku Streaming Shades will support over 100 Roku channels at launch, with more to be added. Video is the star. Our research shows that users don’t want to use head-mounted displays to send text messages to people 10 feet away, learn the length of the Brooklyn Bridge or creep friends out by live casting a party. They want to veg out to marathon sessions of Homeland.

Two models of Roku Streaming Shades will be available:

  • Roku Streaming Shades – Plastic frames in tortoise shell, mulberry or onyx. Up to 720p video. 801.11 a/b/g/n. Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Roku Streaming Shades XS – Aluminum frames in ultramarine, persimmon, cornsilk or dust storm. Up to 1080p video. 801.11 a/b/g/n (801.11n in 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. GSM/EDGE, LTE connections (data plan $50/month for 50GB from to-be-announced wireless carrier). Bluetooth 4.0.

Both models support voice commands via a built-in microphone and audio output with speakers and a stereo headphone mini-jack. A mini bluetooth Roku remote makes it simple to skip songs on Pandora when you don’t want to appear to be talking to yourself. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 10 hours of video streaming bliss.

An accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope make it possible to play Roku games with natural head motions – just keep an eye out for curbs and oncoming traffic. Both models come with Angry Birds Star Wars free.

Use your Streaming Shades with the recently announced Roku 3 player for seamless video viewing. If you walk in the door halfway through an episode of Game of Thrones on your Streaming Shades, simply command “Okay, shades, send show to TV” to finish up on your Roku 3.

Roku Streaming Shades ($399.99) and Roku Streaming Shades XS ($499.99) will be available on Roku.com, Amazon.com and other major online retailers beginning April 31.

For those of you who live, breathe and eat technology, Roku Streaming Shades are the new way to ensure that nature, social events and family don’t get in the way of watching your favorite shows 24/7. It’s TV time. Anytime and ANYWHERE.

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  • Bill Bell

    Haha!!! Very nice! I like you guys more and more all the time…

  • cole

    April Fools?

  • Fantastic! Well done.

  • Harley Diva

    Good one!

  • rokunut

    April 31st :p good one

  • So cool that I almost wish it were true.

  • assuming the idiots that invented this have safed it to the point that some 16 yr old techno junkie doesn’t turn an intersection, freeway, city street, etc into a kill zone……

  • Almost fell for it

  • Sidd Finch’s Little Brother

    This must be the product that Sidd Finch has been working on since he left baseball. Can’t wait to get a pair!

  • Kerry Jones

    Definitely fell for it.

  • Damnit this seemed too good to be true. I want to hand you all my money right now!

  • hvopinion

    almost fell for it. That was a good April’s Fool! 🙂

  • I can’t wait for APRIL 31st, 2013 to get here!!!! Wait a second, I smell a RAT!!!

  • Too bad this announcement came out the same day that they announced YouTube is closing. Otherwise, I’d want a pair.

  • That has been the best one of the day!!!!

  • shannon

    ok have to admit I fell for it, and was wondering how to come up with the money and how the wifi would work with them 🙂 🙁

  • hey…..what’s the problem? My pair work fine!

  • I need to get one to break the monotony of rush hours and school zones.

  • “Both models come with Angry Birds Star Wars free.” hehe…

  • Tom,

    Congrats. Think about showing off at CE Week, NYC in our FashionWare show . http://fashionwareshow.com.It's a very cool way to show off. Even if it is a bit “april-foolish”

  • Marsha Wright

    Talk about getting zapped everywhere you go!

  • Nice one!

  • Gregory Le Grand

    April Fools to you too

  • Chuck

    I’ll wait until they come out as contact lenses.

  • rnrgroup

    ROFLOL, look forward to the day it is actually possible. I particularly love the red and green activity buttons on the inside right arm of the shades – detail!!!!

  • tallin

    The most unbelievable part: “data plan $50/month for 50GB from to-be-announced wireless carrier”

  • EnTerr

    Still no YouTube?
    Come on, it’s 4/1 already 😀

  • JustFellOffTheTomatoTruck

    Boooooo, on you. I know an April Fools Joke when I see one.

  • Sam

    The crazy thing is this won’t be an April Fools joke for long. Google Glass anyone?

  • Tom Likus

    Umm Whiplash?

    An accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope make it possible to play Roku games with natural head motions – just keep an eye out for curbs and oncoming traffic. Both models come with Angry Birds Star Wars free.


    Funny, but I recieved this e-mail on the 2nd. Oh well.

  • rj211

    LOL! Sounded good to me!

  • The best part is that its ready for 3D. Separate eye video with no stupid filters.

  • Aussie Mick

    Ok Roku! This is product you need to come with in the next few years with HDMI output so the glasses can be used on a TV to share with your friends. You done a stick so you can do this!

  • Fell for it big time!! When can I buy it??? hahahahaha

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