We’re always working to improve the Roku experience, and today we’ve released the very first software update for Roku 3.

The update—version 5.0, build 7070—includes the following fixes:

  • Added a progress dialog during the download of a home screen theme
  • Added support for future games launching on Roku 3
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Wheel of Fortune from being offered on Roku 3
  • Fixed audio, connectivity and software update issues with the Roku 3 remote
  • Improved overall platform stability

This minor update will be pushed to all Roku 3 players over the next 48 hours. To update manually, simply go to Settings > System update > Check now from your Roku 3.

Happy streaming!

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  • Meanwhile, I keep checking for updates on my 2XS and 2XD… http://www.reactiongifs.us/offended-zoidberg-futurama/

    • no update available yet on my device. i thought it was supposed to be offered nearly a month ago.

  • Kimberly Herbert

    Same here they need to put out the update for the others. THey are teasing it on the screen – just put it out already.

  • Any news on the release date for the software update on the Roku 2XS?

  • Nik

    Actually I’m now having headphone static issues AFTER the update. Can I roll back?

  • Tom_Markworth

    Evan, Kimberly & Daniel, We are actively working on the update for you and hope to have good news in the near future. We don’t mean to be teasing, but do want to make sure all our users learn that this update will be happening so it doesn’t come as a surprise. The new interface is a big change from the current one.

    • EnTerr

      Hint: make the teaser say something like “coming some day in May”.
      Or “coming any May now”, “coming in May, maybe” – whatever fits – but project a time frame

      • dave

        Agreed – I keep checking updates every other day for my Roku LT since it’s ‘April’

      • i concur.

    • Don’t worry, Tom, I both can and will be very patient. I absolutely love your product as-is and will only love it more when it gets the pending update. I’d much rather you take your time and get it right than push it out to the masses stuffed with undiscovered bugs.



    • ghostindashadow

      So isn’t that a little strange, people are very good at adapting, there are many studies into this. Surely all you need is a message saying the update has changed the ui and a link to a webpage for help if you want any additional help. Or even a fake update two weeks before that says a proper update is coming. Personally, I think it is a bit of a weak excuse, if it is because you are trying to have a market difference between your newest and old devices, fair enough makes business sense. If it is that you are stabilising the roku 3 builds and haven’t had time or people to back port equally fine. But really, new UI is the issue, come on facebook changes all the time. Saying this love your product I wouldn’t rant if I didn’t care. Keep up the good work you do.

    • BH

      This shouldn’t be rocket science, set a release date and meet it. It’s not like your updating 100 different devices, were talking about a couple of models.



    • Lame. Still no update.

  • oscar

    anybody having problems with the movie quiting after 20 mins into the movie?

    • RoyH

      All the fricking time!!!

  • BC

    If my roku just fell asleep during the update, is that bad?

  • Peg

    Does anyone know the Date of the Roku Update the other Models ( Roku 2 XD or Roku 2 XS ) . It’s almost end of April now ! Is there a problem getting it out ?

  • I thought I read the update to older rokus was sometime in April. Is there any new developments on timeline.

  • JCat_NY

    April 25th, no update yet..ugh.

  • Peg

    Ok , Now It’s April 26th ,and Still NO Software Update/Facelift .
    Can Anyone ( Roku ) tell us When Or what Date will we get the New Update/Facelift ?

  • I have been using Roku XD (not the 2-XD)for the past few years. While I loved my XD, I was having issues where after it played a couple movies or a few shows on Hulu, I would have to reboot as it would freeze up or the performance would be lousy. It got the point where I just rebooted it before using it rather than get frustrated.

    This week, after reading all the rave reviews relating to Roku 3, I decided it was time to trade in my XD. I received it yesterday. I also bought a 32 GB SD card for it. The upgrade was very easy. Once I had all my channels reinstated, I was blown away by the speed. In comparison to my XD, the Roku 3 is lightening fast. I mean really fast… The new interface is much nicer as well. I am hoping my reboot issues are a thing of the past. This device gets you extremely close to being able to cut the cable cord.

    The only issue I noticed is with Netflix. It seems like the quality of picture starts out non-HD and then improves to HD as it streams. Was odd, as Netflix on the XD use to start off in HD and then back off on quality if there was speed or performance issues. I have 60 MBPS of Internet bandwidth and I use wired ethernet so I know its not a signal or speed issue. Just something to get use to I suppose. Looking forward to more quality and less religious channels…

    As a seasoned Roku user. I can truly recommend the upgrade to Roku 3. Their products just keep getting better and better.

    • RoyH

      There are too many frustrated users that say otherwise. Do you work for the company?

  • james_bell

    April is nearly over and still no update for my Roku 2XS. Is there a projected date? Is there a beta program?

    • Paige

      Roku Experience Update: Getting Started

      Roku Support
      posted this on Apr 25 15:21


      • AnotherAndroidKid

        So great. They’re going to randomly roll it out. Meaning you can’t go pull it likely.

        WTF is wrong with companies and these updates? It is all pitches to get a new product.

        Roku, you’re a good box, but you’re not worth the hassle. I won’t buy another one.

  • last day in april

  • Leinie Drinker

    Last day of April, where is the software update for my Roku 2 XD?

  • Matt Weed

    It is very annoying to have it a bragging to me in my old now outdated menu but not be able to upgrade. It was also annoying that I bought the XS and there was nothing on the site about the the 3. Less than a week later there it was, better hardware at the same price.

    • i had the same experience – upgraded my old ORIGINAL roku to the 2 XS and ONE WEEK LATER there was the 3

      and now no update either… really – we are not stupid – they need to tell the TRUTH about the deadline.

  • John

    I understand that timelines change and projects slip, but to promise a date and then not give an update when you’re going to miss it is very frustrating. Almost seems like a bit of a gimmick to make people go out and buy a 3. Very disappointing……

    • Peg Kelly

      I called Roku 7 days ago & they couldn’t tell me Anything on a Date ,when we will get the New UI . They did try to get me to order a new Roku 3 . I already have an Roku 2 XS and (2) Roku 2XD boxes ! I would like to ,In The Future, get a Roku 3 . I’m getting Impatient !!!!!

  • roku2xd user

    Just updated to 5.0; looks awesome but the banner ad is huge now. Any way to turn it off? It is not like the roku box is free so why the huge ad?

    • RokuBoy

      Just wondering…..you managed to update your Roku 2 with the newly built 5.0? When was it pushed out? I’ve been checking on it, and still no update on my Roku 2 XS & HD.

  • I’m having issues with Roku 3 remote going dead and having to remove a battery for it to work. It happens constantly and it’s frustrating. What can I do?

  • Paige

    Roku Experience Update: Getting Started

    Roku Support
    posted this on Apr 25 15:21


  • Waiting for My Software Update

    May 5, 2013 … no update yet for my Roku 2XS … ’cause I thought I was going to get the update in April … ’cause you said I would … but I didn’t … which is irritating.

  • Blaise

    Since I bought my Roku 3, I noticed it freezes every once and a while; at random times. Will this update fix freezing issues?

    • Kenneth

      Having same problem with my Roku 3 too. I had the Software Update for my Roku 2 XD for 1 or 2 days then it went back to previous version.

  • most importantly, still no mkv over http

  • I’ve got three boxes. Roku was becoming my favourite… thinking I’m going back to my boxee and apple tv though. If you say you’re gonna roll out the new firmware do it. Otherwise it amounts to dishonesty and you end up with customers who trust you less as a company.

  • jeff siri

    You guys dont get it. After they announced they would update the roku 2 with the roku three spftware the company realized why do that and shhot themselves in the foot. After all lets make them buy the roku 3 if they want that interface. Same priciple apple used in introducing siri ony on iphone 4s when it was demonstrated that it could work for the iphone 4. So im willing to venture a guess that youll be promised this update but never see it. They realized no one would have any need to buy the roku 3. Arent i correct roku. Its obvious your not even giving an official rollout date timeframe. Everyone boycott their products they,ll get the message loud and clear. Hit them back in the pocketbook where it hurts the most. Im so sick of apple roku microcrap and all the rest

  • Prox

    May 12…still no update…what’s the problem?

  • Billy1588

    I have a Roku 3 and whenever I try to manually download the update, it completes to 100%, resets the box, and then goes to the screensaver. My remote becomes unpaired with the box, and I have to unplug and plug-back-in to get the remote to pair. After my remote is paired, it shows that the update has not taken place.

    Is there any way to address this?

    • AKent88

      I’ve got the same issue with my Roku 3… Unfortunately I tried doing a factory reset to see if that resolved the issue and now the device is unusable as I can’t get through the set up without the device downloading the update and resetting and freezing. Chatted and called Roku tech support and their only solution was to replace the box!

  • Greg Simmons

    I just updated my Roku 2 XS to the new software release. Now, HD streams will start jittering occasionally like a dirty DVD does. Then the stream will stop and it will act like it’s rebuffering. Wondering if the software upgrade is the problem.

  • Eddie

    roku 3 stopped responding to commands to either add or remove channels. Already added over 500 before this happened. Any answers???

  • Peter Schmitt

    viewing netflix HD shows now freezes the video at least once in each show.

  • RoyH

    I started with the original Roku and noticed that when the second version came out my Roku would keep rebooting after a time. I bought the Roku 2XD and it worked fine until the Roku 3 came out and now I have the same problem with rebooting all over again. I think this must be a marketing ploy to force up to keep buying the latest version and I’m getting sick of it. If something else comes along, I’m all over it.

  • lazer

    Ever since I had the version 5 8043 “new format” update I’ve had horrible freeze-ups at least three times an hour. Sometimes the whole Roku device reboots for no reason. I never had any problems before with Netflix and rarely with Hulu Plus, but now both are practically unwatchable. I have to reboot the device numerous times, manually. I have the 2XS and now this Roku device has become a piece of garbage. I wish I could get the old version back and junk this mess of an update.

  • Ron

    I have the new screen but now nothing works at all. I cannot even get to Netflix!

  • Roku.UK

    Is the firmware the same between Roku box being sold in the U.K. and the U.S. ? Because I am travelling between UK and the US, if I just simply pick the Roku up from the U.S., can I also use it in the U.K.?

  • Stephanie

    My roku 2xs doesn’t work right since the update. Hoping its being fixed by the powers at roku.

  • Mike H

    Just Purchased a ROKU 3. Bought my first ROKU 3 years ago, but the ROKU 3 is not allowing me to get past the launch screen after the software update. I tried contacting IT via web chat only to get booted off the chat at 8 pm. I waited about 23 minutes only to learn that the service is till 8 pm. Maybe have a cut off where people can attempt to contact it.

  • raven


    Hello everyone,

    I have purchased 2 Roku products.

    The first one does not have the Roku3 pairing capability and I also purchased the latest Roku 3.

    I have the Roku3 and it will not remain paired. This began 2 days ago.

    The remote keeps losing the volume capability so I cannot hear anything when I plug in with my ear buds, and the remote control even with new batteries drops dead completely.

    I have tried everything the nice Roku tech support guy suggested on . It worked while he was on the phone and after I thanked him and hung up the telephone, a few minutes later the pairing stopped because my remote went dead again, as did the ability to hear through the ear buds. (Also when the ear buds are connected to the remote I should not be able to hear the TV speakers, but I do).

    I just cannot afford to buy a third Roku and am so upset and on a senior’s limited fixed monthly income. This was my only pleasure and now that is gone.

  • roku does it work

    error 11 help after software update Roku cannot connect to TV

  • roku does it work

    I bought 2 Rokus now I am bringing two back, I have looked for support and Roku tells about how great the product it but no support. I have connected to my internet only to go to an update software download with a Can’t connect to Roku with error 11 code.
    another useless stick on the market~

  • Alisa Jollymore

    are they going to make the roku 3 keyboard compatible for wireless keyboards, the onscreen keyboard is ssoooo outdated and a pain in the ass to use, that is the only thing that brothers me about the device