In May 2008, Roku launched the very first player to stream entertainment to the television. We called this device “the Netflix player,” since Netflix was the first available channel. For the first time, consumers could instantly stream thousands of TV and movie titles on their televisions thanks to the power of the Internet. With the introduction of that first streaming player, we pioneered the streaming era of television.

Over the last five years, we’ve celebrated many milestones as top brands have joined Roku to stream entertainment to the television for the first time. It’s been exciting to see our customers rejoice as we’ve added channels like Amazon Video on Demand in 2009, HBO GO in 2011 and TWC TV in 2013. And today, I’m pleased to share another milestone: thanks to you, we have shipped our 5 millionth Roku streaming player in the U.S.!

Since 2008, we’ve delivered 8 billion streams of video and music to Roku players. Of course we have a few more channels now – about 750 or so.

What are people streaming on Roku? Tons of TV shows and movies. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, HBO GO and VUDU are all top favorites. Music is extremely popular, and consumers enjoy Pandora, VEVO and Spotify among other choices. News, sports, science and foreign languages from around the world are also big hits.

Did I mention games? In 2011, we introduced casual games to the Roku platform with the debut of Angry Birds, which took the leap from mobile to TV for the first time. Angry Birds remains the most popular game on Roku today – by our count more than 3 billion bad piggies have been eliminated!

Today, 25% of Roku players stream more than 35 hours per week to a TV. According to Nielsen, the average American spends 34 hours per week watching live TV. That means one in four Roku customers are enjoying the vast majority of their TV time with Roku, making Roku one of the most coveted streaming platforms.

What does the future of TV look like? There’s no doubt it will be streamed.

Here’s to the next 8 billion streams!

Anthony Wood
Roku Founder and CEO

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  • Movieman

    I really like both of my Roku’s…when they work.

    • We’re always here to help if you run into issues, @Movieman!

    • Glenn Chastain

      The minimum internet speed recommended for streaming is 1.5 mbps but at least 3.0 mbps really is needed for good streaming. If your speed is OK and you are still having problems try updating your router’s firmware. I had problems with rebuffering until I did that process. I have three Roku’s and all work flawlessly now. You can find instructions online on how to do the update.

    • Rick Orama

      I know exactly what you mean!

  • NotEd

    I still use my Roku N1000 most of all!

  • Bobbe Dina

    Love the Roku and all the channels it is MLB which husband watches daily…
    Thank you for streaming media Roku.

    • We’re so glad you love your Roku, Bobbe Dina. Thanks for being part of our family.

  • David

    We have 4 in our house… Love them all.
    The kids only wish the was a YouTube channel…

    • D

      Search for VideoBuzz on Internet. It’s a private channel.

    • That’s great to hear, David! We’ll keep working hard to expand streaming content over time.

      • DJ Kinney

        I have to second that…my parents (elderly) have a YouTube channel built into their TV software and they use it all the time.

    • There is a You Tube channel on the Playon channel which I highly recommend.

  • Sgcw

    Any idea if/when Comcast will start streaming through Roku?

    • Hi there, that’s a great question for Comcast!

      • amathest

        Yeah Comcast won’t let us use hbo go either on roku any idea when that will change?

  • Bruce

    We don’t use cable anymore. Rokus are installed on all TV’s. It’s a testament to a great design that our first generation devices work just fine, even with all the new channels and features of the current devices.

  • B. Anderson

    what about adding WGN to Roku?

  • Thank you for allowing me to watch and pay for what I want, when I want; with no annoying commercials! Seriously, who pays for cable TV anymore?!

  • Diane Westmoreland

    I had to hire someone to get it to work- now I not only can not watch TV or Roku.

    • DJ Kinney

      If you had to hire someone to get a Roku to work, then you should just take a little time to catch up on the most rudimentary 20th Century AV technology. Goodness. The plugs are hardly different from a VCR!

      • Jimel

        Right!! Lol

    • Bill


  • stricnin

    Any dates on firmware upgrade for those below Roku 3 ?

  • Felicia

    I bought my Roku 2XD last summer and absolutely love it. You have Funimation which is a plus and I just got HBO so can now watch all the fun I missed with Game of Thrones. Great product. I really researched Apple TV and it was clear that for me, Roku was the way to go.

  • when will the upgrade happen?

  • Ken Mann

    Looking forward to getting Outer Banks TV in the Roku store and telling everyone about Roku. Thanks and keep up the good work. we love you out here on the Islands.

    • Damon McGee

      Hey Ken,

      Saw Outer Banks tv on the roku I just bought. I live in KDH and it was a great surprise. Keep up the good work. I am going to cut my dish network this week. I was wondering if you knew if I put a rooftop antenna on my roof, could I pick up the “local” virginia stations? Look forward to watching more of your shows.

  • I love roku, congrats on the milestone!

  • edware

    When is Comcast added to HBO Go?

  • I need another Roku 3, how about a coupon to celecelebrate.

  • Greg

    I have 2 Roku’s XD and HD and I really like them. It is cheaper than cable and satellite. You will save money. Soon I will be cutting the cord on my satellite dish. This is the future of tv.

    • Greg

      Soon I will be buying 2 more for my kids’ rooms.

      • Robert

        Careful Greg about buying one for your kids’ rooms. If you have young kids, the content can be quite graphic…sexually. Maybe there is a way to restrict the content?

  • Cab

    When will my Roku stream HBO Go for Directv?

    • lisalisa

      Yes!! I’m waiting for Directv to jump on the wagon

  • My roku 3100x is still software version 4.9 version 5060. When will I get the new update.

  • retiredjd

    I have been with you from day one, lets celebrate with a ROKU 3 discount.

  • Linda

    Bought one as a gift for my kids, they say too many of the stations cost extra. This was not mentioned in the marketing ads prior to my purchase.

  • Deb

    love my Roku’s and they work great~~

  • Wyley

    If my wife could only get youtube on roku, it would be complete.

    • dingo8472

      Use Plex on Roku, it has a plugin for youtube that works fine

    • I got a smart TV and got youtube app on it, so that completes my Roku right there.

      • Or buy a blu ray player for your tv, most have youtube or lots of apps on them too.

  • Dave Bishop

    When wil they get full support for MKV files??? Trying to watch content from my network in that format is terrible. Most of my stuff is in that format to preserve DTS, etc.

    • One word, Plex!

      • Dave Bishop

        I am using a synology 1511+ and plex. It takes up to 2 minutes to start a MKV and it will stop and start continuously. The web is plastered with this problem. Do you have this problem with MKV format. I am using wireless so that may, may be the problem but mp4/avi have no issue once started.

        • Rob

          The Intel Atom CPU used on your 1511+ isn’t powerful enough to transcode to the Roku effectively. Roku can play MKVs but they have to be transcoded first. You’ll need at least a good medium range AMD or Intel i3 to transcode 1080p Blu Rays to the Roku. Even then, you may have a hiccup or two. My 1512+ houses the media, and I have a mac mini that runs as the Plex server, transcoding it to the Roku. The Mini also runs as a Plex Media client. It’s the base model with an i5 CPU. You can try adjusting the quality of the transcode in your Plex app settings on the Roku to help cut down on on bandwidth too if you’re on a slower wifi network like 802.11b or g.

  • robyn

    When will you get more CBS showe?

  • RSHouck3

    Have 3 now. All work fine although I had to get a repeater for my wifi, to extend the range.

  • I bought a Roku because I wanted to pull the plug on Time Warner Cable.

    • Sarah

      Kathy, I did the same as you did and never felt better. My money bill jumped to $150 Jan 2013 and by Jan 17, I has completely gotten rid of the cable portion. I’ve had ROKU and a smart tv since 2011. Finally got everything in order for my family entertainment and I only pay about 16.00 for Netlfix and HuluPlus and everything else we can find for free. Now we actually enjoy television again. The plus side is I can watch all the British and French shows I want.

  • Escondido

    LOVE my Roku! How about making a deal with HBO Go so those of us who don’t have — or want — satellite/cable could stream that channel?

  • patahann

    If there was a way to watch Nascar races on Roku, either live or later on, I would be able to drop my DirecTV!

    • There are places on the internet that shows NASCAR, so you could go ahead and drop your DirecTV if you wanted. Is what I did.

  • We bought our Roku to watch BBC iPlayer as being able to catch-up the BBC programmes on BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 & BBC4 that we cannot watch ‘live’ makes the £145 TV Licence Fee worthwhile. We also use Roku to watch other channels such as Revelation TV and the Jerusalem Channel that are not available on Freeview. We trust that Roku UK will soon be adding the other PSB (Public Service Broadcaster) catch-up service 4OD so that we do not miss the good quality programmes on Channel 4, More 4 & E4.

  • ppgolf

    I wish ALL movies come in CC……..I can’t watch ANYTHING unless it is in CLosed Caption!!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    OK I really like my ROKU! BUT!!!!! Heres my problem. I live in a rural area. I had DSL from a company that stated that their best internet was 5.0 GB’s well they over sold the area and we would only get 1 to 2 GB’s so we dropped them. We went to a satalite which is the only other company and now I pay $75 a month for a total of 10GB’s that I can only use each month. They failed to mention that. What can I do? need advice

  • bzelbub

    I have two older models the N1100 & 2100X, and they both work just fine. If either ever stop working I will buy another. I’ve been a late adopter on most fads, but I was on the Netflix band wagon so fast it really surprised my nieces and nephews.

  • I love my Roku’s and the xbox i am just wandering where are all these channels that everyone is talking about? I visit the channel store every week, the roku unit’s i have are several years old but they work,i no doubt would benifit by upgradeing to newer units.

  • M. Levi

    You are doing a wonderful job. We need more sports channels. See, if you can work with espn, Goltv, FoxSoccer, the same deal as with MLS & NHL, where we can view sports events on-demand, the recorded events during our convenient times.

  • Roku simply works. Thanks! 🙂

  • E!Ch!no

    Looks like u guys progressing but when u guys going to put YouTube app

  • Brian

    We got a Roku 3 about 3 weeks ago and we really enjoy it. We have the LT model as well. We need more channels!

  • Brian

    We have the worst DSL in the state…10MB down, 750K up…ranks in the lower 60% of the US…but our Roku boxes both work flawlessly with it.

  • lisa

    Love!!! Love!! My roku hd and my new roku 3 the headphones in the remote is genius!!

  • I’mHappy

    I so much appreciate receiving the Celebrating 5 million Rodu players email from Roku. I went thru the channels it listed and there are tons of channels I decided to add. I had no idea they were there because I don’t normally go to Roku to see what’s new.

  • nathan

    tell hbo there are millions of us non cable subscribers who would pay monthly for hbo go!!!

  • Brian

    Get a deal with the NFL and NCAA and I can cut the cord for good.

  • ed

    will roku works in Asian countries

  • 有用,收藏,下次再来!

  • Congrats to roku. I have 2 (2xs and 2xd) and I really enjoy them.


  • Daniel

    I have bought ROKU with the intention to have it working here in Brazil, but unfortunatelly it has less functionalities than Google TV or Apple TV – for example I am not able to acess Netflix here in Brazil!

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    I bought several Rokus for friends and family during the Holidays. Loved the product so much I designed and filed patents and am in production to bring to market. Check out and give me your thoughts!

  • It’s too bad you guys have abandoned your UK customers and left them for dead. With only one UK channel launch in over a year (I’m not including the endless stream of religious dreck from the US which passes for ‘new’ content on UK Rokus), you should at least do the honourable thing and give us all our money back and leave the market officially.

  • My ROKU 3 constantly crashes and takes several minutes to then start rebooting.

    Now I’ve had to get in the habit of just unplugging it and replugging it back in so it will boot immediately rather than waiting and waiting every time it crashes.

    It just started doing it about a week and a half ago. I’ve even done a factory reset in an effort to stop the crashes and that failed. Otherwise, I was smitten by the dang thing. Now — I’m starting to loathe my Roku 3. Every time I exit a channel — any channel — crash!

    This really sucks — and I can’t find anything definitive on causes and/or fixes online either.

    What the heck is the deal? Did the 5.0.7070 firmware update screw the pooch — or what?

  • slowloris

    When will lovefilm, 4od, itv player appear. 5od arrived recently and surprise surprise within weeks was one of the top 10 channels which should give Roku an idea of what would happen if they added the other 3 (talk about cornering the market) that the majority of owners are crying out for. I can understand that the system is there for other developers to create channels of special interest so that viewers are not constantly tied down to the big channels but I can’t help thinking that 95% of the 450 channels are viewed by 5% of the owners of a Roku whilst the other 5% of channels are watched by the rest.