We’re thrilled that more and more of you are using the Roku mobile app. Today, in an effort to address user feedback, we’ve released version 2.2 of the app for iOS and Android.

To improve your mobile phone’s ability to discover and pair to your Roku player over your home network, we’ve made the following changes:

  • Deep scanning – The app scans for Roku players on your network using multiple methods. If the first scan doesn’t work, just tap “Try again.”
  • Manual IP address pairing – You can also enter your Roku player’s IP address to connect manually.
  • Automatic pairing – The app automatically pairs with your Roku player when that player is the only player associated with your Roku user account.

Additionally, version 2.2 adds the ability to play photos and music simultaneously in Play On Roku without pre-selecting music in slideshow settings. Simply start photos, then music. Or vice versa.

We’ll keep working to improve the mobile experience over time, so stay tuned for future updates. If you haven’t tried our free mobile apps, you can get the latest iOS version here and the Android version here.

Happy streaming!

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  • Sachin

    what about search using mobile app?

    • Hi Sachin, you can search with the keyboard in the Remote tab of the Roku apps!

      • Roku Fan

        I think he means searching from the mobile app keyboard and having results displayed in the mobile app interface for selection, which does not exist, but would be a great idea.

  • Tim Sheets

    I give simultaneous music and pics a big ‘ol ++++++1 Thanks!

  • William Howard

    In the “play on roku” option, how about playing music downloaded from google play?

    • Adrian Acuna

      This won’t work because Google Play music is stored on the device encrypted. It can only be decrypted by the Play app. Roku can’t open the files from Google Play.

  • P.Shane

    Still trying to get ‘Twonky’ to work so I can ‘Beam’ YouTube to my big screen. Some help Please!

    • Have you tried the forums? Posting a comment on a completely unrelated blog post probably isn’t your best bet.

  • EnTerr

    What that “deep scanning” does is download the list of registered Roku players from the user account online and then pings the last known IP to see if it’s alive. But that won’t work if restart of the router has changed the IP lease on the player.

    It is bad UI design that only the current player is shown in Settings and to see the others one has to tap on “Switch …”. What’s the point of a check-mark on the left if there is nothing to choose from? Learn from the example of how WiFi Settings are organized in iOS: the known networks are shown in a list and the current one is check-marked.

  • MattPomPom

    Will it become possible to stream music to multiple roku boxes at the same time? I would love to have music streaming to all 3 of mine to have whole home music. While you’re at it, can you have it stream to my Roku Soundbridges also!

    • Chris Richards

      The music part of Plex still needs a lot of work. but there’s no doubt that it could be awesome.

  • We were told we would get upgraded to Roku OS version 3 in April. The whole month went by and no update. This was very disappointing after being told this and having the update promoted in our faces on the Roku device.

  • 博文有更新了吗?好久没来过咯

  • Chris Richards

    When will my new roku 2’s get upgraded to the new roku os? I read it was supposed to happen in in April. Is it still happening?

    • Yes it is and has been happening. I got my update to 5.0 last week!

  • My ROKU 3 constantly crashes and takes several minutes to then start rebooting.

    Now I’ve had to get in the habit of just unplugging it and replugging it back in so it will boot immediately rather than waiting and waiting every time it crashes.

    It just started doing it about a week and a half ago. I’ve even done a factory reset in an effort to stop the crashes and that failed. Otherwise, I was smitten by the dang thing. Now — I’m starting to loathe my Roku 3. Every time I exit a channel — any channel — crash!

    This really sucks — and I can’t find anything definitive on causes and/or fixes online either.

    What the heck is the deal? Did the 5.0.7070 firmware update screw the pooch — or what?

  • 免费!
    癸巳年(蛇)三月廿八 2013-5-7

  • allyn

    Not sure whether it is the new version of the app or the new interface upgrade but the app can no longer connect to my 2 XS. I’ve tried the app on Android and iOS. The Roku itself it working just fine but I can no longer use the app at all. Even manually adding the IP to the app does not work.

  • Jim

    the icon shows up for pictures on my TV but pictures do not load from my android for some reason? controls work fine. just photo problem.

    Any advice?

  • Tamas Forray

    Hey Tom, great job! Did you know when this app will release in europe/hungary? I’m a big fan of Roku, but I’m not able to download the remote app, it sad it’s only in US store …

  • Mike

    Just purchased my new Roku 3 and downloaded the app. I’m loving it accept I cannot play any of my music through “play on Roku”. Photos show up fine on the tv…just music will not play. My music was originally purchased through itunes and then dragged over to my phone. Could that have something to do with it? Also..is there any way to change where the Roku app is looking for the music? I have a few different players on my phone (besides google play). Thanks

  • J

    Why is the app limited to US app store only ?

    • Tigerbyte

      They don’t care. It’s two months since you posted this question and no response 🙂
      Thomas Alva Edison’s quote is so apt here — Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

  • Rajeev

    Could some one clarify what is the name of the mobile app on iOS being disucssed here? I am not able to see any official roku mobile app in iTunes.


    • Jonesie

      I couldn’t see the either. Just look the app in a web browser and then install from there.