We are excited to announce that the much-anticipated PBS and PBS KIDS channels are now available on Roku!

The PBS channel features videos from popular PBS programs such as NOVA, American Experience, MasterpieceNature, Frontline and Antiques Roadshow. Roku users can also stream content from their local PBS station and short, web-original videos from Webby Award-winning PBS Digital Studios. The Blank on Blank series, which sets rare audio interviews with celebrities to new animation, is one of our favorites.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG19JDgqo6A&version=3&hl=en_US]
With the arrival of PBS KIDS, junior streamers can enjoy full-length episodes and clips from great shows including Curious George, Daniel Tiger’s NeighborhoodDinosaur Train, Super WHY! and The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

Both PBS and PBS KIDS are available immediately for all Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku LT, new Roku HD players and the Roku Streaming Stick in the U.S. You can find them in the Movies & TV section of the Roku Channel Store.

Happy streaming!

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  • dogjudge

    Suggestion. Since this IS big news for Roku users. Put the PBS channel as one of the top selections. Instead of making people search for it. If nothing else, have it the only selection for a link.

  • not showing up on my player… 🙁 loaded both via the android app, but it’s not on my player or in the store.

    • Hi Susan, sorry you’re having trouble! Have you tried adding the channel here? http://www.roku.com/channels/#!details/23353/pbs

      • Kan Enas

        Here’s the deal: I have 4 ROKUs of the previous generation that have been working perfectly fine and I have no intention of replacing them. I was excited to hear about the PBS channel until I discovered I cannot get it. The question is, will we get it? It seems not. Well, that’s a pretty terrible way to force me to replace perfectly good players and I won’t do it. in fact I’m pissed off enough to sell all my ROKUs — there are other ways of getting Netflix et al. Not just so spite you, but because this is a sigh of terrible customer care and I have no intention of sticking around for future abuse. Once a company does something as underhanded as this, i expect more awful things in the future. So, it’s goodbye ROKU.

    • Dosco Jones

      It doesn’t seem to work with a Gen 1 Roku device. Bad choice on the part of Roku.

  • Amanda

    Aw bummer… Just downloaded it and there are no subtitles… I’m deaf and we all rely on subtitles. But my 5 year old is now watching Calliou!

    • Amanda

      NEVERMIND!!! Just as soon as I hit “enter” the captions appeared like magic!!!!!!

      • Oh good. 🙂 Happy streaming, Amanda!

  • Lisa

    I cannot find PBS in my channel store. It is not in Movies and TV. I also tried adding it online from the Roku site by doing a channel store search and it said it was installed. When I go to my player it does not show up. I tried restarting my Roku and it did not help. Any suggestions?

    • I’m having the same problem on my 1st gen Roku. Is it not compatable, or..? I’d like to note that I’m EXTREMELY excited about this channel.

      • Lisa

        You just gave me an idea to check my son’s Roku…he has a new HD version. We have 3 roku’s in our house. 1st gen, 2nd gen, and HD. PBS is showing up only through the HD device in my son’s room. So, it looks like 1st and 2nd gens are not compatible? I hope there will be an update. I am also VERY excited to have PBS on my Roku.

        • Hi Lisa and Erik, we apologize for any confusion! PBS and PBS Kids are supported on Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku LT, new Roku HD players and the Roku Streaming Stick in the U.S.

          • Lisa

            Well that stinks. 🙂
            Will there be an update for the older players? I really don’t want to replace 2 of our Rokus. PBS on the Roku is a big deal to me.

          • VK

            I agree, Lisa! We purchased a new player but had to sell it after discovering that it didn’t work with our current projector/stereo set up. 🙁

          • mhighton

            what do you mean by “new” roku hd players???

          • bob

            There is no confusion: you should be apologizing instead for insulting long-time customers by purposefully barring our access to these channels when we all know it is technically no more demanding to stream PBS than any other channel. Shame on you. I have often told people they should skip cable and get Roku instead, but now that you’ve revealed your contempt for those of us who helped get your business off the ground I will certainly not be recommending Roku to anyone!

          • Roger Rzonca

            I agree. My three year old player works just fine. Has HDMI displays 720p. Most streams are not 1080. I have often recommended ROKU to friends and they have bought it. But no more. This move is sneaky. No mention in the email they sent or the signup for PBS that I would need a new player. Looking at the new players many have complained that you must give a credit card number to activate it. No mention of this up front either.
            Also it appears only ‘current’ content is available on the new PBS channel. I was hoping to watch season 3 of Downton Abbey which I haven’t seen yet as I was in Florida when it started and didn’t want to start in the middle. That was my only reason for wanting the PBS channel.
            I love my ROKU but I mostly (99.9) use it for Netflix. Lest you think I have no options I can very easily plug a HDMI cable into my laptop and watch Netflix on the tv. Or anything else even YOUTUBE!

    • anne

      I was told by roku support that the pbs channel is not compatible with my model XD/S. This stinks…

    • Pc

      Yes, I did the same and it’s not showing up on our Xd. Spent the time to make a frustrating phone call to an uninformed tech support who just wanted $9.99 for the call. We are long time loyal customers but it looks like we’ve been dismissed.

  • Greg

    I’ve been waiting for this. I wish Qubo would add a Roku channel. They have a lot of good children’s programming as well. But this is a great addition. We get PBS over the air, but this will enable our youngest to watch kids programs whenever it is best for him and us. And I can watch all the great adult fare on PBS on my schedule. Thank You.

  • any updates on when the new firmware comes to older models

    • The update is gradually rolling out to supported players over the month of May. Hang in there!

  • What are my options for iOS (iPad/iPhone to Apple TV)?

  • i have been very anxiously awaiting these channels since they were announced a few months ago. i LOVE having these as options for both myself and my kids. looking forward to Roku continuing to develop relationships with major media providers… if i could get in-market sports (NFL, NBA and MLB) at a reasonable price (or even better, free!) i might never turn off my Roku… i wish more networks would make the episodes that they offer for free on their websites available as Roku channels (A&E, Discovery, History, Disney Junior etc.) they all offer episodes for free on the internet, wish they would just do the little bit of extra work to make those available on Roku

    • Hi Aaron, we hope you’ll love PBS on Roku! Thanks for your support. 🙂

  • hello to Roku and PBS, thank you!! I have already enjoyed two programs. My question is, this is PBS so I know most of the programs are closed-captioned, n the two I watched stated such>> however, there was no CC on either program, so what gives? I know CC works on my tv… w/ Netflix, movies, etc. What do I need to do to get CC on my PBS programs?

    • Hi Susan, To turn on closed captioning, press the * button from the main PBS channel grid. You’ll see a dialog w/ option to enable CC.

      • Disappointed

        I have the opposite problem. I can’t turn it off! It turns itself on after the first commercial on every show and its very distracting! I checked the options and it shows that CC is NOT turned on. Yet, right after the first commercial (which apparently is what is causing it) it turns closed captioning on. What give ROKU?

        • Alison Gwyn

          I am having the exact same issue… Is there a fix?

          • Terry Steed

            I’m having the same issue. I’m looking for the PBS channel developer contact info to report the issue

  • Ryan

    Do you know when it will be available in Canada?

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  • Sheri

    I have to say I’m disappointed! I had imagined this would be like HBO Go, with most of the back catalog available. I had visions of every episode of Downton Abbey and lots of Ken Burns films. But instead I guess this is current programming… or something? I know that Roku doesn’t control the content, but I just had to get this out there. My kid is super-excited about the PBS Kids channel, at least.

  • lilith24

    PBS Oh my goodness I am so excited Love you ROKU

    • KarenGinOregon

      Just wait. Don’t get too excited until you find out if you Roku is actually going to play the PBS channel. Millions of us have been left out in the cold.

  • Krys

    I might have to purchase a TV and Roku for this. By might I mean “definitely will”.

  • Cristyb

    Will it be made compatible for older Roku players?? I have a first generation and I really don’t need to purchase another one.

    • Snapdragon

      Nope. I contacted Roku tech support yesterday to confirm. Was told that the first generation machines lack the processing power to stream this new content. So it’s a forced upgrade for us. 🙁

      • Disappointed

        Like many of the other commenters, I am quite disappointed with the lack of support for the Gen 1 Roku. The reason I purchased a Roku over other streaming devices was because of the wide channel support. The excuse of “lack the processing power” is nonsense. The PBS channel should be able to stream as a video source like the many other channels which have been available for years on the 1st Gen Roku. “Handing down” the electronics to the kids is standard practice in many households. To then restrict content clearly targeted at kids (e.g. PBS Kids) to new devices is disappointing at best. I’ll be taking a hard look at other devices before buying another Roku.

        • gigi

          it’s $99. for a new one – less than a month of cable costs. Stop complaining.

      • efbrazil

        It’s obvious that if a Roku can play Netflix then it can also play PBS, so this comes across as a really sleazy decision that was made to force people to buy new Roku players and increase sales. If the issue is development costs, then the right thing to do would be to charge a nominal fee to buy the channel, not to force pointless hardware sales. I can understand if this is a call about limiting support for initial rollout, but if this is a final decision then it really stinks for a whole boatload of people with Roku players. Is there a rationale here that isn’t sleazy? Is there a place to go where it is possible to influence PBS channel development plans?

    • sam

      if you download the Plex channel (compatible w/ Roku 1) you should be able to stream!!! http://www.thestreamingadvisor.com/category/roku/

  • tpt mpls

    This is/was fantastic. It can only get better. Congratulations. Watched 3 programs last night.
    Yes, you really need to get the Captions function out there, more well known, I didn’t know until I read it in the comments.
    What could be better? A bit deeper catalog within the series, if PBS happens to read this. An episode from each year of Austin CL, Nova, Nature, and the Science and Investigative programs would be good.

  • Ken

    Installed the PBS channel on my two Roku 2 XS boxes. It works great. Thank you PBS and thank you Roku! My cable cutting shears just got a little sharper. All I need now is TCM and the Food Network on my Roku and good bye Comcast. Please tell me that there will be channels for these two soon. I would be happy to pay a reasonable ($10.00/month) fee for each. That’s still less than I pay for Comcast each month!

  • By reading some of the comments here it appears that the new PBS channels added to Roku do not even show in the Channel Store for the first generation Roku streamers. It is not fair at all; why exclude one of your products?
    The older Roku has access to the Channel store and what goes there is a matter of the programming that makes it available…come on!. Perhaps a simple adjustment to the ‘computer language programming string’?

  • Thrilled with the new PBS apps, thanx Roku

  • 很久没来了,有更新,相当给力啊~

  • Wilson Davalos

    Seems like Puerto Rico isn’t getting the new PBS channels. I can’t find them under movies/tv, nor do they show up when I installed them via roku.com. Bummer.

  • Former Roku user

    My two-year-old Android phone can play PBS, Netflix, AND YouTube, but my 2-year-old streaming media device is already obsolete? Goodbye, Roku.

    • Greg

      I play YouTube on my Roku all the time. I usually use PlayOn, but there are several other options as well. And I’ve used an Android mini PC as well. It doesn’t begin to compare to a Roku. As to 2 year old Roku’s being obsolete, two of my four Rokus are more than two years old and still work fine. I prefer the upgrades, but that doesn’t make the older models obsolete. They still work as they always did.

  • Lael Logan

    So glad I found your blog. I’m trying to add PBS and PBS kids channels to my Roku HD. But I’m having the same problem as others where they never show up on my Roku despite entering and exiting channel store and resetting my roku box.

    My question now is, how do I know if I have a “1st gen” or “2nd gen” roku? The PBS channels are supposed to work on “Roku HD” which is what I have. But, is there something I’m missing? Are there 1st gen Roku HD boxes that won’t support PBS? And 2nd gen Roku HD that will?

    For reference, my box is a Roku HD Model #2000C

    Thanks, in advance for any help!

  • rob

    I have an original Roku how can I make this channel work on mine?

  • Lesa

    This is just a LIE!!!!! I was expecting to get local channels and movies and all of the so called free movie channels were not free! I am taking this piece of junk back to the store and will be letting everyone I know to not waste their money on this junk!

  • Frank

    Nice, I’ve watched the latest episode of Masterpiece – now I’m waching Nova. One issue that I am having is after the first “commercial break” the show begins displaying the closed caption until the end of the episode. Need to figure why this is happening as it is distracting. Thank you PBS for adding this channel.

    • Arthur Allen

      Same problem here, two months later. Brings me back to the days when Zoom was the only problem open-captioned, in the days just before closed captioning.

  • jonathan

    Very excited about the new channel. However, for the PBS Newshour: The latest programs are not usuall up (it’s Monday night at 11 pm on May 13th, for example, and the most recent one available is last Thursday, May 9th. Most of the networks post their newscasts as podcasts within a couple of hours–do you plan to update them in this way? Watching last week’s news is okay, but it’s not really why you watch a news program. Mysteriously, there are also seemingly-random episodes from around a year ago; mostly, not what most people are looking for. How about the latest news?!

  • there is no reason why this could not work on my roku hd xr, it has the same memory and processor as some of the second gens. This device works perfectly fine and would be an environmental waste to buy a new one just to get PBS.

  • Ray

    Does it work in Canada? I had problems

  • This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Roku!! 😀

  • jonathan

    I should say that the same is true for Washington Week as for the PBS Newshour; the recent episode is not there, but some very old shows are…why? If you’re going to make these shows available, why not make them available when people want to watch them–that is, right after they are aired?

  • Sid DVIS

    I have an xd/s 2100x…can this handle the PBS channel?

  • Nikki

    I’ve added the PBS Kids channel to my Roku but when you first open the channel it ask you to enter your ZIP Code, I’ve entered my ZIP Code THREE TIMES and it keeps giving me a message saying “Please enter a valid ZIP code.” Im quit sure I’ve entered it correctly and I do live here and it is a real place, so Im at a lose as to why it wont recognize it.

    • Fujifillm

      Same here. Won’t take my zip code. I thought I’d check it out, but – oh well. Just going to remove it.

  • Prashant

    Not appearing on roku Xd. Hopefully you’re going to support it?
    You’re sure to alienate your loyal customers who have been with you since your startup days if this is your attempt at planned obsolescence.

  • Bigrow

    The channel does not show up on my Roku XD 2050. How lame is that. I feel cheated. No reason this should not work on there. I get 720P streams with it.

    • Bigrow

      It’s a bunch of crap too. I just bought this thing at Radio Shake barely over a year ago.

  • Hgelman

    I have an older, digital. “unsupported model,” I’m confused why PBS isn’t available to my model when so many other channels are? Is it a tech issue, a licensing issue, a profit issue, or some combination of the three?
    Any comments, Roku?

  • A. Gorilla

    My kids were so excited to watch Nova and Nature on the new PBS channel (which I learned about through the promotional email Roku sent me). Now they don’t understand why our Roku (HD 2000) won’t play it.

    Will one of you Roku employees please explain it to them?

  • Kristen Buell

    Well, this is disappointing. The channel I’ve been hoping for since I’ve switched to only obtaining my television through roku, is not compatible with my player. Had I known I was signing up for a company that would make my purchase obsolete, I would have thought twice. Since when are Roku’s practices congruent with the consumptive habits of Apple? I wont be suggesting your product anymore.

  • CBrown

    Looks like its time for the upgrade to Apple TV. Bye bye roku. It’s a shame.

  • Tree

    I was very excited to see that PBS had been added to Roku’s channels. I added it on the computer but couldn’t find it on the TV with the Roku player. Called Roku support and was told my players were too old and wouldn’t support this new channel. I feel cheated. I think Roku needs to find a way to make PBS available to everyone who owns a Roku player. I don’t care if the picture is in HD or not. These players are about 1 1/2 years old, far too young to be considered old, or obsolete. I now feel even if I were to upgrade my player, it would be good for perhaps a year or two at best. Please Roku, support all of us who are loyal customers.

    I have bought Roku players for others in the past, but will not do so again if this is fixed.

  • Jacki

    We have three Roku boxes — two first generation (we’ve been with Roku since the beginning) and one Roku 2. Very disappointed that we won’t be able to watch PBS on two of our three players. Perhaps Roku could consider a trade-in program for those of us who’ve been longtime Roku customers.

  • Unhappy Camper

    This really blows. I just activated my Roku less than 6 months ago and it’s already obsolete? It’s an XD. Why is it not possible to have access to the PBS channel? I can’t get I♥Radio either.

  • Really annoyed that this content can’t stream to the still-not-that-old Roku HD model #2000C, but way, WAY more annoyed that your web app let me install the channel, making me think it would work. When it didn’t show up on my player, I had to go digging around to figure out that the problem was the model number restrictions listed at the end of this post. My player is registered to my user account, so if I can’t install a channel on my player, don’t show me the install button in the web app.

    We’d been so happy with the Roku up to now, but now I’m there’s no way I’m paying you for a hardware upgrade unless you take the old box as a trade-in and discount the upgrade pretty steeply.

  • Kan Enas

    So, it’s
    goodbye ROKU: I have 4 ROKUs of the previous generation that have
    been working perfectly fine and I have no intention of replacing them. I
    was excited to hear about the PBS channel until I discovered I cannot
    get it. The question is, will we get it? It seems not. Well, that’s a
    pretty terrible way to force me to replace perfectly good players and I
    won’t do it. in fact I’m pissed off enough to sell all my ROKUs — there
    are other ways of getting Netflix et al. Not just so spite you, but
    because this is a sigh of terrible customer care and I have no intention
    of sticking around for future abuse. Once a company does something as
    underhanded as this, i expect more awful things in the future.

  • Dennis

    Having an issue with PBS on Roku 3. Anyone seeing what I see? Watching any PBS show with commercials starts fine. Once the comm kicks in and ends the streaming fails. Get message “An error occurred during playback. Please try again later.” Spoke with Roku support and they pointed me to PBS. Sent PBS a note but no feedback as of yet. This happens with every comm. PBS shows w/o commercials run fine. Frustrating to say the least.

    • Anthony Zoccolillo

      I have the same problem on a Roku 2 XD. I just deleted the channel because it was torture to try to watch.

    • Shuguang

      same for my Roku 2 XS? What’ wrong?

  • Pejr

    I can’t watch the PBS channel. Continues to load constantly. this doesn’t happen with any of the other channels I watch. Very disappointed. Is there a solution?

  • Luna

    I think it seems financially desperate of Roku to make us buy brand new players just to get the PBS channel and wonder if PBS realized Roku was using what is suppppse to be a free public network to make a buck. I’m going to look into the simple tv dvr that works with an hd antenna. My friend likes hers and it pretty much replaces the need for all these channels and the ones we wont be getting anymore if we havent bought a roku in the last year.

  • Dianne

    PBS won’t work on my player because it’s “too old” even though it still works fine. There’s no way I’m going to add another working device to a landfill. Aside from being a waste of money it’s bad for the environment. Roku, can’t you PLEASE implement some kind of trade in program for those of us who were among the first to use your product? When I got mine, no one else had even heard of you and thought it was crazy to choose not to have cable.

  • Dave

    Don’t hold your breath for the PBS Channel – the content appears trivial. I am a Masterpiece Theater fan and upgraded my Roku because PBS required it. I now find that there is little or no Masterpiece content on the channel. Very deceiving advertising!

  • annabellemn

    I, too, have been a little disappointed with what is available on the new
    PBS channel. Why aren’t all the current Masterpiece episodes (Mr. Selfridge) available for streaming, when they are online? Also, there is a folder for the Bletchley Cirlce, but the only thing that appears in it is one short and lots of previews. I don’t want to watch previews! Why even bother putting those on there? Give us the episodes!

  • jack

    disappointed like several others on this thread that this is not available on older Roku models. my next box will not be roku if this company keeps doing this!

  • Jonathan Abbey

    Congratulations, PBS convinced me to buy a Roku. I’ve been using my PS3 for streaming for quite a long while, and love it. Unfortunately, I’ve been dearly missing Nova since going Internet only at home. Visting my local PBS site on a whim, I noticed they were streaming, yay! I immediately donated a few hundred bucks to make up for my not supporting them for some time, then happily went to my PS3 to watch Nova with the built-in web browser.

    No joy whatsoever.. the site didn’t even render properly.

    Having already dropped a bunch to justify my PBS habit, getting a Roku was a no-brainer. Thanks for getting one of the most intelligent sources of programming on your box.

  • AuldNick

    It is extremely disappointing the Roku has decided not to support their 1st generation players. As time goes on we have more and more options, when it is time to upgrade or expand why would you want to go with a company who doesn’t support their products? Perhaps this is a ploy to get us to upgrade but it is more likely to make me jump ship.

  • Moving On

    I really like PBS but I’m not going to spend $100 for a Roku 3 just so I can watch a bunch of PBS re-runs. I can get almost all of those programs on DVD at the local library or find them on the internet for free. When my first generation Roku konks out, I probably won’t buy another one, I want to hook my computer up to my tv directly, then I can get whatever I want off the internet, including Youtube. Cut out the Roku middle man, it’s time for WiDi (wireless display) to take over so none of us will need a Roku.

  • marc

    im pissed too… Roku box 2050x and i cant get the pbs channel… no way i am giving Roku more money for a newer unit. they should offer a upgrade option at the very least!

  • Elizabeth Parker Stafford

    I cannot believe this. I have sung the praises of Roku for years now, and specifically bought an early generation Roku so that it would have compatible inputs with the old tube TV my kids use. I am a single mom of 4. I can’t go out and buy a new TV and or a new Roku just to stream PBS kids.

    I wish you had any idea how many friends I had converted to the way of the Roku. But never again. I am so disappointed. Why???

  • truknola

    Having the PBS Kids channel on Roku is a big plus. The idea of not having episodes of Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on our DVR was the only thing keeping us from cutting the cord.

  • All the ads say you can watch Frontline but it is not appearing on the channel.

  • Josh Lamoreaux

    Anyone else having problems loading videos on the PBS app? PBS Kids works fine however. I have a Roku XD and I can’t even watch certain programs because it stalls during loading. Then when it finally loads it keeps pausing to load again. I can’t find anyone else online with this problem. Weird since all my other apps don’t have this problem.

  • KrateBay

    I too am disappointed. Just spent 1/2 hour searching for PBS in Channel Store in vain. Could not figure out why it wasn’t there, or why I couldn’t search for channels. Then I looked back at this blog post and saw fine print at bottom. I found my purchase info in Gmail and I have XR, which appears to be Series 1. Bummer. All the complaints have made me rethink buying a new one – at least, I’m not going to jump on it today because now I’m cranky about it.

  • Kathy

    This app is pretty rubbish and should be pulled. We haven’t managed to get through anything without it stalling and requiring reloads every 30 seconds and to make things worse, when we’ve tried at another time, it restarts programs at the beginning rather than saving your place.

    PBS really needs to step up and get into the 21st century. Concurrent broadcasts with Britain. Stop cutting shows. And have some kind of decent online presence, not this.

  • dvm

    If you visit PBS’ online video site you can sign in and create a watch list.
    Is there any way to tie this into the Roku app?

  • IamDisappointed

    I see a lot of complaining from folks that have older ROKU’s that they can’t watch the New PBS. We have have 4 ROKU’s in our home, including a 1st generation ROKU, that can’t get the PBS channel.

    My take on this situation – My 1st generation gave me years of trouble free viewing; It still works for everything but the PBS channel, and only cost me $58! They have new ROKU’s that you can buy as cheap as $40.

    SO BUY A NEW ONE, and quit wasting any emotional energy on this. My goodness, we have real problems in this world, and as long as you want to keep up with technology it will cost some money. But, luckily new tech gets cheaper as it is released.

  • Miranda Gualtieri

    how much is it to subscribe to the PBS and PBS kid channel? ie… it’s $8 monthly to use Netflix, $7 for hulu+ does any one know we don’t own a roku yet we use our xbox to stream and we are one of the ones that cut the cord so to speak over 5 years ago. i am super excited to hear about pbs but would like to know the $ of the channel. also does the roku have a digital antenna in it so you can pick up local stations? i was told WOM that it did but have read it anywhere.

  • KarenGinOregon

    Wonderful. I can’t get free PBS because my 3 Roku boxes are all the wrong models. Probably the ones that I recommended to my friends won’t get PBS either.

    Bad move. Intelligent people were the first to hop on the Roku bandwagon. Intelligent people want to watch PBS. Intelligent people know when they are being scammed. Don’t tell us it’s free then underhandedly charge your longest supporters $50 to $100 per tv.

    If Roku is financially in trouble it would have been more honest (and better for our landfills) to just sell us a key for the channel (with a 30 day free trial to see what we’re getting – not much information on the website about content). If Roku has just hired some new and greedy marketers then shame on Roku.

    Guess it’s time to start looking at the competition.

  • Breanna

    So bummed that this isn’t supported on my older devices! I do not want to buy new players for all of my tvs for this….not cool Roku!

  • jtbxps

    The PBS, PBS Kids, and ESPN Apps will not play on 1st generation players. I’m another former Roku fan, disheartened that I’ve been forced into an upgrade situation. Sorry, but my 1080 streaming XDS was two years old – it is too soon for Roku to force anyone to upgrade. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing another Roku device.

  • Daniel Davis

    My Roku won’t play the PBS channel, but looks like Apple TV will. So it seems like the choice is clear, I am going to have to buy an Apple TV and stop using the Roku. Wish I could just watch the PBS channel on the Roku I already purchased, but that’s not possible. So Apple TV it is then.



  • red

    I have a Roku 3 that we purchased for Christmas. My problem is that the PBS shows constantly have to re-boot or re-load——-not sure of the correct term? This never happens when viewing a Netflix show. Anyone else having this problem? Suggestions for a solution are appreciated.

  • Wanders11

    Hey, ROKU! (Maybe more Hey, PBS!) There are many disgruntled Roku users who supported you early on and find that they are being ignored by the failure of PBS to write code to support them. There is a hint that the earlier boxes do not have the processing power to handle the PBS signal. However, they still handle reasonable quality signals from Netflix and Hulu, etc. How about writing code for a PBS channel just for the “version 1” ROKU boxes. It doesn’t need to be all the spectacular 4K 3D stuff. As I recall, PBS is more about the content and most users would be fine with 480 SD screens as long as they could get it.

    There are lots of indie TV and radio stations producing new channels that include the ROKU “1”. Surely PBS can do it.

    While it is clearly PBS’ responsibility to make the effort, it will be ROKU that pays the price when I (and many others) give away my ROKU 1 and buy a Amazon Fire or so on. Help them out and help yourself, too.

  • MamaCas74

    I have the Roku 3 and it won’t take ANY zip codes. I Google a variety of PBS stations throughout the US and it stated all the zip codes I used were invalid. So much for it working on the new Ruko.

  • timmaguire

    Are there plans to expand this service to Canada?

  • Max

    How do I find out which episodes are actually available? For example, I can only find two or three episode of “The Paradise” available. All are available for streaming from pbs.org, but only the two show up as available from Roku. How do I know what the schedule is? How do I know when/what will be available?

  • Frank G.

    I setup a Roku XR box in the bedroom so my wife could watch Downton Abbey on the PBS channel, then wondered why I couldn’t find the channel on that box. Now I know. I agree it’s a sleazy trick to get people to buy another Roku box, which I won’t do. I will be switching over to the competition soon.

  • environengineer

    There’s a glitch with the IBEW sponsor message on the News Hour, most of the way through it skips back about 10 seconds and repeats and repeats…

  • Chrissy

    It’s not about complaining, us Gen 1 users believed in Roku from DAY1, and now because of that investment in the early stages we must re-invest. Also those of us who loved Roku from the beginning, do not have cable programming likely so the “1 months worth of cable, get over it and stop complaining” is a frustrating comment because we got over the absurd cable tv prices a long time ago, which is why we bought Roku as soon as it came out. It’s just frustrating

  • nicole

    Why on earth would I purchase a new device when they will stop supporting it a year from now? There are now viable competitors to Roku and it appears they have a better business strategy. Apple and Google come to mind..

  • David Miner

    Any news on when the latest Gershwin award show (Willie Nelson) will be aired on the PBS Roku channel?

  • Carolina Corpus

    Is there a way to get roku to continuously play PBS kids instead of having to click everytime for the next series?

  • sheltie1

    So, if I buy a Roku 2 XS, Will I be able to see PBS or not? Very disappointed that I got a Roku one that I can’t use for my favorite station.