When we launched the Roku 3 in March, we also announced an entirely new Roku interface. The new experience has gotten rave reviews for its intuitive layout, quick reflexes, built-in search tool, redesigned Channel Store and home screen themes. We think you’ll love it.

We’ve begun rolling out the new interface to supported Roku players as a free upgrade, and we know many of you have been waiting impatiently! Today, we’re thrilled to announce that you can update manually right this minute by selecting Settings > Software update > Check now on your Roku player.

If you’re not the manual type, all you need to do is kick back and keep your Roku player connected to the Internet. Over the next two weeks, the automatic software update—version 5.0, build 804X—will roll out to the following supported players in all regions: Roku 2 XS (model 3100), Roku 2 XD (model 3050), Roku 2 HD (model 3000), Roku LT (models 2400 & 2450), Roku HD (model 2500) and the Roku Streaming Stick (models 3400 & 3420). (Note: Roku Search is currently available only in the U.S.) Unfortunately, new features and functionality sometimes require new hardware, and earlier Roku models cannot support the update.

We hope you enjoy the new face of streaming!

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  • Great update! It’s good to see the pbs kids channel, kids need more modern cartoon channels on the Roku, I hope to see more modern main stream kids channels…thanks Roku!

    • Thanks, Tres! We’ll keep working to hard expand streaming content over time. 🙂

      • Marie

        How about YouTube? I need to make a choice to buy two more rokus for the house or get another brand that does Youtube. I know it’s one of the main channels people want.

        Also, is it said RO-COO, or rock-you. my kids are debating the pronunciation.

  • Just got the new update, and I think it’s a MAJOR improvement!

    • We’re so glad to hear it, Richard! Thanks for your kind words.

  • Hibiscuss

    is the new interface optional ? can i go back if I do not like that ?

    • EnTerr

      No, you are being upgraded – whether you like it or not. Roku periodically silently updates itself to the latest firmware (software) available.

      • Matthew Mooney

        Based on what I have seen so far of the new ad laden interface I’d rather not update. Time to block updates from the Roku server then I guess. Anyone know the IP of the update server?

    • I have the option of picking the older version if I want

  • Great. Finally a smart Roku interface

  • Isaiah G

    Love the new interface. Best player on market, hands down.

  • J D

    Is there any way of getting the Hulu app to get an update of it’s own? That app will freeze on me during the ad breaks or something… so far, it is the only app that i’ve ever had an issue with (and btw, i’ve never had an issue with the Hulu app version on the Apple TV)…. but Roku, please pass this on to whoever is in charge of the Hulu app… i know i’m not the only one experiencing this problem. Looking forward to the new UI and of course to upgrading my Roku down the road as well. Thanks Roku!! Keep the content coming and we will KEEP STREAMING! !

    • I have complained to HULU many, many times and they want to tell me its my DSL – over and over I tell them that HULU is the ONLY channel I trouble with. Locking up, defraging, sound and speech off. Nothing is ever accompolished.

      • I have the same problem. And they tell me the same thing

      • Jenn Managi

        Upgrade your download capacity. a lot of data is used in streaming movies and shows. Hulu uses the most bandwidth I’ve noticed, probably because of the typically quickish uploads of current media. internet is not magic and entertainment requires bandwidth!!

    • Hi JD, we hear you and will pass your concerns along to the Hulu Plus team. Thanks for your support!

    • Jenn Managi

      I’m pretty upset my hubby bought the Roku 2. Luckily for him he was immediately able to update to the newsy software. Unfortunately, although our little old “QBZ” froze never anything as bad as what regular cable or satellite does. Unfortunately the little box only had like five to seven apps to choose from, but each app was much more user friendly and handy. We are about to hook up the “QBZ” if ONLY for YouTube! I don’t care about stuff like fox news, I stopped buying cable and never missed them, I want personal channels on YouTube, not some mega new conglomerate’s stifling stalky push to pretend they’re “cutting edge”. Plus I can rate things in HuluPlus on the old box and I wasn’t able to the first few times I tried with Roku 2. We’re too shocked to even look into the price of Roku 2’s “enhanced remote”, seeing as ourbold streaming box came with a remote fully covered with useable buttons, included in the streamer’s cost. I tell you, that remote better TiVo sh!t for me if $80 didn’t cover the enhanced remote, but covered putting fabric brand name tags on each piece of plastic we pulled out of the gigantic box that seemed bigger than necessary when comparing products and packages purchased in the past.

  • die Fledermaus

    Nope no new interface on my newer roku seems to be timing out from everyone else trying. Also does the 2050X get the new interface?

    • EnTerr

      No, that is “Roku XD”, a 1st generation hardware – which Roku has decided to stop releasing new features for (like adding “Search” feature).

  • Some channels missing that we had added before. My channels repeat in the center over and over again. Not happy about this

  • Rebecca

    I love the new look!

  • Ryan

    Will the new interface eventually be available on first gen players (I have the N1101)?

    • EnTerr

      No – based on announcement from Roku and the abandonment of porting new features to gen.1 players. Only players with model number >=2400 will get it.

  • Charles Bailey

    Dude, we were impatient, you guys announced it wayyyy to early, this isn’t a trailer for the most anticipated movie of the decade! It’s an improvement that competitors were daring you to make or bust… I’m just a realist who truly enjoys your service though. Take the comment with a grain of Celtic Sea Salt; it’s better for your health 🙂

  • whartman4

    Will the new interface enable me to get Angry Birds Space? Or will I need to buy the new Roku 3?
    Thank you.

  • Mr Nagrom

    is there some way to get rid of this ad. I paid 100 dollars for this thing and don’t want to clutter my home screen with advertisements for things i’m not going to buy or install. Is there a toggle somewhere to disable offers so we get the whole screen for apps?

    • EnTerr

      +1 on raising the issue – but no, there is no way to disable the ad-spam and i doubt Roku will consider it. The temptation to stick it to the users under the guise of “informing on available new content” is too tempting for a corp. to pass on

      • Mr Nagrom

        well, i think if apple opens an app store on the atv they’ll quickly learn that insipid ways of making an extra buck tend to alienate their customers.

        • Ron

          Signs of the beast… They also updated the software to block another piece of software making it crash the machine on launch… a new one on me against the consumer… signs of the beast.

    • Hi Mr Nagrom, there isn’t currently an option to disable the featured placement, but we encourage you to send your concerns to feedback@roku.com.

      • Mr Nagrom

        Featured placement? I’ll assume that you’re speaking of the gigantic column ad for apps and content that i never have and never will want that i was talking about earlier. And yes, i’ve emailed roku about my annoyance with the ad (i emailed them about my annoyance with the last one too), the quick buck they make from it is obviously more important to them than a customers continued business..

        • Lukullus

          I personally hate having ads shoved in my face and now they’re bigger and more in your face. I paid for this product. I shouldn’t be subjected to ads. Give me an option to buy a version without ads. If I had known that this was going to be in this product, I never would have bought it.

          I guess my solution for not having ads is to buy a different product next time around. thank you for giving me this choice.

          • Michael Batt

            +1000 to all of the comments on the ad placement. It’s horrible!. It takes up about 60% of the screen! Come on, Roku, you people are better than that. Integrate an option to disable this within the settings for those of us who want to.

            …..and oh, by the way, it should NOT be something we’d have to pay for. There is absolutely nothing in the customer or use agreements that say you can put ads within the software, nor charge us to remove it.

            Do the right thing here….absolutely disgusting.

          • Thanks for your feedback. We’ve always promoted new content and services on the home screen, and the new interface fits more Roku Channels on the screen while still giving us the ability to share new features and services, and unique offers from our partners. We hope
            you’ll find it useful over time.

          • Mom of three

            While I appreciate your desire to promote things we aren’t aware of, I don’t appreciate having to explain to my 4 year old why that man on TV looks angry and bloody and is pointing a gun at her. Keep to promoting apps or shows that are appropriate for all ages or make it able to be customized to the customer! The reason I have a roku is actually to avoid this type of garbage on cable. I won’t be able to continue recommending it if it continues to lose value for families.

          • Michael

            Mom of Three, I completely agree with you. We have three children at home, too, and I do not appreciate the ads showing Beyonce’s big red lips, or a gun-toting killer. We shield our children’s innocence as best we can and moderate what they watch very closely. If Roku does not allow us to disable ads in the near future, we will be looking for a new multimedia solution for our home.

          • lucy

            I think you should have a family friendly setting for ads at the very least. Like another user, I don’t want to have to explain extremely suggestive images to my grandchildren.

          • Kurt Moeller

            Michael Blatt or someone at ROKU:
            Have you read the comments after yours? I just bought your streaming stick. Love the capabilities but as a careful parent I can’t have a huge picture of American Horror Story promotion (woman with eyes bleeding) in my living room with my three and six year old.

            I don’t mind the promotion spot just allow me to put some control on it… or immediately block/change it.

            I will troll around the internet for a solution to this but unfortunately so far there doesn’t seem to be one… so I may have to take your product back.

    • I don’t think that the ad’s are all that invasive. There were ads on the homescreen in version 4.x too. They were just smaller and across the bottom of the screen. I for one think that the ad’s are attractive. 🙂 Anyway, how much money do you really think Roku makes off of their players after the cost that goes into the creation of it? They have to pick up some money somewhere.

      • Mr Nagrom

        Copy off of Amazon and make an ad supported and a non ad supporte version. There are those of us that live in new york and look at enough ads outside that they don’t need them in their house. i’ll send them a crispy 20 to get rid of the ads. honestly i’d probably give them two crispy 20’s :).

        • Felicious1908

          Roku and this is just a guess doesn’t have the deep pockets of Amazon which can afford to sell Kindle Fire HDs at a loss. The ads don’t bother me on my Kindle and don’t bother me on the Roku 3 I just bought.

        • Tony

          Nope, fuck advertising. I won’t buy things that are advertised. I’ll purposely spend the extra buck to buy the toilet paper that doesn’t have a commercial on tv.

          • Gregory

            I agree wholeheartedly, fuck all ads, and I also will not buy anything, and I mean anything that’s shoved down my throat…

      • promytius syl

        like millions od dollars of profit off that design-one-sell-5-million device! More power to them, but don’t defend their profit margin.

      • Roku Employee

        A ton of money

      • GooZ

        It makes 100% sense that a person who doesn’t know the difference between “ads” and “ad’s” would find spam attractive.

    • BigWillieStyle

      The “ads” are not that bad plus it’s all for Roku channels so it’s not like you’re seeing ads for Mcdonalds or tampons all the time (i’m looking at you Hulu Plus!!!!).

      • Jenn Managi

        Lol, so they’re tricking you into using their product for.more money less service but you’re not satisfied? you need them to convince you even moreso about what a good deal they are? they’re brainwashing people, we already liked roku that’s why we bought the device to begin with. I am not so easily swayed as to see some adverts and forget how crummy their service is- for the price.

  • I was getting a little impatient but that all changed when we got the update today. It’s sharp, it’s well thought out- and I am enjoying it very much. Thank you Roku for adding value to the Roku 2 and not leaving us in the cold.

  • Jack of All Tirades

    Any plans for a YouTube channel? I’d like to upgrade but I’ll miss my Nowhere Man hack for YouTube!

    • youtube has had a channel for years.

      • Jack of All Tirades

        I have that, but I think you lose it if you upgrade to a newer Roku.

        • Josh

          We recently upgraded to a Roku 2 and our YouTube channel was still there. I think it’s tied to the account, not the player.

        • Marie

          Someone please tell me how to get it!

          • I looked for a code that someone created – it was really more of a hack -it’s not officially supported. The code is no longer available but Aaron Christopher has a link above on how to come up with a workaround.

          • Christopher Moore

            Marie, go to Roku.com and log into your Roku account. When your logged in go to My Account. Once your in My Account you will then see a section titled “Manage My Account” Under manage my account you will see “Add a Private Channel” click on it and when the page comes up enter the code BPPIM and then select add channel and your done. You should now have Youtube as a channel for your Roku. Just incase you are unaware there are tons of channels available that have to be entered this way because they are not available through the Roku channel store. Just google Roku private channels and many sites will come up. Just select a few sites or visit them all…browse around and find the channels you may be interested in and get the code. Have fun!

      • Jack of All Tirades


      • ScottF

        So you are using Twonky and you don’t actually have a Roku YouTube channel, correct?

    • EnTerr

      Roku mentioned somewhere an official YouTube channel should be available by the end of May (2013). I wonder if it might be a vaporware though

      • Ruslan Ulanov

        I lost hope for an official channel a long time ago. But for now the PLEX channel does the job rather nicely for me.

    • YouTube does not want to be on a Roku because you are using up their bandwidth, and not bringing them any revenue. Think about it – there is no way to click the advertisements. Don’t expect an official YouTube channel on the Roku any time soon. And remember, it’s not a Roku decision.

      • BigWillieStyle

        Yep, Google wants the ad dollars which they, just look at the recent news about the windows phone. They said they wanted MS to stop using the youtube app since it doesn’t have ads in it. MS then came back and stated they were not letting them see get the full API (or something to that affect) but would be more then willing to work with them. I think Google is starting to get to big for there britches. I know that’s how they make the bulk of there money but come on, they have ads on everything else, I’m pretty sure they could not have it on a device here or there. OR at least work with the developers to get it working if they really wanted to, stop spending all that money on frivolous things like google glass!!!!!

        • EnTerr

          Funny how all the other media players (AppleTV, WD TV, Netgear, Dlink, Samsung, LG, Sony… no, really – everyone but Roku!) already have YouTube channel and nobody in the world dares explain that mystery.

          • Jenn Managi

            THANK YOU EnTerr! my lil old RCA sure has a YouTube channel, no weirdness, no extra charge, the ads were shorter than Hulu and easy shorter than Crackle. Flixster doesn’t let me play any of the movies the app on my phone let’s me .. The more I read about Roku, the more it seems it was created for those who don’t understand computer programming, the internet or apps. YouTube/Google DOES make tons of money and provide better service so they don’t need these highway robbery prices the way Roku does. Roku only seems worthwhile if you have limitless expendable cash and like to pay for half a service

        • Jenn Managi

          Google is invested in major technological advances. instead of talking about dumb shit we all thought the future would bring us, I.e. flying cars and/or cars that drive themselves and computers in our glasses, they are actually trying to make it happen. they are are building phones, web browsers, an internet on a much more stable, high powered connection and laying most of the physical ground work for the delivery. they are starting a google hi-speed internet my hubby was saying. we have heard how much technology has advanced but the breakthroughs expected of us by now are either late in coming or not coming at all. it is time to find out if it is because they are impossible or simply buried. we’re still using the old infrastructure to power and support our new technology? google is anxiously ushering us towards better, contemporary, more efficient means to an end.most are against them because owners and investors involved heavily in the old infrastructures will collapse into themselves!

  • No update for me 🙁 roku too old

  • RashaYad

    Would this update happen to bring MIracast to the Streaming Stick? That 3M Streaming Projector would be a lot more powerful if I were able to stream to it from another device (i.e. one that is considered a PC for those pesky “Web Only” programs).

  • Ullas

    Does the software update preserves the old settings?

  • Gareth Owen

    No search option for me! Rubbish, makes the update in effect the same as it was previously only settings are more visible!

  • Daddam

    Just updated and was a little worried, that roku’s open source formatting, or being able to create/receive ones own channel’s, being removed. Afterwards, big sigh of relief,, still LOVE roku!!! You guys should be paying me for all the customers I personally sent, from family to complete strangers, including one guy in TW cable store. He cancelled on the spot.

  • I notice that the new search feature isn’t available in the UK. Can you confirm if that’s going to be resolved at any point? I really feel that UK users are getting a poor deal compared to the US.

  • tadtam

    When going to Channel Store, it says check internet connection. After I check it and it says its connected, I go back to store and it says to check connection again. Therfore, cannot connect to Channel Store. What is wrong??

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  • Itan2Much

    I have a Roku XR and don’t see this model listed for the 5.0 upgrade. What is the current software for this model and will it be included in the 5.0 upgrade?

    • EnTerr

      I believe your player is model number 1101 (HD-XR), one from the 1st generation. Roku stopped updating those over a year ago i think. Only players with model number 2400 or bigger will get the new interface.

  • Jonathan1

    I’m in the SF Bay Area and own a Roku XS.. I updated manually to v5.0 build 8043. There’s a bug in this build however. When you watch a channel and click ‘back’ or ‘home’ you get a blank page for a second before the home page loads.. Please investigate and fix. Thanks.

    • Hi Jonathan, we’ll look into it! Thanks for letting us know.

    • Peg Kelly

      I noticed the same thing . It’s about 5 seconds before the home page loads up.

  • I love the new menu!! Thank you, Roku!!

  • tonyc

    i had it with Hulu plus , with the Commercials and d/c my service…as for the ads on the screen , it’s for seconds till you link to your channel…we don’t pay anything(as far as I know) for continuing Roku service…I LOVE LOVE the PBS station..well designed ..I don’t mind looking at older programming that PBS offers here

  • The upgrade was quick and painless for me, and I love the new look. This layout makes so much more sense for a big TV. I never understood the old one-channel-slider. Only problem I have had was that Vevo lost it’s connection to my Roku account and I had to reassociate it. Not sure that had anything to do with the update. Keep up the good work Roku development team!

  • Scud


    In the new interface, which my daughter has changed to the Nebula graphic setting, i can see in the far upper right hand corner of the home screen the word ‘Options’.

    What ‘Options’ are there(or will there be), and how do I access them?


    • EnTerr

      On your remote there is a button marked with star * – that is the “Info” or “Options” button

  • Jonathan

    The giant ad is terrible! I find it especially objectionable to constantly see photos of Fox News hosts And really, that’s the update? Channels small, ad big? Shame on you.

  • Jonathan

    Oh, and also–jerky behavior (especially in the channel store) and undreadable fonts.

  • timit

    Save your money and get an old playstation 3. I have both and my Roku comes a very poor second when it comes to streaming iplayer etc and the interface for selecting channels is at best antique. As for its ability to stream music and videos from a PC based media server its really complicated to set up the filing system and once that is all done (renaming files etc) it is hopeless. The PS3 picks up the media server on my Buffalo instantly and without fail. I will stick to my old PS3.

  • timit

    I guess this blog doesn’t want to hear any criticism of the Roku.

    • I’m getting that impression. I ask a simple question (with a presumably difficult answer) and I’m getting roundly ignored.

  • Paul

    Hey, just updated my Roku HD to the new interface. Looks good so far BUT there seems to be a bug with the ipod/ipad remote app (which I have to use instead of the IR because my dumb Seiki TV abruptly resets itself if it encounters too many IR signals from remotes other than its own).

    Problem: When using the keyboard button (upper left in the “Remote” section of the app) to type in search terms, all the keys work EXCEPT the backspace key.

    Never had this problem before…

    • Paul

      The non functioning backspace key seems to be limited ONLY to the new Search function at the top/home level. In other channels it works as expected…

      • EnTerr

        It’s a bug in the new UI which Roku had confirmed. You can use the “instant replay” button as backspace in that screen (not that this is convenient with remote app). Search Roku forums for details

  • FF

    This upgrade is garbage on my Roku 2, it takes 30 seconds to move between any type of option, please give me back the old interface.

    • FF

      after one week it decided to work as it should and is now an improvement.

      • Jenn Managi

        A lot of programming glitches are worked out in trial runs but many cannot be properly dealt with until there is a massive rollout. I wish people who used these types of products learned a bit more about the complexities of production before deeming something a failure and pointless.

  • troyengel

    Hulu Plus won’t log in with this v5 on my Roku2 XD. I was able to use the secret screen (go to main menu, then home 5 times, fast forward 3x, then rewind 2x) toggle the channel to release then update downloaded 4.9 and my Hulu Plus is working great. Now to figure out how to block this thing, guess I’ll just unplug it every night…

  • Peg Kelly

    Thank you Roku for the New Update , for the older models ! I like now I can see 9-12 Channels ,in 1 view ! And I can scroll much faster thru the Channels ,very nice ! Also like ,in the Channel Store , the ” Check mark ” in the bottom corner , telling me ,if I already have that channel , in my list of channels .
    -So the New Roku 3 is Much Faster ?? I like the Feature of the Ear plugs ,in the remote . I’ll have to get a New Roku 3 , just for that feature !
    – I tell all my friends about How Great Roku is !! I gave my siblings ,one for X-Mas ,a couple years ago ,& Had told 3 friends to get one . They LOVE It too !! So ,much more to watch than ,Satellite & Cable !

  • Peg Kelly

    Oh , and Adding PBS was Brilliant !!! Love It ! Love Nowhere Man & Nowhere Cast & 8ctave ,for watching many podcasts & Local podcasts ! Keep adding more local podcasts too !!

  • Matthew Mooney

    Will this update be enforced for those of us that do not have it yet, or will we be allowed to remain on the 4.9 version? I ask because I am VERY displeased to see ads so prominently featured in the new verision. I have children that heavily use the Roku and from what I have seen and read many of the ads are “R-rated” or worse. This is over and above the annoyance and upset that I feel over having something I already bought being transformed into a vehicle to spam me with giant banner ads.

    I understand that Roku needs to make revenue, but this isn’t the way to do it. As it stands right now, until I hear that the giant ad section will be removed I have cancelled the additional Roku purchase I had planned for the summer. If I am forced to take the new UI on my existing unit I will toss the Roku and go with a competing product.

    Find another way Roku. Gigantic ads won’t fly.

    • Matthew Mooney

      Well, looks like Roku has enforced the new UI. Got it without request last night. HORRIBLE! Not only are the channel icons lower resolution than before, on my 42 inch flatscreen that ad is (as someone else mentioned) The size of my torso! It’s HUUUUGE! VERY VERY upset at Roku for having the temerity to think that MY television was their billboard. I already bought the Roku. I paid for it, I didn’t get it for free. As far as I am concerned that do NOT have the right to do this. As a customer I am very displeased.
      The Western Digital streaming media player (Your competition, Roku) is looking better and better. Same cost as the Roku2XD and Roku3, same capabilities. Do you guys WANT customers to leave? Because we can, VERY EASILY.
      I either want 4.9 back on my Roku with the option to decline updates in perpetuity, or I want that giant ad GONE. If I don’t get one of those choices I will chuck the Roku and go with your competition.

      • bpollen8

        I just not a new Roku 2 and am shocked when accessing Netflix to find the whole top half of hte screen filled with a huge ad. I see only 1.75 lines of real programs to choose from. No, one of them is NOT “my list,” as it was before. I can’t even read some of the program titles because of the screen space taken up by the ads.

        Why the ads? I’ve paid for ALL the programs. There’s no money to be made by Netflix “advertising” what they don’t charge for. Aren’t these Netflix programs? Horrible. I’m sorry that I’ve been recommending Netflix and Roku to people. I will stop doing that immediately.

  • m771401

    Please give me the CHOICE to turn of that monstrosity of an Ad. My TV is not your personal billboard and I’m not your product. I am the customer. I understand that people are not bothered by it.. and that’s fine for them. However I and many others do not like it and I don’t understand why we don’t have a choice in the matter other than simply not buying the product.

  • NapalmDeath

    The new update v5 won’t connect to my wireless network. It scans and see’s my wifi network, but when I try to connect it fails and asks me to try again, and again, and again… I reset to factory defaults, and it still won’t connect. Thanks for the release that killed my Roku…

    • Brigitte Sue Arms

      it happened to me to. I have no way to fix this. Ive tried everything. Is anyone else having this issue?

      • wgtripp

        My Roku 2 XS also has an ethernet wired connector on-board, and I have it set up to connect to my wireless router with an an inexpensive wireless access point. It’s super easy to set up and I have my TV and BluRay player connected to the WAP, with one port to spare.

        The WAP is a Buffalo Nfiniti WLI-TX4 AG300N, supporting Wireless Dual Band.

      • DB

        I am having the same issue. Both of my Rokus have had issues connecting and streaming for more than 10 minutes at a time for the last month. They worked more or less flawlessly for a year+ prior to this software release. They’re currently unusable. I am having to watch Netflix on the PC. What is the plan for a fix?

        • Brigitte

          This is Brigitte. I fixed mine. Go into your display settings on your roku box & change it. I think mine had to be changed to 720p. as soon as i did that my internet on my box came right back on immediately. hope this helps you.

    • Zibby

      Didi you find out a solution to this problem ? I had the same issue after updating software to the newer version 5. It worked just fine using wireless on the old software v4/.

  • JohnV

    The software “update” just made my Roku incapable of connecting to the internet….

  • Roku365

    Come home to a update screen…click ok…roku display quirky…reboot it…and now the display is blank….thanks a lot, Roku.

    • Roku365

      Finally came up…now the display is all herky jerky. Nice.

  • Adam

    Please tell me there is a way to get rid of this new interface, it’s so ugly, reminiscent of what Youtube did. In addition, the Roku no longer connects to the phone app for me.

  • T

    Why don’t you show the picture of the real font page where 30% of the screen is a gigantic advertisement the full height of your TV screen. It’s repulsive. Clearly Roku has become infested with MBAs.

  • G

    Your update puts a 3-foot tall Amazon advertisement on my TV. It’s bigger than my torso. I feel like you pooped on my living room carpet. This is awful.

  • promytius syl

    I have not seen any offers from Roku for upgrade discounts, did I miss them? Loyal customers who are still on earlier devices have supported the channels and the website and the concept for a long time now and should be compensated for that loyalty.I’m still on a model 2100x and retired and can’t afford another purchase right now. It would be a nice gesture and seen by everyone as a thoughtful and smart goodwill gesture.

  • Andrew

    The update loaded and now Netflix won’t play anything I select. I get the “Roku is unable to complete the requested action” message. I’ve unplugged my Roku 2XD and plugged it back in and still no luck. What’s the deal?

  • Chris

    I have to say that I hate the new interface. Please allow us to roll back to the old one. Now I’ve got ads that take up half my screen when looking at my channels. I have three Roku’s but I’ll get something else if I have to see your stupid ads on a product I already paid for years ago. I didn’t mind the ads so much before when they are 1/4 the size they are now.

    The screen should just be channel tiles. Show the ‘My channels’ column is ridiculous on the left hand side as its not needed 99.9% of the time after the Roku is set up. Not sure how this passed your UI designer’s grasp. You don’t see new TV’s showcasing the tv settings in front of the content do you?

    If you don’t fix it, I’m going to dump this product.

  • seriously p.o’d

    New advertisements between every clip on Fox News are about to make me toss this thing and tell everyone I know not to buy one. Seriously. The same ad between every clip I watch? Fix this or incur the wrath of every single one of your devotees. I am seeing the SAME AD EVERY 3 MINUTES.

  • Jimster

    Gawd, I hate this interface. Not that the previous one was all that great, but this one is definitely worse.

    Where to begin, well first, it’s cheesy, tinny if you will. Second – The Channel squares/logos are TOO SMALL. Some of my channels can’t be read any more. I have a 47″ screen HDTV with a fast connection so its’ not my screen or internet. This is the best you can do? If you utilized the real estate taken up by the giant ad window you might actually have room to make an interface that is viewable to ALL your customers

    Why not something like the Netflix, or Hulu+ interfaces? Those are at least legible. I can see why you wanted to move away from what you had, but this is NOT the way to do it. PLEASE make the channel logos bigger, PLEASE!!!


  • Ricky Vann

    Loving the new update! Will be adding this into my review!

  • Qbenguy

    I love the new interface! Thank you ROKU! I’m a proud owner of a ROKU 2XD and I remember reading the announcement of the new interface and said to myself “Yes’! Although there are a few glitches that I think are expected, it’s working fine and I’ve adjusted.

    A couple of things that I’ve noticed. When returning from a channel to the home screen, you’re first visited by only the background color. After a few seconds, the screen updates but I first get blank squares where the channels should appear. Then one by one they start to fill with each channels logo. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m wondering if the new UI is in need of an update. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.


  • Richard

    Your new interface was the reason I deactivated my Roku box and closed my account. And no, the ad wasn’t the problem.

    The first problem was that I hate tiled interfaces in general. That’s the main reason I refuse to buy a Windows 8 computer. I don’t need every device in my home to look like a phone, damn it. My TV’s not a phone. It’s a wide-screen, high-def monitor, and I don’t need it looking like a damn phone.

    The second problem was that when browsing Netflix, the available titles were limited to the first 50 in any genre. Netflix has tens of thousands of titles, and I should be able to browse them all — not just the first 50 in a genre.

    And no, it doesn’t make a difference to me that I can search for a title. I want to browse the titles in the catalog. And you know what? I’m the customer, I’m the one paying for the service, and it’s what I want that matters.

    I’ve gone back to using my trusty Blu-Ray player, whose built in streaming still lets me browse Netflix’s entire catalog — and which doesn’t look like a phone.


  • Andy Lynn

    Its not the ads that bother me. But I dont like the look or they sluggishness of the new interface. They also changed the way the Roku gets its IP address. I can no longer connect to my network if it is not connected to the internet. This is a VERY important feature for me and one I need to have if I am ever to purchase another Roku player.

    • Ignacio

      Hi Andy,

      It sounds like you’re experiencing something along the same lines as I am. When you can, read my post below and let me know. I’d appreciate it.


  • SM

    my roku used to work, now it only tries to play crackle — and it can’t even do that. i see the new welcome screen (briefly), then without me doing anything it quickly transitions to crackle — every time. tried to play a movie on crackle — nothing. tried to delete crackle app to help remedy — delete fails. tried rebooting and all standard steps — no change. all i get now is broken crackle. about to throw the little black box out the window. nice software update guys, inspiring stuff.

  • Hoss

    After recent update, Netflix freezes every 15 min, sometimes a full crash and reboot. Anyone else having the same issue?

    • wgtripp

      Since I upgraded my Roku 2 XS. to the new user interface, I now experience a reboot several times per week on Netflix, HuluPlus, and
      TWIT. I suspect this is a general problem with the new UI and not a specific channel.

      I really like my Roku and hope they fix the issue soon.

  • leena

    Loving the new update! Will be adding this into my review!

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  • Carolyn

    I’ve been Googling to figure out why my Roku seems to have stopped working lately. Could this update be why? I didn’t do it manually – it happened automatically. But now when I click on a channel, it just loads and loads and loads and never actually pops up. It gets frozen on the load screen.

  • Ignacio

    Although I love the new update I’m experiencing a lag on the channels page. And when exiting out of a channel and going back to the home screen. Anyone else having this issue?

  • No iPlayer or Now TV anymore, looks like Roku just eliminated all reason for me using it.

  • Rick Moore

    Is the ad issue happening on Roku 3 devices? If so tech support seems to be totally unaware of any issues with ads. So maybe the ad problem is only happening on non-Roku 3 devices? I have been trying to decide between Roku and a Google TV product. Had finally decided on Roku……until I read these comments. Would appreciate any/all feedback. Thks!

  • Steve

    This blog used to have nice updates on new releases movies/shows that were available on Roku channels. Haven’t seen any of those in a good long time now though. Disappointing…

  • Kim

    I just got a Roku3, I’m not an electronic kind of person, so please bear with me. Is there a way to connect my Roku3 to my surround sound system?

  • Fred Smith

    That software is buggy as hell. It makes the box unusable.

  • telecine-doctor

    I have a Roku 2 (model 3100x). Ever since the new software build I was having trouble getting the Roku to wake up after being idle for a while. Eventually I connected to chat support on roku.com. The support person walked me through some inane scripted steps to bring it back but everything had to be reset including all my channels passwords, resetting the remote to be recognized by the roku box, disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI cable. This all took about 1 1/2 hours. It came back but the next time I tried to wake up the Roku after sitting idle, it once again took several minutes to wake up. I sure wish Roku would fix this issue with their software and stop giving stupid time wasting instructions from a pre-written script that really does nothing. So typical of today’s tech support.

  • Ashley

    I do not like the new Roku update. I had 4 Roku’s and now only one works part of the time. When I click on a channel and pick a show the screen is purple but you can hear the show playing. It still shows the show rating volume etc. but a few minutes later the screen finally starts. I called Roku Support and received no help at all. Their final resolution was when the purple screen comes on just unplug the Roku and start again or purchase a new Roku.I was told that they no longer support the RokuXD (the original box). Thanks Roku for killing my boxes and my enjoyment of Roku. Maybe I will go back to satellite TV.

  • Disappointed

    I do not see the ads on this screenshot above. I am very disappointed in the new changes. I was planning on filling the house with roku. I am now looking at different options.

  • Major disappointment

    The new interface sucks. Slow and unresponsive. Threw the piece of shit out the window.
    Step up your game.

  • Mike

    I’m not real picky about the layout of the interface, however, my roku 2’s which are barely 6 months old have been acting weird since the update. They ran perfectly before, but now it seems like there is some kind of massive memory leak or something as it starts slowing way down to near unusable until I reboot it (by unplugging it). Like others have said, the menu even after reboot is pretty laggy. Netflix seems to work fine, but as soon as I go back into the menu sytem, it’s unusable. Navigating around the menu doesn’t work much at all. Let your engineers know there are still some issues with the interface. Bummer too that I can’t go back to the old interface that worked fine.

  • frozen_roku

    My first roku worked like a dream, the HD freezes more than it works. The new interface is just terrible. I tend to just turn the TV off and go watch on my computer. I am ashamed that I’ve talked so many people into buying this thing.

  • Mad@Roku

    After this last update in spring when the menu changed, it has been frozen on the menu, I can’t even get Netflix or Pandora to work by using the remote buttons and I have unplugged many times, even left it unplugged for a day and it still has just not worked right. I wish I never had updated it, I liked the old menu a lot more too. Does anyone know how to help me? I miss Netflixs! I have a Roku 2 XD, if anyone can help! Please

  • JimmyJ

    I absolutely hate the new interface. I was responsible for my friends buying about fourteen different Rokus when they had the older interface. Now I am looking for something to replace my Roku and won’t be recommending these to anyone else. I hate the large add like a lot of other people but the worst thing is that when I hit to Home button it takes me to My Channels instead of on a tile. It’s just extra button pushing for nothing… A friend got the upgrade, without asking, and that’s the first thing they commented on also.

  • beegator

    Mine updated but it won’t let me scroll through “my channels.” Nothing I do with the remote works to scroll through the channels. it will let me click on options but that is only to rate a channel or remove it. Help?

  • Margaret Vaughn

    I haven’t used my Roku for a few months and when I turned it on I did get the new view but cannot do anything except remove channels. I have a Roku 2 and want to get to Amazon Instant Video but cannot seem to do anything. I did manage somehow to get to Settings, clicked OK and got Player Info. When I click Ok, nothing happens. When I get to My Channels I can click options and remove channels but cannot access any of the other channels. I changed the batteries in the remote thinking that might be the problem but it isn’t. Can someone assist me?
    Thanks, Margaret

  • Margaret Vaughn

    Never mind—we rebooted the device and now it is working.

  • Tiffany

    How do I use my Roku 2 now? Is it obsolete or is there an “update” for the software? I can’t get to Settings in order to update the software. I’m paying for Hulu Plus and Netflix for nothing.

  • riduculous

    Holy Crap! Intuitive? NO! I just want to watch a movie. Now when I choose a channel, the thing just beeps at me? How does it work genius????????? There is a Netflix button on my remote. Is that too easy?? Is it too easy to just hit the Netfilx button and have it work?? Wow! stupid is just astounding!

  • Kuku Cromwell

    Roku and Youtube – when? I may just have to drop Roku and go for a Google TV

  • Clarke

    Ever since this update my roku takes forever to steam. It’s like watching 30 seconds of a show and 3 minutes of unending steaming. I’ve stopped using it because it’s too frustrating and time consuming. I just got it for Christmas so I will not be buying a newer or better version. Thanks roku.

  • Since I received this new interface on my Roku 2, every time I use my Roku (once every couple of weeks or so) I can’t navigate around the interface to get to my apps. The cursor never leaves the left side of the screen. Rebooting fixes everything but I don’t want to have to reboot every time I use my Roku

  • Steve Sylvester

    I have the XD 2050X. Not cool that roku has blown off early adopters by leaving us with the older gui. Planned obsolescence being what it is, I’m doubtful that the issue is “old hardware.” This is a way to get us to purchase a new device to replace the only device we would ever need.

  • Daniel Munoz

    why doesn’t the search work on the other channels (aside from the big paid ones)? some of your other channels like “Drive In Classics” or “ADC” have interesting obscure movies that may not be on the biggies.

  • Scott Blanchard

    Thanks Tom. Any chance that you guys are working on a “Bookmarks” or “Pinned Items” menu? I’d like to have the ability to pin subchannels to my home channels screen (or a dedicated “Pinned items” screen, whichever is easier to program). For example, Revision3 has a popular subchannel, “HD Nation” which requires 37 clicks to reach once you are on the Revision3 channel’s home screen. I’d like to be able to pin or bookmark this subchannel to my favorites listing.

  • David Gold

    Okay, I’ve been manually hitting the update firmware button for months, and my Roku 2xs is still only on version 3.1

    What do i have to do to get this thing updated?!

  • Lost customer

    The ads are very offensive. I cannot believe you also reduced our usable screen by 30 percent for ads. I just ordered my 3rd one and am sending back because of these changes. I won’t be forced to watch ads on a device I paid $100 for. I will be looking for something to replace all of them. Seems like a good opportunity for a competitor. I also don’t want my kids watching your ads. Very disappointing.

  • calou

    can we use roku in france adding local tv chanel?

  • Chuck

    My Roku 2050X cannot connect me to any channels, Netflix, NBC news…, any!
    When I click on Netflix icon, it asks me ” are you an existing member or new?” and when I click yes to existing member, it tries to send m some code and immediatetly blocked by the same screen ‘ Are you an existing member….”. When I try other channels its says ” an error cocurred. Please try again, etc.
    I have tried to reset the Roku unit (at the bottom); it did not solve.
    Any help?

  • ninjagg

    I have Roku 2050 and suddenly search no longer works. I unplugged Roku and when that didn’t work I unplugged both Roku and my modem.router. Still not able to search. I click on search, find the program I want, click on it and it takes me back to main screen search with out the program I selected. In experimenting it spill rig up some programs, but not others. Does it list programs that are not available?

  • Tony

    Thanks to them forcing ads down my throat, I will not buy another Roku. I’m also going to stop recommending them to people. I don’t pay for cable, so I’m not paying for ads. I use adblock. I don’t listen to the radio. I hate ads. I didn’t pay for hardware to receive ads.

    Go back to the old interface. Remove M-Go. Set the pin up for ANY changes, not just the ones that require money. I spent my morning deleting 22 free channels that my 7 yo added.

  • MovieFan

    I absolutely HATE the new Netflix interface. Bring back the “Play from the Beginning” feature. Or give me the option to go back to the previous interface. The new one really stinks. Pretty, but not nearly as useful as it once was. I often will check out a movie for 10 minutes or so, and if I like it, begin from the beginning when my wife and I both sit down to watch it. Now I can only resume, not go back to the beginning. If this does not change, I’ll drop Netflix and go to Amazon, or elsewhere. What a disaster. What dummy dreamed up this horrible interface?

  • lee chu

    no you tube channel on my roku 2 xs

  • Brendan Colfer

    I want to know when ROKU 2 will have an updated Netflix interface that allows for the changing of profiles like online & PS3 for example. Why is ROKU 2 so behind when I’ve heard ROKU 3 has that already?

  • Flax Seed

    Why do you force so many non-update updates? At least twice a day this happens. Wonder if Amazon does this.

  • Alex Bross

    how do i get my profile for netflix instead of my dads we have the same account. its extremely annoying that i cant use my profile

  • Neo

    I like your box but the software is still not the best. My humble recommendation would be to spend a good deal of money on UI dev.

  • PinkTek
  • Paulboy

    I have just bought a ROKU3 in Britain. Why can’t I get the search facility? I though there was going to be a software update to fix this

  • kristy

    We just bought a tv with a roku stick and have all models listed and only have the newer vr soon on ps3 and all our roku boxes check daily for updates. Any new info. We really need the profiles options for the kids its useless upstairs in the adults room. Our only options in the family room are what my kids watch.

  • David Anderton

    I am returning the Roku because of it’s display. You have to scroll through a single picture at a time, which is painful on my eyes. You used to be able to have a big screenful of icons, and then move the selection to the one you want.

    The Amazon one is particularly horrible, since the display of text hides the other movie/tv icons.

    Since searching through these things is such a chore, it would have been nicer to be able to save the movie for later option without having to select it, then start all over again.

  • David Anderton

    I must add that the Netflix app on my cell does not have this problem (you can scroll through all the icons with a swipe), so I am going to Chromecast – even though the Roku has much better hardware.

  • thenextjoe

    Disappointed with many things about Roku3
    – need a CC
    – no advanced DNS settings
    – Awful UI
    – All the apps look better on Android
    – Hate that Netflix App tries to use own DNS. I use openDNS for a reason!
    – WiFi connection goes awry then constant error code
    – Did I mention UI is outdated

    Time to look for another streamer.

  • laurencia

    I don’t want to belabor the issue, but why don’t 1st generation player support the new interface? I bought the XDS just 3 years ago, and now because of these updates it’s obsolete? I encouraged advertising for Roku, told everyone to get one, and even sent people some for xmas all in support of the company as it grew to the colossal it is today. But I can’t get a lousy UI update? I bought the top of the line player and now it’s a paper weight to you guys? Even old iphones have a better geriatric life than that. I’d pay for an update of the UI!

  • JJ

    So….is there NO UPGRADE available on Roku XD!?!?! Mine is a few yrs old and still says “No software updates available at this time”

  • subash

    I tried updating but I am getting message there is no softwar e updae. I am using roku xds 3100.

  • Tim

    roku menu doesn’t come on

  • Edwin

    When will the search option be added to the UK region. This is a very good feature and is really needed.

  • Galen Ray Richards

    Why buy Roku when they will always have an update a year later that makea the one you buy suck. Stuck in the Roku screen loop. I have 3 Rokus and will never buy another

  • *e*

    It needs massive help still. I found this article and I’d this is the new interface the ui team need to step out of 2003. Boxee had a better interface.

    This single row crap needs to go. It’s awful

  • Miss Gorden

    Why is the writing so small to pair the device and why doesn’t the icon show when I open youtube to watch on my t.v.? WHY?

  • joe blow

    Roku 2 ‘Downgrade’ from firmware 5.x to 4.9 (start at Home screen)

    Home x 5
    FF x 3
    RW x 2
    click on “Update software”

  • Kris Olafson

    When I can’t use the product you originally sold me the I am going to buy a blue ray player in spite of you! At least it won’t be a total waste if the updates make connections inevitably designed to fail…

  • otawestside

    Is there a way to increase the font size? I can’t read the youtube pairing numbers.

  • shara ushi

    my Roku keeps on saying oops this is currently not available we’ll get this fix in a jiffy please try again later…………………………..2 hours later oops this is currently not available we’ll get this fix in a jiffy please try again later what do i do

  • bill

    Where are all my old movies I Bought thru M go and how do you rent and search movies out now? not follow movies that wont come out for another 6 months. This update stinks, bring back the old menu, was going to buy 2 more for other tvs in the house. not anymore.

  • Joseph Molion

    So I’ve been checking my updates on my Roku TV for weeks now, and so far, no update. What gives?

  • Mr. Ed

    Roku-3 and roku-4 Netflix menus versus the roku-2xs Netflix menu

    I have owned a roku-2xs, roku-3 and roku-4. The roku-2xs had the best Netflix menu display of the three.
    The older roku-2xs Netflix menu displayed more than twice the rows of video selections on screen than either the roku-3 or the roku-4 Netflix menu. Thus, the roku-2xs Netflix menu gave you a bigger more understandable picture of what videos were available. There was also a very useful counter in the top right corner indicating the indexed-video out of total videos per row – very handy! If a video is paused the picture quality remains as good as the streaming video without being covered by menu sprites or darkened edges.

    In contrast, the roku-3 and roku-4 Netflix menus are very annoying and impractical. The counter indicating the indexed-video out of total videos on that row is gone. Not only are there fewer rows of videos displayed on the menus, over half the display is wasted on a giant depiction of the indexed video that may or may not fade between several similar depictions making it even more distracting. When you are trying to find the best video to choose, you don’t want to be distracted by a giant flashing neon sign! You also want a more complete idea of what videos are available. A larger quantity of smaller yet viewable icons is preferred to a smaller quantity of oversized icons. In addition, if a video is paused, the display is obscured by a darkened perimeter and menu sprites.

    After using the roku-2xs Netflix menu, I am very disappointed with the roku-3 and roku-4 Netflix menus.

  • Robert Uherka

    How to Block purchases with a password?