Today, Hulu released a significant update to the Hulu Plus channel on Roku.

The redesigned Hulu Plus interface makes it even easier to find your favorite TV shows and movies quickly. You’ll notice the new tray-style format, streamlined grid screens and big, beautiful artwork for the thousands of available series, movies, clips and trailers.

Here are some other cool improvements:

  • Watch popular Nickelodeon and PBS children’s shows like SpongeBob SquarePantsWordWorldSuper WHY! and Caillou commercial-free in the “Hulu Kids” section.
  • Find shows, movies, clips, genres and networks faster with a brand new search interface.
  • Jump straight to the latest episodes of your favorite shows via the “Shows You Watch” row on the home screen.
  • Find trailers quickly in a new section organized by categories like “Opening This Week,” “In Theaters Now,” “Coming Soon” and “Popular Trailers.”
  • Get personalized recommendations based on past viewing activity in the “Recommended for You” row on the home screen.
  • Explore theme-based streaming suggestions such as “Movies for Memorial Day” and “Time-Traveling Heros.”

The new Hulu Plus channel is available now in the United States on Roku 3, Roku 2 XS (model 3100), Roku 2 XD (model 3050), Roku 2 HD (model 3000), Roku LT (models 2400 & 2450), Roku HD (model 2500) and the Roku Streaming Stick (models 3400 & 3420). Earlier Roku models will continue to access Hulu Plus shows and movies via the existing Hulu Plus channel.

If you already have Hulu Plus installed, the channel will update automatically within the next 48 hours. To update right now, just select Settings > System update > Check now.

Happy streaming!

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  • Hopefully more companies improve their Roku channel experience. Netflix is usable but very weak as compared to other Netflix apps like the PS3 version.

    • RUaFriend

      I got MultiQs app. for my Roku. It’s worth the one time $5 to be able to
      sort Netflix into different Queues and change the order of your Queue by
      title, date, genre etc…works for me anyway. There is also a browser plugin so I can add titles to my home made Queues right from Netflix if I find something while I’m on my computer.

      • Drewtlo

        Has MultiQs improved? I cancelled my subscription when it seemed that new titles on Netflix weren’t showing up in MultiQs. It is a nice app, when it works.

        • RUaFriend

          I’ve only run into that a few times but I check the Netflix website periodically anyway. With the browser plugin it’s easy to add titles from the Netflix new additions section or whatever. You hover over the image and when the description box pops out you just right click on the title and an “add to” menu pops out with your different queues listed so you add it to the one you want. I like it because I can make a queue for kids, one for me, one for a son who likes horror movies etc!

    • Jeremy

      I agree with the PS3 Netflix app being better. It’s nice to see the Hulu app now looks and feels like the PS3 version.

    • EnTerr

      I beg to differ on usability of PS3 Netflix vs the Roku one. PS3 is shiny and scrolly but uses small unreadable from a distance fonts. It is a bit like the Xross-Media-Bar front interface of Playstation – flashy but ultimately non-ergonomic

  • Mau

    Woot! I want to barricade myself in my house and do nothing but watch my Roku now!

    • Ha ha! That’s great to hear, Mau. Good thing it’s Friday! 🙂

  • RUaFriend

    It’s about time! I was thinking of cancelling HuluPlus so now I’ll give it a go for a while longer.

    • Glad to hear that you’re giving it another chance! 🙂

  • Liz Batton

    where is the queue???? miss that – other than that I love my Roku and show it off to everyone.

    • Hi Liz, thanks for your support! We encourage you to contact Hulu with your feedback about the update.

    • Dave Herman

      Hi Liz — you can find your Queue on the main page. It is on the top row, between ‘Video Games’ and ‘History’.

    • Yeah, you must now scroll through movie trailers, video game commercials and kids programming before you get to the Queue. You know, Hulu considers that more important than what you’re really paying to watch.

  • Safarinate

    Dont waist your time with Hulu 97% of its library is D- foreign crap. with a small hand full of old American tv shows. about a month is all you need to watch everything worthy they have.

    • Jeremey Ahlgren

      Totally disagree. I watch just about any show I wish to see on Hulu Plus.

      • Sheri

        I love Hulu on my computer.. but the “web only’ feature on my Roku is disappointing. The shows I would normally watch are computer only.

        • Justin N

          sheri i would have to agree with you, i enjoy hulu plus but many shows that i want to watch are web only and really a 11 inch laptop is no way to enjoy a show, I can live with the adds they have to make a living somehow.

        • Jeremey Ahlgren

          I’m with you on this one too Sheri. It’s not Roku’s fault though.

        • Tim

          That’s why I use playon They both have and hulu plus

    • Daniel Krause

      Me, I’m pretty fond of the foreign crap.

    • Sorry to hear that you feel this way, Safarinate. Many Roku users enjoy new TV shows, classic series, original and exclusive content, movies and more on Hulu Plus.

    • ded2me

      Not really. They have quite a bit of stuff. I am just not fond of the advertisements…

  • Kat

    Glad to see they continue to improve. Hopefully they fixed the bug on my Roku that made the programs on Hulu Freeze.

    • We hope you’ll enjoy the update, Kat! Please let us know if you continue to experience streaming issues.

    • Jeremy

      I am also hoping that problem got fixed. It’s like Hulu uses so much of my Roku’s memory that eventually I have to power cycle to make it run smooth again.

    • They definitely addressed the bug. Now you get additional exercise by restarting your box even more often! It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.
      Honestly, with the new update, the problem has only gotten worse.

  • sdmarkow

    Improvement, but I still wish they’d use a bigger font for people like me who do not have a monster TV. Its nearly impossible to read.

  • ShannonMcCormick

    I am loving the new format, thank you! I do have a suggestion – after clicking on a show and selecting episodes – the episodes are listed by season then by episode in ascending order. If personally prefer descending order to see the newest first, BUT I get why ascending works. For a user like me it would be nice if I could use the arrow left to see the newest episode quickly without having to scroll from first to last. I am a programmer and loyal customer and could give you more feedback if desired, I am also available for part time testing 🙂

    • And if you’re watching any sort of competitive program, you are shown who makes it to the end when forced to add shows to your Queue via thumbnail.
      There used to be a single button (w/out pics) for adding an entire season all at once. For some reason, Hulu decided to take that option away.

  • Matt

    Does the new Hulu have 5.1 surround? If not, is it something they are working on?

  • Greg

    I used to subscribe to Hulu Plus, but it doesn’t meet what I’m look for. What I’d like should be simple to implement and I’d be willing to bet that adding the feature would get Hulu Plus a lot of new subscribers. One of the primary reasons I cancelled DirecTV was so I would have more control over what my family views. Hulu Plus doesn’t even offer the filtering options Netflix, Amazon and Vudu employ. But an even better solution would be a “white list” or “green list” filter by which parents could log into their Hulu Plus account on the web, select the programs which they want to make available to their family via the Roku, and have only those programs show up as options when a family member selects the Hulu Plus channel on the Roku. It would essentially be the watch list so common on services like Netflix and Amazon with no other programs visible. It could be implemented without changing the current option for household which want less control.

    Absent some filtering mechanism, I don’t see my ever resubscribing to Hulu Plus.

  • EnTerr

    Does the new Hulu channel work with remote control apps now, by any chance?
    Because it was ridiculous when i tried it and could not use smartphone keyboard to search – and also rewind/forward will get stuck. Complaints by many users were not addresses by Hulu nor Roku for over a year. So does the channel play nicely with remote apps?!

  • smurfe

    I went to System Updates and shows no available update. Hulu Plus still looks the same to me. I am sure hoping this app has been updated for functionality as well as appearance. It is the worst functioning app in our house. Constantly freezes, If you try to pause, rewind, fast forward, or any function other than pushing play the boz will freeze and you are unplugging it to hard rest the box. We have 3 ROKU boxes in the house. It happens on all of them. I have cancelled HULU Plus twice because of this but actually do like the service and hope it will someday work smooth. I don’t have any issues with any other app.

    • It’ll update on it’s own. Then, you’ll wish that it hadn’t. I hope your box is easily accessible, because you’re gonna be unplugging it now more than ever.

  • Michael

    Does this mean Hulu will stop freezing or all together crashing my Roku HD everytime I get half-way through a show? I know for fact I’m not the only one…

    • Justin N

      I had the only Roku HD and hated hulu on it. I could get a show to play but if i tried to pause it or return to the home screen while hulu was playing something it would lock up . I just got the new Roku 3 and hulu works like a dream on it.

      • Michael

        That’s really good to know, thanks for the info. I’ve been minutes from throwing the darn thing out my window every time I try to watch.

        • anthonymendez

          I had the same issue. It was frustrating to the point that I’d just give up even watching an episode. It works great now on my Roku 2. Haven’t tried the old Roku yet. Will do today.

  • Kim Acosta

    I went out and bought another streaming wifi player…1/2 the price of any roku… I am tired of none of the new channels being available to the first generation roku. Now I
    I use it on the kids old tv just so they can watch netflix. Sad as I used to love my roku.

  • Anne

    I am having trouble locating my queue In The new format..

  • disgrntled

    Now you have to press extra buttons just to get a description of a show.

  • disgrntled

    This is a step backward. Trying to be like netflix. When browsing movies you get stuck in the alphabetical section, before you could navigate much easier. Why fix sokething that was not broken?

  • obviousman

    Wake me when you can watch plain Hulu on the Roku. Paying $8/month to watch commercials is a non-starter.

    • Greg

      Get PlayOn or Plex. Both allow for this. That’s how I watch Hulu. I won’t subscribe until Hulu Plus has a filter.

    • Basil

      Or, watch cable. Then you get to pay a helluva lot more to watch even more commercials. Problem solved.

    • anthonymendez

      Licensing programs that aren’t yet in syndication is costly. The ads help subsidize that cost. The $8/month would increase if they didn’t had ad dollars to help ease the burden of licensing. It’s not Hulu’s fault – it’s the rights/content owners/holders that create this environment. Or, you could build a HTPC and have regular Hulu or use PlayOn.

  • PNB

    Love the new update!

  • Jeremy Anderson

    Only gripes are that the Queue should be first and not way off the screen, episodes should order oldest to newest to watch in order, and it shouldn’t take 1-2minutes to startup everytime. The update is much more responsive though and I can actually pause a show without it getting completely stuck and/or crashing the Roku.

  • Ignacio

    Great update! It’s a huge difference and I’m enjoying it. I especially like how certain notifications now take up less screen space. For example, the timer during ads. Replacing it with a small graphic represented by a doughnut filling up in white – genius! I appreciate that. Especially when there were times when the timer would continue even after the show had returned. I’m a big fan of movie trailers and love that I don’t have to switch to another channel to watch them. The new user interface is amazing.

    Overall the update is a lot more responsive and easier to use. With the exception a few items. I’m hoping that the keyboard layout within the search interface will be getting an update. I’m sure there was a reason to having all of the letters on a single row. But I have to admit, it makes it very challenging to enter any amount of text. I’m looking forward to those changes and the plan of a clear all button. On the main page of HULU Plus Latino all of the selections are in Spanish, as they should be, with the exception of: Shows, Clips, Movies and Networks. Any chance of having those translated to: Programas, Secuencias, Peliculas or Cine, and Emisoras. Then within each – Popular would remain and Recently Added could be Añadidos recientemente. Is it still possible to exit without logging out? The only option I now see is under settings and Logout. I like the green in the Hulu logo. Would it be possible to have that replace the current white border around selections? Or something similar.

    I’m a freelance graphic designer and would be very interested in becoming a Part-time tester. Thank you for your dedication and all of your hard in making this update possible.



    • I liked seeing a time length for commercial breaks. It told me how much time I had till the show came back on.Now, it’s just a circle. Movie trailers are commercials. Don’t make me scroll past them to reach my Queue. We disagree.

  • Kevin Fairchild

    Roku needs to hire some usability testers. It should not take this many button clicks to load my queue! And when clicking on the queue, why are favorites shown up top and then the queue? I don’t care what shows have been listed as a favorite if they don’t have new episodes. The new interface just focuses way too much on trying to force new content down your throat that it actually makes it more difficult to just sit down and watch the latest episodes of shows you do want (i.e. the queue).

  • Joe

    I just tried watching a TED talk. The software locked up the first few times I tried to browse the talks, then it went scrolling a mile-a-minute! And then locked up. It also locks up when I try to browse my Plex app videos. The new software rendered my Roku box useless.

  • Staatus quo

    I’ve had nothing but problems with the Hulu update. I actually had an easier time with the old interface. It now takes forever to fast forward and them if and when it stops after I tell it to, it’s either past that point or starts over and the fast forward bar is frozen on the screen. This update sucks.

  • Shane

    This may be a dumb question, but I’m just getting into the new UI. Once you’ve selected a show to watch and go to that episodes page, if you decide not to watch how do you go back to the previous menu? I can only hit the “home” button and start from scratch from my Roku Channel page.

    • K

      Back button ( <– )

  • Amar

    Roku just went a step back by allowing Hulu-Plus to add their updated channel to the box. ROKU please have some Quality Assurance!!!!!

  • Kelly

    I spent 15 minutes today trying to find my queue on the new interface design. I could not find it without doing a google search. And now I need to do 6 clicks to load it! I am a usability person and this is horrible-the most common path for people logging onto hulu on their roku is to go immediately to their queue. This feels like anti-usability work to force other content on people.

  • JJ

    They took something that wasn’t that great and made it worse.

  • Kate

    The auto-play function in my hulu queue doesn’t work. Before the update it would play the queue in the order I had listed on-line. I could watch one episode of one show and then it would automatically play the next item on the list even if it’s not the same show, but now it only auto-plays episodes of the same show. Has anyone else had this problem or is there a fix for this?

    • And if you watch the show listed last in your Queue, it starts playing crap like The Voice and Dancing with the Stars. They’ve been clearly marked with one-star and never added to my Queue, but I guess that doesn’t matter to Hulu.

      • Macy’s Mom

        My Roku reminds me of a car that I bought with a rotary engine (will not name the manufacturer). and after three years of being thrown out of the Auto Club because I called them too much, I traded it in. The car looked great but that is the only think positive that I can say about it – but the salesman who sold me my new car bought it from me for $700, and I was even lucky to get that.

  • This latest Hulu upgrade has convinced me to leave their service. Aereo is available in Atlanta later this month. Hulu can suck it.

  • Hateit

    the new hulu app/player sucks. There isn’t much else I can say. It lags, you have to click at least 3 times as much just to watch a show. The que is ridiculous. This is an upgrade? wow

  • paul plummer

    OK, since the change over Hulu Plus constantly locks up. The stream stops and the screen goes black then comes on then goes off, reminds of a co-dependant girl friend on crack. I did not have this issue with HULU Plus before the change over. I have since increased my internet speed, made sure my roku 3 box had the latest software,etc. Here is the message, fix the problem – I am going to give this two more weeks and then will shit-can hulu plus. Netflix streams like a dream and so does Amazon prime.

    Hopefully you find this feedback helpful – my name is Paul Plummer, I am a current subscriber, feel free to email or call me at my registered email or phone number and I would be happy to discuss the issue in person.


    • Sparky

      I had similar problems as you describe after the update.
      Gets very frustrating. The solution that worked for me was to unplug the
      power supply from the back of the Roku, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in,

      Wait while the Roku reboots ….the black screen and freezing have been
      eliminated !

  • Basil

    I like the look of the new interface, but the queue is even more clicks away than before. It should be, and always have been, one click away. I mean, it’s what I’ve already said I want to watch.

    Apart from that one gripe, it’s fine. It’s similar to the Hulu Website (although I have my own gripes about that, none of which apply to the Roku version). I like the consistency of the look. Hulu Plus has traditionally worked great for me, and I’m experiencing no issues with either a Roku 3 or a Roku LT.

    Thumbs up. Move the queue to a single click away, and it’s two thumbs up.

  • BoQu

    I gave it a couple weeks in hopes of getting use to the new UI, but I still find it absolutely atrocious compared to the previous version. Why do companies always think redesigning things is a good idea? Digg, MySpace, Gizmodo, etc. all killed themselves with redesigns. Yet everyone seems to keep doing it. Getting rid of the commercial timer? Insane. Making search harder by having a linear row instead of a box for letters? Insane. Seemingly a lot more clicks to get to anything? Insane. Horrible lag on this new version as well. I often have to exit out and restart the whole thing because it becomes unusable. I really really wish I could return to the old version.

    • Hollie

      I could not have said it better!!! My biggest complaint is that there are a ton of shows in the “shows you watch” category that we have never even heard of! And no matter how hard I try I can’t clean it up. Now it takes double the time to find anything I watched before this stupid upgrade!

    • jescowa

      And to top it off, the keyboard function on the Roku smartphone app doesn’t seem to work anymore either. That string of letters for search may look nice on-screen but it’s completely inefficient.

  • DamnCat

    I liked the old UI better. But I could live with this one if they’d just put the Queue front and center like it should be. Also – History should not be off screen or it should be selectable under Queue like it used to be.

  • Laura Roslin

    I can’t believe how cluttered the Hulu Plus screen is on my ROKU. Yuck it is bad enough to have so many commercials in one hour. I hate commercials but on top of that you make it a pain in the butt for me to watch the shows that drew me to subscribe.
    *Why do you hate us?

  • tetech2

    To find favorites, press down to get to top row, then right until (just past “kids”)”Que”. Select “queue”. This will display your FAVORITES.

  • Heather Westerberg Doiron

    PLEASE change it so the queue is at the TOP of the interface, not hidden at the very bottom. This is such a stupid basic thing. Who tests this stuff?

  • anthonymendez

    This has been a long time coming! The usability issue in finding the queue has already been mentioned (please, get on that, HuluPlus programmers/designers.) But the playability is finally responsive! That was my biggest issue – previously, I was reluctant to pause/ff/rew shows for fear of it getting stuck or crashing my Roku boxes. No more. So, yeah, make the queue easier to find (i.e., less clicks) and we have a winner!

  • Lore

    I hate the new so called improved Hulu Plus. I’m tempted to cancel it.

  • shelwood

    Been using Hulu a whole lot less since this update. IT IS HORRIBLE. There is no way to return to one’s queue after watching a video. If you have autoplay on, it will bring up a completely random video instead of the next video in your queue or even a show that’s in your queue or favorites. Just whatever the hell Hulu feels like. And it takes so, so many more clicks to do anything. This sucks major balls. Hulu should be embarrassed.

  • st-x5

    So, how do you find your HuluPlus queue? One commenter said Google, but I don’t know how to access Google from my Roku. I get it that the interface requires too many clicks, but what clicks are they? And I can’t help but wonder why no one from Roku seems to monitor these comments and respond. Am I missing something?

  • josie4444

    Very much dislike this new interface. So clogged. I have to click so many times just to play something from my queue. How on earth did anyone think this was user friendly?

    It’s not sensible that I have to go find my queue, which doesn’t even show fully on the main screen, then choose the show, then go to the episode I want, and then choose the play episode feature.

    Now the shows in my queue don’t let me flip through them from either side – so if I want to watch the most recent of an episode I have to scroll all the way through to the right rather than being able to click once left.

    This UI makes me angry every single time I use it.

  • LingoMan49

    You must be joking, right? What a sucky format Hulu Plus has on ROKU! You need to reload the site every time you search for a show because you then get stuck on that show’s page. Also, so many Hulu Plus shows I was interested in watching, on ROKU, are coded “Available on computer only.” Yeah, I’ll use my free week trial and then cancel. Can’t believe anyone likes Hulu Plus.

  • Josh

    This thing is a disaster. It takes WAY too many clicks to get something playing from the Queue. If I’ve gone through the trouble of marking something so that it always shows up in my Queue, then playing it should not take more than 2 clicks. This app is horrible — all of the focus on “finding” my “favorite” shows has made the app annoying and slow. I don’t use hulu on any other device, so I’m planning to cancel my hulu plus subscription.

  • John Hill

    HORRIBLE channel. I usually just blow it off because the type is nearly impossible to read without going close to the TV. Then I head back to Netflix which does not require binoculars to read. Canceling Hulu at the end of the month.

  • stephgob

    Have they figured out a way to make Hulu+ not be a total mess yet? I have to restart my Roku every time I want to watch a single show on Hulu, an I’m lucky if I can make it through a show w/o it freezing again… never mind trying to pause during a show, by the time the thing registers that I’ve paused, it’ll take 5 more minutes to get it to play again. Never had issues with playback on any other Roku app other than Hulu+…what a horrible channel.

  • Don

    I’m having a problem with HuluPlus…… What happens id it will automaticaly fast forward to a commercial.. anyone have this problem Is it Hulu or Roku?

  • Melanie

    sooo…. just bought a roku today and put on my hulu plus account. There is an option to “add favorites” to a queue but then I can’t find the queue!!! Anyone able to help?

    • Melanie

      I bought just the basic box – not any of the updated ones.

  • Annie

    Seriously though, they updated the system with a new style of Hulu plus and now it doesnt work at all. It doesnt track what shows youve watched. You can hit play on a show and it will actually play a different episode. You cant rewind, It might look like you are while your trying and then… nope still at the same spot. When trying to scroll down the show list it will be going along all smoothe and then jump down, or freeze. Its so frustrating. It is so slow. AND ITS NOT MY INTERNET, im using the best comcast has to offer. Not to mention the movie selection sucks… AND on top of it all there are certain shows you cant even watch on Roku. They are considered **WEB ONLY** How it makes sense to have it be that way, I have no clue. I wish they would fix it because I used to love Hulu Plus.

  • kellie

    Having trouble finding all my favorites?

  • programmer

    Hey ROKU2, have you ever heard of QWERTY? Seriously, this abc interface all the time is no good except for 4 year olds.

  • maidenvoyage

    I received a brand new Roku 2 for.Christmas and this new Hulu Plus app is awful. No quick queue access (6 clicks and it’s off the main screen), 4 clicks to select a show and play the first queued episode, no right/left clicking to return to beginning or end of season, too many clicks to add to queue or return to queue screen. Not to mention no “resume watching” screen when you begin app. Literally nothing is better about this app than the original save the larger thumbnails. Please do some UX now because there certainly wasn’t much put into it thus far. In the meantime, the option to revert back to the old app would be lovely.

  • G

    I will only say that the Roku hulu app performance is abysmally bad. Netflix, no problem, amazon, no prob, hulu app., continuously buffering, sluggish interface, etc. it is so bad, I am very close to canceling my subscription.

  • Allie

    I totally agree with you all as far as Hulu talk g too long to load initially. I remember something like three interfaces ago, our queue was listed on the front. Every update since then has been only focused on adding content & cramming that additional content on the users initial startup page. I have been OK so far with things, however, with the latest update, Hulu apparently has removed the option for adding closed captions (subtitles) to the shows I watch. I had them on before the update, and now nothing. Being a hard of hearing person living in today’s world, adding captions to a show should be very simple so I’m hoping that I’ve just missed the button. Anyone out there see the the way to closed captions? I’d really appreciate the help as I pretty much can’t use Hulu until I find out how to get them on. Thanks!

  • Fed up!

    I still get hangs when transitioning out of commercails which causes the video feed to lock up and ultimately forces a Roku reboot. Things pick up right BEFORE the ads, forcing me to watch them AGAIN, and sometime AGAIN and AGAIN until the endless cycle of freezing after the transition decides to stop.

  • cme run

    compare what you can play on huluplus on your computer and what you can play on roku. not the same. Missing Dominion, Defiance and a whole lot of others.

  • Monica

    I can’t seem to find the streaming options in this updated version. I usually choose low/medium quality, as my Internet use has limits. When I go over those limits, I am charged more. Streaming high quality/HD uses about 7 MB versus low quality at .3 MB (quoting Netflix streaming choices). I can do this directly on the website for Netflix, but some of my devices (blu ray/xBox) have the streaming options on screen for Hulu. Where is this option buried on the updated Roku app?

  • Mark Murray

    I’ll chime in, first to say I agree that the new interface is worse. If I’ve got a queue, that means those are shows I’ll go to first, and that should be the quickest thing to get to. But they added more button clicks.

    But my biggest problem seems to be software bugs. After starting up Hulu, the first show I watch is OK. But exiting that show seems to hang my Roku stick. All I get are a bunch of rectangles with nothing but that little “wait” icon in the center. Some of them should be buttons, like “Remove from queue”, and others would be other episodes or something. And that icon doesn’t spin. This lasts sometimes for a minute and then some of the rectangles get filled in properly, while others just have question marks. Scrolling the screen gets those question marks filled in. But if I click on any of the question marks, the Roku stick hangs where I need to pull the power to reset it. And hitting the back button sometimes crashes the stick, and sometimes gets me those “waiting” icons that never go away. Only pressing the Home button the remote and restarting Hulu works.

    All in all, very annoying and I usually end up going straight to Netflix, which doesn’t have any problems.

  • Toadaly

    Why can’t hulu make a roku app that actually works? It freezes endlessly, and I spend more time waiting at ‘loading’ screens than watching shows. Even free apps work more reliably. Hulu, you guys need to listen to these complaints and don’t just blame it on slow networks or idiot users. I’m a softwaer professional and I know what the heck I’m talking about, and your entire development team should be fired.

  • Casey

    Something I found which was SO useful…and I had to share!

    I couldn’t figure out how to slow my usage so I don’t keep getting a data cap issue while streaming HULU or NETFLIX…HIDDEN CODE BELOW (YAY!):

    A screen will appear where you can set the speed you desire.From the Home screen, press the Home button 5 times, the Rewind button 3 times, and the Fast Forward button 2 times.If you wish to set the speed of your connection for video streaming manually on the Roku video player, there is a code you can enter to access the speed override settings.[Unofficial] Hidden menu Roku trick (may not work with all models/versions):From Roku home screen, select “settings.” You can use settings to change your network configuration, your display type, audio mode and sound effects. You can also turn on/off a screensaver, change Netflix settings and update your Roku software.How do I get to Settings on classic Roku players?Roku:

  • Macy’s Mom

    My Roku is “on the way out” as soon as I buy a “dumb TV”, you know, the ones where you just turn them on and when you want to change the channel you do not have to go through numerable “acts” to simply change the channel. Someone told us that since our TV is in a cabinet it is “too hot.” So what do we do, pour ice water over it or put it into a block of ice? Just kidding, but we will have NO smart TV’s in our home ever again. Our Roku freezes mid program and when we finally get it to work again the program is over. I am old enough to remember those BIG TV’s, we have one in our office – Granted I cannot lift it by myself, but at least it does not “freeze” like my Roku. If there is a program that I want to watch until the end without all of those “freezing” problems I just watch the bedroom TV, the “dumb” one that NEVER freezes.