We’re always working to bring Roku customers the best range and quality in streaming entertainment, and today we’re excited to announce that Redbox Instant by Verizon will arrive on the Roku platform this summer!

Redbox Instant subscribers will be able to enjoy thousands of popular movies on Roku as well as buy and rent the newest releases on-demand.

The Redbox Instant channel will be available at launch on Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku LT (models 2400 & 2450), and Roku HD (model 2500) players as well as the Roku Streaming Stick.

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  • Patrick Grote

    This is fantastic news!

    • We’re glad you think so, Patrick!

  • Finally!!!!

  • Matt

    Of course, as with anything new Roku launches, it will not run on my G1 Roku. *sigh*

    • Da Manny

      Buy a newer one.

    • Beth

      I was Sad about this too when Vudu came out, but, I just told myself I could move it to the back room when I bought a new one, instead I gave it to my brother and he loves his too! I’ve also bought one for my Mom and Aunt, they love that PBS is now on there, and I think PBS works on even the old school ones so there is hope for you yet 🙂

    • Michael

      Yeah, it makes no sense that Amazon and Neftlix work on Gen1 boxes. Does Redbox have that much better streaming programs? That much better quality? weird. I know Roku doesn’t write the apps, so it’s Redbox that will miss out on subscribers. They should write an app for the lower boxes as well. I bet the shareholders are not notified of this in much detail. Glad I don’t own any of coinstar

  • Dave

    Need to be a Verizon customer ? Same rental rates as stand alone red box?

    • Wouldn’t that light a fire under Amazon Instant. $5 for a streamed HD movie please that is a little much when you can rent the same thing at Redbox for $1.50 in Blue-ray.

  • Sharyn

    Excited!! I love Redbox. How will it work?

  • Beth

    This is great news, hopefully they can have better pricing then vudu on the new releases and then I can say shut up and take my money!

  • Ryan

    If they keep pricing the same as the physical boxes, this will shake up the industry yet again. Hoping it’s true!

  • Bobsk8

    How much are they going to charge?

  • Michael

    Any chance there will be a channel for Gen1 boxes but simpler such as there will be for Hulu Plus? I bought a Roku simply for the fact that everything ran on it, but now not certain I’d pay to upgrade to new hardware every few years.

    • piccadillybabe

      I have 3 of them all HD 1080p. Love the Roku 3. The earphones are really a nice feature along with the volume control.

  • Bill Meh
  • Bill Meh
  • Faithful_Watchman

    Anything to do with NSA/Verizon is right out. Every time I think of their incestuous relationship it makes my skin crawl.

    • disqus_F7ByKnO2Uk

      NSA isn’t limited to Verizon, our government is spying on us via many carriers and providers.

      • Faithful_Watchman

        That still doesn’t make it “OK”. Remember the 4th Amendment against illegal search and seizure? I know it is in tatters because people excuse it as “Aw, it’s OK, they’re on “Our side” mentality has gotten us to where we are on the verge of permanently losing most of the Bill of Rights” and by extension, the guarantees of our Constitution, you know, that remarkable document that made man the free-est he had ever been in the history of man. Yes, that document is being destroyed and they will never have that kind of freedom again.

        Think about that for a moment and let that sink in.

  • crmedic

    Will this channel be available on the XS? I purchased it 3 months before the 3 was released and don’t want to purchase a new Roku.

  • Charmie Pujalt

    Please make Redbox available to NSZ-GT1

  • William Earl Birt

    How much will the service cost the consumer?

  • Dave


  • Dean

    Outstanding! This along with my Netflix is all I need!

  • Andrew

    This is great news. Redbox Instant hasn’t got great reviews in that it doesn’t offer anything Netflix doesn’t (at least streaming wise) but hopefully that changes. I will definately give the free trial a try when this channel goes up. Nice to see Roku jumping on this. Roku has a LOT of channels but most are not very good. This will be one of the top 5.

  • DMartin

    1/3 of Summer is gone and no Roku app for Redbox.

  • Scott

    I just bought the Roku 3 can I just leave it plugged in all day, it seems a little hot to the touch…thanks in advance

  • menfrommainewror

    i read elsewhere it will be in the Fall now.

  • Jennifer Hunt Flowers

    You have all my info I want to subscribe NOW on my ROKU NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • sara

    I can’t find redbox anywhere on my roku 3.. is it still available

  • Alec Barns

    Redbox instant has been amazing! Redbox franchise is booming. What’s next?


  • froggy1

    Why doesn’t my roku 2 have Redbox instant on it? I have searched for it and it don’t show up! I would like to use it!

  • Mason West

    I note that this blog was written in summer 2013. Did this Roku channel come to fruition? Has it come and gone. I’ve been trying to figure out whether I want to be a Redbox customer, but, strangely, not even Redbox is helpful with this question: their Web site offers no clue about how much it costs to rent a movie. I thought a Redbox Roku channel, especially one that also allows a certain number of disk rentals every month, might finally clarify the answer, but no…. “It’s origin and purpose, still a total mystery.”