Last fall, we introduced Play on Roku, a cool feature that lets you stream photos and music directly from your mobile phone to your TV via your Roku. Building on that, today we launched a nifty update to the Roku iOS app (Android support is coming soon to select devices) which also adds the ability to stream videos you’ve taken with your iOS device directly to your TV. Supported devices include iPhone (3gs and later), iPad, and iPod Touch (3rd gen and later).

This new feature is supported by version 5.1 of the Roku player firmware which was released for all customers with a Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku HD (model 2500) or Roku LT (models 2400 & 2450) player or the Roku Streaming Stick. In addition to video streaming from iOS devices and the usual minor bug fixes and performance improvements, the 5.1 update also adds support for audiophile-requested FLAC and WAV audio file formats. The USB Media Player channel has been updated to support these formats.

Want to show off your iPhone-recorded home videos? Get the latest version of the Roku app and stream them on the big screen!








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  • Chip Chapin

    Yawn….believe it or not, but there are *some* of us without an “iOS device”…

    • chadster

      So it doesn’t count as news then? for those of us who DO have an iOS device.

  • Robert Blanchette

    That’s cool, but it would be nice to stream video from the videos app. That would be ubercool!

  • Mike

    Watch out chromecast here comes roku

  • Geri Harper

    Will this app stream from my computer to TV? If not, why not?

    • EnTerr

      Maybe because it is an app for *iPhone/iPad*. It also won’t control your TV volume, it won’t make pancakes nor will it jump-start a car.

      • Geri Harper

        Wow! What a lack of correlation between a ROKU app which works on iphone working for TV’s and making pancakes or jump starting a car. Takes all kinds.

  • ObviousUsername

    That’s one feature I’ve definitely been waiting for in the Roku app. Lets get Android covered ASP, please.

  • Sheri

    It’s fun owning a relatively new product that keeps adding new features! Love this and love the PBS channels!

  • Vince

    Now we just need to send Youtube from our device to the Roku and we won’t need the Chromecast for anything.

    • Joe

      Twonky channel does this – has its own web browser that lets you stream web videos including YouTube to the Roku – it’s a little buggy at times but for the most part works great.

      • Ninja

        Twonky works for videos that span 20-30 mins and not more.

    • Ryan Burr Honeycutt IV

      Youtube doesn’t play all the anime I like though, I would like to stream cause its my favorite site, how do I do this?

  • Poiks

    Can you confirm that this only works for video actually recorded with the iPhone, as opposed to loaded onto the iPhone from iTunes? Those videos don’t seem to show up in the Roku app for streaming, while photos uploaded that way do.

  • Alex

    Can you please release this version also for all app stores outside US? I am here in Europe and cannot download the app. THX!

  • Shane

    Why won’t it work for the 3100X??

  • Ken

    FLAC support – Big thank you, Roku Team!

  • dhkirk

    I think it was this release that change the network requirements by which the iPhone app can connect to ROKU boxes. Its been stated that “ROKU now require that the IP address of the LAN are now “private” ” … thus my LAN – with IP address in the range that is NOT 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x. etc. – cause the iPhone app to fail to find the boxes (it used to work before this).

    Can you just explain what problem you were trying to solve with this change? And was it solved by this? And did you once think that this requires customers to reconfigure their whole network?

  • Nicole

    Your next update should work on allowing whatever is on the iDevice’s screen to be projected onto your tv via roku. I am debating whether or not to buy this product because of that problem. I also want to stream movies from my videos, not from the camera roll.

  • Mt Pleasant

    I can’t find the app on my app store. Can I still download it?

  • PJW1961

    I downloaded the roku IOS app and it works great, but when I tried to download on another device I could no longer find the app in the app store. The message said the app is no longer available in your country (US). Did Apple block the app?

  • Ellery

    Clicking the link to Roku app, my iTunes says it is not available in the US store. Searching my iphone for roku and roku app only finds apps that act as a roku remote control.

    I also installed the USB Media Player channel on my Roku and plugged my iphone into the usb port but this player does not recognize it. Can you help?

  • Anthony Dave Williams

    When would this version be released in app stores outside the US example Trinidad and Tobago

  • James Watson

    My iOS Roku app is Version 2.4.1 Build 2090756.

    Using the “Play On Roku” feature, when I select Music > Artists > (artist) > All Songs > Shuffle, then activate the Repeat button (so the bottom left icon for Repeat and bottom right icon for Shuffle are both purple), a few songs will play and then suddenly it will just stop. It seems to always happen at the end of a song, not in the middle of one.

    Even if there are 30 songs for the artist, it will play maybe 5 songs and then stop. When I look at the app, the Play/Pause button is displaying the Pause symbol (meaning it should still be playing), but it’s “stuck” on the song that was last played. Also, the name of the last song played continues to bounce around on the TV. I can tap the >>| Next button in the app to get it going again, but that’s annoying… and it eventually stops playing again anyway.

    Otherwise, I love the app, and my two Roku’s 🙂 or… Roki?

  • Stefan

    can’t download the App. I’m from Europe.

  • Diego

    Why this app is not available in LA countries? I live in ARGENTINA and the app is not available for downloading.

    • Alejandro

      Hola DIego,
      Estoy por comprar el dispositivo para llevarlo a Argentina, quería saber como funciona allá. Muchas Gracias

  • Joey

    Get an Apple TV already. It does all that and waaay more, like mirroring (anything on you ios goes to your hdtv)

  • Flaming June

    It stopped working with my iPhone 5s after the latest app update on 28-Jul. 🙁

    Please fix!

  • Rich

    Sorry I bought a Roku 2. Should have bought a cheaper Chromecast.

  • john fawcett

    Latest update seems to have damaged my players, buffering on ALL apps and basically broken plex…any other reports of this. Revision 3 buffers and never plays…

  • Lee James

    Even if there are 30 songs for the artist, it will play maybe 5 songs and then stop.NFL Snapback Hats

  • Ann

    Can you just explain what problem you were trying to solve with this change? And was it solved by this?Cheap Snapback Hats

  • willy

    My roku3 app on my iPhone 6 it only function as a remote…I can’t open any channel from my iPhone

  • Sunrise250

    Meh. It needs to work like AirPlay.

  • John Leite

    I just downloaded the Roku solely to play videos from my iphone. However, when I click Play on Roku the only options are Music and Photos. I though you could also play videos. Any help?

  • Phil

    Video won’t play on Roku media player from thumb drive. It’s really picky. I’ll have to work on different formats.

  • I have 6.1 on my Roku 2 and the latest app on my iPhone, I still have no video feature, only music and photos as options. Any ideas?

  • Mark Brown

    It’s cool. But it would be nicer if it supports streaming movies to TV from iTunes via Roku, like Apple TV does. Currently the only way to get it done is using iTunes video converter, like TunesKit to get rid of the DRM from the movies at first. For more details, this tutorial will help:

  • Giang Thúc Hà

    I created playlists for my movies/vids. The play lists will show up in the music section. However I can not get rid of the floating banner. Help