A new streaming media and connected TV report released today by Parks Associates shows that of broadband households in the U.S. that own a streaming device, more use Roku (37%) compared to Apple TV (24%) – and other brands. This means that Roku customers stream more video and music than people who have other streaming devices!

With 1,000 channels on the Roku platform and more entertainment choices than any other streaming device for movies, TV shows, news, sports, music, kids and more, we’re not surprised that Roku fans stream more – but we’re still excited to see independent research that supports it.

Thank you for choosing Roku, and happy streaming!


Anthony Wood

Roku Founder and CEO




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  • Matt Penniman

    Congratulations! This is great news. As a loyal Roku user, it’s good to see that the platform is healthy.

    I have been wondering, though, when we’re going to get a working YouTube app for Roku. Is that something that might be released in the future, or is it unlikely?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • Danaronson

    Fantastic. Great job and great product!

  • Dave O’Neill

    Aug 16th will be one year with no TV Bills! We call it “Happy Stream Day”. Thanks to all at Roku for making streaming so easy and so FUN! Congrats to Roku and people like me! hehe that took hours out of their day to hook up friends and family and teach them how to live the stream!

  • Doug Kohl

    Are you kidding me. I have consumed entire seasons of shows. This device is addictive, and should only be used by professionals. Right now I am on episode 172 of 180 episodes of CSI New York. So tired!


    All Roku needs is
    YouTube to fully take over the streaming media

  • EHans

    Awesome! I’ve had mine right at a year now and don’t miss cable at all. I just wish Youtube was supported. Only dark spot in an otherwise fantastic experience!

  • Mike

    Great, you made it! Now that you have everyone’s attention, how about improving that ancient Netflix UI for crying out loud? ….and go petition Google for YouTube

  • driveldeedee

    awesome. i was recently thinking how rad it would be if roku released personal usage stats. i’d love to know what my video diet really is like (i.e. how many minutes per day, the types of programs i watch, etc.)
    any chance that could ever happen?

  • EnTerr

    Well this is odd!
    How come “More U.S. Households Use Roku vs. Apple TV” (37% vs 24% of the streamers), when there are 2.6 times more AppleTV sold than Rokus, if we look at the total sales (16M vs 5M, per Apple and Roku data from April/May)?

  • r-ferrer@uiuc.edu

    Now that Roku has the market share and the largest selection of channels let’s see how Roku can improve the user experience. Too many of the channels have buffering issues even when the user’s network connection is more than adequate. What can Roku do to help? Increase the caching capabilities? Have better standards for channels before allowing them in the store?

  • Here’s the real reason why Roku is #1: http://www.reactiongifs.us/youre-awesome-supernatural/

  • Jack

    Great to see my instinct confirmed by the numbers.

    You know Roku is getting big when my mother asks for one for her birthday!

    Switching from satellite to Roku + Netlifx has saved me almost $1,000 so far, and counting. I love it so much, I blogged about it: http://www.enwealthen.com/2013/08/the-great-tv-conspiracy-or-how-to-earn-80-a-month-forever/

  • Bryan10024

    And yet Netflix updated all popular platforms last week with the “profiles” update but Roku won’t get update until early 2014!!!

    Makes no sense especially given that Roku started as a Netflix streaming device.

  • Tony

    Really, how long will that last? Re: the collaboration with DishWorld. Worst Idea ever. The point of having a Roku is watching what you want and not paying ridiculous network pricing. $14.95/mo for one channel, Seriously? Outrageous! This is why I won’t subscribe to other networks. I may just stop using my Roku altogether if this keeps happening….

  • baneyjd

    Roku would be THE best with YouTube. Most other players have it. Still love my Roku.

  • Jacob Smith

    Even more of a reason to fix the glaring Netflix issue, regarding watching an episode of a TV series and then having to back out of the app completely to continue on to the next episode. So many have notified management of this issue on the support forums, yet nothing is done other than one side blaming the other.

  • Sparky57

    A good product will last a long time.A great product will last forever.Don’t let the big boys steal anything,ROKU.Stay ahead.Nice Job Anthony Wood!

  • Joe

    A lot of people posting about wanting YouTube so thought I’d share. I use the Twonky channel which works with the free Twonky iOS app. The Roku channel is private – just means you have to search for it by name. The iOS app works by having its own web browser, which has links to key video sites including YouTube but can be used for just about any site with video (except Flash) Just find the video you want, click Beam, and it plays on the Roku. Works great for me despite the poor iOS app reviews, I’m not affiliated with Twonky at all but am very excited it works – just a little buggy at times.

  • Inaba-kun

    Interesting that you omitted the big players in living room streaming – the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Add those numbers and let’s see how it looks.

  • NotAFan

    With this nonsense of limiting new channels to the new generation Roku, that lead is going to diminish! I loved my Roku and recommended it to everyone, but not anymore, not if I’m going to have to buy a new Roku every two years to get new updates/channels. I am so disappointed that one of my favorite products is from a company that is now as greedy, or even more so than Apple.

  • Alowersa

    Love roku but need you tube and redbox streaming !

  • pulltheweeds

    oh great . another reason to continue being a big fat slob. get out and walk..
    turn that idiotic device off.

  • Mike Maliska

    One of my favorite free Roku Channels (The Artistic Blog):

  • Thetwitchguy

    Lol twitch gets more views than this

  • James Murray

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  • gtaylor

    How many households have Roku in the US and internationally>?

  • Lee James

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  • Ann

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