Scary movies are no longer just for Halloween. This summer’s The Conjuring, World War Z and You’re Next have had us on the edge of our seats, peering through our fingers and wanting more. And we’re in luck! Today’s National Frankenstein Day, so keep the spooky, monster mash going this weekend and pick what you want to stream (and scream to) from the following list:

Signs (2002): It’s only an hour and a half long, which is good, because we’re holding our breath the whole time. From the music to the shot style to the way that no one seems really that creeped out when they hear aliens on the baby monitor, Signs may just be M. Knight’s best. Available on the Amazon Instant Video channel on Roku.

Hellraiser (1987): Few monsters are as grotesque as the nails-in-the-face leader of a hellish alternate universe opened by a Pandora’s Box straight from horror novelist Clive Barker’s warped imagination. There are hooks in this movie. Lots and lots of hooks. Available on the Netflix, Amazon Instant VideoHulu Plus, and Vudu channels on Roku.

Cloverfield (2008): A big…thing…descends on Manhattan and, well, bad stuff happens. It’s sort of Blair Witch meets Godzilla with a CW vibe, and was created by J.J. Abrams. Which means it did really well in theaters. And rightly so: We squealed like tiny baby girls once. Maybe twice. Available on the Redbox Instant by VerizonAmazon Instant Video, and Vudu channels on Roku.

Alien(1979): No one should overlook the movie that put Ridley Scott on the map and gave us a satisfying human interest tale while scaring the pants off of us in the process. Anyone can jump out of a closet and bite your head off or whatever; only a Ridley Scott alien can mess with you like a cat with a toy rat for a (seeming) eternity, upping the tension with every microsecond until… Available on the Amazon Instant Video and Vudu channels on Roku.

The Mist (2007): Based on a book by Stephen King and written and directed by the guy who created Shawshank Redemption, this one is about a really mean fog. And then some monsters that invade when you’re blinded by the mean fog. If it doesn’t sound scary to you, go ahead and watch it at midnight when you’re alone in the suburbs while housesitting for your sister who’s on vacation in Hawaii…when it feels like you’re the last human on earth and no one will hear you scream. Watch it then, and let us know what you think. Available on the Amazon Instant Video and Vudu channels on Roku.

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  • EnTerr

    Ha, really? “upping the tension with every microsecond” – do you have a clue what a microsecond is – or are you determined to hyperbolize to readers’ bitter end?

    Do you know how many microseconds are there in a two-hour movie? Hint: more that you can hope to count for the rest of your life. No, wait – let me up the ante: there are more microseconds in one hour than a human can count in a whole life, since birth to dying of old age. A fleeting blink of the eye takes 350 000 microseconds.

    Next time try with “nanoseconds” or “picosecond”, i dare you.

    • Jim L Cunningham

      What an a-hole!