Hi, I’m Patrick and I’m one of the earliest Roku employees. Currently I’m a part of the product management team, helping to define and guide new features.

Following on our launch of Play On Roku video support for iPhones and other iOS devices last month, we have just updated the latest version of our Android app which also adds this feature. Now you can stream the videos that you’ve taken with your Android device, to your Roku player with the Play On Roku feature. Video playback is presently supported on select devices, including the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7 (2012 edition), and requires Android 4.0 or later.

As with iOS, the supported Android device needs to be paired with a Roku player running software version 5.1 or later. For best results, we recommend using a WiFi router that supports 802.11N. The updated Roku Android app is available now in the Google Play store.


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  • jen

    Galaxy SIII and S4 but no Note 2? What gives?

  • jd

    Fantastic work. Love that Android is getting love so soon after iOS. Make this work with YouTube and I’ll gladly donate my ChromeCast to the dumpster.

  • Not Sure

    I have an s4 but there is no video option like in the screenshot above.

    • Adam

      I have the same issue on my S4

    • kishor

      Same issue no video option in S4.

    • RV

      I have the HTC ONE and no video option either.

  • i have a tmobile samsung gs2 and can stream mp4 videos to my roku using the JUICE app… works GREAT. but i’d rather use an official roku app 🙂 so… is gs2 (aka android version 2.3.6 aka gingerbread) support forthcoming for this app? most curiously yours, james k.

  • DA

    I have a 2012 Nexus 7 but Google Play says “This app is incompatible with all of your devices”. It does say “September 9, 2013”.

    • Mike H

      Ditto. Even if it should say streaming video from the 2013 nexus, no reason the app should suddenly not be compatible.

    • DrinkinGinNJoking

      Re my 2012 N7: Google Play Store says “Installed” AND “This app is incompatible..”
      Was it compatible at one point in the past? Did I side-load it?

      • DA

        It was compatible. The old version is still iinstalled on my nexus 7 and still works, though for some reason it no longer shows up in the list of apps.

  • I am also getting a “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” on the Nexus 7, but I did get the update with the Nexus 4.

  • Kevin Burton

    An Android app that doesn’t support ALL Android devices is an unfinished product! Not cool, Roku. Not cool.

  • Jack

    The video option doesn’t work with my Galaxy S3. Still shows only photos and Music.

    • JRomeo

      go to your gallery, find a video, click share on that video, and share to roku, tell me if that works.

      • Monica

        Video option isn’t showing on my Galaxy S3 either. Tried the suggestion above, and that doesn’t work either.

        • JRomeo

          consider trading your S3 for the Nexus phone which will be released next month.

          • Rhuel

            I don’t get the option for video in the Roku app on my S3 either and your suggestion of sharing via the gallery, no option for Roku in the list.

            The app says it works with S3, the S3 is a great device, but since the app doesn’t work as described, you suggest to get a new phone. Great advice.

      • Krista Simone

        Hey so im trying to get a video up on the roku and its not letting me i went in gallery and shared it to the roku

        • JRomeo

          if using the roku app doesn’t work, then try this instead. download the “Google Photos” app, and install it. then find the video inside the Google Photos app, and when you find it, make sure that you are connected to WiFi, then wait and see if you see the chromecast button. the google cast button supposedly casts to both chromecast AND roku, so it should work. If it doesn’t work, then download another app called Allcast, and try it using that app also.

  • DrinkinGinNJoking

    What file properties control whether an MP4 plays? eg A download from YT plays but a ripped DVD does not.

  • Duane

    Nope, just the opposite: I COULD play video from my android BEFORE the update, now I can’t. Way to go. At least please make the previous version available.

  • ObviousUsername

    I was excited because I have an HTC One S and I’ve been waiting for this feature. Then I was disappointed because of that damned “S”. No go. Why don’t you tell us your criteria? Or tell us if/when other devices will get support?

  • Matt Kunze

    Stupid question maybe – why can’t I do this from my laptop as well?

  • Brian Correll

    this is crap . updated and do not see a video option .. running note 2

  • Androidfan

    Any chance this app will ever work with a Samsung Galaxy tab2 10.1?

  • Bill

    I have a galaxy s3 paired with my roku LT. The option to play video is there, when I select it I see my videos as thumbnails, when I hit one of them, the thumbnails turn black and I get a message that says my video’s arent compatible with each one I try. They’re all mp4/avi files…which files are supported?

    • Songman

      I have tried .avi, .mkv, .mp4, and they all show incompatible.

      • Mike Todd

        I have the same issue. tried all formats and get incompatible message.

    • Aaron

      I just figured this out. Some of the videos on my wife’s SIII would play, but others would not. When I dug into the details I discovered that it only works if your video setting are set to an HD resolution (1920×1080). She had bumped hers down to 320×460 and those were the videos that would not play. Try changing your resolution and see if that helps!

  • chad

    Can anyone stream using a note2?

  • Josh

    Please add support for the new LG G2 as well!

  • Jorge

    You should update your Web page that shows that only iPhone supports these feature: http://m.roku.com/products/roku-3

  • Cheryl Maxey

    This dosen’t work with my LGL45c. Hope that changes in the future…Thanks

  • Rob

    LG G2 support please!

  • anon

    Lies. Cannot stream from my Android to my Roku LT. Only music and video.

    • anon

      Music and pictures *

  • Michael Mcgraw

    Since my Galaxy S2 doesn’t support this Roku feature, I upload (autoimatically) all photos and videos from Galaxy S2 to a dropbox folder which is then shared with Plex on my Roku…watch my phone videos and pics.

  • chris

    Just reloaded roku ap on galaxy note with androed 4.2.2 but no video option. I find it hard to beleve I cant sue for false advertizing

  • chris

    Hello hay Patrick this ap needs some more work. The video option is not shown on this samsung android. Whats up can you actualy say this option works when it does not. My tab is running 4.2.2
    roku 5.3

  • Phssthpok

    Another vote for general Android support. I have a Xoom, Razr Maxx, Nexus 10, and LG G2 and not a single one can stream videos (much less Google Play streaming music.). The Roku rocks but this is weak.

  • kew

    is it possible if i have to install anroid app on roku3

  • RP

    Is this for Roku 3 only? I have Galaxy S2 and Roku 2HD, I un-installed the previous app and installed the new one, but still do not see the Play Video on Roku option. It is March ’14, this blog post is from Sept ’13.

    • slfisher

      what he asked.

  • Doug

    No video option on my GS4.

  • Randy Baylor

    Asus mp hd7 please

  • Brian

    I have a Nexus 7 (2013), the roku app was installed and asked for the Roku IP address which I manually entered from the setting’s screen. The roku did not accept it. Why?

  • AverageJoe

    No support for Tab 3 or Tab 4 …… but Tab 2 yes??? WTF???

    The full (but in my opinion limited) list of supported devices for music, pics and video are here: http://support.roku.com/entries/22049997-What-is-Play-on-Roku-#

    But come on ROKU…. get with it…..

  • Scott Huegerich

    mp4s do not play. unacceptable

  • wwtb12d

    what format do the videos need to be for me to stream them?? I have a couple of movies that I put on my phone and when i try to play them it says “this file type is not supported” even though its an MP4.. Some of the videos that ive taken with the phone will play and some will not even though theyre all MP4. I dont get it…

    • Robert DeSantis

      It only works with videos you shoot with your phone .

  • Elizabeth Pond-McPherson

    I read that I can search from my iPhone remote app via voice and every channel that has that film will show up. Sounds wonderful. See:


    However, my remote has no search option. My Roku box is OLD (Model N1100). My remote app if different than the picture I see of remote iPhone apps at the Roku site. Is it because I have such an old Roku that I have a different app? If so, is there any other way I can access a voice search option on my iPhone app?

  • vhs

    The roku app was installed and asked for the Roku IP address which I manually entered from the setting’s screen. The device was never found with my Nexus 4, it only Work with my iPad a with my HTC one S.

  • Tony

    How about videos that you have downloaded from web sites?

  • Joe

    Bypassed everything by loading the Playto Lite app to the tab4 works perfectly. It is a good end around until Roku gets their act together. Hope this helps.

  • Hello – I don’t seem to have a video play option on my Roku Android app. It’s music and photos only. Any ideas why that might be?

  • Brad Conlon

    Why is this app not available for me in South Africa?
    It doesn’t make sense to sell me a device and then limit me from using it.

    • James Pagani

      I agree Brad. Also is SA. Were very surprised when i tried to try and download the app on App store only to find that it’s not available in SA. These small details are so important when making decisions on purchasing streaming devices. If i knew this i would’ve bought the Apple TV

  • dwall

    Gotta buy a chromecast for YouTube’s..too bad

  • Kathleen

    I just got my Roku 2 and I keep getting an error in the Disney App. What can I do to fix this issue?