We’re excited to announce that streaming is about to get even better with our all-new family of Roku players.  First, like all things Roku, we try to simplify everything about streaming, right down to our product names.  The new family features the new Roku 1 and Roku 2 to go alongside the Roku 3 that we launched earlier this year. We have also updated our entry level product, the Roku LT, giving all current Roku players a fun, friendly design.

Second, just in time for fall TV viewing, we’ve added some great new features to give customers more enjoyment and value. For example, we’ve added a headphone jack for private listening and dual-band wireless to the Roku 2, and support for 1080p HD video to the Roku 1.

As always, every Roku player comes loaded with a broad selection of streaming entertainment – currently more than 1,000 channels in the U.S. and more than 450 channels each in Canada, the U.K., and the Republic of Ireland.

The new Roku 1 and Roku 2 models will be available in the US, Canada, the U.K, and the Republic of Ireland, and we are very pleased to now be offering our flagship Roku 3, the fastest and most powerful Roku player to date to users in all these countries as well.

Here’s the new Roku family lineup in more detail:

  • The new Roku LT (model 2700) is the easiest and most affordable way to stream to virtually any TV with support for up to 720p HD video quality. (Expected to be available in the U.S. in October for $49.99).
  • The Roku 1 takes streaming a step further than the Roku LT with support for up to 1080p HD video quality. (Expected to be available in the U.S./Canada/U.K.+Republic of Ireland in October for $59.99/CAD $69.99/£59.99).
  • The Roku 2 offers the same great experience as the Roku 1 and features a remote with built-in headphone jack for private listening and dual-band wireless for better Internet connectivity. Both are popular features that were previously available only with the Roku 3. (Expected to be available in the U.S./Canada/U.K.+Republic of Ireland in October for $79.99/CAD $89.99/£79.99).
  • Leading the family is the flagship Roku 3 which sets the bar for streaming with all the features of the Roku 2 plus Ethernet and USB ports and an enhanced remote with built-in headphone jack and motion-control for gaming. (Expected to be available in the U.S./Canada/U.K.+Republic of Ireland in October for $99.99/CAD $109.99/£99.99).

We’re also introducing the M-GO movie and TV store, integrated directly on our home screen menu in the U.S. for easy and instant access to their great selection of movies and TV shows including Hangover 3, The Croods, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Glee and even fall-premiering shows like Brooklyn 9-9 starring Andy Samberg. To make it even simpler, the M-GO service features direct billing with a Roku account so users can rent or buy through M-GO without any extra account setup.

The movie and TV show shortcuts powered by M-GO will be available in the U.S. on the new Roku LT, Roku 1 and Roku 2 players, and will automatically roll out as a free software update beginning in October to all current-generation Roku devices – the Roku LT (models 2400 and 2450), Roku HD (model 2500), Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD, Roku 2 XS and Roku 3 players as well as the Roku Streaming Stick.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a better TV experience for yourself or as a gift this holiday, the new Roku family has you covered! To learn more, visit www.roku.com.

Happy Streaming!

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  • Niall

    The Roku 3 looks great, I’d like to get one.

    There doesn’t seem to be an RTÉ Player app though. It’s really important here in Ireland, all our major TV series are available on it and our competitive international football matches are streamed live via the player, essential!

  • Kevin Burton

    I did a system update but don’t see M-GO. Is this a staggered roll out?

    • Chad Calhoun

      Same here. I ran an update but don’t see it either.

    • Tom

      Above it says the MGo update will start rollout in October.

    • William Westfall

      I was hoping it would already be out. Unfortunately it’s not out til some time October. Sorry man!

  • Ira

    If you make it harder for me to get to my own channels, I’ll be switching to Apple TV *very* quickly.

    • Tom

      Roku makes everything easier.

      • Ira

        Really? With the old UI, “my channels” are the first option on the home
        screen. Looks like Roku is pushing the content I actually want to
        access to the bottom of the list in favor of it’s new M-GO service.

    • Aaron Baumann

      I understand what you’re saying here. Why are they pimping some random service (M-GO) instead of making it easier to access our own content? I don’t want a new service thrown in my face, I want it to be easier to find content that I own (whether it be VUDU, Amazon or some other service) or content that’s freely available to me right now (via HBO GO, Amazon Prime Instant, Netflix, etc.)

      • RobbieSDA

        I agree. I would encourage Roku to have an option in the settings to remove the M-Go entries from the main page, as many users, myself included, will resent having to work around them all the time feeling like I am being pushed into buying from them. I have access to VUDU, Blockbuster, et al, and don’t typically rent/buy from them. Why would I need another similar provider in my face all the time that I also will not use often if at all? Come on Roku, at least make an option to remove the M-Go links. Thanks for listening!

  • macwinuxit

    Do any of these new models have dual band (5Ghz and 2.4Ghz) 802.11n? I can’t use the Roku after my kids go to bed, because the baby monitor kills the Roku.

    • landonthegr8

      Yes dual band is available for the Roku 2 (new gen) and 3.

      • Hugo Du Bois

        But the Roku 3 I have cannot switch dynamically between the 5 and 2.4Ghz bands. It sees both, but can only be on 1 at a time and it doesn’t switch automatically.

        • Phillip Remaker

          Why would you ever want to switch? I just leave mine on the 5.8GHz all of the time.

          • macwinuxit

            Agreed. All of my 5ghz capable devices stick to 5ghz. There’s no real reason to switch back and forth. Doubly so for a streaming device that generally doesn’t move.

    • mndasher

      802.11n is now old school 802.11ac is the new high speed standard. I have a ‘ac wireless router waiting patiently for devices that support it.

      • macwinuxit

        802.11ac isn’t a standard yet. It’s not been ratified yet. Furthermore, unless your internet connection is faster than say 200Mbps, you’re not going to notice the difference between 5ghz 802.11n and 5ghz 802.11ac anyway.

        • macwinuxit

          I should add that AC will have a difference internally to your local LAN, but not for a streaming device like a Roku while using a service lack Amazon or Netflix.
          Unless, of course, you’re a lucky Google fiber customer. 🙂

    • devlin7

      you can change the channel on your router so it uses a different one than the baby monitor… but I believe the new Roku 2 & 3 has dual band.

      • macwinuxit

        Tried that, still doesn’t work. I’ll just flip one of my Rokus and get a Roku 3 for use at night.

    • Roku 3 and Roku 2 feature dual band wireless. Both models also feature the headphone jack for private listening — perfect for sleeping babies!

  • William Westfall

    I am so there … please push the update NOW! … please? 😉

  • Looks like a nice update – both in terms of specs and the revised hardware.

  • Tontee

    Already have the 3… There a newer one?

  • I have a roku 2 Xs angry birds edition…. Will you sell remotes separately so I can enjoy headphones, or would it not work that way

    • Phillip Remaker

      Only the new Roku 2 and the new/existing Roku 3 have the hardware to support the “two way remote” that allows the headphone feature. The features needs to be both in the base unit AND the remote.

  • Amanda T. Robinson McClain

    Already have the 3.. Is there a newer one?

  • CC1980

    Love my Roku 3 just wish it offered a programmable volume control for the TV.

    • ded2me

      Yes! They need a new remote that offers simple programmable functions for the TV. Volume, Channel, and Input commands.

      • Phillip Remaker

        I use an RCA RCRPS04GR programmable remote as a universal remote to control my Roku. A little hassle to set up, but gives you one remopte to rule them all.

        • Gzoo

          I can’t seem to make the RCA learn the “star” button from my Roku remote. Have a Roku XS remote – the one you can use like a Wii game controller.

          We’re you able to get your RCA to learn the star button?

      • stromm

        I have a Roku 3 and use my Logitech Harmony remote with it. Piece of cake to set up.

        Total surprise that I don’t have to use the WiFi based Roku3 remote.

        • ded2me

          Yeah. Time to invest in a Harmony Remote.

    • Phillip Remaker

      I wish the Roku family would steal the AppleTV feature that lets the unit learn the IR signals from unused buttons on your TV remote. For example, the arrow keys on my TV remote only work in Menu mode, which I never use. If the Roku would “learn” those, I could use them to control the Roku. This is what I can do on my AppleTV.

    • Jimmy Reagan

      I wish the Roku could make me dinner…

      • silvi

        ha! ha! very funny!

  • Jeremy

    Still no youtube…

    • Phillip Remaker

      I use the TwonkyBeam application on the Roku and my phone/tablet to get Youtube on my Roku. Less convenient, but possible!

    • I run Plex on my computer with the Youtube channel installed.

      • I love Plex.

      • NHBill603

        I run youtube on my computer because it’s a computer.

        • Yeah? And how does that work when you stream it to Roku from your computer? Oh right, it doesn’t.

    • Charley

      you can watch youtube on it.

      As I understand it, the issue is something related to licensing…

      • DiamondDNice

        Issue or not sounds like there’s still no youtube app. fail Hello WDTV

        • jonnyohio

          I also have an apple tv besides a Roku and to be honest, YouTube integration sucks. Not sure if it’s because Google has a limited API or what, but I can’t even see new videos from channels I’m subscribed to. I have to go to each channel and look to see if there is anything new. I still pull it up on my tablet or PC, usually the PC because even on my tablet it doesn’t work right half the time. Oh sure I can airplay, but would be nice to have the option to just browse with my remote. Maybe if Roku adds it someday it will be better. Can’t believe something hasn’t been worked out yet to get YouTube on this.

          • Jimmy Reagan

            The You Tube Channel is on Sony Blu Ray players.. and you’re right, it’s not that special.. From what I understand, You Tube was trying to roll out their Google TV, but according to a popular entertainment trade, Google is doing away with Google TV..So things may change in the future, as far as You Tube being on Roku,

    • Stephen Dix

      Check out “Play To” in the play store. Easily push from your phone/tablet to the Roku. Youtube included. Also, a Chromecast is $35.
      Not perfect solutions, but workable.

    • Rodalpho

      Bravo to you sir.

      Why does Roku STILL not have youtube?!

      • Jeff

        It’s called Google greed! I don’t miss Youtube at all on my Roku. If there is something that I must see on Youtube then TwonkyBeam and Plex do the trick.

        • tiredofhollywoodjunk

          So why does Apple,Sony and so many other competitors devices have youtube and Roku does not??? IF it was Google Greed then why dont they cut Sony and Apple from having it? Thats a weak excuse or more than anything not the “REAL” Reason Roku does not have youtube.

          • Rick

            Maybe they can pay the premium/fee and shoulder it so they can have the service on their box rather than pass it to their consumers. That or they don’t like Roku. Licensing can be pretty tricky when it comes to streaming.

          • Robert Coates

            It might have something to do with the fact that Netflix is one of the backers of Roku.

      • cliffko

        The number one reason why there is no YouTube on Roku is because there is no clear ownership of YouTube videos. Remember that Roku is simply a device that runs apps. The apps are built by various companies that either have clear ownership of the content they are providing or a license from the owner to provide or stream that content. There is also the fact that the Roku is considered a Set Top Box. As such you may notice a difference in some apps’ content depending upon the app. Hulu Plus is a great example of this difference in that some programs are not allowed to be shown on the Roku Hulu Plus app but may be seen on Hulu Plus using a web browser on your computer, tablet or phone. It may seem like a small distinction but it is a big one as far as the Studios, TV Stations, Cable companies and other content providers get their revenue. The apps you see on Smart TVs and Home Theater boxes are basically wrappers that display a web browser that only goes to YouTube.

        We have all seen You Tube videos that show commercials with a place to click and view that product they are advertising. There would be no way for a Roku viewer to do that so the owners of the content, for the most part, do not want that video played without that possible interaction as that is where their revenue comes from. Considering the millions of You Tube videos you can see the logistical problem of sorting out what videos may or may not be allowed to play on a Roku without a clear ownership or license path.

    • cb2000a

      I have You Tube channel on my Roku. It is buried in another channel and you have to bring it out. I did this about 3 years ago when Roku offered just a few channels. Watched the final race of America’s Cup last night on You Tube on my Roku box.

      • if you go to youtube you can navigate to a sign page that asks for a code. I did it about 3 years ago and do not remember exactly how I did it but I have Youtube on both of my Roku devices. It comes up in the channel store as Youtube under mychannels and everything.

        • Paddlingirl Chris

          I have youtube on all 6 of my rokus and like ahnetrthoughts i added the channel when I first got my roku and dont remember how i did it, could have been a private channel

      • Jimmy Reagan

        I think you’re talking about Play On, which btw, is horrible and redundant on Roku.. Nothing works and the You Tube channel requires a log on and not your log on.. Play On’s log on, so like most channels on Play On on Roku – “Nothing Here”.. I don’t see what the big deal is, if you have a blu ray player or PS3, just switch to that to use You Tube… Sheesh..

    • BrotherDave

      In all likelihood there will never again be a YouTube channel on Roku again. At one time there was a You-Tube channel on Roku. Google bought YouTube then Google made Roku take the channel down. I believe there was a cease and desist letter involved. Here is why. Google has their own video streaming platform called GOOGLE TV and they want YouTube on it exclusively as a “selling point” for their platform. Google doesn’t actually make boxes like a Roku box but instead licenses the Google TV operating platform to manufactures such as Sony who use it in their Wi-Fi enabled Blu-Ray players and Smart TV’s. The Video-Buzz channel “back-doored” YouTube content onto Roku for a while before Roku booted Video-Buzz off Roku completely. The You-Tube channel absence doesn’t bother me at all! Actually I have YouTube on my Sony Wi-Fi enabled Blu-Ray player and I’ve never watched it once! I didn’t buy a huge 1080p HDTV and Roku to watch low definition video.

      I bought a 1080p Roku as soon as possible to connect to the same set where the Blu-Ray player is connected because the Google TV platform not only gets very few decent channels and takes a ridiculous amount of time to boot, connect to Wi-Fi and actually get to streaming that I can be 5 minutes into a film with the Roku before the Google TV platform is ready to even load Netflix, but I could watch YouTube on it if I wanted to. I don’t though. I’m so tired of people moaning about no YouTube because it is of no value to me whatsoever as an actual TV channel. I’m sure if Google allowed Roku to have it then they would. They don’t and they won’t. Give up on YouTube on Roku because it probably is never going to happen.

      • tiredofhollywoodjunk

        Lame answers and excuses. Bottom line is Sony or Apple have it on their devices and Roku does not. No one cares that you do not want to watch lower rez videos on your big fancy TV that is not the argument. THere are plenty of Youtube videos and content in 1080p and any idiot would know that but you are giving your opinion on something you do not know anything about. I dont want to have a 3rd computer hooked up to my TV nor do I want to have a blue ray player to watch youtube because I dont rent movies nor do I buy bluerays. All of you answers where only your scenario set up not what others here are trying to do so you answers where useless…..

      • Jimmy Reagan

        Google announced last week in Home Media Retailing Magazine that they are ending Google TV..

    • Mark

      I use PlayOn. Works great! Only complaint is sometimes I have to restart the software on my PC if YouTube doesn’t work on the Roku. Happens every 4th or 5th time I go to use it. Takes about 45 seconds.

    • dnice

      Buy Chromecast for $35 or Google TV if you must have YouTube. YouTube is now fully intergraded with Android, YouTube will not be on Roku anytime soon.

  • Devid Vokrachko

    I want a Roku with a Digital Tuner so I can drop cable.

    • Phillip Remaker

      I solved this problem with a SimpleTV (www.simple.tv) which provides a central tune+DVR which you can play through an app on your Roku – Live TV or recorded.

      • Mike

        I would like to stream my pc internet to my tv thru my Roku 3? How do I do that I have Plex, but I can’t make it work?

        • Phillip Remaker

          That’s a better question for forums.roku.com.

    • Richard Estes

      The closest thing I have found so far is PlayOn (http://www.playon.tv). I haven’t got it yet, but from what I’ve seen, the way it works is you download the software to a PC, and then you can either view on the computer or stream to other devices, such as Roku, and I think it even works on Wii and Wii U.

    • Devid Vokrachko

      I’ve tried PlayOn through the Roku and had lots of streaming issues.

      • Jimmy Reagan

        Same here..Play On on Roku is very redundant and highly unnecessary..it’s repurposed streaming, Play On doesn’t clean out dead files, which means you spend a lot of time searching for stuff to watch. The pps that do work either rebuffer every 3 mins, take forever to load or simple end in the middle of a program. Some channels also require age verification to view movies, but you can’t enter anything, because they require verification on Play On’s end..Frustrating and worthless.. HOWEVER, Play On’s free My Media app is a priceless gift and I love it.

    • Moe Detale

      If that idea becomes popular enough the cable companies will digitally encrypt every channel.

    • Phillip Remaker

      In order to drop cable, I got a Simple.TV network DVR which lets you record over-the-air TV on to a USB hard drive and stream it to any Roku in the house. Or iPhone/iPad/Android/Web Browser. I ended up not using it much, since I found that I just used a part of the money that I would have used on cable to rent the same programs from Amazon, allowing me to watch them without commercials, network “watermarks,” or any of the crap on broadcast TV.

  • dbotamous

    Get YouTube and then I can replace my 4 GTVs and go back to Rokus. Still waiting.

    • Phillip Remaker

      Have you tried the Twonkybeam app along with a smartphone/tablet?

    • Troy Kleasner

      Roku has Plex which has Youtube, therefore Roku has Youtube.

  • Will

    Still no HBOGo for Comcast subscribers. What gives?

    • Spaced

      Ask Comcast. They’re why you can’t watch it on Roku.

  • jacqui

    and for South Africa ??

  • Kerry

    So what good is 1080p when the Netflix servers can’t even keep up with 720p on a 20 meg connection?

    • devlin7

      it’s your connection… I have a 15meg connection and rarely see any problems at 1080p unless my provider if flaking out again.

  • Mark Jeacoma

    I have the Roku 3 and a slew of other media streamers (Google Tv (1st and 2nd gen), WDTV, Ouya and now Chromecast) what is it about the Roku that people love? I want to love it but am underwhelmed from the selection of pretty much anything. It lacks support for SMB shares (yes, I run plex but GoogleTv handles it better than Roku), remote is flakey and the selection lacks. I just don’t get it

    • devlin7

      I like the private channels I can get with my Roku’s! It’s a feature I don’t see on most media streaming devices. Most want to dictate what selection you can have…. Now if they’d only get rid of that #$%^*(#@ advertisement taking up valuable space on the right side of my screen while selecting channels….

    • Troy Kleasner

      My Roku 3 was simple to set up, works great and doesn’t give me any trouble. The simplicity of the Plex app streaming my pc media content with the beautiful and impressive Jukebox format is my favorite thing ever. I can’t say that about any of my last media players (Popcorn Hour, Sony PS3 and Bluray players, netgear and another one that I can’t remember the name of.)

  • izdale

    Do any of these actually have faster processors than the last models? Otherwise, what is different about the LT other than how it looks? And for Roku 1, it adds 1080p from the Roku HD, but will it run faster? I just BARELY bought a Roku HD and want to know if I gain anything other than 1080p by getting Roku 1.

    • macwinuxit

      Yes, it appears the 3 has a faster proc.

      • izdale

        That doesn’t answer my question. I wasn’t asking about the 3 and it wasn’t updated anyway.

  • A few questions:
    What’s the difference between this new Roku 3 and the Roku 3 I already own?
    Does this new software update support profiles?

    • Troy Kleasner

      Nothing…read the article again.

      • Ah, I see now, I was confused.

        I guess I’ll just have to update the software and see if profiles are there.
        Nevermind, there is no update.

      • Jimmy Reagan


  • Tangible

    “…with a broad selection of steaming entertainment…”

    Unless you guys are bragging about the porn options, I think you need an “r” in there.

  • Jessica

    Netgear sells a box that has Youtube on it!

    • devlin7

      And it SUCKS! I use to sell them lol… Why do you think I bought Roku’s… Though the new annoying mega ad on the right side of my channel menu has me look around at the competition

  • EnTerr

    So… this M-Go is just another channel but will be integrated in the home screen?

    M-go is a service world unknown… go look it up. I am trying to find anything on it, since M-go has existed for a year already. It has no entry on Wikipedia and when you google it, the top results are about M-Go “grabbing the pole” on Roku. There is no app for iOS but there is one for Android (yay!)… has 3.3/5 rating from only 32 votes; has ~20k installs and its base grows steadily at ~85 installs/day. On its own rate it would reach Roku’s own installations in… (does some vigorous calculator punching Colbert-style)… 5 million… divided by… ah, in 160 years.

    So isn’t this just an obnoxious advertisement for M-Go, “profit sharing” for Roku and a giant blowjob we users have to deliver to a service which… well, nobody knows?

    Do i get to disable that “feature” from the home screen – and how?

    • The movie and TV shortcuts powered by M-GO will exist as category shortcuts on the home screen menu. Items on the home screen menu can’t be disabled but you can choose whether you want to use those shortcuts or watch TV using the other options on the menu.

      • EnTerr

        That’s weaseling you are doing by saying “Items … can’t be disabled” when you mean to say “We (Roku Inc) will not allow to disable or remove items from that menu”.

        And why not, pray tell? It is not technically difficult. Why shan’t i be able to uproot the unknown M-Go and replace it with Netflix or YouTube that i care about?

        • Jeff

          Same reason it is impossible to uninstall Internet Explorer from a Microsoft operating system, licensing. If you don’t like it just install a different one and use that one. There are over 1,000 channels available for Roku so just find a channel you like and skip over what you don’t like.

          Why shan’t people stop complaining about every little thing and start looking at what’s good about things?

          • Jimmy Reagan

            But the majority of channels are religious fairytale channels.. can’t say Bruce’s Alabama Bible Pod Cast or Bubba’s Baptist Boo Boo Sermon is the same thing as M-Go.. Religious channels out number regular channels on Roku.. and I don’t add any of the religious channels, so 1,000 channels really shouldn’t apply when you’re talking about variety of options…

        • EnTerr

          As an update, now in player’s Settings there is a “Home Screen” entry that gives choice of showing (or not) News or MGo.

    • Jimmy Reagan

      But of course, M-GO is STILL not available on the Roku 3

  • Craig Stacey

    Man, if you’d create an app to share my display from my Android or my laptop, you’d have removed any reason to own an AppleTV.

  • majeeda

    Great news though it be even more awesome if youtube was apart of the news too, that Plex thingy is glitchy

    • dgarra

      Try Twonky w/ a phone or tablet. Plex works great for streaming local media, not so good for internet channels.

  • I currently own seven Roku units, of which four are consistently active, two are semiretired and one is fully retired. I love my Rokus (i.e. most of the time) but… Who are the people at Roku that implement the company’s units/products names/designations and how much are they paid for this particular endeavor? Roku’s products designations appear to be chosen at Rock-Paper-Scissor contests amongst its decision makers, there is no apparent concern for intuitive and distinctive product(s) naming that would NOT lead to potential confusion for its yet to be tapped consumers who are not at all familiar with the company’s products. This type of issue does not do Roku the credit it deserves, it may actually hinder its products’ appeal to the uninitiated public, which is not only counterproductive, but also potentially harmful to the company’s bottom line (revenue & profit) and its future viability, competition from other sources is only going to increase, particularly from the Cable industry giants that are beginning to notice the loss of customers (cord-cutters) to Roku and its competitors.

    • Brandy -Original Roku 1, 2, LT

      A bit long winded, but I agree … Calling what seems to be the 4th edition of the Roku family 1, 2, and 3 when the previous editions are called Roku 1, 2, and 3 is going to make it confusing for current users and new shoppers, especially if they search for the products at secondary online retailers: “Roku 2, Roku 3 … Wait, are those the old models or the new ones?…”

      • “A bit long winded, but…”

        LOL!!! Brandy, just a tad, an itty-bitty tad 🙂 that seems to have served its attention grabbing purpose, hopefully it also gets noticed by Roku’s personnel, I’d hate to see this company lose market share, actual and/or future, or worse yet, become another brilliant consumer focused business entity that joins the long list of the now defunct companies that disappeared after being gobbled up by larger market players. I am a staunch believer and supporter of the Free Market Capitalist model and definitely not a fan of Corporatism, a/k/a Fascist, predatory Capitalism or its “State Capitalism” step brother, China comes to mind.

      • Guest

        There are a lot more models than just Roku 1, 2, and 3. There’s XS added to some model numbers, LT, USB stick versions, versions with different connections (some have USB, others do not, same with Ethernet and composite connections). A perfect example is that Roku 3 was originally the only version of the device with headphones in the remote, there’s now a version of Roku 2 that has headphones on the remote, but others in the Roku 2 line do not have that feature. There’s also the fact that supposedly the latest model, Roku 3, has had technical issues that earlier models do not, yet it’s the latest and most expensive model. I’m thinking of buying one and it’s taking research to figure out which one I want. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Make one model and make it work, with the same connections available.

    • Thanks for your feedback Angel. We wanted to keep names as simple as possible, and believe Roku 1-2-3 accomplishes this. With the older models clearing off store shelves, customers will soon only see only this current line-up so hopefully that will minimize confusion.

      • EnTerr

        But what about those 5+ million players that already are in use? Did you just say, screw those ~2 million people that bought Roku 2 – we don’t care if we will confuse them?

        I might already be confused here but won’t it be the case that the remotes for “new” Roku 2 won’t be compatible with the “old” Roku 2? Imagine frustration if i buy Roku2 remote and it does not work with my Roku2 player. If the headphone-jacked remotes will work on existing Roku2 though, i bow in respect to you sirs, for the continuity of service.

  • Barreda

    I have a number of sports bars and I’m sure all other owners would agree if roku showed MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PPV UFC, Boxing, World Soccer We would all drop Direc in a heart beat. I pay $1028 a month for 5 months for the NFL Ticket per restaurant. Last year is was only $855. Direc never told anyone they were going to up the price $1,500 for the package. Can’t wait till Google or Roku Yank NFL ticket away from those guys.

    • DiamondDNice

      What world will the NFL charge Roku or Google less money for NFL ticket than Direct tv? And if Roku has to pay more or the same amount they have to do so at a profit or their’s no point so reason dictates that regardless of who has NFl ticket, roku, google or directv, they need to recoup the cost of the rights and the customer is going to have to pay for it. It’s not going to get cheaper. It just means you’ll be paying Roku your $1028 per month instead of directtv

  • GrammarCorrector

    I do love my steaming content.

  • herbertsnow

    HTML 5 of GTFO

  • monica

    Still no access to Youtube, though. Too bad – There are so many full length films on it.

    • Spaced

      I rarely use youtube, but I know I have it through plex and playon, not sure if it is full access though since I have only used it a couple times.

    • Jimmy Reagan

      If you have a Sony or Samsung Blu Ray, chances are, the You Tube app channel is on there, however, you’re not going to see too many full length free movies because You Tube has a filter to prohibit them from streaming on your TV..even if you’re able to stream online.. That sucks..

  • georgie

    Who asked for this M-GO stuff? I don’t want to look at ads. I’m checking out the alternatives to Roku.

    • Troy Kleasner

      That’s like saying, “Roku offers Hulu Plus, screw that, I’m going to check out the alternatives.” If you don’t want to see it, then don’t select it. “My Channels” is where you will be…not “Movies” (see screen shot above).

    • Spaced

      There are ads in roku already, and I’m not really sure where the adds will be in M-Go?? Either way, this is an excellent move for Roku. They desperately needed a solution where you can centrally get to movies and tv shows, especially new ones directly from the home screen instead of searching across channels individually.

  • Andy Browne

    When will ROKU embed a VPN function to allow me to receive US content here in Costa Rica? Frankly, my Android tablet with HDMI is far better, more reliable and more functional than the Roku 3. At least, I can launch my HideMyAss VPN, stream US Netflix, Hulu+ etc. Tell me where I am wrong. Roku does not allow me to do that.

    • there is no vpn function on Roku. what you can do is to setup the VPN on your router.

    • Frank

      Andy, I used to live in Costa Rica and now live in Colombia.

      I have a Roku 2 with US Netflix, Amazon VOD, Pandora, etc. I even can decide if I want a the service located in US, Canada, Mexico… etc.

      You need to pay an external service la u n l o c k us . c o m and it is even faster than any VPN.

      The problem with the roku is that you can’t change the dns directly on the device to use the service only on the roku… i had to do it on the router.

  • Has it ever occured to you that maybe four different models, with the most expensive still only being $100, is maybe two too many models?

  • Streamer

    Playon is the best thing since slice bread. Actually if you already have sliced bread, Roku is the peanut butter and Playon is the Jelley! Okay, you get the idea.

    Not sure why everyone doesn’t have it. You can get Youtube, ditch your subscription to Hulu Plus, get a host of other channels as on-demand. I can even get HBO-Go through playon, which Comcast is blocking through Roku.

    Because Roku is so successful, established players like Google and Comcast are weary of making it even bigger.

    With Playon, you get a cloak.

  • Neil Sidey-Vener

    in USA ownXR (N1101) what is my upgrade path to Roku 3 ?

  • ExistentialKid

    Love Roku (works beautifully at my girlfriend’s home) — but cannot get a good internet signal at my place. Any tips (other than moving the router) and/or will the new line for-sure have better signal? thx

  • jamesgc

    Still no love for the UK. When are we going to get a decent movie rental app for the UK Roku?!

  • Jimmy

    It’d be great to have direct access to the internet through roku so I can add channels that I find that aren’t available in the roku channel store. Otherwise, I love it!

  • GordonRanger

    All I want is NFL coverage

  • FZ

    So when I go to the store, how do I know I have a “new” Roku 3 vs. the old one, which may still be sitting there?

    • Spaced

      There is no new Roku 3. They released roku 1 and 2 and roku lt.

  • John

    Mmmmmmm this is scam!!!

    Roku 2XS had everything needed for enjoy a good tv at cheap price! Now they took the good features away to FORCE you to buy the Roku3!!!

    Now the new one Roku 2 DOESNT have:
    1- ethernet
    2- microsd
    3- motion control remote

    The worst of ROku 3 is the erased of RCA connection!!! Its very important to have one for all the people:
    *with non HDMI TV,
    *with External/Internal Video capture cards (none video capture card has HDMI input, they all are RCA)
    *with DVD recorders (the DVD player which can also record, only RCA input)
    *with audio capture and/or mixer recorder (only RCA input)

    • John

      Its also RCA needed to connect the ROku to a mini audio system, the basic ones that only have left/right audio RCA input (no everybody is rich to buy a full DTS/Dolby 7.1 audio system with Optical audio input worth minimum 500 bucks)

      And knowing the current problems with Roku3 dropping Wifi issues, I will need to use Ethernet but Roku2 no ethernet and Roku3 no RCA output then Ill need to buy a +60bucks HDMI to RCA converter…

      Bad move Roku…

  • b53fj

    Can I use Roku in Australia?

  • nisha singla

    Wow! This Headrest <a href="http://www.panasonic.com/in/consumer/audio-video/blu-ray/dmp-bdt230.html&quot;
    video players
    is so cool! I actually want to have one in my car! Good luck to your next blog

  • kurd55

    You Tube, PLEAZZZ!

  • Rhapsody

    Rocky needs to get a Rhapsody channel. When is that happening?

  • Rhapsody

    Roku needs to get a Rhapsody channel. When will that happen?

  • Forest Phelps

    So no more motion control on these new Roku 2’s? Okie dokie. Glad I bought mine when I did.

  • Amberlee Ann Mahaffey

    When will roku get showtime anytime? It have HBO.. what about show time

    • Spaced

      Showtime does not offer an app to allow users to watch it anywhere, but cable. Talk to Showtime if you want to see it on Roku or anywhere else but cable.

  • Alex

    1.000+ channels? I barely got a handful of them, which are available just a click away, otherwise I´ll have to input special codes for private channels… which I don´t know..
    Where is the 1.000 channel list?

  • Laura

    Mark I see you use playon. Do you get it on your Roku? If so how? I have the Roku3 and really would like to have it on my Roku. My sister has it on her Roku LT she just got. So I am wondering if its a new thing? I really want play on. Please help:) Thanks Laura

  • Rose

    I just received my Roku 3 in the mail … bagan setting it up (dicovering that my tv is not hdmi capatible), what do I need to make it compatible with my analog tv?

    • Spaced

      A previous version of Roku.

  • tiredofhollywoodjunk

    bottom line when are you guys going to get youtube!! Every other device out there that is your competition has youtube. you keep updating the device with smaller footprint??? Yet no youtube like your competition???? Really?

  • tiredofhollywoodjunk

    More than anything I love it how no one from Roku itself does not answer all the repeated questions from customers in their very own forum or blog as to why after all this time they refuse to have youtube! At least answer your customers questions… How hard is that? Seriously really????

  • Spaced

    I wish there was an ETA on the M-Go update. I’ve been incessantly checking every day lol. I have a queue a mile long ready to go on M-Go as soon as that update comes through.

  • Adrian G

    My Roku is “allergic” to my wireless router. Always has been and I spent hours on the phone with the tech staff to try and fix it with no luck. I finally gave up and it has been sitting there collecting dust for about a year. Do I have an option to trade it in or upgrade it or something so I can get one that will connect with my finicky router?

  • tim

    Roku is not affiliated with youtube, it is affiliated with google, since google has its own player they r not going to give YouTube to their competition, btw thr google playet sucks went back to roku within two weeks

  • Len Mullen

    Jim, this product update has been a disaster. For starters, it’s not a good idea to recycle product names. It’s very confusing for people shopping for and recommending the devices as, at this time, there are multiple products available with the same name and different specifications.

    Second, this R3 incarnation rings of the New Coke fiasco. Classic Roku (R2XS) is arguably better than any of the R3 devices and it is better than each device in at least one way.

    There are really only two areas where the R2XS is vulnerable in comparisons. First, there is no earphone jack on the remote. Does anyone really want this? If I want to watch television with headphones, I want to listen to EVERYTHING not just my Roku. The combination of powering earbuds, running the WiFi radio, and relying on AAA cells for power has reduced the life of a set of batteries in the new WiFi remotes. For the difference in price between the R2XS and the R3, you can buy a really good wireless transmitter.

    Processor specs are frequently used to promote the R3. All the second gen Rokus have sufficient power to decode video, so the proc improvement will only be felt when you are navigating the menu or when you are playing a processor intensive game. Unless you have fifty channels in your menu, the time it takes to download the tiles and ads will impact performance more than the processor speed.

    The Roku 2 XS is the champ when it comes to watching television. For starters, it can be connected with WiFi or hardwired ethernet. Whenever possible, I prefer hardwire. Only the R3 has a wired connection. It has an SD slot and a USB connector. Not sure that the SD slot is good for anything, but you can play videos off that USB port. Only the R3 has a usb connector. The R2XS has composite out. Route the red and white connectors to speakers and you can listen to Pandora, Spotify or any other audio offering with your TV powered off. This is huge. The R3 does not have composite.

    Cut your losses. Rebrand your lines as Roku and Roku XS with a gen tag. Roku would be an entry level device, plug’n’play brick and the Roku XS (as in extra special) would add ethernet, usb, and audio/composite out. identify each generation by the CPU (a la Intel).

    – lose the wifi remote (add IR to the BT remote like X10 did)
    – upgrade the processor in the R2XS and call it the Roku 4 XS
    – upgrade the processor on the Roku LT and call it the Roku 4

    Good luck!

    • Peg Kelly

      “Why would Anyone What This” -Earphone in the Remote
      I plan on getting the Roku 3 , BECAUSE , While in Bed , If My Partner is Sleeping , I Can STILL HEAR the Program/Movie, Without Waking them !

      • Len Mullen

        I guess that is fine as long as the Roku is all you listen to. I think you’d be better off getting a Roku 2 XS refurb plus a wireless headset that plugs into your television. That way you can listen to everything while your partner sleeps. As a bonus, your AA battery powered remote will go a year between battery changes. Running your phones and your remote off a pair of AAA batteries, you’ll be lucky to get a couple months out of a set.

        • Peg Kelly

          I already own a Roku2 XS ,which I still plan to use . I also already have a wireless headset, plugged into the TV ,with headphones connected ,but are too large for sleeping ,”if I were to fall asleep with them on” . Yes, I know I could use a smaller pair . I like the idea of the Roku 3 , having a faster processer . As for the batteries , Not Worried about that. I have a New Battery Charger ,that Re-charges All kinds of Batteries . Haven’t bought batteries in over a year ! I do agree that Roku has made it very confusing recycling the names of their units .

  • cliffko

    Ok so it is now the end of October and still no MGO. Interesting because I have MGO on my LG Home theater system. I have used MGO on my computer and it accesses my Ultraviolet account fine etc as does the MGO on my LG. However the interface on the LG App when you watch a movie is AWFUL. If you try to FF or RW it takes anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds before it starts to move and then another 3 to 10 seconds for it to play again. There is no frame search with the direction arrows. It was a painful experience and considering I can also watch the same thing with VUDU and Target Ticket (both of which have excellent interfaces) why would I want to us MGO.
    If the interface with Roku is anything like the LG app MGO provided, it would explain the delay because if I were Roku (considering it is the premier set top streaming box) I wouldn’t want my users to experience that. We already see from some of the inane comments here and in the forums, that most people do not really understand what Roku does (blaming everything on Roku instead of the people who provide the app) so unless Roku wants to have the biggest software rollout snafu since the healthcare.gov, I would delay until it is perfect.

  • I have the Roku 2XS and still have not received an update for the M-GO. Any updates on when this might occur?

  • Grizz

    I am thinking about buying this device for my RV. I have Comcast at home and can watch movies and TV shows over the internet. Can you stream Comcast from your computer to a TV with Roku? Thanks for any advice / comments.

  • Karolyn68

    Hello! Someone that has a Roku. Do I need to purchase one for every TV?

    • flycatcher


  • Appstar Financial

    measures are now the first priority to make the transaction secure and

  • RaleighKnows

    I thought M-GO was supposed to come out in October for the Roku3???? When will it be added to the Roku3?

  • DigitalAlkemi

    New Vizio streaming box with google web browser selling for 99.00, why would vizio/google use web browsing, but not ROKU? Some ppl would buy Roku & cord cut, but browsing is mandatory. When will 99. Roku, have web browser?

  • alisa
  • vivi
  • Guest

    What’s the difference between Roku LT and the new stick that is HDMI version? Anyone knows?

  • Dave

    I just bought and installed my roku 3 so I can stream video from my slingbox via my ipad to my hd tv. I downloaded all the apps but there is no roku stream icon to the right of the slingbox volume slider like it says their should be in the instructions. What am I doing wrong?

  • rokusucksdick

    roku sucks mgo cock!Before mgo took over there were a shitlad of channel that could be had for free, but now roku charges us for every mf thing via ogshit called mgo. fuck roku and mgo. cocksuckers!