Today, Netflix introduced a new look for their television viewing experience and we are pleased to announce that the Roku 3 is one of the first devices where you can get it.  This is a completely new design that features stunning program images along with increased personalization to help you find just the right movie or TV series.

The new Netflix experience will launch worldwide on the Roku 3 starting on November 14th  (continuing through the end of the month), and we are exploring the possibility of making it available on additional player models.  The updated channel brings the Netflix “Just for Kids” feature to Roku users for the first time, and also supports “Profiles,” which makes it easier for everyone in the household to get the most out of Netflix. This feature lets customers create a separate “profile” for each family member, who will each see a personalized set of recommendations. Each account can have up to five profiles, included at no extra cost in the basic Netflix subscription price.

For users of the Netflix app on phones and tablets, you can now browse on your mobile device and then start playback on your Roku player automatically. You can even pause, fast-forward and rewind right from the Netflix app.

For more details, check out the below video, courtesy of our Netflix friends:


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  • L. M.

    Right. Thanks a lot for considering “the possibility” on other Roku models. Thanks a lot. My next purchase I’m going to dump the Roku platform and get an Apple TV… dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Eric

      Except Apple TV wont’ support the new Netflix interface. Lol. Because Apple likes to CONTROL EVERYTHING.. which is why.. Apple products suck.

      • Spencer

        Stop trolling, Apple TV has had this for the last 6 months, Use the internet to learn something will you?

  • Wait… we might never get profiles on the LT we just bought? (yeah, Amazon shipped us a first gen… we’re a little bitter about that, but it’s worked fine). But we’ve been kind of figuring it would get better as soon as profiles were added to Netflix.

    At the very least, please consider adding additional Netflix channels for each profile so we can access our other profiles. Otherwise, the promise of customized recommendations or of special profiles for our children… well, guess that’s all a pipe dream?

    We were going to get another Roku for our other TV, but yeah, agree with L.M…. may go with an Apple TV.

    • EightTwentyFive

      A little bitter? If they sent you the wrong model, then return it. It will also flag the problem and keep the same thing from happening to others.

  • Ouroborus

    Guess my Roku 2 isn’t good enough to warrant any attention from them. I doubt I will choose Roku in the future if this is how they “support” their customers.

    • brianguy

      exactly. I just bought this thing a a month ago!! I didn’t buy the Roku3 because supposedly the most notable difference was Ethernet, USB & microSD slot. things I never planned to use. didn’t think there was anything wrong with the processor on the 2. and Roku2 works with more TV’s, so if I’m traveling then I can bring this with me and use in any hotel or rental (condo, relative’s home, etc).

      by the way, Roku3’s remote control also doesn’t have the channel shortcut buttons – something I actually use.


    • Brian

      Agreed… I will never buy another roku product again. The support they give their older models is horrible. I bought the roku 2 for my parents and am about ready to just trash the stupid thing thanks to roku’s lack of support and get them an apple tv (or even an xbox 360) to use as a media device

  • Kasper Warmdal Filstrup

    Yeah I’m with LM, Ouroborus and TV Jamens on this one.. If this isn’t coming to my Roku2, I’ll boot it straight out of my house and go with Apple TV instead. You can’t sell a device like the Roku2 with so much Netflix branding, and NOT upgrade the biggest attention drawer for your product.

    • KingOPancakes

      “My device isn’t getting the update I want yet so I’m going to replace it with another device that will never get the update! That’ll show them!”

      • If I could give this two upvotes, I would 🙂

      • Jason Byrne

        “Rumors of a freer AppleTV have been floating around for a long time.
        Should one materialize, Netflix intimated they’d be delighted to port
        the new look to AppleTV.” — so, “never get the update” is just flat out wrong.

      • Kasper Warmdal Filstrup

        Haha yeah I can see that it’s a pretty stupid statement I’ve made, but what alternatives do I have? Buy a Roku 3 when my Roku 2 is not even a year old, and keep supporting the company who IMHO (maybe) fucked me over by not updating my existing Roku?

        But let’s not get carried away.. Nothing’s certain yet and since Netflix is the primary use for my Roku, I just really wanted the software asap.
        I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for a Roku 2 update, or else I’ll have to live with the not-so-fresh interface of the current Netflix.

    • Tim

      Yes, go right out and buy an AppleTV. Oh wait, they will not have the new interface because Apple controls that. As someone who has a Roku N1000, Roku2 HD and Roku 3, as well as an AppleTV, I can tell you that the AppleTV/Netflix experience is crap. You are talking about a device that costs less than $100. My N1000 is slow and does not play well with updated channels, it still works at a streaming music player.

      • Kasper Warmdal Filstrup

        Yeah it was kind of an empty “treat” as well (I’m sure they’re terrified with the thought of me buying an AppeTV).. I would’t even consider buying an AppleTV with those (lack of) features and channels it’s currently rocking.

    • Katlaya Gee

      Be careful what you wish for….
      I have a Roku 3. Since the firmware update a
      couple of days ago. November 20, I can’t watch ANY movies from M-Go OR
      Netflix. I’ve tried calling customer support and they are clueless.
      Everything was working just fine until this last “firmware update”. I
      can watch HuluPlus. Woooopie! They haven’t screwed that up yet, but I
      understand that they are updating soon, too. I have had this Roku for
      just about a year and now it’s going to be worthless soon. Movies flash
      between “Unrecognized format” to the movie, then to a purple screen
      that says “Unauthorized content” in a rapid strobing effect. There is
      NO sound. I’ve tried rebooting, reinstalling, unplugging my internet
      and router, and my Roku has an ethernet cord straight to the Roku from
      the router, so it isn’t a signal problem. I can watch HuluPlus, but if I
      try to watch a movie, it’s all over. I have to unplug my HDMI cord and
      plug it back in again to get it to stop strobing between no signal to
      my home screen. This last firmware update was a real bust. I hope they
      fix it soon or Roku will be garbage soon.

      • Katlaya Gee

        UPDATE! If you do a factory reset, many of your problems will be solved. Of course this is a pain in the patoot because you have to sign into everything again, but I found when nothing else works, this seems to help. Good luck, everyone!

      • Netflix3life

        Either the firmware or netflix update on my roku 3 caused my 5.1 sound to not work 🙁 I have to change to 2.1

        • Katlaya Gee

          Yep, I can’t use my surround sound or the 1080p option… I have to stick with the 720 or things go wonky and I have to do a factory reset.

  • Mr V

    Already way too much fragmentation in the Roku ecosystem, I only upgraded from an LT to and XS in the last 6 months and now I feel totally abandoned. The great news is that it sounds like I can get this new interface elsewhere… and that is exactly where I will be looking to.

    • Walt Anthony

      Roku stopped selling the XS 8 months ago

  • Mad@Roku

    Next time I am in the market for a new streaming device I guess I will explore the possibility of making it something other than Roku.

    • bigyaz

      What a bunch of damn whiners in here! Whaaa! I might not be among the very first to get the new Netflix interface! I’m going to buy another device! After all, I spent all of $75 on my Roku!


      • So far I’ve spent about 400 on Roku as I continue upgrade when they do … and now another 40 to get a splitter so my RCA inputs on the receiver I have would interface with the new Roku 3. It’s not a huge sum of money but I think people have a right to express an opinion about their satisfaction with the product when they’re spending good money on it. Besides, what are these message boards for if not to let Roku (and Netflix, etc.) know how they can improve?

  • Nate

    Maybe all you people complaining that it’s Roku’s fault should think again… NETFLIX developed the app, NETFLIX should have developed it for previous models of the Roku player…

  • Big Deal

    Leaving most of your customers out in the cold? Guess that is why I will continue to rely on my Chromecast. Cheaper and easier to use.

    • ajy

      I have a Chromecast and a Roku and it is in NO WAY easier to use. The Chromecast is a clumsy mess to try and get your device “ready to cast”. Make sure you are on the same network open the Chromecast app and wait for it to detect it then close that app and open netflix app and hope that it recognized that the chromecast is active or you have to start over…then hope that at any point watching a movie you dont lose connection with your device because you wont be able to stop, pause, turn the volume down or do anything with your playing video. If you lose connection and then get reconnected to your wifi forget about being able to go back to where you were…process all over again and start netflix and video over again. Dont be on an android phone and get a call either. Total junk.

  • 9512tacoma

    I have the roku 3, roku 2xs, and the new roku 2. The 2xs and new roku 2 are very similar in performance. I think roku will put the new interface on those models as well. Not sure the about the LT but the older roku 2’s all had the same chipset and memory so they should be equal. The apple tv already has netflix kids and profiles but it will not be getting the new interface.

    • 123456Me

      Good thinking and let’s wait for the update to be rolled out on our other devices!

  • planettom

    You guys are being silly, Roku has never let me down. Did you ever think that maybe Netflix is the one who built the app and responsible for its functionality? Roku will upgrade and and add more features as they are available, they always have and will continue to do so.

  • Rulo

    Please update Roku 2 XS!!

    • Roku2 Netflix Support

      The new UI will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 as well as Roku 3 devices and newer smart TVs and Blu-ray players (2013 and 2014 models) to Netflix members worldwide in the next two weeks. Other devices, including some older Roku players, will receive the update over the coming months. There are no plans to bring the new UI to Apple TV and Xbox One.

      • em

        Is it known yet which older Roku models will receive the update?

        • Z

          It better be all of the models. I just bought a Roku 1 and cant use profiles in Netflix, which basically makes the device useless for people with families. Without the update on netflix to allow profiles and the kids zone, their product is no longer family-friendly. I mean really, they cant just release the update for a few models and screw everyone else who bought the product they still sell online and in stores. I’m surprised a big name like Roku would even hesitate at a chance to retain their family-friendly device label.

          • jered


          • JX

            Fortunately we live in a first world where people can express their dissatisfaction.

          • They have TV and movies in the 3rd world. Cable TV and internet, too, in some places! Possibly even Roku!

          • Rolando Ortega

            That’s right, I’m in Honduras, Central America, and I have a Roku HD.

          • Kenneth Freeman

            Can you use a Roku 3 in Honduras?I’m moving to Tela soon and would like to know.

          • Ajax

            It’s got nothing to do with Roku, Netflix are the ones publishing the app.
            Why would you buy the Roku 1 anyway?

          • firstname lastname

            Why would they sell the Roku 1 anyway if no one was supposed to buy it? I bought a Roku 1 because it was what I could afford, I didn’t need the remote with a headphone jack from the 2 and 3, and I did want composite out, which is not available on the 3, for playing on an older TV in another room once in a while. I didn’t know that there were some channels (like Youtube) that you can only get on the 3 or that other channels would vary in features based on the model like Netflix apparently does.

          • Dude

            Because the 2 and 3 utilize a wifi remote instead of IR or radio frequency. I had the 3 and the remote wouldn’t stay paired, so I downgraded to the 1.

          • i just bought the Roku 1, because it’s the only one where the firmware allows me to send video via HDMI to my display, and audio simultaneously to my speaker setup via RCA. so there’s that.

          • dangerFML

            Don’t buy the cheap one next time.

          • Kellssuki

            Or they could give universal use for all rokus? I know, hard concept!

          • quitlan

            CHEAP one. Well, at least it doesn’t have wireless–I think. All these lovely ‘advantages’ are to sell you on technology that is BAD for you. Maybe handy but if you knew that wireless will almost certainly erode your health, would you be in such a hurry to use it everywhere. See Jerry Flynn, former electronics warfare military expert, smart meter action day YT.

          • Matt

            The hardware inside the roku 1 & 2 & 3 is nearly identical. except for the headphone jack and the motion controller

          • Steven

            I also just hooked up a Roku 1 today and was surprised to find profiles missing. I mean, they’re on my Nintendo Wii — you know, that old game system with Wireless-G and 480p??!?!

          • Guest

            You have a Roku 1 and I’m aiming you’ve used it for a while… Was it useless before?? This is a useful update, I get that but it hardly renders your hardware useless.

      • Steve K

        I hope the new UI does NOT get pushed to Apple TV. I like the grid view of my queue on Apple TV and hate the single row view on everything else.

      • “Including some older Rolu models”

        It sounds like this was wishful thinking, according to

        “Which Roku players get the updated Netflix experience that includes “Profiles” and “Just for Kids”?

        The Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version).
        Will other Roku players receive the updated Netflix experience that includes “Profiles” and “Just for Kids”?

        There are no plans at this time to extend the updated Netflix experience that includes “Profiles” and “Just for Kids” to other Roku players.”

  • Rich

    Wait, you’re “exploring” bringing profiles and all to my Roku? If I have to buy a new device to get functionality that’s available *EVERYWHERE* else, it won’t be a Roku.

  • 123456Me

    The post does not have a list of the supported devices that will get the feature, but surely the Roku 3 will be getting it as what the first line of this article say. Relax guys, let’s wait for the update to be officially rolled-out!

    • Katlaya Gee

      Be careful what you wish for.

      I have a Roku 3. Since the firmware update a
      couple of days ago. November 20, I can’t watch ANY movies from M-Go OR
      Netflix. I’ve tried calling customer support and they are clueless.
      Everything was working just fine until this last “firmware update”. I
      can watch HuluPlus. Woooopie! They haven’t screwed that up yet, but I
      understand that they are updating soon, too. I have had this Roku for
      just about a year and now it’s going to be worthless soon. Movies flash
      between “Unrecognized format” to the movie, then to a purple screen
      that says “Unauthorized content” in a rapid strobing effect. There is
      NO sound. I’ve tried rebooting, reinstalling, unplugging my internet
      and router, and my Roku has an ethernet cord straight to the Roku from
      the router, so it isn’t a signal problem. I can watch HuluPlus, but if I
      try to watch a movie, it’s all over. I have to unplug my HDMI cord and
      plug it back in again to get it to stop strobing between no signal to
      my home screen. This last firmware update was a real bust. I hope they
      fix it soon or Roku will be garbage soon.

  • MattStabile

    The real question is whether it will support the ability to actually browse all of the movies available on Netflix, not just the 50 they choose to show for each category.

    I can’t begin to fathom why a service like Netflix, which already gets heavily criticized for its lack of offerings, would limit the amount of movies and shows you can browse and discover on their app.

    • Tim

      I hear this all the time. To get the best offerings, rate the things you watch. I am always offered all kinds of great shows based on what I rate and what I watch. You can also use If you don’t want to invest a few clicks, stick with the cable/satellite TV, because that is what you need and deserve.

      • Tammi Velez

        I rate everything I watch and my selections seem to come from Mars. Seriously.

        • Tim

          True. There are the oddballs in my list, but I have discovered some great material that was a Netflix suggestion. I am very selective about 4-5 stars, so maybe rating on a tighter curve helps. I see also see odd choices with Apple’s genius suggestions for apps and music. The bottom line, is NO system would let you randomly browse 50-60,000 items. That would be ridiculous. It’s not like walking around a Blockbuster (where are they now). Analytics are the only solution to such huge libraries. Like I said… API lets you sort to your hearts content.

          • Guest

            Nonsense, that’s what categories and filters are for.

      • Justin Timberland

        “stick with the cable/satellite TV, because that is what you need and deserve.”
        Wow, douche!

        You hear the OP’s complaint all the time ’cause it’s a huge shortcoming of the Netflix experience on Roku. Even Amazon delivers more titles per category.

        • Douglas Augusta

          Yeah that dig hurt even just reading it, I am more the cut the cable wires kinda person

    • quidpro

      The “lack of offerings” bit is so old. People behave as though Netflix just needs to grab DVDs from the library and rip them in order to offer content. Do people actually believe Netflix wouldn’t show every movie it possibly could? Do they think Netflix has content it is sitting on and refusing to share? It’s ridiculous and always has been. Blame the movie distribution companies, not Netflix. Netflix makes deals with the money they have, and that’s all they can do. Same with Amazon. I also don’t blame my Roku for the hardware it doesn’t have either.

      • Stephen Bramblet

        No, you missed the point of his post. He isn’t criticizing the amount of content on Netflix, he is criticizing the fact that the Roku app on Netflix limits the number of items shown within a category to 50, which is a valid point; however, I am pretty sure that this is a Roku limitation rather than a Netflix limitation – though I could be wrong.

        • It’s happening now with the new WWE Network(not everything is available on the Roku even though it’s available on other devices). So I’m inclined to agree it’s more of a way for Netflix to fit on Roku.

      • Douglas Augusta

        I just dont like the interface on my roku3 for netflix right now. Its not the lack of offerings as much as being able to find what is being offered, I like a lot of the, if you like this title you might like these titles, with 4 or 5 titles and the just stumbling about and seeing what comes up. With what I have now I get a lot of the same titles in my different rows. I know that there has to be a better way to surf those titles. I am going to try hope it is more flexable than what happens on my roku3. ( as far as streamers go I like it a lot, have also used the apple 3 and I think all in all the roku offers more, I tend to use XBMC on ouya the most)

    • Jessie

      I just got my first roku 1. Disappointed with the 50 selection and only 8 genres. I dont have cable and thought this would be a good solution. Wrong. Contacted roku, they said it was netflix. Contacted netflix, was told it was the roku interface and their programming as to how much it would display from the netflix library. Ugh. My wii gets 75 movies per genre, allows me to search genres (more available than roku). I only got roku because I thought I could get a larger selection. No one wants to sit at their computer for hours adding to their queues etc. If the most expensive roku has the same issue ..then I guess its not worth it. Good job roku.

    • Nixie Knox

      Because they don’t want you to know how pathetic their entire catalog is.

  • SO glad to finally see Profiles. Netflix and Roku make a great team!

    • Joshua Paul Smith

      Have you got the app.. We have been trying to upgrade since this announcement but we do not see it available in channels. How did you get it?

  • dtracht

    Not cool roku. Every other tech blog I read this morning said it would be available today on the 3 and older players soon, now you’re saying it begins tomorrow and you’re exploring the possibility of the other players? Way to drive everyone to other platforms.

  • Sher

    Absolutely MUST get on ROKU 2

  • HER

    Does anyone think the “new” interface looks just like Hulu Plus?

  • Most of you all are being ridiculous. You wouldn’t expect a computer barley able to run windows 98 or xp, to run our new games and programs etc. The hardware just won’t support it. Same goes here, For some of the really older units, the hardware may not support newer updates. as much as we and I assume they would like them to. Its not Rokus fault that some of their boxes might not support new software from different channels such as Netflix, Amazon etc, I’m sure they’re working to make it work on as many of their platforms as possible. I for one still think the Roku is the best streaming box out there, bar none. Even if you don’t get the shiny new interface, you still have one of the best streaming boxes with the most choices, hands down, so quit complaining.

    • 123456Me

      Well said!

      • Thanks, I’m tired of going on sites/blogs like this and reading how everyone who until whatever announcement was made loved the device, and suddenly they hate it and the company that makes it, and wants to ditch it.

        • 123456Me

          It just show how people are good at complaining! 🙂

          • laffy daffy

            up yours

    • Felicious1908

      Well said. I am seeing the same complaints on other sites which proves some people just like to complain. It’s as if Roku said the Netflix app was being dropped.

    • Trektech

      That’s comparing apples and oranges. If I bought a windows 7 computer 6 months ago I would fully expect it to be able to run Windows 8 today. Saying it’s unreasonable to expect a 10 year old device to run current software is true but a roku 2 is not a 10 year old device and, unlike a win 98 or XP computer, it is still being sold today. Nice try but a big fail in the analogies. That being said I do agree that the Roku is the best streaming box out there.

      • System/hardware incapability is something that’s is not limited to computer systems such as I mentioned before, sometimes a small design or spec can still make a perfectly functioning device, ie; older Roku’s not able to handle the new version of Netflix. It may be well be while the older models can handle all the current versions like Netflix Amazon, etc. Upgrading their indivual programs may be more then they can handle. Let us be thankful we still have the best streaming box out there.

    • brianguy

      I just bought a Roku2 for Christmas and expected it to be able to run all the apps in the store – why wouldn’t it? it’s now almost February and this Netflix with Profiles still isn’t available on my Roku2. what? this November 12th blog said it would be shortly.

      anyway, Roku3 has a few extras, I was told when shopping for this, but why spend $40 more on something you’ll supposedly never use? at least, that’s how Roku described it to me when I bought the Roku2. I blame their marketing if they’re selling me some “underpowered computer from 1998”, as you describe it.

      nobody buys a mid-level, 2013 model PC or laptop or tablet from the store that runs Windows (to use your analogy), only to find out 1 month later it can’t actually run the latest browser or productivity apps. it just doesn’t happen…

  • EmperorWatcher

    My new Smart TV has access to Netflix and the new interface. My ancient Roku is still terrific for everything else!

  • Jim Slone

    apple tv did this months ago- roku is just now catching up while not adding it to all players.

  • Mug_Costanza

    I’m not very hopeful that my archaic XDS will ever get this. I just don’t want to let go of it because it has optical output, which fits so nicely into my setup. 🙁

    • jack

      If you still have the old interface and can use it, be thankful. The new is bad.

  • Carol Chang

    Cannot afford to start over , I have Roku 2 on every set in the house!

  • QuarryDog

    Late in the afternoon 11/14/13, Roku 3, no update. I’m sure it’s on the way, but I hate premature announcements.

    • Joshua Paul Smith

      Late in the afternoon on 11/16/2013 still no update. Has anyone gotten there update?

      • Nope. Someone at Roku over-promised and under-delivered.

    • QuarryDog

      And now it’s Monday the 18th, and still no update…

    • larrecords

      One of my Roku 3 was updated on 11/15/13 but its now 11/18/13 and my other roku 3 has not been updated.

      • larrecords

        Just got my second Roku 3 to update. For some reason it only seemed to find the update when I was using the default theme.

  • Pedro

    Seriously, how can you guys announce that it will be available starting from 14th november on roku 3? I’ve waited the whole day and nothing (obviously, i should have expected that). If you can’t keep your word, or if you don’t have one, just DON’T announce it! +1 frustated client, very clever.

    • Katlaya Gee

      You aren’t missing anything. My Roku 3 now won’t play Netflix at all since the new firmware update. It also won’t play M-Go. The screen flashes between the movie (with no sound, btw) to a purple screen that says “unauthorized content” to a black screen that my TV says is “unrecognized format” and does all this like it’s strobing. Be glad you don’t have the update. If I had it to do over… I would not do the update.

  • Sucks. Where’s play from beginning for already started shows? Did they qa this pos??…

  • Clover Field

    This update sucks so much, at least on Xbox 360, you can’t even rewind/fast forward or skip anymore. All you can do is use the arrow keys to frame skip 10 secs back and forth and that only works maybe 30% of the time. This update makes me want to cancel my netflix subscription, I’m thinking about changing to lovefilm.

  • Ruok2bu


    Please update the Roku 1 as those of us with old TV’s can’t use the Roku 3. I was planning on buying two Roku 1’s.


  • Joshua Paul Smith

    We keep looking for it on our Roku 3 but no new Netflix app is there?? How do we get it?

    • larrecords

      For some reason it only seemed to find the update when I was using the default theme.

  • Will

    Checking for the new Netflix interface by checking the software update tool in settings does not show anything new. How do you get the new software?

  • Max

    I hate to ask this lame question – am I supposed to say Hail Mary 5 times and then see updated Netflix on my Roku 3 or it’s going to be automatically upgraded?

  • I saw this new upgrade last weekend. It was nice — is there any way Netflix can add CC icon next to the HD icon on every show? I tried to send the message to Netflix and they never reply back to me. Amazon Instant Video does it and I love it! Can you help?

    • Will

      Grant – Did you get it automatically on a Roku 3? If so you are the first I have heard of. Or did you have to do it manually somehow? Thanks!

      • larrecords

        one of my Roku 3’s was updated automatically on Nov 15/13 but my other Roku 3 on the same network has not been updated.

        • larrecords

          Just got my second Roku to update. For some reason it only seemed to find the update when I was using the default theme.

  • Mindy Clark

    Please bring to the Roku 2!!!!!! The kids channel is SO beneficial for us at our house hold, with so many NON kid friendly cartoons our their my 6 year old doesn’t know the difference and just clicks on things that aren’t appropriate. I can’t wait till this is available PLEASE make it available soon!

  • ejhansen71

    When you guys know for sure, can you announce which models will NOT receive the Netflix update? I have a streaming stick in the kids room and would love to have the kids profile for it… But if it isn’t technically possible I’d like to know in order to make plans. Perhaps a chart of which will get the update and an approximate time frame? Thanks!

  • Sandro

    Not on LT? So you force people to change streaming device every year or so? I may well buy a Slimport for £25 and stream Netflix from my Nexus 7, that on top has even Catch UP TV…. The only reason why I do not regret my LT is that I paid 20 quid for a second hand unit.

  • epp.opp.ork.ahh.ahh

    I’ve had the new Netflix app with profiles on five or six other things in my house (PS3, iPads, iPhone, Android etc) for what feels like forever but still not on my Roku. What’s taking you people so long?

  • Netflixs Ditches WebKit

    It amazes me how people with almost no information can just make things up about why Netflix doesn’t support Roku. Knowing that it’s in Netflix’s best interest to keep all platforms up to date then it becomes obvious that it’s a technical issue. No that would be using your brain, right? Better to make up things in your head and get mad. We love to blame someone. The main reason is that non-Roku 3’s are too underpowered to handle certain features like Profiles. The article explains how Netflix got around this and it’s impressive. Below is a snippet for those who don’t want to read the entire (short) article.

    Netflix ditches Webkit to roll out slick new UI for smart TVs, Roku boxes and game consoles

    “This new UI is Netflix’s biggest revamp of its TV interface thus far, in part because of a lot of the underlying plumbing. Previously, Netflix was building its TV app user interface in HTML5, which allowed the company to quickly iterate on minor changes and A/B-test various features with a subset of its subscribers.

    But in order to make HTML5 work, Netflix actually shipped a stripped-down version of the Webkit browser as part of its app, which in turn meant that it had fewer resources left to add features. The result was that it had to tweak its app for each platform, and leave out some features on cheaper and less powerful devices — which is why Roku boxes for example never had access to individual profiles.

    With the new UI, all of this changes. Netflix decided to ditch Webkit as a rendering engine and instead build a native platform for the most common connected device chipsets out there, circumventing the various smart TV SDKs in the process. The company even decided to develop its own voice recognition technology to make voice input consistent across platforms, and not have the Xbox implementation differ from implementations on smart TVs that come with support for voice input.”

  • SimonWakefield

    I’m not even that bothered about getting the new UI on my LT but it atleast needs profiles added to the LT channel even if its not the full UI. Especially as I was told by support from both Roku and netflix it would be added. If they now use the new UI an excuse for not doing so I won’t be happy

  • Darling

    This is a great idea! Please update older models of roku as well. Lately, I’ve been watching on my ps3 instead since it already has these features.

  • peregrenetx

    Can anyone explain why the new UI has eliminated the sound for Netflix on my Roku 3? Every other channel works flawlessly, as does Netfllx, visually, but no sound at all

    • Katlaya Gee

      You might check if you have “surround sound” checked under “settings” on your Roku. It won’t work on those settings. You have to check “stereo”, which I see as a flaw in the firmware update, but it is what it is. I’m not sure this is your problem, but go back and check how your audio is set under “settings”. My guess is that if you select “stereo” instead of “surround sound”, it will work.

  • Paul_M

    Just got the update…
    This is the first time I have see the Roku3 box struggle to render a site. Wow! The graphics load must be huge!
    Interesting – it came as a Roku patch and not as a Netflix update… Must be part of the Roku core engine.

  • morningtide13

    Certain shows on Netflix have no sound. This is a new issue with the update. Noticing it’s mostly 5.1 tracks.

  • Disappointed

    I’m actually not a big fan of the new design. It takes about five times as long to load, and they have made exiting the app very difficult. The beauty of Roku is being able to switch between Netflix, Amazon, PBS, Plex and tons of other apps easily. Netflix just made it harder to exit their interface… maybe they are hoping that since it’s hard to leave, we’ll just give up. I also HATE that after a show is over the credits are minimized in the upper left corner… with apparently no way to maximize it… at least not an obvious way. Nice going Netflix.

    • jack

      I will be spending less and less with Netflix and therefore end its service. The new interface is a real bad step if you do a lot viewing on a 22″ LED LCD TV. The text is very small. No way to rate tv episodes (Roku 3). Then clunkiness that you mentioned.

      • diegartenfrau

        I hate the new interface it is giving me a head ache with the tiny scrolling boxes that are supposed to show the movies, then at the same time the large pictures on top that are constantly changing as you scroll and the tiny descriptions no-one can read aside they watch their movie on an computer. It’s too many different moving parts at the same time for the human eye to absorb. It’s so bad I am considering using the old Windows media center again. I can’t scroll without getting nauseous at the new netfix roku interface.
        One would think they would have thought how this affects some peoples brain and that most people sit far enough from their big screen TV that they need more then tiny letters and boxes to be able to pick a movie.
        If I can’t use it the roku is useless to me and I am considering quitting roku. I am not a Fan at all

    • katerbug72

      Really? I press the home button and I’m out. What’s hard about exiting?

    • Ed J.

      The Netflix “Help” section claims you can click on the credits to bring them back to full screen, but obviously that’s rather hard to do on a Roku box. That is part of the reason I canceled my subscription. An online chat with customer service was a waste of my time, so I vote with my wallet.

      The new Roku interface is horrible.

      • Xass

        Roku is a peice of shit

  • jack

    It is horrible on a 22″ LED LCD TV. I cannot rate tv episodes any longer. The text is way too small. Why fix something that isn’t broken? It seems all gui’s are devolving.

  • jack

    I can I install the older interface for Netflix?

  • 화상20 *I.S.GD*

    I love this new Neflix for ROKU 3, I just wish the ROKU 2 got changed at the same time

  • yourMom

    So they added a bunch of social media stuff I don’t care about, but took away the ability to restart content from the beginning…. Seriously, I wanted to rewatch a movie, but it only let’s me resume playing. New netflix looks pretty, but doesn’t function as well as the previous version… FAIL.

  • HDCrowther

    As of yesterday, HD using Netflix & my Roku 2 XD box now longer works in Hi Def.
    I suspect this has something to do with the ‘upgrade’ underway, but in any case I
    see this as a problem that needs to be fixed & I don’t know where to start.

  • I don’t like surprises

    It’s impressive, but I have the following observations:

    1) With the prior Netflix roku channel app, I NEVER had to adjust the sound protocol for each different movie or show. Now I have constantly to bounce the app on and off Dolby to adjust for having no sound whatever.

    2) I have no kids, so I’d like to be able to deactivate the incredibly annoying need to select the non-kids option every time I enter the app.

    3) Likewise, when exiting the app, I can’t just painlessly backspace on my remote to my channels menu. No, I have to stop and rightspace twice to select exit. This makes the roku experience much clunkier and less ergonomic.

    4) I don’t think I like having a series default to go on to the next episode unless I stop it. What ifI’ve fallen asleep. I’ll wake up 8 episodes ahead, having forgotten where I was.

    So, yes, it’s visually a very impressive UI — kudos to Netflix — but I infinitely preferred the previous one. Also, I wish roku apps wouldn’t spontaneously update without the express authorization of the user.

  • The Queen of Harvest

    If you don’t like reading the end credits of a movie or TV show, then you will love the new features Nexflix has rolled out. All it makes me want to do is stick my toe in the Hulu Plus waters.

  • Middletown

    ill tell you what, you can have my new Roku 3 and ill take the older model so i can have the old netflix interface again

  • CLMoses

    I have 3 Roku boxes, only one of which is a Roku 3 … love the new UI and can’t wait until it’s available on older Roku models!

  • Jeff Peterson

    Just got the new update over the weekend and I have to say the minimizing the credits and automatically playing the next episode is incredibly annoying. How about a new feature guys? The ability to toggle it on or off. Also, removing the “play from beginning” feature is a bit stupid… now we’re back to rewinding in a step back to the VHS days. I like some of the features in the new interface, but overall it seems more clunky, less intuitive and has a definite “beta” feel to it.

  • Hank O

    The new Netflix interface is nice is some ways, but Netflix removed the choice to “watch from the beginning” , also when watching a TV series it automatically starts playing the next episode (and the next, and the next), thus if you do not back out of the program you will come back finding you have to search through the episodes to find the one you actually were watching – very annoying.

  • Glen Keen

    Glad to see it, will be even more happy to see it on our Roku2 “angry birds”, and the sooner the better. Since cutting the cable, we have been a heavy Roku user. However, the kids had totally taken over Netflix and skewed the “recommended” or “because you watched” lists which are now almost all kid show related. Makes it very difficult to see what is all available or what is new for adult shows, when we do want to watch a show.

    • Katlaya Gee

      I can’t remember the name of the app in the channel store, but there is an app for making cues for the different people in your family on Netflix. That way you can save the things YOU want to your own cue when you sign in as you to that app. My daughter and her husband used that because they have kids. Hope this helps!

  • jonashpdx

    two necessary feature changes for this: needs to be a way to turn the “autoplay next episode” OFF, especially for the kids branch of netflix. Also, “watch from the beginning” needs to be a choice.

  • Stephen Bramblet

    Every time that I log in to the Netflix app on Roku, it prompts me to select either Netflix (which is what I already selected!) or ‘Kids’. Is there any way to disable that? I don’t have kids, won’t have kids, and don’t want to be annoyed by a f’ing ‘kids’ prompt every time that I use my Netflix app. Other than that, the new Netflix app is great.

  • jimmersd

    This interface sucks! The banner takes up the complete upper 2/3rds of my TV screen with constantly cycling pictures and suggestions of things to watch. It is distracting and makes if difficult to focus on the important part of the screen. The video I am attempting choose. I want to OPT OUT of this! Who do I complain to?

  • AtomTan

    the new Netflix “profiles” has been released even on my parents ancient 2nd-gen Apple TV. There is no technical limitation reason couldn’t come out on my Roku2 XS. It’s a tremendous feature that will save my sanity with my kids screwing up my Netflix “suggested movies” with their kids shows. I am waiting with patience for Roku and Netflix to fix this. Rapidly diminishing patience. Every adult parent whose netflix recommendation queue is full of “My Little Pony” flicks understands what I’m going through.

  • gongming

    Please file the corresponding update on Roku 2, and my family needs the feature!

  • Jo

    The fact that I can not watch the end of the movie because the movie goes into this tiny little box really, with larger “recommended movie” boxes in the center and dead space all around, REALLY sucks. Its the reason I can no longer watch a movie on Netflix until that bug is fixed.

  • flyonthewall

    CREDITS SHRINK TO NOTHING AT THE END OF A MOVIE: The new Netflix Interface is Glitz and Glamour to me, not much added value. In the past, when I wanted to start viewing something over, I just clicked on start over. That button seems to be gone; inconvenient; why?. It doesn’t seem to allow me to start over without going in and backing up to start. But, what drives me crazy the most, is that I want to see the credits at the end; I want to see where made, who starred in bigger and lesser roles, where the music came from (like a Mozart or Chopin piece I heard) and so on. When I’m viewing it, it seems to zoom out, shrink the movie to where I can’t see anything and start marketing new movies. I don’t need the marketing but I’d like to see the credits; doesn’t seem like so much to ask after viewing a movie for two hours. I can’t seem to find any quick button to click on to get back to full screen when that happens. If someone knows, thanks ahead of time for telling me how.

    • Robin

      I agree. It seems as though you can use your arrows to re-select (highlight) the movie square that is off in the corner, press “ok” and then you’ll get it back to full screen. No quick button. 🙁

  • flyonthewall

    NETFLIX MOVIE CREDITS SHRINK TO NOTHING AT THE END OF A MOVIE: The new Netflix Interface is Glitz and Glamour to me, not much added value. In the past, when I wanted to start viewing something over, I just clicked on start over. That button seems to be gone; inconvenient; why?. It doesn’t seem to allow me to start over without going in and backing up to start. But, what drives me crazy the most, is that I want to see the credits at the end; I want to see where made, who starred in bigger and lesser roles, where the music came from (like a Mozart or Chopin piece I heard) and so on. When I’m viewing it, it seems to zoom out, shrink the movie to where I can’t see anything and start marketing new movies. I don’t need the marketing but I’d like to see the credits; doesn’t seem like so much to ask after viewing a movie for two hours. I can’t seem to find any quick button to click on to get back to full screen when that happens. If someone knows, thanks ahead of time for telling me how.

  • Mike

    I love the Roku 3, but new Netflix interface makes it even more difficult to find content. One clear line to browse content and the majority of the screen is consumed with static content. I didn’t love the old interface, but please make it easier to find content.

  • stephcon

    I have a Roku 3 in my basement and a smart tv in my living room. My smart tv has had the new Netflix interface since September when I bought it. My Roku 3 finally got it and I was so happy. I decided that I wanted another Roku for my bedroom so that I could have access to Netflix in there as well. I was able to get the new Roku 2 on Amazon for a pretty good price last week and now that I have it set up I am absolutely puzzled as to why the Netflix app for it doesn’t support profiles! Seriously! I JUST bought this new, redesigned Roku. I’m sending it back for a refund. Geez Roku. Why even offer any other version of Roku aside from the 3? Really.

  • katerbug72

    I love the new interface but I would also love the option of “play from beginning” back as it’s a pain in the butt to have to rewind like a darn VHS tape. My three year old likes to watch the same things over and over but doesn’t always finish them. He always wants to watch from the beginning and I’m tired of rewinding. Please bring that option back!

  • Carey

    Please update the Roku 2 interface or at least give us a way to change the profile that is initially selected when we first setup Netflix on Roku.

  • Tania C

    Transcript from recent online chat with customer support (12.08.13):

    Netflix Jordene
    Hi! This is Jordene. Who do I have the pleasure of chatting with today?

    My name is Tania – I just want to add to the many complaints by others that I’ve read about the size of the text on this latest Netflix software update. I actually have to get up and walk two or three feet closer to my 23″ TV to be able to read the program/movie synopsis. And I have no problem with my vision. If this doesn’t change VERY SOON, I will have to cancel my account.

    Netflix Jordene
    Oh no…that’s not good to hear at all and to be honest, I’d feel the same way too if I wasn’t able to see the text on my movies while I’m seated. I’ll get right on this for you and thank you so much Tania for chatting in with me to let me know how you truly feel

    Netflix Jordene
    I really appreciate it. Quick question…this has been happening from the new interface on your device or just started suddenly?

    I just hope the people at Netflix who are in control of the software are as sympathetic as you are, Jordene. 🙂

    Started with the new interface.

    Netflix Jordene
    I do believe that my team here will be working to fix this as quickly as possible so that you can get the best out of your streaming experience.

    I’m afraid I’m not too confident of that. Surely they are aware of all the complaints, with no fix yet.

    Thanks anyway, Jordene. Have a great day!

    Netflix Jordene
    I’ll push this as much as I can on my end for you Tania…just bear with us a little longer

    Ok – I hope you will also emphasize that with no resolution, Netfix will likely lose more than just me as a customer.

    Thanks again!

    Netflix Jordene
    I totally agree with you Tania as I know our members want the best and nothing less will do

  • Vince B.

    Since the Netflix upgrade took place on my 3, our sound is intermittent. No sounds when scrolling and searching, no movie/show sound. We leave Netflix, all sounds are back. Anybody else having this issue? Thoughts? Ideas?

  • Kami

    As some one who has used Netflix on Roku 2 XS and recently upgraded to Roku 3, I can say I like the upgrade/change. However, I really miss some the following functionality that I frequently used… Please return these features to the new UI:

    1. “Play from Beginning” – Restarting a movie or episode from the beginning.
    2. The selection number out of total VOD’s in which the user can scrolling through. (example: 12 of 50)

    I really like the new Kids and Profile features!

    • Kami

      I’d like to add to my list:

      3. Screen Saver needs to be enabled. For some reason it’s never goes to screen saver when in the new Netflix App.

    • Kami

      4. Automatically playing the next episode, needs to be a toggle setting. I know some like this but others do NOT. To echo others what if you fall asleep and find you’re several episodes into the series and have to work to find where you really are.

  • Brandon

    The interface is horrible! Half the time the system won’t resume and it still doesn’t have the ability to set parental controls with an override for parents. I want to restrict rated R movies and NR material, but there are several NR videos that are just fine, but you can’t watch them because the parental controls are either on or off. Its just absolutely ridiculous.

  • jc

    Sorry guys… I *hate* the new interface:

    – You took away the play back from the beginning option. I used this *all* the time. I’d start watching something, get distracted.. the movie would keep playing.. I’d go back to it and restart it from the beginning. Now, like an idiot, I have to take a minute or so to rewind the stupid thing. How hard would it have been to keep this option??

    – I have no kids in my household… I will never ever ever choose the Kids button at the start. I have only one profile set up with my Netflix account. Why make me do the extra step at the start?
    – When a movie hits the credits at the end, you shrink its picture to the top left and then start showing me suggested movies. The problem is, often, during credits, the movie will continue with little clips/outtakes/etc. I am now forced to watch these in a tiny little square of the screen. The thing I *want* to watch is in a tiny little square – while you’re trying to shove something that I don’t want to watch on the majority of my screen.

    I can honestly say that these issues are making me consider switching to another streaming device.

  • Northern_Lights

    For the love of God please put a restart option on movies/shows.

  • djb5718

    HELP! How can I watch the credits for a movie? Sometimes they shrink into a tiny box, other times it actually jumps me to another movie, one I didn’t even pick! I can’t find any button I can push to allow me to watch the credits.

    I HATE this feature and may switch to Amazon if I can’t find some way to (ideally) disable it, or at least easily switch back to the movie I want to be watching. Sometimes a movie leaves you with a mood, the music over the credits is part of that and you want to stay with it for a bit. Now I get rudely jerked into another movie against my will. Please tell me how to keep watching the credits.

    • Robin

      Hi, I just got a Roku for xmas, previously watched netflix on my computer, through the tv…. I had your same credit problem and found it completely annoying! I LOVE credits! So, after fiddling a little, I see that you actually can use your arrow buttons to re-select (highlight) the movie w. credits rolling up in the corner and then press “ok”. You just have to be extra careful not to accidentally select anything else or you’ll lose it and have to re-start the movie and fast forward all the way through just to try again. 😛 Anyway, I am quite relieved that 1. I am not the only person who enjoys watching the ENTIRE movie and 2. there actually IS a way to do it. Good luck! (Happy new year, too.)

      • djb5718

        Thank you!!! I tried various buttons but using the arrow keys did not occur to me, probably because I was in “watching the movie” mode not “navigating the app” mode. Now I won’t have to have every movie end with me being mad at Netflix!

        Happy new year and thanks again!

  • futurowoman

    Is there a way to change the settings so that the credits are not minimized at the end of a Netflix stream? I hate that–not only am I interested in credits generally, but it’s often the case that they are important. Thanks!

    • Just Wondrin

      It’s not just the credits. Sometimes the end of the movie has a twist. I hate this. From reading the article, I think I’ll go over to Netflix and vent. This “new” Netflix experience is really stupid.

      • djb5718

        I hate this also. See Robin’s response to my similar complaint — there is a way to get back to the credits each time. Use the arrow keys to get over to (and highlight) the credits box and then hit OK. I would rather there was a setting, but at least it is possible to watch the credits.

  • Just Wondrin

    I have an older Roku and a Roku 3. I HATE the preview format of the Roku 3. In Netflix, it has a big picture of the movie you’re previewing, but the words are small in the upper left hand part of the screen. It’s almost impossible to read this from across the room unless you’re watching on a 55″ or more. In the old format, you could hover over a movie and get a description without actually clicking on the movie – not so with Roku 3.
    Also, this thing of making the end of the movie small – while it’s still rolling – to show options for picking another movie is just stupid. Sometimes the very end of the movie offers a surprise or twist in the plot. This is completely lost. I’ll pick another movie when I’m damn good and ready. I’m still watching the one that isn’t over. Is this a new Netflix thing or Roku?
    It is nice that YouTube was finally added to bring Roku up with every player in existence.

  • Just Wondrin

    For those who hate the new Netflix interface, go to the Netflix blog and let them know what you think.

  • EightTwentyFive

    We’ve been using our Roku 3 for about a week now and still no Netflix profiles. What’s going on?

  • zoso5150

    Please bring the profiles to the Roku LT (2013 version).

  • Joseph

    The decision to rollout the new UI to only the Roku 3 was a poor decision. Apparently only people with HDMI TV’s have families that could benefit from the “profiles” option in Netflix. Finally joined the Roku revolution to find out only half the Revolution will be televised!

  • Angelflowers

    Does anyone know when they will update the Roku LT to support the Netfix profiles function? Have they given a specific date? Bit bizarre that they have only updated one device. Would have thought they’d update them all at the same time! Just bought my Roku LT today and was dismayed to find I cannot access my netflix profile and am instead stuck on the main profile. It’s not a major issue at the moment but I would like to have my profile back rather than messing up someone else’s viewing!

  • mike

    So when do older Roku units get the ability to use profiles? This post was two months ago, no updated info?

  • Ben G.

    Please bring it to Roku 2 so my mom doesn’t have to use my account 🙂

  • dana

    how do i change ‘who’s watching’ netflix on roku? I’ve deleted the channel and logged back in it but it doesnt even ask for me to choose ‘who’s watching’ on the roku.

  • Karen Walker

    I bought the new Roku 3 and it worked fine for about a month. Now I can not get it to stream Netflix. I have an older Roku that streams Netflix without a problem. The Roku 3 gets stuck on the red retrieving screen whenever I try to start Netflix. I have searched the internet and found that this is a problem that many people are having. How can I fix this or do I send the Roku 3 box back. I am very dissappointed that the new box is not as good as the old one.

  • monkeyfistz

    please let me know if any one can find a date on the Netflix profile update to the Roku xd/s just bought it off line and didn’t find out this upsetting news till i tried it. this unit is absolutely useless to my family with out this feature………. ANY NEWS HELPS

  • Mark

    It’s late January and I guess ROKU & Netflix are STILL exploring the possibility of bringing profiles to the many who bought Roku 2s and HDs and whatever. Utterly stupid. Three ROKUs in the house and where Netflix profiles are concerned they are as good as bricks.

  • GySgt G1

    Play from beginning needs to be brought back. I’m ok with most everything else. Toggle auto play too!

  • Kelly

    I agree, if your going to continue selling a product, you really need to keep it updated along with the rest… I can understand stop updating a Roku 1 if you stopped selling it a few years ago, but I just purchased one yesterday… brand new off the shelf…. update, please. Samsung quit updating the Note, but then again they don’t sell it anymore, they sell the Note 3… but for one of you on this, I changed my primary Netflix user act to my Family last name and made it a kids account, since no update, then made a new one to replace it… shouldn’t have to do any of it… just needs an update…. Thanks

  • Laura

    Please bring this to the other Roku models. The current set up is SO not family friendly for us as we have three small kids. It is quite frustrating!

  • Dan Zimmer

    There is a major flaw with this new interface. The TV show or movie does not play to the end. I will start watching Netflix on one of my other devices.

    • nightowwl

      It is working as intended. They have no concept of how important credits are to a movie. They also think we are too stupid to decide for ourselves if we want to watch another show when the current one ends. So as soon as the credits roll, they purposely shrink the screen and start a countdown to the next program. I don’t usually like to name-call, but these people are idiots.

  • David

    Terrible update:

    1. You’ve moved the user’s queue to a less accessible location in favor of Netflix’s recommendations.
    2. The “recap” at the end of an episode makes watching the end of shows without closing credits very annoying.
    3. Auto-play is VERY frustrating.

    Was there ANY user testing done?

    • nightowwl

      I used to be a software tester. I suspect many online business no longer test software in-house. And why should they? They aren’t designing an interface for the user, they are jumping on the mobile device only bandwagon like all the other Silicon Valley lemmings. I don’t recall being asked how Netflix could improve their UI, do you? That’s because they don’t care what we think. They force an inferior version on their paying customers, then expect us to be their beta testers. Nicely played, Netflix.

  • Paul

    STILL no update for Roku 2? Or even a decent explanation as to why not? Frustrating to say the least. I guess my mistake for buying one (well, three actually plus three others I bought as gifts). I have at least a dozen other devices in my house that stream Netflix and that supported profiles almost immediately. The Roku interface and remote is otherwise very well suited for my young children but I’m about to trash the things out of spite and just move on to any one of the dozens of other products that bother to support profiles and “just for kids” (which has been out for well over a year now). And no – no way in the world will it be Roku 3’s after such poor support for the 2’s (and the almost complete silence from Roku on the topic). Will suggest the same to all my friends who bought earlier model Rokus at my suggestion as well.

    • nightowwl

      Be careful what you wish for.

  • falconexe

    I just sent my Dad my old Roku 1 and the NETFLIX UI still DOES NOT have the “Who’s Watching” profile option. Please confirm or deny if Roku 1 will get the Netflix profile update. I LOVE my 4 Rokus and my Dad loves his, but this is getting pretty frustrating for him with multiple people trying to watch Netflix in his household.

    Thanks Roku!

  • Tamra

    What is wrong with Netflix lately? I stream through Roku but for the last month or so it hardly ever connects or just spins and spins. I’m getting so irritated!!

    • McMacBack

      probably your wireless

  • ThatGuyD

    Yea, I don’t care about Roku 3, Make my Roku 2 Netflix experience suck less. I doubt I’ll be spending another $100+ on Roku when the Roku 2 didn’t get proper support. I want all of my Netflix categories, nor 7 lines of Because you watched, Because you Watched, Because you Watched. Stop it already. List the genres.

  • Paul Murphy

    Every since the new interface began about once a week my Roku 3 forgets login and password information, so I have to put in in again. It is more than a little annoying.

  • Jayson Tanner

    I just got the Roku 3 (upgraded from LT) and while I really like the new Netflix, I do have one complaint: I enjoy watching the entire movie. That includes the end credits. I don’t want them shrunk so that Netflix can bring me a big billboard about what I might want to see next. I already know what I want to see next, if anything. So is there a way to make sure I can see the entire movie (with the closing credits) and not have the annoying billboards come up? Thanks.

    • Mike ONeill

      Just select the small window with the credits and it will come back to full screen. I don’t think there’s a way to do this automatically though. But for most I think this is a good thing epically with TV so I can start the next episode right away.

      • I’m not speaking for “most people”, if that’s true. I’m speaking for those of us who stay through the end of the movie in the theater – til when the lights go on. You know, actual movie lovers who believe the end of the movie is after the credits. Hulu has an option where you can set it so it never does that. It wouldn’t be hard for Netflix to incorporate that same option.

  • nwadkins

    I just spoke with Roku tech support and there is still no update available for any of the Roku other then the most recent roku 3. I have the original roku and the XS 2. And i can not view different profiles on my netfix. I have to older bluray players that have already updated there software to allow you to do this. This is terrible service and will make me look at some devices as I will be buying two more for my parents. If anyone has any suggestions for alt players please let me know.

  • milo

    Now it’s March, still no profiles on the older Roku? What are you guys doing over there? This was supposed to happen in 2014 (which would have been a ridiculously long delay already), now we’re starting month three and you guys don’t have it working?

    And no, I don’t buy that profiles can’t be supported because the older rokus are “underpowered”. It just isn’t a feature that requires beefier hardware, just a simple UI option.

    • Agree. Especially for those of us who don’t have tvs with an HDMI. It’s not like we can even upgrade to the Roku 3 at all, so our Netflix profiles are useless. I really don’t want to have to spend another $50 this year just to have an xbox live account so I can use my Netflix account in the way it’s intended to be used.

  • Jodie

    When is Roku going to upgrade the Netlix App for Roku 2XS? I have both a Roku 3 and a Roku 2XS.

  • Mike ONeill

    Well, looks like I will be returning the rokus I brought for my other rooms (only have a few days left to do that), kind of annoying the older boxes cant get the new Netflix UI. The profiles were the only reason I brought more to hook up to my other TVs in the first place. Chromecast will probably be the choice to replace them just to save some money.

  • Please update the netflix apps Roku 2 !!!

  • trippcook

    Can someone PLEASE just put out a news update saying whether or not CURRENT-gen Roku models (not last-gen … I have a Roku 2) will receive this update? If it’s just not possible or still months out, it’d be nice to know that.

  • Menzo44

    Roku LT?

  • Chirs

    The new Netflix experience SUCKS! Why in the world did you take away the “Play From Beginning” function? What a bunch of idiots! Bring this function back!

  • mjeps

    At this point, it’s pretty clear that Roku will not make good by its customers. It’s been 6 months and the promise to roll this feature out to models other than the Roku 3 (like my Roku 2 XS, a 3rd generation model) has been forgotten. Granted, the promise was to make Netflix profiles available to these other models in a vague coming months and early next year. With the YouTube casting feature having just been added recently to these earlier models in a short time from when it was first available on the Roku 3, it’s clear that Roku has no intention to add the latest Netflix features to the same models. I do have a Roku 3 (my third Roku) on one TV, but I have the older (but not too old) model on another TV and I’ve been waiting for Roku to treat loyal customers like me properly by honoring a commitment. Perhaps Roku shouldn’t have mentioned the additional roll out at all.

  • Netflix Profiles

    Can we please get a Netflix Profile choice on previous Roku models? The Wii (not Wii U) has had this since Netflix was available for it. It just makes it easier to separate the kids stuff from the adults.

  • Angelbane

    THIS IS BULLSHIT … add this for the Roku 2 I bought the top of the line at the time and I do not want to buy a new one for a simple feature. I also was one of the early adopters or the original Roku … I don’t need a third device and shouldn’t have to pay another hundred bucks for this tiny feature.

  • bjlyon

    Bought a Roku 3 player but am a bit disappointed with the change in the interface with Netflix. Wish they didn’t remove the ability to resume watching a movie. With so many outages these days, it’s frustrating to have to go back and search where you left off.

  • asrafulislam

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  • Ray

    I bought a Roku 3 and tried to use it with Nefflix. I cannot search for particular shows or movies and cannot choose episodes for series. If the device does this, I cannot figure it out. Until they fix this, I recommend you not purchase this product.

  • JT B

    I just got a Roku Stick because I had multiple AppleTV controllers go ba. AppleTV controllers seem to last only about 12 months in my household (a family of 4, where AppleTV is the main TV viewing system).
    We had an early model Roku, and didn’t use it because the interface was not as good as the AppleTV, or the XBOX. The old Roku Netflix interface was significantly slower, less attractive, and it lacked key functionality – i.e. when you pull up a movie on Netflix, AppleTV suggests similar movies, it shows the actors and directors directly (not a link to IMDB), and that enables you to immediately click on an actor, director, or category of the movie to find more linked shows. Through that AppleTV interface I had discovered many great shows i otherwise would not have found.
    With the AppleTV remote now dead and hearing about the new Netflix interface, I decided it was time to give Roku another shot.
    Well, at least as a Netflix system, Roku is still far far inferior to AppleTV. The AppleTV is fluid with immediate appearances of pictures in menus, whereas the Roku seems like something that must have preceded our AppleTV, which right now is about 3 years old.
    I am very disappointed.
    HuluPlus is also far, fat less appealing on Roku
    There is much that I dislike about Apple, and so I want to give a shot to someone else, but Roku is far far behind AppleTV.
    In a core TV set-top box, you want nice out-of-the-box screen-savers, and Apple has many beautiful ones provided. Roku just has it’s ugly digital aurora borealis, and kitschy ROKU logo screen savers. The downloadable screen savers from third parties seem to use non-HD images, and do not have the fluid movement of AppleTV’s screen saver.
    Roku really needs to take a good look at an AppleTV, because the Roku experience, despite huge number of channels is far inferior to AppleTV – and XBOX. And this is coming from someone who hates Apple!

  • Jennifer Fiche

    Roku 3 is a turd. They are witholding Netflix profile support on previous Roku models to try to counter sluggish sales on the 3.

    I’m ditching Roku for this contrivance and moving to a pure media server.

    You blew it by being too damn greedy, Roku. I was an advocate for the device before these shennanigans.

    • EnTerr

      No – rather Roku 1 and Roku 2 are turds – and because of them RokuCo are withholding Netflix profile support for the older models. There is the newer HDMI Stick though, which is cheaper and has the new Netflix interface

  • zeph

    So we bought a Roku2 because it is the only one with analog outs, and very disappointed to find Netflix profiles are not supported. Any solid info on when this is going to be made available, if at all? Multiple profiles does work on our ancient Wii…

    • EnTerr

      Hm yes, that’s unfortunate situation – new Netlfix UI is only on Roku 3 and HDMI stick, which only have HDMI. Nothing definitive but RokuCo rep hinted recently they will not release profiles on any other models.

  • Daronn Williams

    Please update older versions of the Roku to allow access to multiple Netflix profiles!

  • Bill Cole

    why do I need my Netflix password every time?

  • Matt

    I Just bought a roku 1. when will that be updated?

  • HeyItsJohnnyCat

    When will Roku 1 have this update? I’m returning it for Amazon Fire TV if it’s not very soon.

  • NoWhiners67

    If you are dissatisfied with the Netflix app on ANY Roku device for ANY reason, you should take you issues to NETFLIX. Up to this point, the content provider (NETFLIX) is responsible for the availability & functionality of it’s app. I am sure Roku would be delighted to have a version of the Netflix Channel that was universally compatible & adorned by all Roku users. Unfortunately they are limited to offering whatever app & features NETFLIX MAKES AVAILABLE TO THEM! Roku is not the only device that has older models that cannot support profiles. I have a Kindle Fire that does not, though my Fire HDX does. I do not blame Amazon for this. I blame Netflix. And the decision to abandon Roku because of the lack of support of one of the content providers is absolutely your right. However I have tried many different streaming devices, and all fall short in some way. Some lack certain channels completely (I’m looking at you Apple TV), some have terrible interfaces for other apps (the Amazon app on my Vizio TV is almost unusable unless you are searching for a specific title- but not Vizio’s fault). Of all the devices I have tried the Roku 3 has THE BEST selection of content & functionality that I have seen. The iOS app is fantastic as a remote and the ability to stream my own videos, pics, etc from my iPhone to the Roku is just sweet. I am confident that Roku’s goal is to maintain it’s position as a leader in streaming device providers, & that they will do whatever they can to improve the user experience of EVERY Roku owner (just as I’m sure they are not deliberately withholding Netflix updates to force Roku 1 owners to go buy an HD TV so that you can then purchase a Roku 3). If they wanted everyone to buy a Roku 3 they could just stop selling the old models.

    One other thing I would like to mention… as a general rule when buying technology, if you want to have a chance at keeping your device for a long time, buy the best you can afford. Just because you may not need USB or a headphone jack in your remote, the Roku 3 has 5-TIMES faster performance than the 2. That means the 3 will stay relevant a whole lot longer than the 2 (even if they were both made at the same time. I also submit that buying factory refurbished is a great way to balance cost vs. quality. A refurbished 3 can be found on the Roku website for $79.99. I purchased mine for less than $70 from Newegg. It is BRAND NEW. Whatever the reason for the refurbishment, I can’t see it. And it comes with a warranty like a new one.

  • Tim

    Please let us know if we will ever see profiles on the Roku 2! If not, fine, at least we know and can decide which device to buy next, another Roku or something else…

  • Will

    This is actually getting ridiculous! I have had my Roku for months and have been waiting on an update for Netflix! This is the sole reason I bought the Roku 1. Paying the subscription to Netflix and receiving a lesser experience is just not on! Seriously considering returning it and just saving for the new Amazon Fire TV. If you are using Netflix as a selling point for your device you should be delivering the full Netflix experience. Not this crippled version. I cant even skip to my favorite season without scrolling through all the episodes! IT IS A JOKE!

  • patrick

    i still don’t have it on roku 1. all i want is AUTOPLAY.

  • milo

    So have you guys just abandoned the Roku 2, or is there any chance these might ever get updated? I’d love to get the missing features but if you guys aren’t going to support your products there’s no way in hell I’m ever buying another Roku again, I’ll spend my money on one of the other options from a company that actually cares enough to keep their products up to date.

  • dee

    this is a real pain, can’t up date online. No one is answering the phone to roku.

  • Tink

    I don’t see My List anywhere. Is there a Setting or a certain place I need to Navigate to retrieve those I’ve Queued up?

  • Diahann Williams

    When will it come to Roku 1?

  • Picklesdaddy

    The new app looks great but I have to wonder if I’m the only one who has to keep resetting the app to get back in to Netflix.

  • lf

    Had one of the first Roku and loved it. Just set up a new Roku 3 and HATE it. Can’t read the text. The layout stinks and the remote is badly laid out also. Wish I’d stuck with my old one.

  • nobodyspecial

    Old blog post but hopefully someone sees this at netflix/roku…LOL

    You really need to copy this guy’s channel:
    instant browser has bigger fonts, you can choose genres (and add those
    genres to favorites or even hide stuff like anime etc if desired), see
    the whole genre catalog, even sub genres inside those, stuff set to
    expire soon, sort by expire, title etc etc etc. Ideally, I’d want the
    font he has for the directors and actors for EVERY letter everywhere.
    His descriptions are slightly smaller but still blow away netflix app.
    His box art is bigger due to removing the picture crap netflix has
    wasted space on, and his text uses a LOT more of the screen real
    estate. All of this guy’s features should be BUILT-IN to Netflix’s
    official channel. Netflix should fire their UI people and just hire this guy who makes sense. Pity you can’t launch a title from here.

    Anyone know why the heck they removed the numbers in the corner of screen telling you which movie/show your at in your list (ie, like 145/450)? Or how you get that info back? Am I expected to count every time I come into netflix to find say, movie 250 in my list after finding it’s spot on the tv? Are you constantly expected to search for this stuff? It was so much nicer when I knew where I was in ANY of the rows as I move in them. I end up using the blurays in the house all day due to them HAVING the numbers included for ALL rows. Categories should be options too. IE instead of a dozen “because you watched X” categories I should be able to say, NEVER REMOVE HORROR/COMEDY etc etc rows. I don’t even care what netflix THINKS I should want to watch when I love WESTERNS or something massively and want to peruse just that category. The whole family is forced to the PC to get anything done.

    One more point, ENLARGE the print on EVERYTHING in netflix (give an option for this!). They have so much wasted space (especially when you go in to read details on a show) that could be used with larger font sizes. IF they can’t fit the text in the balloon GROW THE BALLOON that pops up (balloons are gone, now they shove it into a <1/4 of the screen in upper left which is worse IMHO). This should be a mandatory option for programmers or just fire them for being as dumb as the programmers at MS for Vista/Win8 (and the win8 project manager DID get fired the week it was released…LOL). Do they realize half the people watching are binge watching retirees (like my parents for instance)? They can't read the print on a 61in. Pretty pictures and backgrounds do NOTHING for the user, however the info telling you what the movie/show is about is EXTREMELY important. IF you can't read it, you're device or channel is useless. You need a button that just changes GLOBAL fonts up double or something. How hard is it to include a FONT SIZE option in the UI? We will not be buying any new rokus until both things are fixed (we don't use roku's now much for netflix anyway). They win8'ed our netflix experience so we only use BLURAY to watch netflix. Did I just coin a new term? You got "Windows eight'ed"? 🙂

    Netflix is ruining our watching experience. I have complained about font size a dozen times. Same with where you're at in your lists (20/75 etc). Netflix response: "well when you come in, you're in #1 of your list". OK so you want me to count all day? LOL. You don't want my money very badly do you (multiple houses in the family and half the IT dept I'm in complain about this stuff)? About to build an HTPC to end all this I guess. ROKU should be complaining to NETFLIX about all of the above as this kills sales. If the HTPC route works, we'll be doing it for all the houses in the family (and that unit will play games, browse the web etc with a keyboard, mouse & gamepad).

  • Susan Inman

    My Netflix on my roko is stuck on 25% on everything I try to watch , what is the problem. I don’t know to get in touch with Netflix!

  • knowingisgrowing

    Well, it’s 7/15/2015 and I can confirm the Roku 2 XS still has the old netflix app. I very much doubt it will be updated, and I’ll be upgrading to Nvidia Shield TV, anyway. Their ongoing delays (Roku) with 4k support is laughable at this point.

  • I bought 2 ROKU 3 in the US last week and when arrived home in Uruguay I found out Netflix is not working on ROKU outside the U.S.!! And that despite Netflix works perfectly on my Apple TV!
    Roku: you have to alert customers about that. Many of us buy your product for Netflix broadcasting only! Now I’m stucked with 2 Rokus 3 and can’t use them.
    And no… I am not goiing to change DNS setting to have a fake VPN US IP address – it’s impossible here!


  • karl Ferron

    Don’t like the fact that there is no option to stop the previews.

  • tgyrly

    My brand new roku1 uses the old version. Any news when that will be updated too?

  • dmac

    I just purchased two roku se units. I can not find a place to set up profiles. Can anyone help?

  • Michael Sexton

    The new Netflix interface is horrible. I hate it. It sucks.

  • Mike

    YUK- I just got a new Roku Express (as an early user, my boxes were all older models) and the Netflix interface is awful. The pictures are too big and icons too small. My 36″ tv makes the icons extremely hard to read and the graphics loading slow down the interface…

    HORRIBLE — I would return the Roku Express except for all the newer aps like AMC that cause the Roku 2 models to crash.

  • NostalgiaKarl K.F.

    Is it available on the Roku 1? If not, will it be available?

  • Fard Barfill

    netflix needs to make a better interface that is less annoying.. now, when you hover on a tile some stupid music starts playing when the tile should be static, and you still can’t delete from the interface watched programs.. you still have to go to netflix to delete a show you might have wanted to just check out, but is then placed in your continue viewing when you no longer want to view it.. with Hulu and Amazon you can remove those shows with the roku remote on their interfaces.. netflix is still 20th century, and needs to move forward, but without having stupid music playing on each tile you hover on.. now, I don’t feel like going to netflix when Hulu and Amazon has an interface that is so much better

  • Ruby Jambalos

    When I joined Netflix a Roku was given as the streaming machine, I have been able to use Netflix until November 2016. Now I can’t.
    Roku is asking for credit card information, Why?
    Can someone enlighten me? I pay Netflix monthly.