Big news, streamers – WatchESPN is now available on Roku streaming players. Additionally, WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney Junior and WATCH Disney XD are all launching later this month.

In time for the holidays, WatchESPN on Roku provides a one-stop destination for sports fans with live access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes and ESPNEWS for customers who receive ESPN’s networks as part of their video subscription from an affiliated provider. ESPN Goal Line and ESPN Buzzer Beater will also be accessible when those channels are in season.

Current affiliated video providers for WatchESPN include Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Midcontinent Communications, Cablevision’s Optimum TV, Cox, AT&T U-verse TV, Charter and Google Fiber (coming soon to NRTC members’ customers).

Later in the month, customers who get their video subscription from an affiliated provider will also be able to access WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney Junior and WATCH Disney XD. WATCH Disney Channel will feature Disney-branded original programming for kids and families including “Austin & Ally,” “Phineas and Ferb,” “Jessie,” “Good Luck Charlie,” “Dog With A Blog,” “Shake It Up,” “Gravity Falls” and “A.N.T. Farm.” WATCH Disney Channel also includes Disney Channel’s Disney Junior programming for kids age 2-7 featuring the hit series “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” and more.

Current affiliated video providers for the WATCH Disney services include Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Midcontinent Communications, Cablevision’s Optimum TV, Cox, AT&T U-verse TV, Charter and Google Fiber (coming soon to Charter and NRTC members’ customers).

We’re always working hard to grow our entertainment selection and we’re very excited to add these premium brands to our platform of 1000+ streaming channels. Happy streaming.

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  • greenpad

    This is great. Next step: charge a subscription so I can use them without cable.

    • Thad


    • Rod

      Exactly. This is why I use my Roku so much is because I wanted to cut the cord between myself and the cable company. Adding channels that require a cable subscription sort of defeats the purpose.

      • Greg

        It doesn’t require a subscription to use ESPN3. Roku and ESPN have done a terrible job explaining this channel to cord cutters.

        • Gary

          I am a cable cutter. I have an HDTV antenna on the side of my house. I have DSL Internet from AT&T. I can NOT watch ESPN on my Roku. When I try I get a message that Watch ESPN is not part of my TV package. What ever that means.

          • Tim S

            I am in the same boat and I have been able to get ESPN3 only. It has always been free to AT&T DSL internet users. It is the ONLY espn available through the Watch ESPN Roku or internet channel. However, as of 1/1/15, this may not be true any more. I recently logged on the watch the replay of a football game and it gave me the prompt that I must have Uverse. Not sure if it means Uverse TV or Uverse High Speed internet. I am a cord cutter myself and am upgrading to At&T Uverse Internet (not TV), so I guess I will find out by tomorrow if ESPN3 will be available, or if they finally took it away from us

          • Shannon M

            What happened? Do you have ESPN3 still?

        • Jeffrey Morrison

          This is not accurate. You must have a subscription with a qualifying provider like DirecTV, Verizon FIOS, UVerse or Time Warner, Time Warner does not offer SEC network to be streamed via WATCH ESPN apps or website. You will need one of the major providers login to activate an XBOX, ROKU or other device to stream ESPN3 on any deivce.

      • spin43

        You are correct!

    • Scott

      ain’t that the truth, most streamers do subscribe to cable.

    • blujkts

      Never happen. Cable wont let it. Get a cable ID and password from a friend or reletive and cut the cable already. ez-peezy and $0

      • Greg

        The cable and satellite companies need Disney and ESPN a LOT worse than Disney and ESPN need them. Disney is in the driver’s seat on this. They can pretty much do whatever they want.

      • Jodi Castillo

        Does this work, I would think the ISP would have to be the same. I have internet with the cable provider. I have also been told by other providers that I am in a spoy where I can only get srrvice through one provider. I think thus is all BS. The govt put a law into effect that all major channels (NBC, CBS, ABC,FOX) have to provide free OTA access) I Can’t even get that. We have literally tried 12 different types of antennas and satellite dishes. I just want to know how I can go around this s**t.

        • DKD

          I have used a pair of $16 rabbit ears and got over 25 channels even one from Canada. You have to play around with them sometimes to get recption and the weather does effect it but I was sooo glad to be done with cable. You also can’t have them to close to the tv. I also don’t watch a lot of TV and I do miss the sports channels like ESPN but you learn to live with it!

        • leo

          No. There is no option to log in. I have tried multiple times when my father in law came over to use his subscription. It gets so far before it says my uverse dosent have that channel. I don’t want to use mine I want to use his but it won’t work

    • Greg

      It was reported in August that Disney is looking into doing just that.

    • spin43

      I totally agree!

  • gwynhyvar

    Isn’t the point of Roku to NOT have a cable subscription? What good is a Roku channel that requires me to be tethered? I’d rather pay ESPN or Disney directly.

    • blujkts

      Not if youre using it on the road or highjacking someone elses user ID and password from their cable account. duh.

    • Greg

      ESPN3 requires no subscription.

      • rurallaw

        Unfortunately, certain providers do block it. I use TimeWarner for internet and they block ESPN, Disney, and Cartoonnetwork unless you have a tv subscription.

      • Sarah

        How are you doing this? Its asking me for a subscription

        • ChanceDM

          Depends who your internet account is with. It does require you to sign in with an internet account. In my case, I have a Comcast account, so I sign in with my Comcast ID and password. It won’t let me watch espn and espn2, but I can watch espn3, since I don’t have cable.

      • gary

        its asking me for a subscription also

  • Allen

    I switched to Roku to get away from cable or dish so why would this benefit anyone who ditched cable or dish? It doesnt.

    • Greg


  • wick

    I was excited until I reached the part that basically said it was useless unless you worship at the alter of Big Cable.

    • Greg

      No. You can watch ESPN3 without a subscription.

  • Ben Anderson

    Many of these providers also provide internet only options. Can we get these channels if we don’t have TV just internet from these providers. If not why not?

    • Ben Anderson

      I’d prefer not paying for the same content twice…once with my Cable TV and again with my internet service.

    • Chuck

      When I cut the cable cord earlier this year, I lost the ability to use the Watch ESPN app all together, even though I kept my WiFi internet. If you lose the TV, you lose the ability to use the app. Dumb move by the cable companies IMHO.

    • Greg

      The ESPN3 does not require a subscription.

  • Anderson

    I have been waiting anxiously for this. Great job by Roku for getting a deal done. Keep up the great work!

  • Cdeck

    This is no good. People who use Roku don’t have cable. Need to be able to purchase a subscription !

    • Greg

      First, you can watch live events on ESPN3 now without a subscription. Second, in August, Disney announced that it is working to create a model that would permit cord cutters to subscribe to the full ESPN without a cable/satellite subscription.

      • gary

        ESPN3 requires a subscription when I try to watch it.

  • Will

    So ESPN and Disney will work with a Comcast subscription. Does this mean that HBOGo is available for Comcast subscribers now as well?

  • tommy

    Mr. Lee,
    Stupid move, For the reasons listed in about every post below.

  • poleman

    No direct tv folks need apply? Better yet let me subscribe to ESPN directly, I’d pay a few bucks a month for all the ESPN networks directly on Roku.

    • Greg


      • Guest2

        “Guest” is an asshole lol

    • Tim S

      Totally! I wish I could subscribe A-la-carte to the ESPN, FoxSports and CBSSports networks and none of that other cable garbage!

  • hat

    No good if I still have to buy cable. please try again! it won’t be much longer until the cable companies will be disbanded and can’t keep a hold on things like live sports. Disappointed Roku agreed to add the ESPN channel without open non-cable tv subscriber paid access like any other Pay channel on Roku.

    • Greg

      You don’t have to have cable/satellite to watch ESPN3 on this channel.

  • Cable Cutter

    Useless. You don’t seem to understand who is buying your product and why.

    • bigyaz

      No, YOU are the one who doesn’t understand. The cable companies and ESPN are in bed together, and they are in control. ESPN makes huge money through cable, so they are not about to sell their product separately.
      Roku is just a small fish in this game and has no leverage. Your gripe is with ESPN and the cable companies — not that they will listen.

      • Greg

        I’m sorry, but ESPN3 is free without a subscription and Disney announced in August that they are looking to offer ESPN subscriptions to non-cable/satellite subscribers. The cable/satellite industry needs Disney and ESPN FAR more than Disney and ESPN need them. It is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a growing population of cord nevers, cord cutters, and cord shavers and we are prepared to pay reasonable subscription prices for unbundled content which we really want. Disney and ESPN will tap into that. Disney and ESPN are in control, not the cable and satellite providers. They have the most desired content around. Yes, Roku has no leverage, but Disney and ESPN do. I have no gripe with ESPN. They are now giving me scores of live and replay events each week for free via ESPN3 and it is obvious that they are making plans to make their entire service available to streamers in the next year or two for a subscription.

        I really don’t understand why anyone would complain about Watch ESPN on Roku when the channel is free and the ESPN3 content is free. It costs nothing and it provides a lot of good content. I suggest you install it and see how many college football games you’ll have free access to this coming Saturday.

        • bigyaz

          I’ve had ESPN3 for a long time via PlayOn. Yes, it’s EVERYTHING a sports fan could want: NCAA women’s volleyball, high school football, college basketball games of marginal interest, cricket…and this weekend we get the huge Campbell vs. NC State football game.
          But I wasn’t criticizing ESPN3; it’s fine, since it’s free. My point was simply that ESPN is making billions via cable subscriptions, and it’s not remotely in their interest to give that up. They make more than $6 a month from virtually EVERY cable subscription — even people who hate sports. Whatever amount streamers are willing to pay monthly for a subscription wouldn’t begin to offset what ESPN would be giving up if it started losing revenue from cable subscriptions.
          I think your (and my) dream of streaming ESPN channels is many years down the road. I hope I’m wrong, because live sports is about the only thing I miss since I cut the cord three years ago.

          • Greg

            I’ve watched Division I football and basketball games on ESPN3 (not Alabama v. LSU, of course, but good games). Some Auburn and Mizzou games were on ESPN3 earlier this season, before they breached the top 10. They were good games to watch. And since I couldn’t watch Kentucky v. MSU night before last, I was able to watch it last night on replay on ESPN3. Of course, it’s not the same premium games you get live on the flagship ESPN, but it is hardly just volleyball and high school games either.

            Disney has already announced that it is in fact negotiating with unnamed device manufacturers to offer streaming subscriptions to ESPN. I suspect the initial partner will be Apple, not Roku, as there is a close relationship there. Steve Jobs’ estate is the single largest shareholder in Disney, as it is in Apple. I expect to see such a subscription available within the next year or two at most. Disney gets less than $6.50/month for its ESPN family of channels from cable and satellite providers. I’d pay $8-10/month in a heartbeat for a full ESPN package and I expect a lot of other folks would as well. And do you think the cable/satellite providers would refuse to renew with Disney over its doing so? Not a chance. ESPN and the Disney channels are huge draws for them. Disney holds all the cards and they appear to already be preparing to play some of them in the streaming world.

    • Greg

      No, you don’t understand. Yes, the full ESPN would be great, but even with this, you get tons of live sports and replays on ESPN3 for free. That’s exactly what cord cutters want.

      • gary

        ESPN3 is subscription only for me..

  • rick

    The reason I bought Roku was to get rid of cable which i did. Not going back to it. That is the whole reason for Roku I thought

    • Greg


  • dill

    I would rather pay roku for the channel direct .

  • Rally

    I was also excited until I got to the part where you need a subscription from an affiliated provider. The whole reason I bought my Roku is so I don’t NEED cable or satellite providers. These channels are absolutely useless to me.

    • Greg

      You don’t need cable or satellite to watch ESPN3 on this channel.

      • bf


        • Lance Johnson

          I use it and I don’t. I have my internet account and I use that account to sign in. I do not have cable, just internet.

  • Brandon Martin

    If I have cable I do not need a roku.. If I have a roku.. I do not want to need cable. That is the whole point.

    • Greg


      • Brandon Martin

        Thank you for the suggestion. But I do not really watch sports. I was more talking about Disney and other channels like that. :)

        • Lance

          either do I but, if there is a big game on, it’s nice to know that it’s available on your roku

          • Tim S

            Actually ESPN3 rarely plays big games, unless the game is over and you are watching the replay. It’s usually Sun Belt games or MAC games. You can also find Carribbean Cricket on ESPN3!

      • AnnoyedGuest

        Good gawd, not all of us are talking about sports. Disney is what I am interested in, I do not need you to remind me constantly that ESPN3 is free. Great, I am glad…..I hope others will follow!

  • JohnV

    1) Everyone doesn’t benefit from every channel they offer. Why do so many of you think that this isn’t the case, and are therefor upset that this specific offering doesn’t benefit you?

    2) For someone like me who doesn’t necessarily have access to cable on every tv but does have access to wireless internet, it allows me to watch ESPN on any tv if I hook the roku up to it.

    • CajunTitan

      JohnV, your point #2 is EXACTLY what I’m happy about … now I can watch games on the back patio, garage, laundry room, etc without having an extremely long cable laying around

  • Jack

    This is worthless! I don’t have cable and I never will. I’m not interested in Roku providing another outlet for the cabe companies subscribers. We need ala cart subscriptions directly through Roku.

    • Greg

      ESPN3 is free on this channel.

      • Joe

        Hey “Guest”….who give a crap about ESPN 3?

        • Lance Johnson


          • Joni

            Me, too! I cut cable and got Roku, but I really want to be able to have sports. I will try ESPN 3, and am hoping it will work. Sports is more important to us than Disney. Not that Disney isn’t important, but we’d very much like to stay in the loop with sports and I hate to think we’ve sacrificed that because of dropping cable. However, as much as we will be disappointed, nothing was worth dealing with Comcast.

      • Fasted

        on WHAT channel???

  • Jackie Roisler

    Why not for Dish subscribers?

    • Tired of cable!

      If you have a smart tv and are not on cable like us tired of bill take your iPad and stream you tube Disney shows I haven’t figured out games yet besides going to bars or friends house it’s worth not paying cable they rip you off!!!!!

  • John

    Folks, I agree it sucks that you need a cable subscription for this but don’t think for a second it has anything to do with Roku. It’s the distribution deals between content providers and cable/sat companies that are imposing this requirement. Roku is just playing the same game that the Android, iOS, AppleTV, etc apps are playing to get access to the content.

    Hopefully when these long term deals start to expire ESPN/Disney will consider taking less money from the cable companies in exchange for offering direct streaming. They are probably the only media company big enough to make this kind of deal but I doubt they’ll want to give up all that sure money.

    • Greg

      You don’t need a cable subscription for the ESPN3 section. Roku needs to promote that stronger so that people understand it. This misunderstand on this thread is amazing. Roku and ESPN need to do a better job explaining what non-cable/satellite subscribers get with this channel.

      • snets

        Greg, all through this comment string you indicate that ESPN 3 is free, but when I view it, all of the live events and some of the other content is all “locked” down, requiring a cable subscription.

        • Greg

          If your ISP is a participating partner, you should be able to access it. If not, that probably explains the lock down. For a list of participating ISPs, see

          A few people have posted here that TimeWarner blocks ESPN3 access for its internet-only subscribers even though it is a participating partner. I had not heard that before.

    • Tom Z

      The way television is being transmitted and viewed is in a metamorphasis. Streaming is the way of the future except for live events. More and more viewers enjoy watching their shows by streaming or dvr , and watch according to their schedule than being told the time to watch. If the cable channels resist change and progress, they will go the way of the dinosaur. Cable TV may be extinct in less than 10-20 years. Through streaming, we may be able to finally pay for the channels we really want and force network/cable channels to offer what the people really want. Cable operators know it is only a matter of time and adapting.

  • bigyaz

    Guys, Roku is doing what it can. Their hands are totally tied by the cable companies, who aren’t giving up control at this time.

  • blujkts

    Subscriptions..nothing new here folks. Remember theres no free lunch, unless youre getting it from Obama. That said, get resourcful, find a family member or friend, and get their user ID and password for their cable acct and borrow it.

    • BuckMulligan

      Free lunch? Have you seen the number of commercials on ESPN?

    • Greg

      ESPN3 is free and works great on this channel.

      • MeOutHere

        No, it’s not and doesn’t. It’s asking me to choose from a list of 13 cable providers before letting me watch anything. None of those 13 are mine.

  • Brian

    This is a great first step, but as most people have already said; it’s pretty useless to most Roku users. People use Roku to get away from cable.

    • Greg

      Why? Most folks can use it to watch live sports on ESPN3.

      • Sarah

        Not in my experience. Mine is telling me I have to have a subscription

      • Peter Cwik

        ESPN3 is NOT ESPN. There is ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. ESPN3 is the only free channel and they show things like bowling and skateboarding, not Football!

        • Tim S

          Actually they show Sun Belt games and High School games. Oh and BTW, I’m not sure that is is free anymore as of 1/1/15

  • Obamanocchio

    It is like having the Federal Government provide your health care.

  • Brian Hanifan

    Bummer. Doesn’t help me. I’ve dropped craptacular cable/dish. Oh well.

    • Greg

      If your ISP is an participating partner, you can watch live events and replays on the ESPN3 section of this channel for free.

      • Guest2


  • Big Deal

    Worthless and misleading. Lead-off with “Those of you who are still dumb enough to subscribe to cable, have we got a deal for you!”

    • Greg

      If your ISP is an participating partner, you can watch live events and replays on the ESPN3 section of this channel for free. I’ve already been doing it and I’m very happy with it. The participating partners are listed at

      • rurallaw

        Greg, I have TimeWarner as my ISP. They are a participating partner. I do not have cable, just internet. They block ESPN3 if you don’t have a cable subscription and I can’t even get ESPN3 Video through a computer (granted, I’ve not tried in a few months so maybe something has changed). This is similar to how DirectTV blocks full access to HBOGo on the Roku (or at least when I had DirectTV over a year ago).

  • Wjskinner

    This is great; I still have cable because of so much live sports and HBo/Showtime shows. WatchESPN though allows me to use the Roku on a TV where I dont have a set top box and to watch ESPN3 content on my TV instead of on my pc only (or hooking up PC to TV which is a PiTA. Way to go Roku — one problem is I cant find the app!

    • majellan77

      Cannot dfind this ‘app’ either. Thought i was being an idiot for missing it. Where is this thing? It’s not a ‘channel’., Hiding in plain sight?

  • BuckMulligan

    I’m not seeing the channels on Roku, even after resetting.

  • Greg

    I’ve used Watch ESPN for ESPN3 (which doesn’t require a cable/satellite subscription if your ISP is a “partner” with ESPN) for a long time, through PlayOn on a Roku. I loaded this channel last night and it was much superior experience to using PlayOn. I highly recommend this channel even if you don’t have a cable/subscription. There are a lot of live and recorded games on ESPN3.

  • Greg

    See to see if your ISP is an participating partner. If so, you can watch a ton of live sports and replays on this channel on ESPN3 for free, no cable or satellite subscription required.

  • Greg

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the full ESPN suite is available to cord cutters sometime in the next 12 months. See

  • Agustin Colon


  • Agustin Colon


  • Patrick

    Hopefully this is merely an opening salvo on the way to subscribing to these channels via our Roku accounts. Otherwise, I see this as a dead end which is wasting the time and resources of both Roku and Disney.

  • Joe

    I’ve read all of these comments on here and find it amusing that some idiot keeps trying to soften the disappointment of needing a cable subscription with the proclamation that you can get ESPN3 for free on Roku without a cable subscription. WHO CARES!!!!!!!! It might matter if it were ESPN2…MIGHT. But ESPN3????….PUH-LEEEEEEEZE. As one poster said, “Oh great, now I can get women’s volleyball and south african cricket.” Maybe even Duke LaCrosse????? Sheesh…quit marketing this like it’s a big thing, Ed Lee. Tell ABC that we’ll pay $5/month/person for ESPN 1 and 2 and the 3 Disney Channels.

    • SonoranSnoozer

      It’s you who is the idiot. ESPN3 is NOT a channel, it is a internet streaming service for ESPN. I picked up all the college football bowl games a few hours delayed. ESPN3 will also carry all the world cup soccer games on a delay. It’s not just “women’s volleyball and cricket”. Get your facts straight before you rant. I think we all would be happy to pay 10-15$/mo to get live streaming of ESPN, but Disney (who owns ESPN) is making a killing of the current bundle model, and EPSN is their ace in the hole to keep suckers forking it over every month. For now, honestly I am totally happy with the non-cable WatchESPN app and ESPN3 that I get free with my broadband Internet. If you really want live where you have to sit and rot while a gazillion commercials play, then cable is the only way to go.

  • Disco

    All I did was create an online account for my mom’s account on the provider’s website. Then I just use that log in…Voila ESPN!

    • Tone

      Would this work if my mom has comcast tv and internet but I have u-verse internet? Thanks

  • Leslie Beslie

    The channel wasn’t appearing for me either so I contacted Roku support. The Watch ESPN Roku channel only supports Roku 2 & 3 – it does not support first gen Rokus and that’s probably why you’re not seeing it listed.

    • Al

      I have the lowest Roku model (LT) and I found and added both Watch ESPN and Watch Disney channels. Now I’m looking for Watch Disney Junior and Watch Disney XD…assume it has not been launched yet!

      • Leslie Beslie

        I assume you mean the lowest Roku model being currently sold. First gens are no longer sold new by Roku. They look like this: And are no longer supported with firmware updates or some of the new channels. Sad!

      • eve

        How the disney channel works , can you stream live and did you needed cable subscription?

  • JB-North

    Why doesn’t ESPN/Disney let us that are on DishNet and have ESPN access ESPN on our Roku. It’s not like we don’t already monthly for ESPN on Dish. I’s love to get rid of Disht, but we aren’t ready to give up certain channels. I’d also pay $8 – $10 / month for total ESPN access on my Roku.

  • Tom Z

    The way television is being transmitted and viewed is in a metamorphasis. Streaming is the way of the future except for live events. More and more viewers enjoy watching their shows by streaming or dvr , and watch according to their schedule than being told the time to watch. If the cable channels resist change and progress, they will go the way of the dinosaur. Cable TV may be extinct in less than 10-20 years. Through streaming, we may be able to finally pay for the channels we really want and force network/cable channels to offer what the people really want. Cable operators know it is only a matter of time and are adapting.

  • pissed off

    What’s the point of this huh, if you had a provider what in the hell would you need a roku for dumbasses the point of getting a roku is because you don’t have cable so its just a waist of money if you think about it. All services on roku should be just that FREE.

  • Shane

    I currently do not have access to the subscribers required to watch ESPN but I do have Verizon wireless. Does Verizon wireless qualify? Thanks

  • Joe

    still no disney jr or disney DX channels. “end of month” means what…….

  • For real

    I just got ESPN on my Roku, it will NOT let me watch live games!!!!! My provider is Comcast who I hate….. They are trying to monopolize ROKU

  • For real

    they did terrible job explaining what was included with this app. they said live games!!!!

  • Heywood Jablueme

    I would think you could buy the most stripped down cable plan which is like $20 here for just locals and use the roku. Also, have seen it posted that you can just have the cable company’s internet connection and still get the espn and disney channels? Not sure if that is true.

  • rick

    where is disney xd and jr?

    • Joe

      agreed, please. quick to announce with a blog post; but crickets since on the status of what seems to be a partial roll-out.

    • Dd

      all is available on PLAYON TV and can be streamed through Roku

  • Notme

    I’ve spent months trying to get an antenna to work in this Black Hole of the Bay Area. Comcast won’t rent a la carte, Roku can’t get the channels they are not allotted.

    Aereo* Waiting for Aereo to be approved by the Courts because all the basic channels will be there and NFL games are broadcast on some of the days.*Aereo

    There are more people than not watching TV these days because the greedy cable companies don’t have affordable prices. If Comcast would rent a la carte, they would retain customers. Since they won’t, most NIX cable: some only watch internet TV or streaming. What a waste of our TV sets. If TV manufacturers included a serious cut in cable bills (a mass contract with Comcast/TWC, etc.) instead of all those hokey perks (3-D, streaming capabilities) they would profit as well. I would pay ROKU to broadcast/stream live local news and ESPN (NFL games) or even ESPN themselves a small monthly fee for that service, but I won’t pay Comcast crazy fees for disparate channels to get those two channels any more. BTW, ESPN3 is recaps, highlights and summaries.

    Also, has anybody found a ROKU channel that is seconds/minutes/hours behind live TV? I would watch NFL and the news like that.

  • Dominacus

    question: will there be a separate Watch Disney Junior channel? Yes, we have it on schedule with the regular Watch Disney channel, but most of that stuff is the teen stuff.

  • Maq

    Can’t use it. Whats the point if you already have or do not have a cable subscription? You can’t use it even for ESPN3. Really dumb.

    • SonoranSnoozer

      If your ISP is on this list, you should be able to get ESPN3 thru Roku.
      If not, you’re right, you can’t get it without a cable sub.

      • MeOutHere

        My ISP (suddenlink) is on that list, however when I try to watch anything, I get a list of only 13 providers I can choose from. All throuout this thread I see “you don’t need cable to watch ESPN3”, but in fact you do need it and only 13 providers are acceptable.

  • Cborg

    On the xbox 360 you can use your ISP to watch ESPN3. Looks like with the Roku you can’t use your ISP info. Or is this going to change? My ISP provides ESPN3 but I don’t have cable. Unfortunate.

    • SonoranSnoozer

      Works for me and I only have Cox high speed internet. There is a way to activate watchESPN on ROKU. Way better than using the XBox to stream.

  • Rayku

    It also would seem that they will eventually want this demographic…. The baby boomers who now subsidize the Cable and Dish subscribers with $100/month bills are a literally dying breed …I mean really, you want to sit around and watch other people play sports ALL DAY? I love sports but give me Stanford Women versus UConn basketball before you try to get me to sit down and watch Kobi Bryant play another one of 70 games a year. Make it cheap enough not to care, A buck an event, SELL Tons of viewers in a vitbrant demographic and sell commercial time to someone other then Hover Chair crowd.

  • SonoranSnoozer

    I get ESPN3 free with my Cox high speed Internet subscription. You can watch all ESPN programming with a short delay (I can’t watch ESPN and ESPN2 live). This is a great addition to Roku! If ESPN was smart, they would offer it stand alone for $10 or $20 a month to people without a cable subscription, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Cable and Satellite companies have non-compete clauses with many content producers so that they don’t stream directly to people without cable subscriptions.

  • Lane Errington

    Finding that my live ESPN feed through Roku lags about two minutes behind. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  • victoriacourt

    My wife likes tennis with a passion, US Open, Wimbledon etc., but have to pay Time Warner a huge amount of money just to get ESPN 2 and PBS. Is there any was that I can get tennins without subscribing to the robber baronds of TWC?

  • Sheri Bomb

    I have internet only through Comcast/Xfinity. I still have access to all ESPN just by verifying that I have an account with Comcast/Xfinity. For those of you who are parent with children on free/reduced lunch programs, check to see if Comcast/Xfinity offers a program called “Internet Essentials” in your region. I am able to get internet for only $10 monthly. I often have three televisions streaming at the same time with no interruptions. My total television cost is:
    $10 – Internet
    $8 – Hulu
    $8 – Aereo

    I share Netfilx with a friend who also uses my Hulu. AND I have access to ALL of the premium on demand of Comcast/Xfinity using my account sign on.

  • Keith ColossalArts Smith

    it makes total sense. You just need a non cord cutting friend or family member who will let you use their web account info, add the channels to your roku and connect it to their accounts. BOOM! You get these channels and you are still a cord cutter

  • M Sullivan

    What I am waiting for is to access regular TV local channels via internet to my TV. Optimum offers an app for access to TV programs I am subscribed for on smart phones and tablets, but what I want is to use internet connection to access same through Roku or other similar device.

  • meh_=0

    i bought the roku 2 xs older yes but the last one with a flash drive port for older tv’s anyway yes espn3 is free but the rest you need a cable providers or dish AT&T U verse and so on but espn3 is good enough free unless your a sports junkie in which case stick with what you have.

  • Swhite1294

    Roku would become number one if they would offer all the cable and satellite channels ala carte so we could say pay for the 5-10 channels that we really watch instead of us paying for 150-200 channels of crap. I would pay $5-8 per channel every month so I could tell Dish to go suck it and still save money. It’s coming and I can’t wait!

  • St Thomas Dave

    The best advice for everyone here is to go to these channel web sites and under contact, send them the message that you would like them to offer online service for a small fee with an app for Roku and smart TV’s. this is the way to let them know and it just takes another 4 minutes. tell your friends to ping them as well as it can help them in the future if they decide to cut the cord. The cable providers need to see mas exit of people to take notice and offer cost efficient choices.

  • disney forever!

    I want to watch disney channel live but they want my provider. I have time warner cable but they do not have time warner cable listed on their : Watch Disney Channel Live .com

  • Larry Smith

    How do I enter my code to play my ROKU?

  • fatheromallley

    I’d like to know the point of having ESPN on ROKU if I must have it with my cable provider? I have ROKU so I won’t have to have a Cable provider! Seems rather redundant. I can just as easily get ESPN through my cable company anyway if I had one.

  • Na

    So I have to have meadicom or something to watch this off of roku? Doesnt that deafeat the whole purpose of roku?

  • dt

    What is the purpose? In my opinion the sole purpose for streaming is to be able to watch what you want when you want and would think that the streaming providers would be able to work out a better agreement than allowing a shortcut for you to enter an account number to a service providing access to channels that you have no interest.

  • Tim S

    Here is a list of the affiliate partners for getting free ESPN3

    • Tim S

      AT&T High Speed DSL internet is not on the list any more. If you have AT&T, you have to upgrade to AT&T Uverse High Speed Internet.

  • Rob horne

    When Disney / directv? Or am I doing something wrong?

  • Shylah Ward

    Can someone please help me. I want to cut the cord so bad!! In our house, the only shows we watch can all be watched on Hulu and it Netflix. But then I have kids. They never watch LIVE tv. It’s all DVR’d Disney jr and Nick jr shows. Some boomerang.
    The other obstacle is moving to an area where neither one of our football teams (Hubs is a titans fan. Yes they really do exist) and I am a Hawks fan. (born and bred and yes I know the history, and have about 37 more years be hire I’m PSL eligible for season tickets). Anyways. I can get around football games by bars/friends. I also have family willing to share their Comcast accounts for add ons and I’m a Verizon wireless subscriber. I have a roku original however bought at goodwill and the subscriptions are hard to understand. I’d like to upgrade all our tv’s with roku devices but how do I ensure my kids still get all their shows? And what about sports 24/7. If it’s not on cartoons, it’s on ESPN or DVR’d network channels. Please help me understand how all this streaming stuff works.
    Channels needed:
    ESPN 1, 2
    Sports South (if available), Disney Jr. Nick Jr. Bravo (not necessary just trash tv), HGTV also not necessary but I like it…
    We currently have DirecTV w/NFL and sports packages, Huluplus and Netflix.
    Thank you all!!

  • VidalJr

    what about brighthouse networks to get espn channel and such it is not a choice on tv provider list

  • Nancy Sky Reynolds

    Really? I have to have a cable provider to get some of the things we like? The reason we got the Roku was to cut the cord from all of that. So why did I purchase your Roku?? I’m getting an HD antenna…nuts to this stuff!!

  • Nathia2009

    I can’t add Watch Disney Jr nor Watch Disney channel because Roku doesn’t have my provider. Is there any way I can add it or another steaming device to watch it.

  • what

    Help me

  • Lori Williams

    Yes, charge a subscription!! Adding channels that REQUIRE a cable company defeats the purpose for many of us. We want to cut the cord and be able to choose our own line up without having to pay for alot of channels we won’t watch.

  • Jenni Lynn Rivera

    What about people who only have ATT Uverse not the TV can we still watch disney

  • Debbie

    When I try to download Disney XD or Disney Jr. it says the channels are not available outside the United States. I live in Indiana. Why can’t I download and stream Disney? I have TWC basic cable and a Roku TV.