You didn’t think we’d leave you for Thanksgiving without a little entertainment treat, did ya?

M-GO is now integrated directly onto the Roku home screen menu in the U.S., making it even easier for you to find and watch your favorite movies and TV shows. To help mark the occasion, your first two rentals of $5.99 or less are free! *Details below.

Now a little something for the kiddos. For a limited time only, own Despicable Me 2 for just **$5 and enjoy the lovable Minions anytime you want.


*For movie rentals of $5.99 or less; On first use, you will be prompted to create a new M-GO account or link your existing M-Go account to your Roku; Discounts are automatically applied at checkout and reflected both in your emailed receipt and account history.

**Limited quantity available. Promo details at

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  • James Smith

    M-Go is sending out spam with an offer of “Watch 2 free movies on us”.
    What is not said in the fine print, anywhere, is that they are
    harvesting credit card numbers in the process. It is very common for
    start ups to get as much personal information as possible just in case
    they fail. They then sell that information to other individuals or claim
    their server was hacked.

    I have sent 4 emails to M-go over the
    last two weeks with no reply. That alone should tell you what is going
    on. Probably every one of their employees have access to your credit
    card number. I hate the fact that we have developed into a society that
    we have to be so careful or risk identity theft.

    Here is a
    thought for M-Go… Let us watch a movie or two to see if the quality
    and buffering is something we want to pay for. If it is something I
    decide to purchase, I will give you my credit card number and charge me.
    Hmmm. Interesting thought. I give you my credit card if I am BUYING

    The fact that people just blindly hand out their
    financial information to anyone who asks blows me away. For everyone who
    gave a startup company their credit card number so that you could get
    something for free, can you give me your credit card number also? Search
    the web and count how many people got charged for their “free” movie
    and are now left to fight it.