Big news, streamers! We’re happy to share that Sky Store and 4oD are now streaming on Roku players in the UK.

The Sky Store channel on Roku lets customers access more than 1,200 rental titles instantly on their television sets. Movie fans can now enjoy the latest releases, including Man of Steel, The Hangover Part 3, Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger, for £3.49 each; and classic hits including The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Top Gun and Austin Powers from a range of just 99p-£1.99.

For TV lovers, 4oD offers access to the best of Channel 4 on-demand and the latest Channel 4 shows including Homeland, Agents of SHIELD and Made in Chelsea, as well as box sets from classic series including Black Books, Father Ted and Peep Show – at no extra cost.

The Sky Store channel is available now on all Roku players in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The 4oD channel is available now on the Roku 3 player and will be available on additional Roku player models in the UK in the future. [UPDATE: The 4oD channel is now available on all Roku players in the UK.]

Happy Streaming!

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  • Sean Curran

    How about adding these to the Canadian lineup?

  • Apple Sux

    UK, Who cares???

    • Someone in the UK

      Lots of people in the UK imbecile

    • Inaba-kun

      Wow, what an intelligent comment. Well done, I bet your mother would be so proud of you.

    • David Cameron

      What a disrespectful pillock you are!

  • Inaba-kun

    4OD was another big one you had to get, but far from the biggest, which remains Amazon LoveFilm. I can only assume your close ties with Sky have scuppered any chance of LoveFilm ever appearing on the platform, despite it being the most popular subscription streaming service in the UK.

    I find it amusing if rather tragic that the newly released PS4 has a far superior line-up of apps in the space of 2 weeks than Roku have managed in 2 years. It’s a much smaller line-up, but it hits the right services.

  • osm

    Sounds good

  • osm

    Sounds good. I haven’t got a roku yet, but this makes it more tempting.

    Is Sky Store the only way to rent movies on a pay-per-rental basis on Roku UK or are there other services?

  • Gawain

    I don’t think you get hd movies on sky store with roku.

  • poxypig

    I am using the NowTV version of the Roku box but have problems with the 4od app. Programmes suddenly go into a 2-3 second loop. Have any users of the Roku boxes experienced this?

  • Martin

    I’ve just bought a roku 3 only to find none of the channels I want or expect are available. I live in Jersey Channel Islands, where we get UK terrestrial TV and pay UK TV licence. However from an IP perspective it’s its own country. I have 4OD, iPlayer, SkyNews on other devices, but specifically wanted Netflix. A colleague of mine gets Netflix, so clearly it’s available in Jersey, but perhaps not via Roku. Currently I’m considering returning the roku 3. Do you have any other suggestions?
    I would like to suggest to roku to sort out the IP/app relationship and include the Channel Islands in any apps they bring to the UK.
    Thanks for listening

  • Robert Curtis

    Any chance we can get Channel 4 in the US?