This season through our Moxkat Grvida video ads we’re celebrating the art of self-gifting so it seems especially appropriate that today we are gifting ourselves – and by extension all of you – the gift of a YouTube channel on Roku. YouTube is available now on the Roku 3 player in the U.S. Canada, U.K. and the Republic of Ireland. The channel is expected to be available on additional player models next year.

The YouTube channel rounds out our industry-leading selection of streaming entertainment just in time for the holidays and the annual year-end best-of video lists like YouTube’s own list of top trending videos released last week. Whether it’s finding a helpful tutorial, listening to the latest music, or watching your favorite videos for hours on end, YouTube has something for everyone and today we couldn’t be more pleased to announce the launch of this much-anticipated channel on our platform.

In addition, the “Send to TV” feature lets customers pair a smartphone or tablet to YouTube on the Roku 3. Just connect your device to the same Wifi as your Roku, and with one click send videos to your Roku.

Roku 3 customers can start watching their YouTube subscribed channels and videos in HD by installing YouTube from the Roku Channel Store today.

*UPDATE FROM ROKU 12/23/13: Since announcing YouTube availability on Roku 3 last week, we’ve received feedback from many customers. While most were excited to see the update, some were disappointed to find that their Roku players were not supported. We’d like to stress that it is a priority for us to make YouTube available on more Roku devices next year — including Roku 2, Roku 1 and Roku LT players. It will not be available for the oldest models (introduced prior to 2011). Each model demands its own engineering, testing and quality assurance — and the last thing we’d want to do is release a channel that doesn’t live up to the awesome experience that customers have come to expect from Roku. Thank you for the feedback and please keep it coming!

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  • Sam Exel

    Why only on the Roku 3? I see additional models will be supported next year but just seems odd?

    • ChuckM

      Not if you want to coerce users into making an otherwise unnecessary upgrade.

      • Sam Exel

        Yeah, that’s what is seems like. Mine is incapable of using the PBS Kids channel too for some reason? Makes no sense.

      • James Hurley

        Not an unnecessary upgrade. Technology has become cheaper and faster with different processors. ROKU is keeping the cost down low while “improving” their devices. Some Channels use a different technology than what’s available in the older models and therefore cannot be supported. Don’t forget that ROKU doesn’t make the channels (for the most part), they make the players

        • sentient_cheese

          Roku 2s are capable of playing youtube videos without problems, which I currently do all the time. Is there some other limitation that’s not apparent?

          • James Hurley

            I have a Roku XD which is now 2 years old and I still have the old “Private” YouTube channel and it still works wonderfully, but the content isn’t so much the issue as much as HOW the content is accessed using the hardware available. Most channels are made to be used by the flagship player, same as how video game makers make different versions of games with the same name for their respective consoles. You can’t play the same disk for a Playstation 4 on a Playstation 3 even though they both are accessed on a Blu-Ray disk, you would need to get a separate disk (or in this case a separate YouTube channel) for each player. ROKU could have held of on releasing the channel until it was ready for all players and then there wouldn’t be any bellyaching.

          • Spence

            I have a Roku 2 XS that’s LESS than 1 year old. Every new feature that they release for the Roku 3 ONLY is just another example of them giving me the finger, “Screw you for buying a Roku 2 XS!” Thanks Roku. 😐

          • Lou Sherwood

            James – almost all of any negative comments about the R3 on Amazon were about it not having official YouTube access – so of course Roku would put it out on their current top shelf model first. As I say below, I am no techie, but certainly it was easier for them to do the app for the more advanced device, now they can adjust it for the less advanced models – without a million bugs that would probably challenge the older boxes.

            his official YT app is totally different from the unofficial ones – you can now pair your tablet/laptop/computer online with the app, and do your searches on your keyboard, and THEN play it on the app! Once you get used to it – it SMOKES. The picture quality is improved immeasurably. (ok – I am no techie, but it IS much much improved) The interface with the Roku remote is much better also.

      • marcintosh

        I would have thought it was unnecessary too before I caved and got the Roku 3. It is leaps and bounds above their other devices in terms of performance. A much better user experience and the best tech purchase I’ve made. I know it’s frustrating to constantly upgrade, but the Roku 3 is actually worth it and I’d recommend you just get it.

  • withak30

    Only on Roku 3 is a shitty thing to do.

    • Since the Roku 3 is our fastest and most powerful streaming player and
      as such, from time to time, it will receive new content and features before
      other players in our line-up. It’s expected to be available on additional players but that said, as software evolves, hardware needs to evolve to
      keep up – and sometimes, our older players aren’t capable of running certain

      • Kyle Hawkins

        That doesn’t really cut it anymore unless there’s some specific hardware missing that is just REQUIRED for an app to run. Every other Roku channel we use didn’t suddenly become incompatible with older Rokus, and the un-official YouTube channels still work fine.

        • Damian W

          honestly, if they released youtube on all devices, probably there would be tons of issues to fix with youtube app on older device. As it is often the case we could observe on iPhone and androids. People would start calling Roku team incompetent and unreliable. Instead Roku team takes small and careful steps to provide a full satisfaction.

          Thats the way I see it.

          • Boris Smersh

            Perhaps, but quite honestly the normal method of development & testing would involve a lab with most, if not all, of the Roku models to be tested on. At the very least, the 4 current models that are being offered. I am extremely doubtful that in this case specially, that CPU power is the reason or primary factor in creating a channel that would work for the older models. As has been mentioned on this thread, the use of third-party options, or the private youtube channel, has worked & continues to work for older models. I still see this as a marketing decision to push consumers into purchasing the Roku 3.

          • Damian W

            the youtube app is bounds and leaps ahead of any private channel on roku i have ever seen.

            It offers a super smooth airplay. Apple like airplay is in the roku youtube app. This is just pure awesome. So this could be the primary reason they are careful with this app on older devices.

          • Boris Smersh

            hmm… I don’t know about that. ‘airplaying’ type functionality is most likely doing the majority of the transcoding on the sending device, so that’s not a delimiter. The Chromecast also does an awesome ‘air-stream’, not to mention Twonky that currrently exists as another option.

            And ‘airplay/airstream/airbeam’ aside, you’re comparing a years-old private channel that has not seen any updates running on older devices against a newer channel built to take advantage of running on the newest device. Yeah, I must agree with you, I would be extremely concerned if it wasn’t better.

            However, the true ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison will need to wait until the channel is ported over to the other devices. At that point, I think we will see statistics generated from ‘the wild’ by people with multiple devices for comparison.

          • Greg

            And what’s wrong with that. If the Roku 3 didn’t offer more than its less expensive siblings, no one would pay the extra. I have four Rokus, a 3, a 2, a 2 XS, and an old WD. I understand that the older and cheaper ones won’t do as much. As of now, I’ll likely buy one each year, pass the others down the TV priority, and sell the oldest one. That’s tech. It’s still A LOT cheaper than cable / satellite.

          • Boris Smersh

            (The one downside to multiple responses is that I am not 100% certain which of my posts you are replying to, but I’m assuming it is the first one)

            I’m not going to completely repeat what I stated about the current lineup of their 4 devices, that’s a waste of your time. However, what the Rolku 3 offers is more options and, I must assume, more power. But that is the physical device. The OS & the apps running on all 4 devices should be pretty much the same. If they are going to offer something new, then they should offer it for all 4 devices. Additional support for previous devices is based on ability & desire.

            I will repeat that I believe this to be purely a marketing ploy to push the Roku 3. So to answer your question, what is, in my opinion, wrong with that is that by doing so they risk alienating their current and future userbase. People here have compared this to how Apple does business. But there are a multitude of people who refuse to buy Apple products for that very reason. And this is worst that Apple. It’s like saying they would only support an app on the new 27-inch iMac, but not the new 21-inch iMac until after Christmas. So what’s wrong with this is evidenced in the microcosm of this blog by the anger produced here. What’s wrong is they run the risk of people choosing other options in the future.

          • joeaverage21

            Why bother to sell the oldest one. Would there be any value? I want to hand mine down to my parents to introduce them to the Roku TV option but it’s so unstable I don’t want to give them a bad impression of the Roku.

          • joeaverage21

            I agree. On my Roku 1 – Hulu was ALWAYS unstable for my family. Every time we tried to use Hulu it required a reboot at about a minute after a show was strarted.

            Then, Hulu was stable until we used Netflix or Amazon and then tried to return to Hulu again. So Roku and Hulu never got the software right for us for the entire ownership of our Roku. I also reset the Roku to factory defaults – better for a short time.

            What compelled us to replace the Roku 1 was eventually Netflix and Amazon VOD became unstable too causing random reboots too.

            I’d rather the device be “right” and reliable than deal with flaky software. FWIW that’s why I run free Mint Linux 15 KDE instead of Windows. Once upon a time XP gave me such fits (every problem in the book) that I switched to Linux and never went back. I support it at work and we use it at home for my kids’ games but even though Win7 is SO much better than WinXP, I don’t want to rely on Windows.

          • Boris Smersh

            Just as an aside, I am pretty sure that Roku is built off of a Linux source, based on the GNU GPL that they have to publish information on. I assume that the Linux version/type could be figured out if you fingerprinted the tarball versions.

            Just an exercise for anyone with free time. 🙂

        • James Stafford

          Yeah, hang on — it used to have Youtube, then it didn’t, and now it ‘needs testing to see if it can run’? That’s obviously rubbish, and it’s disappointing you’re insulting our intelligence like that. If there’s a reason, either give it, or say you can’t give it. Don’t give us bs.

          • dgarra

            Unfortunately I think this stems from the previous versions of Roku’s development language. The really basic channels in the past (ie: old Netflix, old Hulu, current Amazon Instant) ran super basic code. Unfortunately, this super basic code didn’t allow Google to force users to watch advertising on YouTube, so no official app was allowed. The Roku 3 introduced new programming capabilities, this allows for enhanced Hulu, enhanced Netflix, and a YouTube channel that abides by YouTubes service agreement. So while this code runs great on the newer, faster Roku 3s, it takes time to optimize, test and solidify a product for lower end models. They could just say “The Roku 3 gets it noone else does!” but that’d be crappy, so they need to do their formal testing and SDLC stuff to see if it will function well on the older models.

            Thank Google and their love of ads for it. And I can’t see the current Netflix app running great on older hardware, I guess we’ll see though.

          • BruceMcF

            Yes, precisely ~ to legally go through the API, you need to abide by the Google service agreement, and that means playing ads, which the unofficial YouTube app never did. People should remember that it was LEGAL reasons that the old unofficial YouTube channel (which I had and loved on my current 1st generation Roku) had to be taken down, not technical reasons.

          • Tville Stephens

            James did you ever try to put a new program on an old computer?
            Same thing!

          • James Stafford

            Invalid argument — why’s it have to be a ‘new program’. Plenty of things run fine on the older Rokus. It’s possible they got lazy and put some nasty bloated thing together for Youtube, but let us decide if we want to run it. At least I have the *choice* to install a new program on an old computer.

          • BruceMcF

            It had to be a ‘new program’ because there were no ‘existing programs’ available that abided by the Google terms of service agreement for hooking up to Youtube through their API, and hooking up through the web interface (as the unofficial YouTube channel that used to be available did) for a dedicated device like the Roku is also a violation.

            So tl;dr, its Google’s lawyers, that’s why.

          • BruceMcF

            Seems like you tossed aside the differences in what the unofficial Youtube channel did, which was based on emulating web access and using the 1st generation Roku control elements, and what this new Youtube channel does, which is hooking directly into Youtube’s API and syncing to your Youtube account. Thinking that you get a whole new set of features provided an entirely different way without doing any work to achieve that is belief in a free lunch.

        • BruceMcF

          But the already existing un-official YouTube channels were, you’ll note, already existing. If they were programmed from scratch starting today, it would be a perfectly reasonable development strategy to start out getting the feature set up and running well on the Roku3, and then fine-tuning performance so they work well on the older generation devices.

          Since it would be a perfectly reasonable approach for a third party developer to take, complaining about Roku taking that approach for their in-house development seems like complaining for its own sake.

      • TeamKramer

        This isn’t entirely true. Rather than trying to deceive us why don’t you just say you’re treating the Roku 3 owners as first class and everyone else as second class. Frustrating. -1 for Roku.

        • Damian W

          well, is not apple and other companies do exactly the same and they even don’t try to play dumb about it.

          Of course Roku 3 comes first before other ones. It is the most powerful and the future development should mostly focus on the power house of the company.

          Simple, and stop dreaming.

          • Tville Stephens

            Ever buy a Kindle????????????? IPAD???????????? Computer????????

          • Damian W

            Ever I have

        • SilentBob

          Really TeamKramer? Apparently you live in a cave because this happens with every company out there. For example. I have a Galaxy S3 phone. When new OS’s are released the Galaxy S4 will get the update first and then later on, a few weeks or months, I’ll get the update on my S3. Of course companies are going to support the thing that is currently on the shelf and selling as their top priority. Time is money and you need to pick the biggest bang for your developing buck and then back fill in as needed.

      • So, what you are saying is that the Chromecast out performs the first and second generations of Roku?

        • Boris Smersh

          I have a Chromecast. And I suspect that Roku has a plethora of devices made by other vendors that are used for testing & comparison. Chromecast is still in its infancy, and while it may have the latest HTML5 & OS support for that, it does not, as yet, offer all that Roku does.

          As to ‘speed’, I cannot offer statistical data. I only know if it ‘loads slow’ YMMV…

          Chromecast does NOW offer the one option that _I_ use on a daily basis – a Plex client. This has elevated it beyond a simple $35 toy into something that is potentially a viable device.

          I’m not a forecaster, but if I were, then I would predict that the coming year will see a replacement line for the entire existing Roku lt, 1 & 2 devices. That Chromecast will become a more fully featured device. And that we will see at least 2 new offerings in the market place; one from another major player & one from the Android market.

          • Erin Hernandez

            how is one to know that chromecast wont come out with another over and over as roku did? it may only cost $35. now but as editions 2 comes out, maybe $85. who knows?

          • Boris Smersh

            You don’t.

            I would consider this more of a bait question, except that it does offer to highlight what has been happening for decades now, especially in the realm of consumer electronics. Each year you get ‘more/better/faster’ replacements for your existing ‘stuff’, but it continues to cost about the same or at best, a little less.

            The only reason for an $85 Chromecast is if they were to make another device that would rival the Roku and AppleTV in functionality. And in that case, it would be worth the cost simply as an alternative option. Sort of a ‘ChromeTV’, if you will. The Chromecast, as it is now, is Google’s initial venture into this market. They have the power & money to simply ‘give it away’ in order to gain marketshare.

            If you don’t understand the potential for this market, that is, consumer viewership outside of Cable TV, or if you do not understand Google and how it operates, then you truly are just a viewer in this life.

            Let me give you an example. Ever heard of Google Fiber? How would you like free Internet?

          • Boris Smersh

            …having just gone back & reread my post, I realized that the last part came across a bit rude & flippant. That was not my intent, and for that I apologize.

          • joeaverage21

            That constant march forward is something I try to stay out of – run what I’ve got until it won’t go any more. Been on the tech treadmill. Very expensive lifestyle choice. Also generates a huge amount of e-waste. Too bad tech isn’t easier to upgrade with a new processor or more memory – – – or that software can be made more efficient so that new software still runs on old tech better. Still – Roku has bills to pay…

          • Boris Smersh

            I tend to skip 2-3 generations especially for the big ticket items. Our tv is almost 15 years old & is a massive clunker that I’m looking to replace next year with a flatscreen. My computer is 2 years old & will be around for awhile. The only reason we are looking to replace my wife’s Nook is the issues with B&N and how they are supporting it.

            However, in this field of media streaming and cable replacement, which is still in its infancy, I have ‘splurged’ on sampling the various options. None of them are perfect, even Roku has its problems. But since the most I’ve paid for any single device is $80, I’ve still spent less than $400 total over the last couple of years for them. (which is still less than what a year of cable tv costs) Next year when the Roku 3’s go on sale for around $80 I will buy one and hand down one of the XS’s I have to a family member.

          • joeaverage21

            Everything you said. We get all the miles out of our tech we can before we upgrade too. We are even doing that with our car. Passed 264,000 this morn… 😉 Yep, ditched subscription TV (satellite) several years ago. Just too much $ for what we were watching and too much advertising aimed at my kids. Not enough control over what was on the screen after one family show segued into a bloody crime scene police drama while my then very young kids were watching TV. No warning.

            Thanksgiving weekend we were at someone’s house watching a car show and each commercial break included a woman cussing. Really? Is that necessary? The show was family friendly but the advertising wasn’t.

          • Lou Sherwood

            Guess what? Amazon now has R3 for….$79.95! 🙂

          • Boris Smersh

            lol – well, I did say it would be $80 next year; Amazon just beat my prediction by 5 days. 😛

          • Tville Stephens

            Erin that is what everyone faces in the electronic world. Every year a new and upgraded game system. If ROKU wasn’t upgrading we’d all be still in 2008 or better. – everything evolves. If you are on the starting edge [like I was] you can see many improvements. You can go with it or keep what you have – there is always a choice. Look at it like this – Look at it like this — New dress styles, new shoes, new hair styles, and in the same way new ROKU, SAGA, MARIO BROTHERS, computers. I’m happy I’m not still driving my 1954 Plymouth! And, I’m happy I have that 2nd ROKU in my house. Times and things change.

          • I own both a Roku 2 and Chromecast. Chromecast has the heavy hitters and that’s all I need. Does Chromecast really need to offer all that Roku does? Most likely not.

          • Boris Smersh

            The primary issue is that they are different devices with different objectives. If the Chromecast has all that you need, then you’re set. Good for you.

            However, for myself, none of the devices on the market today offers a complete package for what I want. I have 4 different vendor/device types so I can play around with them.

            All I was saying above is that I believe the market will continue to grow and become even more diverse.

          • Boris Smersh

            lol – and THAT’s why I am not a forecaster. I’m always a bit behind… 🙂

          • planettom

            Not exactly, the Google TV mentioned in this article is an entirely different product from the Chromecast. I don’t see Chromecast getting replaced anytime soon. The Google TV is based on a set top box or software enhanced televisions, not a dongle.

          • yes …. the box will be geared to compete with new gaming consoles and will do video conferencing, but it will obviously do what the google chrome cast already does.

        • What they are probably saying is the YouTube channel was developed, as it should be, for the roku 3 and it’s specific chip. To develop the channel for the other platforms will cost thousands for an app you won’t pay for. ….

          • BruceMcF

            Rather that the YouTube channel was developed first to get all the features working on the Roku3, and then fine tuning its performance so it works well on the Roku LT and up will take as much time as it takes. Promising how fast that kind of fine tuning is going to take is a good way to get egg on your face.

        • OldEagle

          Most likely the chromecast does outperform the older rokus. Those old mips 400mhz processors are SLOW. The chromecast supports 1080p unlike older Rokus.

          The chromecast has 512MB of RAM vs 256MB, and 2GB of flash vs 256MB or less in the Roku.

          Time and technology marches on.

          • RokuForEvah

            YouTube app within Plex on Roku 1 (2100) has worked fine for years now, 720p and 1080p. YouTube stream formats are very simple. No fancy tricks.

          • OldEagle

            Be that as may be, how do you think the performance of the chromecast compares to the first and second generations of Roku?

          • joeaverage21

            But – I’m seeing the Vevo videos are encrypted or something. I have a third party YouTube app called Minitube (Linux, Windows, maybe Mac) that used to play all the YT videos and now plays all of them except Vevo videos (that I’ve noticed). YT is upping their game a little on some videos.

      • donnymagnus

        I’m not going to buy a Roku 3 just to get YouTube. I have only had the Roku 2 for just over a year, so if they don’t bring out YouTube for the Roku 2, I will just simply buy another type of streaming device when this one fails, and doubt I will but another Roku. I am not interested in buying a new Roku device, after such a short period to get just YouTube. My Bluray DVD player gets all the major channels including Youtube, for the same price as a Roku 3. No one is asking the Roku 2 to do anything out of the ordinary, and if it can only give YouTube at 720p for example I am fine with the that. But your statement that hardware needs to evolve and not providing a definite answer that Roku2 gets youtube other than “expected” is unfair and unacceptable.

      • EnTerr

        Hallelujah, anyway!
        Welcome Roku, to the exclusive YouTube club – where you can join the ranks of… well, everybody else!

      • fhinton

        I don’t think you’re being entirely honest. This looks like an attempt to squeeze the consumers for more money and to con them into buying these devices. The players I have are about a year old, I doubt that the hardware specs have changed that drastically.

      • AWN

        I just bought a brand new Roku 2, since you still sell them I assume your company wouldn’t sell an outdated product that can’t ‘keep up’, I was shocked when it didn’t have YouTube in the first place, it’s not some fancy new technology, it’s the most established online video source there is. What a lame answer.

        • Lou Sherwood

          It is NOT lame – you will have YT on your R2 sometime in 2014 – and it will WORK. And they are being honest about putting it on the R3 first – because it IS the most advanced one technically, . And sure, of course they want to put it on their high end model – both for the people who already have it, and of course to sell it – half the complaints on Amazon about the 3 are/were about lack of real YT access!

          Apparently you just bought the 2 – why did you not buy a 3?? Hell, on Amazon now, its only $10 more!

          • Zach Chrostowski

            It’s an HDMI only box, and most people don’t have HDTVS in every room in their house,

      • Not Without

        I understand what you are saying with the technology, but what made Roku special was it WORKED. My parents have several of them on old CRT TVs and I love giving them as gifts. The no-fuss, no-frills business in a sea of complex platforms was/is refreshing.

        While we have sorely missed Youtube on Roku, this move feels so out of place for a brand we were beginning to trust. If it can’t be on all your devices in some capacity, you’re just not trying hard enough. You guys did what many couldn’t make internet tv that works.

        • BruceMcF

          But the announcement doesn’t say they “might” bring it to their other players, it says they “will”. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and fine tuning performance so the program works on hardware with slower processors and less RAM does take time.

      • BulletPeople

        ROKU wrote>>> “…and sometimes, our older players aren’t capable of running certain channels.”

        But that was not the case even for HD content with previous YouTube channels that have been removed. What is different about your new YouTube channel that would prompt you to include this information in your post?

        • BruceMcF

          Its not a violation of Google’s terms of service is what’s different. Obeying the terms of service involves technical problems to solve (mostly with playing ads) that aren’t an issue when someone feels free to violate the terms of service.

          • BulletPeople

            Thanks for clearing that up.

            So does anyone know how Roku 3 players are handling the ads? Do they appear in a pop up window or use some other technology that would overtax my older Roku 2. Or do they simply play a commercial first and then the YouTube content? Or a mix of both.

            I ask because the weaselly phrase “and sometimes, our older players aren’t capable of running certain channels” posted by user “Roku” sounds like an attempt to misdirect this issue into a discussion of technology instead of the more straightforward discussion of terms of API use and ad revenue.

      • In case there is any confusion here, we wanted to clarify that we are working hard to make YouTube available on more Roku devices next year — including Roku 2, Roku 1 and Roku LT players. It will not be available for the oldest models (introduced prior to 2011). Each model requires its own engineering, testing and quality assurance — and the last thing we’d want to do is release a channel that doesn’t live up to the experience that customers have come to expect from Roku. Thank you for your patience.

      • Danny Moreno

        Will it be available on the roku hd (720p model)?

    • Damian W

      BETTER than nothing at all. I am super happy they released it now. BTW, they could have released it later, but available for all. Instead they are taking step by step approach which is just better.

      The bottom line is, you gonna get your youtube on older roku eventually so be happy.

      • EnTerr

        Coincidently, the timing is such that if shopping for Christmas presents, to know to put your money on the top model 🙂

        • Damian W

          i doubt that addition of a single youtube app will make a huge difference in sales. It is not something revolutionary after all.

          • EnTerr

            But they are touting it right on front page now, says “Roku 3 now with YouTube”; someone feels is worth beating the drum.

            Indeed, YouTube was a “members only” jacket club consisting of everyone… except Roku. There ought to be some hidden drama behind that, i am most curious about it

          • Ali

            I emailed the CEO directly a week earlier asking specifically for Youtube and a DLNA player and will ditch my Apple TVs. A week later I hear of a New Youtube Channel. This could be a pure coincidence or it could be that it needed a small push.

            Now, two days ago I emailed the CEO asking for Yahoo! Screen. Will it be due next week? Let’s wait and see 🙂

          • Zack

            OR the CEO wanted to deliver just for you! lol Nice job and thanks for the youtube channel! 😉

          • joeaverage21

            I don’t know – we use YouTube quite a bit at our house – crafts, math problems, a bit of news, etc. The addition of YT to our brand new Roku 3 (replaced a Roku 1) is a big deal at my house. Double bonus b/c the new Roku is so much faster and refined than our old Roku. Most important to me – it’s more stable than our old Roku which had developed the habit of spontaneously rebooting several times per evening.

          • BruceMcF

            Its not that its revolutionary, its that it completes the “must have” streaming channels for quite a number of people. And different sets of people: mainstream media people (Netflix, HuluPlus, HBO2Go and Youtube), indie movie people (Netflix, Indyflix/Fandor, Youtube), self-produced video content people (Youtube, Revision3, and etc.), anime people (Crunchyroll, Funimation, Huluplus and Youtube), etc. I know that 90% of the time that I am in my bed and watching video on my Nook tablet instead of on my Roku on my bedside TV … its to watch Youtube videos.

          • Damian W

            Exactly, you just made a good point. However this is the very point why I said it is not gonna increase the sells. People have so many options to watch YouTube like laptops, PC, tablets and smartphones, and to be honest sometimes they are way more convenient than watching it on tv.
            The bottom line is, YouTube is widely available on so many platforms and it does not cost anything.
            Why would someone then pay 100 dollars for roku because they spotted a new addition of YouTube.

            As a matter of fact I am watching YouTube on my tablets rather than on roku. It is faster and the tablet app is designed better. Roku apps are still poorly designed when compared to ios apps.

          • BruceMcF

            But that is exactly why it will increase sales. There are people who don’t care about getting Youtube on their TV, and obviously for those people it makes no difference. There are those people who do care, and for those people, the lack of YouTube has been a reason to buy one of the other set-top boxes. And for a certain number of those people, that is the only feature where the Roku is at a disadvantage. So for THOSE people, eliminating that disadvantage will result in more sales. If there was such a thing as a free lunch, that would be introduced for all Roku from the LT on up right away. There is, however, no such thing as a free lunch, and so it is easier to roll it out on the most capable hardware with the fastest processor and most RAM, and then once it has been fine tune enough so that it works on the LT system, it can be rolled out to the entire current lineup.

          • Damian W

            I can only say the time will show us…or rather christmas sale will show if roku sales skyrocket.

          • BruceMcF

            Skyrocket? Its already the leading set-top box: eliminating an X box in the feature sheet is more aimed at maintaining its lead.

          • Awn

            You’re an idiot Omen. I mean Damian.

          • Damian

            Reallyyyyy? And you are a pedophile Yawn.

          • Dave Wojeski

            Go watch Farm Aid 2013 in high def on a 60″ plasma and listen to it in
            surround sound through a 6.1 system and then tell me how your dinky
            tablet compares

          • Damian W

            YouTube audio is the last of my concerns I could care for

          • Alen

            Because…the only way to watch Youtube (Friday night with music video jukebox) is on a 60″ TV. I was planning on buying a Roku3 but Youtube with commercials…NO WAY. I will be sticking to my HTPC. That’s a shame.

          • Fakeer Namee

            I like the convenience of being able to see all the other channels (the knowledge network, MIT classes (most of them are taught by socialist leaning professors, oh well), ZDNET, etc. Yes, I know I can see those channels on my computer, but like you said, I like to watch them while in bed late at night, and why I got the Roku 3 was for the built in earpiece, anyway my old roku was reaaaaaally old so it was time for an upgrade anyhow, as I never bother to turn it off and it was always ‘hot’. P.S. While I’m watching something on roku/tv I am answering emails on my motorola Xoom notepad that is 3 years old and still better than the stupid Kindle Fire I got for christmas and just sent back. The Xoom was 4G one FULL YEAR before iPad. (I also have my original Kindle Beta version, and it is still the BEST for reading at the beach… that version of Kindle has a glare-free screen, AND I can answer emails on it, too. Can’t do all the things my notepads can do but hey who cares. SEVEN years old and ORIGINAL battery and still working / not obsolete. That’s GREAT in my book. Wish I could find a use for my 20 year old Philips Velo 1 but there’s no 2400-baudrate modems around anymore so, sigh. Still works though! Just like my 16 year old Handspring.

          • RandomGuyGuest

            There is an app for tablets and Roku, Twonky Beam, that lets you beam from a tablet to your Roku. It uses the websites though, so if you prefer the apps sorry.

          • Zack

            It is huge though. It’s the difference between being able to watch youtube videos on your TV and not being able to watch them on your TV. That’s a big difference. (For now at least)

      • Psychjay

        To me, other then my purchased content, this puts Roku as the complete package in competition to Apple TV. I have both and I only used Apple TV for my iTunes library, Air Play and YouTube since i bought the Roku 3. Now eliminate YouTube from that as now I can play it on my Roku and pair my iPhone to YouTube TV as it is far superior UI than the propietary Apple TV YouTube app. For those comparing these 2 devices this gives that extra push to non apple fan boys. But ultimately this starts to take care of the top complaint from current Roku users, but I do think this is also a strategic push for the top model over the the others for the holidays season! I am sure at least the Roku 2 could handle YouTube TV app. Hell this has the same exact same app I have on my older model PS3.

        For me Yay! But boo for making the older models wait.

    • The Roku 3 was the first to get the new interface also. But it was available to the other models before too long. Until then MyVideoBuzz is still an option for anyone who wants to add a YouTube port to any Roku. It’s how I did it before the new channel came out.

    • its not only “Roku 3”. Roku has stated they will attempt to back port the channel to older devices. Your assumption is incorrect.

    • Phil

      You can try adding the YouTube channel through the PLEX app. Seems like a lot of the Lifetime and History Channel stuff is also available through PLEX while the apps themselves are rather useless.

    • Adam Smith

      Get a Chromecast rather than a new Roku.

    • Sean

      ill go get Fire TV

    • John Doe

      You are a PUSSY withak30

  • B3NN3TT

    Aww… and me with a houseful of Roku 2’s 🙁

    Looks like I’ll be sticking with Plex for my YouTube fix for now.

  • Fernando McDonald

    Yeah, I have four Roku 2’s, that’s unfair 🙁

    • Daryl

      you’ve gone how long without the YouTube channel? you can’t stand to wait a little bit more?

      • kidd

        I am with your Daryl. You can stand without Roku so might wait a little bit. Eventually it will be added so why not wait?

  • Will Crowley

    Guess PLEX with Youtube is still the choice for me on my R2

  • Good news, hope it makes it way to the series 2 models soon.

  • Bad Roku. 5 Roku 2’s in my house. The whole purpose of cutting the cord was to save money, not have to turn around and buy new hardware every so often because a necessary channel is for one device only.

    Bless Plex.

    • Did the announcement not say that they would also be rolling out a YouTube channel for other models?

  • Teresa Bird

    Putting YouTube only on Roku 3 is not nice for your longtime users with older boxes. I have HD Roku’s that are streaming to get YouTube! Please fix this for your loyal customers.

  • Sam Exel

    I’ve got a Roku HD N1000 still running strong. I use Playon to watch youtube or Twonky. But would be nice to have the channel.

  • Boris Smersh

    I agree with Sam Exel. This looks more like a marketing decision solely driven as an attempt to boost sales of the Roku 3 before Christmas, rather than an enhancement for the loyal customer base that has supported Roku for so long. It is this current customer base that has enabled Roku to grow in this market.

    By denying the major of Roku users access to YouTube until the company has glutted the market of those that wish to, or can afford to, purchase Roku 3s, they show us that there is no loyalty to their customers. I currently have a mk802, an AppleTV 2, a ChromeCast, and 2 Roku 2xs boxes. The majority of what I use Roku for is to access my Plex client. And to be honest, the ChromeCast is _now_ an extremely cheap option for doing that. Roku will continue to be a player in this field, but they should not what has gotten them to this point, nor should they forget that they can just as easily drop to the bottom as new options come onto the market.

    Merry Christmas to all of you Roku supporters.

    • Jamie K.

      Curious, How much ongoing subscription do you continue to pay Roku in order to call yourself a loyal customer? Is your expectation that Youtube channel be available for say $20 on the older devices, provided that they have the H/W to drive it?

      • Boris Smersh

        Wow, another bait question.

        I never said I was a loyal customer.

      • Laura_N

        You don’t pay Roku *any* subscription rate. It is a hardware device that requires no subscription.

        • Boris Smersh

          And as an aside – At the same time, I am a lifetime PlexPass supporter of Plex, having given them money because I believe in their product which they offer for FREE.

          • MrUhuruuru .

            I finally gave up on Plex and purchased Playon. It works well and is everything I had expected. Plex isnt reliable and does a horrible job with streaming online content. Even the local files are slow to be picked up by plex and are matched up with bizarre totally unrelated titles and graphics. They have a lot of work to do yet. Playon btw gives me youtube and a whole lot more. I paid for a month and will purchase a year when the month is up.

          • Boris Smersh

            I am very interested in PlayOn. However, that needs to wait until either they support MacOS, or I build a Windows box specifically to support PlayOn. At this time, I don’t have the time to work on this option. But I do like what PlayOn offers.

            I have had some minor issues with Plex in the past, but as of the current release it is working pretty reliably.

            I am hoping that within a year, I will have both of these working in house, so that I can use them as needed.

          • The lifetime option is a great deal too. They often offer it with steep discounts.

    • Come on, this is how hardware sales work. Roku isn’t charging you a monthly fee, they are making money off of hardware sells (and other streams yes i know). Just as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and every other manufacturer does, they release new hardware that will have new features (rather they are new features due to hardware or software enhancements it doesnt really matter). To get those new features, you gotta pony up and buy the new model. Don’t be mad at Roku for this business model, this is the business model we as consumers have accepted with every other manufacturer. Roku has a really good customer support team, great marketing, and a great product. If you like it, buy it, if you dont, buy Apple TV, who by the way releases new hardware at about the same rate.

      • Boris Smersh

        and again, wow. Talk about mixing everything into the bucket.

        First off, none of the streaming media devices charge a monthy fee, so take that argument off the table; it is meaningless.

        Second, ‘everyone does it’. Very weak argument, based on HW requirements needed for upgrades. This assumes that the older Roku models do not have the capacity or capabilty to handle the YouTube channel. That is incorrect, simply because Roku has promised to supply & support them at a later date.

        And that is the core of my argument. In that they will support, but at a later date. I.E. Sometime after Christmas. I have stated that this is simply a marketing decision to boost sales rather than hardware ‘power’. Roku is supporting my argument with their own words.

        And lastly, I own various devices, including an Apple TV & iMac. Many of which are YEARS old. No other vendor that I know of has distributed upgrades/updates based on the ‘current best’ model, but they have limited updates to those models that are capable of those updates. But the older, capable, models get the updates at the same time as the ‘latest & greatest’ devices.

        That’s my complain, as is were. Truthfully, this really doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

        • boxee did have a subscription service, tivo has a monthly fee, I’m certain the Amazon box will push you to Amazon prime, and Apple TV makes money from itunes sales. My point is that roku hasn’t took that approach. roku is selling hardware. Apples entire business model is to limit features on new hardware to force upgrades. If you haven’t seen that, your not breathing.

          • Boris Smersh

            Tvio’s primary purpose is a cabletv box. Another weak argument comparing non-alike options. Boxee is no longer a player, having been eaten by another company. And you ignore my points as well as offer an insulting finish. I’m done talking with you.

          • roku developed the YouTube channel for the newest device. To develop it for the other chipsets takes time and a crap ton of cash. Obviously from a business prospective you can see why the roku 3 came first and you should be praising roku for even considering a back port.

          • Len Mullen

            Does this channel run on the three Rokus announced in September?

          • Dale

            Uh, the other chipsets you mention had YouTube on them long before the Roku 3 was in development and run YouTube just fine by installing VideoBuzz. I remember having YouTube from a private channel on my Roku 2 XD until Roku officially took it away under threat of litigation in 2011. Since then loads of “other chipset” Rokus have been watching YouTube everyday on Videobuzz with no problems at all. All you are doing is bending over for Roku’s cheery line of corporate BS and spitting back the party line double-talk…

          • You answered your own question, if roku was waiting on googles blessing for an official youtube channel (which im sure they were) then of course they would make the channel for their newest device first. That’s not only good business practice, but common sense. Yes, the older rokus could use third party youtube apps, but that doesn’t mean that an offical youtube channel will integrate cleanly with the older roku platforms and continue to offer the full fledged roku UI experience. This however is something we just take roku’s word for, which we agreed to do when we bought their product. Roku could of said this feature is only for the Roku 3’s, but they didn’t. But you should expect that the new Roku 3 will do one of two things. 1) have features that wont be back ported 2) be replaced by a newer device. Such is life.

          • Lou Sherwood

            This official YouTube app is so totally different from the unofficial apps, it is a whole new ballgame – the ability to do searches and control the channel from your tablet/phone is a HUGE deal maker from me. Not only that, but the picture quality is VASTLY improved. I dumped my unofficial app off my 3 in a nanosecond. And am seriously contemplating dumping my 2 for a 3 later this year, even if they DO release it for the rest of the line.

        • If the roku 2 does everything the 3 does why would you buy the 3? Why would roku make the 3?

  • Daveon Jackson

    Oh look at this, guess i’m still using plex for my youtube fix.

  • bob

    Or playon…plus playon has free hulu and scripts where you can get all free movies and other shows

  • I know everybody is upset that this isn’t available on Roku 1 or 2 boxes yet. I am, too, as I have not yet upgraded to a Roku 3 and probably won’t in the future. I don’t blame them at all for it. The Roku 3 is their current model, it has the fastest and most powerful processor, it rightfully SHOULD get the most focus. If they were able to get a solution out for Roku 3 faster than they could for the older models, is it right or fair to hold back Roku 3 owners from being able to experience that now? This whole thread just reeks of jealousy. Us Roku 1 and 2 owners already have a solution to watch YouTube, so continue to enjoy that.

    • Boris Smersh

      The Roku 3 is not ‘THE current’ model, it is the top-of-the-line model; one of four current models offered by Roku on their website. This is not an issue with ‘processor power’; YouTube has never been any more CPU intensive that most of the video channels currently available, which you confirm with your own post that YouTube can be played on multiple older models. This is not about needing time to ‘develop’ a YouTube Channel that will work on older models. It is a decision by the company to drive sales of the Roku 3.

      • All of the current YouTube solutions require that the video stream be transcoded elsewhere, not on the Roku itself. So, you actually believe that right now Roku has a solution for Roku 1 & 2 users, but is just selfishly keeping it off the market?

        • Boris Smersh

          ‘All the current solutions’. Odd phrasing. The private channel, while ‘not currrent’ works & does the transcoding locally. Again, YouTube is no more CPU intensive that any other locally transcoded channel for video. And since 3 of the 4 current Roku models offer the ability to play 1080p HD video, I don’t see this as the issue. Otherwise Roku would have been forthcoming over the past few years by stating that the reason YouTube was not available for their produce was ‘power’ related. But that, as evidenced by other solutions, wasn’t the case.

          To answer your question; I believe that Roku has tested the YouTube channel on other models. Whether or not that offers up a viable solution is only known to them. However, since they are promising a release for other models next year, I must assume that it is viable for a Roku provided YouTube channel to work on older models. And if that is the case, then YES, Roku is manipulating the market to their advantage.

          Is that a ‘wrong’ thing to do? Not from certain corporate viewpoints. Customer loyalty is just one factor in the decision making process. The primary problem here, is that this is a quickly evolving market, and as such, the corporate image in the digital/webbase world is quickly affected by their decisions towards the customer.

          • Bryan

            Why are you blaming Roku when it’s Google’s decision what platforms YouTube support?

            Here’s YouTube’s official announcement of *their* YouTube app on Roku 3

            So complain there all you want.

          • Boris Smersh

            Oh please, stop trolling. I can find a lot of links on the web about this. (See below for a portion) Your link is a simple blog entry expressing the news of the release, not the reasoning behind it or its long delay.

            Roku has never officially admitted that it was a disagreement between Google & Roku, but that is were all the evidence lead. It is the same issue that the Cable companies are struggling with & why you can’t select cable channels a la carte. It is part of the evolution that is trying to figure out how to handle tablets & streaming devices, beyond cable tv & computers, as well as ‘channel aggregation’ & ‘cable alternative’ options that arise out of that.

            So yes, bottom line is that Roku & YouTube/Google have reached a decision to allow an official channel for Roku devices. Does YouTube/Google know or care about when it is released on various models? No. That is purely a Roku decision.

            Do I care? meh. I have a multitude of options for YouTube & I really don’t use it that much anyways. My purpose here was merely to attempt to point out my views on what I thought the reasons & decisions that Roku has made based on what could be gathered from past evidence & standard practices.

            This post will be the only rise to ‘troll bait’ that I will do. Unless there is some meaningful content in a reply or other posting, I will not comment. I don’t have the time to sit here & read all of the input.

            I would however, ask that the majority of the posters attempt to refrain from the profanity & name-calling that is directed towards Roku. As has been stated on both sides; this is a decision, or better or worse, by Roku to release the channel for the Roku 3, with a promised follow-up for other models next year. I see this as a marketing ploy, and I do not think I am wrong in that assumption. Will it affect Roku’s market share over the next year? I do not know. I’m not a forecaster. Again, meh…





            And again, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

          • joeaverage21

            Cable/satellite/subscription TV evolves slowly b/c nobody wants to lose their revenue stream. Max profits are priority one, the consumer is probably about the last priority or we’d have a-la carte TV.

    • James Stafford

      I can’t agree — older users should be treated like the cherished early adoptors we are, especially as some of us bought on promises/rumours of ‘certain’ channels ‘coming soon’ that are still nowhere to be seen.

      • And this makes you believe Roku doesn’t value older customers? I think Roku has demonstrated over the years that it appreciates all of their customers. It’s why I continue to use the three Rokus that I’ve previously purchased.

        • James Stafford

          We’ll have to agree to disagree, I couldn’t be more unimpressed with the overall service and level of (dis)information since I got my box.

          I believe passionately in the platform and web tv in general, I just really don’t like how roku the brand have treated its customers, specifically its UK based customers. Very different story elsewhere.

  • Jumbo

    Woo Hoooo !!!

    Can’t wait to get home tonight and try it out. I just got a refurbished Roku 3 and I love it I’ve gone without TV either cable, satellite or over the air for 10 years. Got sick of the selection and the high price. Just been using a DVD or Blu Ray or checking titles out of the public library. But PBS, the TED channel and Weather Nation were worth the price alone for the Roku 3. Now YouTube…..Thanks a million guys !!!!

  • Josh

    If there ever was an announcement on the Internet that actually warranted the oft-repeated (and overused) “FINALLY!” response… it is this one.

  • Samantha Coldren

    I have the 3 & do not see it anywhere. I checked for an update & nothing…

    • Hi Samantha, it just started rolling out so it may take a few hours to hit all the Roku 3 players.

      • Boris Smersh

        You could also try going the other direction by following the link above, and add the channel to your account via the web:!details/837/youtube

        As ‘ROKU’ stated, they look to be doing a rolling upgrade. Which would be very similar to the OS upgrade earlier this year.

        • Not useful as Roku have decided to take an option allowing this away from the UK region.

          • Boris Smersh

            Ah, for that I have no answer. Sorry, I was trying to be helpful. That does look to be part of the overall transforming growth pains. Part of the same issues I have with trying to view BBC from America. 🙁

  • Geoff ‘G’ Ashworth

    I have had youtube on my Roku HD for a couple of years. I was lucky enough to get it when it was a private channel.

  • Rodalpho

    It’s about time! Finally roku is a *complete* streaming solution!

    Well, the roku3 is, anyway.

  • Christopher Demicoli

    So you’re telling me that the Roku 2 doesn’t have the processing power to stream a YouTube video?

    • EnTerr

      No, Roku Inc does not have the human power to make it happen

  • Ron Thompson

    Oh good grief, we finally get this thing with promise to release to older units later and all people do is complain.

  • Having a couple of issues. I couldn’t find it on the New section on the device, so I searched on your iPhone app and installed it. However, it still won’t update on the Roku 3 after I select the update option.

  • Youtube-lover

    Will this app come to Roku 2 XD?

  • Ed

    What took you so long (it is a free site after all) and when will it be on older Rokus?

  • dan

    So what? I get it on my RCN account and on Chromecast. Nyah, nyah!

    • k

      Goodluck with that 🙂

  • Marcos El Cano Ocasio

    I have a Roku 3 and there’s no YouTube app available yet here in the US. This article state ” YouTube is available now on the Roku 3 player in the U.S.”. I also did a System Update and nothing!

    • wateva

      “It just started rolling out so it may take a few hours to hit all the Roku 3 players.”

      • Marcos El Cano Ocasio

        Thank you for the fast response, I’ll be waiting 🙂

  • sa


  • sa

    Roku is worst thing that can happen to anyone.. I have roku2-xd and spent 90 bucks and still i can not have youtube why this … why can’t roku play youtube on ROKU 2

    • James K. Nelson

      “Roku is worst thing that can happen to anyone”. Water-boarding? Rape? Wrongful imprisonment? Cancer? Immolation? Betrayal by a loved one?

  • Maria Neva

    Sorry but I don’t buy the whole “can’t work on R2 b/c of processing power” explanation… Where was that explanation all these years before now? What about the private channels that clearly have been able to work, at least until they get taken out by the Roku mob? Smells of marketing pre-Christmas gimmick to me, timing is just too perfect (two weeks before Christmas… Someone looked at the numbers and saw they weren’t quite meeting quota, eh? I can hear the phone call to the engineers now: “Ummm, yeah, I’ll need you to come in on Saturday again, we need that channel ready ASAP… Why don’t you come in on Sunday too. Ummm, yeah…”) Roku, #FAIL.

    • EnTerr

      Funny, i thought they won’t have the temerity to advertise that only the top model has YouTube, since that casts shadow on the rest of the line. But today went to Roku website… and it does so, on the first page.

  • EnTerr

    Trying to add the channel, i get “This channel is not supported on all of the players linked to your Roku account. It is not …”. First sentence is wrong, to avoid confusion it should be “… is not supported on SOME of the players”, not “… is not supported on ALL of the players”.

    Please proofread your messages!

  • I can understand why it’s slowly rolling out, but why did you take away the feature that allowed those in the UK region to add channels via the web? now that is a shitty thing to do.

  • hammerpocket

    With the new models being called Roku 1, Roku 2, and Roku 3, I no longer understand what those numbers mean in the context of announcements like this. A “Roku 1” used to refer to the original, first generation players (N1xxx). Then another group of players had N2xxx model numbers. The next generation were called “Roku 2” (N3xxx). Now you have “Roku 3” (N4200) along with “Roku 1” and “Roku 2” which have been demoted to N2xxx models. Are all of the current players Roku 3 or just the top model?

  • paul

    Roku now competes with Googles Chromecast for market share.
    I’ve been loyal with Roku, but the advancements leave the early model Roku’s behind. That is unappealing.

  • Randothecomando

    THIS SUCKS!! I just bought a Roku 2 and I feel cheated. Rediculous!

    • Randothecomando

      If I had known this, I’d sprung a little extra for the 3.

    • James K. Nelson

      Well, it does say: “The channel is expected to be available on additional player models next year.”

  • I have an ancient Roku, and have been running VideoBuzz for watching YouTube for over a year. I’ll get a Roku 3 at some point, but for now I watch YouTube via VIdeoBuzz app, in fact it’s my favorite channel. It would be great to upgrade to the Roku 3 and get faster streaming, and now that there is an official YouTube channel, it’s worth the upgrade. Thanks Roku for being the best entertainment dollar spent in my home.

  • I am not sure why its Roku 3 only, since it does not have anything to do with hardware. But I have Twonky Beam which does the job, so its ok.

  • dgarra

    Also, if you have the Chromecast extension for Chrome, the Roku can be sent videos from your laptop in 1 click.

  • 初来乍到,支持下

  • Adrian

    Please tell me this coming to the streaming stick soon.
    /You guys might want to lower the price of the streaming stick also

  • Ian K

    I think a lot of the negative comments would go away if Roku would offer some form of “upgrade discount” to the owners of earlier models.

    We took a chance and bought Roku 1 & 2, and this allowed the company to expand, so how about rewarding our trust and loyalty?

  • Rulo

    Please bring this and the updated Netflix to Roku 2 XS!!

    • Jordan Pt

      I’d dump that hopefulness now. Those models haven’t even gotten subtitle support in Netflix 🙁

      • cornflahkes

        I have the 2XS, and subtitles are supported in Netflix…

        • Jordan Pt

          Whoops, I mixed up the Roku 2 XS and the Roku XDS. Roku 2s indeed have Netflix subtitles and will probably get the Youtube channel(if Roku is smart). I wish Roku would be more consistent with their naming schemes 😐 Just looking at the list on Wikipedia will confuse you.

          • cornflahkes

            Now that part is true, the mix of features is a mess. Hoping it comes to the 2XS, picked up a refurbed one this fall we are using, and just got another one to give as a gift 😀

          • Jordan Pt

            Yeah, I don’t understand why they made it so that the new Roku 2(3rdGen) can’t play games. Doesn’t exactly encourage Devs to make games when only one current device(Roku 3) supports them. Makes you think that Roku is thinking about dropping game support in the near future. Not exactly a bristling game catalog, or encouraging sales figures in that department.

          • It looks like that is what they were going for with the 1,2,3 rebranding this year. All of those letters got so confusing. What I wonder is what they will call the next major upgrade to the Roku 3. Will it be a Roku 4 or the Roku 3S or something?

          • Jordan Pt

            Maybe Roku 3.1, or just go all Google on us and do

            “Roku 3(2014 Edition)” 🙂

          • You might be on to something :).

  • fausto412

    haha awesome! I just got a roku3 last week. Now if only i could beam my phone’s screen to the roku so i could maybe web browse.

  • Dan Childs

    Too Little Too Late. I would of bought one if this was out sooner. I now have a chrome cast and will wait to see what happens with Android TV…

  • Redburn

    Wow, I see some serious whining going on in here for no real reason in my opinion. I have 3 different options for youtube on my Roku 2 XS and I am in no hurry to get a Roku 3. Take a deep breath and just be patient as they have already said the app was coming to the older models in early 2014. The most spot on comments made in this whole thread are the fact that we are all slaves to hardware technology upgrades. Flagship models are always going to get the polish and wax on them first.

  • BulletPeople

    Just so you know, when you do not commit publicly to support my Roku 2 you have lost any loyalty I feel and now I will jump ship at the first opportunity to whomever can demonstrate they care about longtime customers.

    [When will people learn how poisonous it is to say “hey, here’s our new thing–that old thing you bought? Forget about that. Our new thing is much better.”]

    • James K. Nelson

      “The channel is expected to be available on additional player models next year.”

      • Nix_Nightbird

        Additional current-gen models, NOT the Roku 2 models. He’s talking about the Roku generation 2, not the “Roku 2” in the current generation. People who have the Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD, Roku 2 LT, or Roku 2 XS aren’t going to get this update, and that kinda sucks.

        • cornflahkes

          Checked on Twitter, they confirmed those models would be getting the update, they are all post-2011 models.

          Now just waiting to see how long this will take…

  • Jordan Pt

    Awesome, only took them 3 years :

    I suspect what’s holding up the new channels for things like Youtube and Netflix is related to how these services are moving to UI standards for all their apps. One of the components for this standard is HTML5 which from what I’ve seen of Roku SDK, not an out of the box supported option, at least in the past. Roku has to adapt the firmware and platform to support the new standards that these channels need.

    That’s what I’m guessing anyway.


    Is that like you’re going to get the new dash on roku xr and xd/s which were better than the high end roku 2 because they supported 5ghz…then they put 5ghz back in roku 2 but lopped off gaming,micro sd and eithernet.

    I hope the real fully loaded roku 2 gets youtube soon despite lacking 5ghz it does support analog out while using hdmi and am baffeled by there being no support for bluetooth audio speakers via firmware for the real roku 2,where’s angry birds space for gaming roku 2 and rio for roku 3 if i bought them the games should work cross platform.

    Btw english subs for english movies should be cut from the gui update so older high end roku
    xr and xd/s can get a new update.

  • Ralph Bromley

    As long as it goes to the lower models I am cool

  • While I appreciate the hard work that went into negotiating with Google to get a YouTube channel, it’s incredibly annoying that you consistently launch new features only on the Roku 3.

    As a Roku 2 owner, I had to bite my tongue when you rolled out a new UI. On the Roku 3.

    Again, great new feature with Youtube. On the Roku 3.

    If you’re going to keep one of your devices as the marquee and only update that device, at least have the decency to mark and market it as such so people can make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Scott

    I added the channel yesterday for my Roku 3s (I have 2 – didn’t really give me the option of which one to add it to?)… but it’s not showing up on either yet… I added some other channels after, and they have showed up no problem… what can I do??

    • I don’t know if this will help or not but there is a private channel called “Update My Channels”. This replicates what going in and out of the old Roku Channel Store did. When you activate it your Roku will look for new channels that you have added and updates so that you do not need to unplug the device or wait for it to cycle. Another thing you might try if you have to already is adding YouTube via the Roku website instead of the channel store. I hope that helps.

  • Susan70

    Wow, this is amazon cloud player all over again. That carrot was dangled out for months (years or at least it felt like it) and when they finally released it only the newer models could get it. I was SO disappointed. I bit the bullet and bought one, but that won’t happen again. I got lucky and won one on twitter as well. (Thanks pandora radio!!) So two of my three tv’s can get it. I have plex for youtube and thanks to the info in the comments I just downloaded videobuzz, but video buzz doesn’t allow access to private playlists as there is no official log in. I was going to try one of the WD players, but I could never get an answer as to whether or not you could do an auto play for the playlists, instead of having to press play for each one. THAT feature I’d be willing to pay or upgrade to get. For the people who have the new roku 3 am I to understand there are now advertisements? Can they be skipped like some can on the site? Do playlists have an auto play such as on the site, or do you have to press play to get the next one to start?

  • bob611

    GIve me a break Roku…they supported youtube on the older products until the tussle between Google and Roku happened and the Youtube app for Roku was pulled. Now Roku release Youtube but only for the new model! That’s a bad bad bad business decision…a company should never considered it’s older customers as 2nd class citizens (technology withstanding)…that kind of mentality by companies always comes back and bites them in the ass.

  • cris levin

    Its laughable to suggest somehow playing youtube need “fastest hardware”.

    Roku, get your act together, or my next streaming device will be named something else.

  • Lee_Kemp

    I would like to know when next year as of this x-mas my ruko is a year old and its old news all ready yep I call bullshit too.

  • Bo L Boazy

    is the point of having so many channels you have to have a cable account
    to use. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a Roku. Like Lifetime
    that was added this week.

  • Naylor29

    i*m glad that the Roku will finally have Youtube. That was the only thing that was keeping me from buying one.

  • Maq

    Its not just the Youtube app its other apps/channels on Roku that have been now only exclusive to these newer models. This is a slap in the face of Roku owners who have been loyal to now be told no you need to buy yet another device to access an app. That is a totally greedy move by Roku and it has nothing to do with engineering and quality assurance. As greedy as Apple is they don’t even do that. Bad business model Roku. Don’t pull an Apple and try to control your customers content. I am now telling people to pass on Roku because of this stupid move.

  • Vwoohu

    Doesn’t work on my roku 3 I bought today :(. The YouTube app/channel just hangs there with a blank screen. Annoying! Netflix isn’t working either for another reason.

  • erica

    omg i just got mine for christmas and i cannot be more exited about watching youtube on tv

  • greifie

    Once again punished for adopting Roku early. Just like Watch ESPN.

  • Zudie

    How do you disable this feature? I don’t want my 11 year old to start playing YouTube videos on our tv while we are watching something else. The YouTube on his tablet shows the “Send to TV” button and I see now way to disable that button.
    I would like my husband to have access, but not our kids.

    Please explain how to limit access.

  • Deamont

    You said the some old bullshit about The new netflix update Yet only1 or 2 models actually have it still.

  • EightTwentyFive


  • kittura

    I’ve used PlayOn.TV – a program or ap you download to your computer. Using PlayOn I’ve had YOU TUBE on my PlayOn channel for a long time now with all the older Roku’s I’ve had as well as Roku 3.

    I have 4 Rokus in total. I purchased my first one specifically to combine with PlayOn so I can also get Hulu on my TV. Regular free Hulu (via PlayOn). I’m a college student and need to keep costs down.

    • Wizznilliam

      I tried this a while ago (year+).. It significantly slowed down my home PC.. So much so that no one could use the PC if someone else wanted to watch youtube videos. And even then the videos were kind of laggy.

  • gb

    I understand that older models of ROKU are getting youtube in 2014. Can we more specific on when? Is it in Jan or Dec?

  • RobbieSDA

    I have been happy to see the official Youtube channel become available for my Roku 3. One function that I have been trying to do but can’t seem to find a straight forward way to do it (that the PLEX Youtube channel does great) is to simply find the latest uploaded videos for a particular channel. I can search for a channel name, but the search results are not from most recent upload to oldest. It actually looks quite random. Is there not an easy way with the new Roku Youtube channel to find the latest uploads for a channel (if not, why not?), or am I missing or overlooking something? Also, access to channel playlists would be great, too. Please share if there is a way to pull up the latest videos for a channel with the official Roku Youtube channel. Thanks!!

    • If you have a YouTube profile and subscribe to a given channel you will often be alerted when an update takes place. It will also recommend videos that seem to follow your interests.

  • Robert B

    Your update reply still sounds like an excuse. It is rediculous that Roku is perhaps the very last player to include YouTube. Even some of the cheap DVD players included YouTube. Dispapointed in Roku 3 sales is my guess, again, very disappointed.

  • Nix_Nightbird

    I’m a little disappointed that I bought a Roku 1 (I don’t need USB, I don’t care about games or motion control, I don’t need a headphone jack because I use a Harmony remote and a decent receiver. I don’t need ethernet) and it’s not supported for the YouTube channel. It seems ridiculous that EVERY OTHER CHANNEL is available on EVERY model of Roku, but YouTube just can’t seem to be cleared for the Roku 1 and Roku 2. It’s not worth a $40 markup for me just to watch YouTube… Especially when my Xbox 360 handles YouTube just fine. Heck, even my dust-collecting Wii has a YouTube channel!

    So what gives, Roku? Don’t tell us it’s a quality control issue. That’s a pretty shallow answer, considering that DailyMotion is essentially the same sort of website and works in much the same way, and it has been available on Roku for ages now.

  • jimack

    Geeze. Ease up folks. I’ll buy a Roku 3. No problem. I love my old Roku box. Not sure what version it is or anything. They’re not expensive, and mine is a few years old now. Never had any issues with it. I’ll give it to one of my kids. I’ll be happy to buy a new box to get youtube.

  • mike

    You guys really need to work on device compatibility (months later, still waiting for netflix profiles on roku 2), if each model requires separate development you’re doing it wrong.

  • Jay DuRocher

    I have installed youtube on my roku3 but can not get some vids to play. They come up but when I hit the play button nothing happens… any hints?

  • Jack

    I am only able to receive 4 of the 200 videos on my You Tube watch list? What and how do I change this?

  • sa

    Its Shameless that even being so late and late in releasing the Youtube app they couldn;t release for Roku 2. Shame on you Roku.

  • sa

    I will not recommend Roku to any one every. we have been begging this arrogant people for youtube for past 3 years and now they come with youtube for roku 3 only. Thats shameless

  • Vernon M

    F**K you people on this you tube thing, another piss off form Roku!

  • Keith Boucher

    I would like to point out that after using the Youtube channel on the Roku 3, I have found it to be the best app, hands down, across all my other platforms (XBMC/Chromecast/Atv/Boxee…yes I have them all). The integration with my subscriptions allows for rapid back to back viewing as well as voting (in addition to all basic and advanced controls). If they can deliver the same experience with the Youtube app on their older platforms ( have a few Roku 2’s and LT’s) it would be well worth the wait. I wouldn’t mind even picking up another Roku 3 either.

  • Steve Wood

    Get off your but and release YouTube for Roku 2 NOW!!!!!
    You only got the roku 3 channel out cause you realised you would loose new sales at Christmas!
    If you really care about customers that have allready given you their money then why not tell us WHEN you plan on releasing it!

  • jimwg

    I’d have gotten a Roku 3 but I think the earphone on the remote is just silly. I understand the 5X faster speed of Roku 3 mostly just affects the interface and streaming is pretty much equal. I presently get YouTube and other internet channels through PlayOn on my Roku which works fine.

  • joeblow

    The youtube app on the Roku 3 isn’t complete. You can’t even search. What good is that?

  • Rick

    Where’s youtube? I have to say I was very disappointed to discover Roku 2 cannot get youtube. Actually, I guess this whole roku thing was a shame on me, because I didn’t do do diligence on my homework. I was under the impression that I would be ablty to do far more with Roku than I could with a wifi blue ray dvd player. I am highly disappointed. I love the outdoors and was really hoping to watch no-mainstream stuff about camping, back packing, rock climbing, sailing and such. I can’t even get the sailing channel tv

  • Frank

    What is the schedule for introducing the YouTube channel on the other players, Certainly there must be a plan in place. Could you please share it with your customers?

  • Robert Lunte

    I have the Roku 2, and if you don’t have the YouTube channel yet, you can still get YouTube by using “Twonky”… go get the ‘twonky’ channel and then download the ‘twonky’ app. on your smart phone… this enables you to “beam” videos, including youtube, to your Roku player… it works just fine… but what I don’t understand is… why Roku 3 does not offer the CNN channels? (my girlfriend has roku 3) … and she doesn’t have the CNN channel? thats lame?!

  • I talk

    > It will not be available for the oldest models (introduced prior to 2011)

    > it is a priority for us to make YouTube available on more Roku devices next year

    I hear “it is a priority to sell more devices” and implicit “scr*w previous customers”

    this generates the OPPOSITE of brand loyalty.

    see also: XBMC

    P.S. Please /cache/ resources from google apis and NOT load third party toolsets [which we block @UTM for privacy]

  • lakerstyle

    So when will it be made available for my Roku HD?

  • magoobee

    I have 2 Roku XS. One I put Youtube on when I first got it. The other I did not, so I cant add it now. Do not understand why it cannot be put on the Roku XS NOW if it was available before. Even if it an interim solution.

  • Sathish

    Any target date when we can expect the Youtube channel on Roku 2 models?

  • JJJ

    I can get YouTube on my Wii but not my roku? Roku, you have missed the boat and driven me to my Wii, which I did not think possible.

  • John Y

    Any reason why I can’t search inside Youtube with my Roku 3?

  • mike cole

    love to see youtube on my roku asap roku 2xl … add you have roku uses email so email us when youtube is out for other roku boxs like 2xl so we now when to try to get it insted of try everday

  • TeamKramer

    Just installed the Youtube channel on my Roku 2 XS.

    • TeamKramer

      Well, it seemed to install and says “installed” on the Roku website but nothing is showing up on my Roku. Boo….

  • Joe Worden

    Love the youtube on my Roku 3. I was using Directv before and the search box is much easier to use on the Roku’s remote vs Directv remote. My neighbors are patiently wait for it to come to the Roku 2’s.

  • njproth

    Any update on when YouTube will be available for Roku 2?

  • HitDog

    I’m glad to see it will eventually get to Roku 2, but did you have to destroy MyVideoBuzz in the meantime? Could you have waited until there was anything in the house before you bulldozed it?

  • Munish

    My Riju usage is limited to amazon at moment… Anxiously waiting for YouTube on roku2. May switch to Sony blue ray soon as new sony blue ray are getting better line up and speed.. Can not keep spending $100 every year on a media player.. Would live to trade in Roku 2 for $25 Roku 3 if Roku corporate desire to keep us migrating with their hardware upgrades…

  • Fakeer Namee

    I must admit that my older google tv device has MUCH better youtube than the new roku 3 I just bought, but at least the new roku comes with a clicker that has an earpiece attachment which I like. So I still use google tv for youtube viewing of old movies/bbc tv shows, and roku for everything else. It’s a perfect world.

  • lorilori23

    I’m happy to hear this…going to get a Roku 3 in a few days! I definitely want to check out the updates. Thanks Roku!

  • shankar venkat

    Awesome.. Finally will be able to watch Youtube on Roku3 directly

  • Donald Dokken


  • nic

    when are u going to see youtube on roku2 xs? any time line?

  • Craig

    I have two Roku devices. I have an XD and a LT. Neither can get YouTube. For almost two years Roku has assured me it is their highest priority to provide YouTube on these devices. I’m still waiting. Roku 3 offers it, so all I have to do is buy another Roku device. Wow, that’s a kick in the A**. My DVD player can get YouTube. It was far cheaper than Roku. Maybe you need some new programmers. Must be real tough. Oh well, I’m just a long time owner of Roku, so what does it matter, right? Keep stringing me along and sooner or later I’ll buy another Roku, right? It certainly seem like YTouTube on my devices is a “High” priority with your engineers…..

  • Hayati

    three months and still no support for official youtube channel on older devices. Ed, please tell me this is not to seell more Roku 3 devices? I mean if we love roku we will buy the Roku 4 so we are your loyal customer. but this kind of cheap shots at your customers won’t help you in the long run. Please release the official app. am I stupid for buying the Roku 2XS? which is the same price as Roku 3.

    • John Bergquist

      Ed, please let us know if and when the YouTube channel will be added to Roku HD. I asked customer service via chat and got only the boilerplate response that it will be “available on more Roku devices next year [i.e. 2014].” I’m dismayed to see the following statement above: “It will not be available for the oldest models (introduced prior to 2011).” Was the Roku HD introduced prior to 2011? I bought mine direct from Roku within the last year assuming it was up-to-date technology.

  • Roc430

    Get Twonky Beam… send YouTube and other videos to your Roku from your mobile device!

    • John Bergquist

      Twonky is better than nothing, but it’s flaky. I often have to power down and reboot the Roku before Twonky can recognize it.

  • Bobbalu

    What’s the latest on this? Any timeline for the Roku 2 XS?

  • When Youtube Channel will it be ready on my Roku LT 2700R and Roku 2 2720R? When new Netflix? Still Netflix hasn’t updated to its new version on my Roku LT 2700R and Roku 2 2720R. Is that a Roku or Netflix issue? Please, I need Youtube Channel and Netflix Profiles on my Roku Player.

  • Ghazanfar Hussain

    i think to buy roku 3 after reading this comparison between apple tv and roku 3

  • Sean C

    Any Piece of crap phone will play youtube videos, just another way to try and get you to buy a new device. Netgear Neo here i come!

  • Not Happy

    So you’re going to punish the Early Adopters that believed in you and waited, patiently, for you to make your deal with YouTube. That’s just wrong!

  • drewdonley

    It was said elsewhere youtube will be coming for Roku2. Can #Roku advise where to sign up for an email notification of when that will happen? Thanks.

  • KBarr

    I have to say that the Roku company is losing out quite a bit here. I used to recommend my Roku box to anyone who would listen. Telling them that you have to get it, it is the best streaming device out there. Now with this whole Youtube bebaucle not being released on my 2XS it is giving me a real bad taste and now I don’t tell anyone. Hey Roku – the way to sell more (and new) devices is to keep your current customer base happy, who in turn let others know about that happiness. We all know that this is a business and that you’re in it to sell more devices but a sure fire way to do that is by word of mouth from your current fan base. No advertising in the world beats a referral from a satisfied customer – Marketing 101. But guess what – you’re losing out!

  • Adam Wise

    Fix the bug on the Roku 2 XS or give me a free roku 3 you greedy fucks. Oh YouTube available on our flagship new device that works, unlike our old flagship XS that doesn’t work for 90 minutes without rebooting. Do not buy the roku 3, you’ll just get glitched out in an update after the roku 4 gets released!

  • felixthecatxxxx

    Come on already! How long is it going to take to get YouTube on the Roku 2?

    If you think that I am going to buy a Roku 3 you are very mistaken. I will go with Apple Tv soon if you guys don’t treat your customers with some more integrity and respect.

  • Kevin D

    Hmm Roku 3 for $99 or Chromecast for $35. My Roku 2 works fine but would be nice to have YouTube oh well may really like Chromecast and ditch Roku.

  • Tim Loyal

    I thought you already had the app? it was available on the oldest model from the beginning so why not now? may want to hire raterix, or the slough of others you banned from roku as they had the tech way before you decided to use it. I dont know what the problem was for so long anyway. even the cheapest players like a WD has it. why did yall have such a problem. it wasnt programing. it had to be licensing. it should be very easy to put it on older models first as they have the stable tech.

  • Peg Kelly

    Here’s a link , If you are not sure what model Roku & year it was made, that you have . If your Roku falls into the “2nd Generation Roku” chart , YouTube IS Coming to this models ,this 2014 . ( No, I don’t know which month) . If your Roku is a “1st Generation Roku” , No YouTube for this models . I hope it will be soon !! I have 2 “2nd Generation ” Roku’s & 2 Roku3 models.

  • Dennis Davis

    Any word on when youtube will be coming to the other roku models yet?

  • Dennis Davis

    I was wondering when roku would send out the update for the rest of us. Then I read through here and see they aren’t even responding to that question. Was thinking about getting a roku3 but then got angry when I thought about all the other models I have gotten over the last couple of years. I will not spend the money again. I might be getting a neo.

    • felixthecatxxxx

      AMAZON is coming out with a video streaming device in a few days or weeks. It will directly compete with Roku.

      • Dennis Davis

        Then you have to have Amazon prime I’m sure. Either way I am looking into other devices that offer youtube. At this point it is about principle.

        • wowoasta

          I don’t think you do any more than you need to with the other boxes (but don’t hold me to that).

  • Awn

    God I can’t believe you clowns can’t manage to put this out for the Roku 2 yet, its stinks of conspiracy, incompetence or gross negligence. You obviously think your customers are too stupid to know you’re doing this purposely. Really, it’s soooooo hard to design a youtube player that every company in America can do it except you? Give me a break. I feel so ripped off that I bought a Roku 2.

  • Chad

    Waiting impatiently for LT support. Can we get an update, which quarter of the year to expect it?

  • Gary W. Thomas

    When will it (youtube) be available on roku 2?

  • Rex

    Their reasoning is total crap!! It was available on all models until they killed it…

  • Mister Salty

    Any update as to when we can expect YouTube on older boxes?

  • Lindsey S

    Any updates on You tube on the Roku LT?

  • CrabbyJim

    With the announcement of the Amazon Fire-TV there’ll be another device on the market with Youtube support. Still no Youtube on my 3100X. Thanks for nothing Roku. A soon to be ex-Roku user.

  • dingdong

    hey ed lee.. are u chinese? thats y u so cheap, you introduce youtube only on roku 3.. be a man.. give you tube to all

  • W

    Is it working on Roku 2 yet?

  • BrickyBrat

    Any updates on this? I have a Roku 1 and still no youtube.

  • yousonuva

    Where is this app for the Roku 2? Why screw your more senior customers?

  • grapemanca

    Any update on Youtube and the Roku 2? Up here in Canada, the Roku2 programming options are pretty pathetic outside of Netflix and NFB. I use Youtube all the time on my computer browsers, and having it on my Roku2 might finally make it an actual media hub rather than just a Netflix box.

  • Appa karadi

    when is it coming for other Roku’s? are you guys sleeping? This is not rocket science.

  • Dave Wojeski

    You people need to face the facts. They are NOT working on a You Tube update for the older ROKU’s. If they were, it would have been out by now. Instead they are developing Sticks and newer generation streaming boxes hoping you’ll get frustrated and just upgrade.
    So lets stop it with the complaining.

  • Wojphoto

    Oh and as for Ed Lee, who wrote this blog. Either stop stringing customers along, or have the decency to be honest and answer their questions

  • Peg Kelly

    YouTube is Now Available TODAY ,April 22,2014 , All of You that were Waiting !!!

  • Miki

    I can see Youtube channel on my Roku 2 XD. yippiee

  • Elsa1965

    I have an older Roku like the first one and I got You Tube now..YAY.How do I log into my own you tube channel though?

  • bjlyon

    One drawback about youtube for Roku 3 is that there is no way to disable autoplay. Thus, if I play a meditation video and fall asleep, once that video has ended, it will go onto the next video and use up bandwidth while I am asleep. Since my ISP is AT&T, I am charged extra for going over my monthly bandwidth allotment. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable youtube’s autoplay? I know I can do it by adding an extension to my computer but there is no setting on the Roku 3 player for disabling autoplay.

  • Ryan Burr Honeycutt IV

    Came with my TV so no big deal there but sucks how HBO go works but not cinemas or show time

  • MammaSings

    My Roku (XD or something? maybe 2 yrs old?) used to play YouTube Videos just fine and now (as of a week ago) it shows me the videos but can NEVER actually “retrieve” them when I press play. It just keeps “retrieving” any idea how to fix this? Thanks for any ideas!

  • alexdapostman .

    The Roku remote is not functionally properly on the youtube channel.

  • david hevle

    Y can your roku hold more saves mi old roku can hold 375 saved memmr

  • Roger Craig

    How do I rent Youtube movies with this app? It great for everything you tube but renting movies. Any suggestions?

  • Early adopter

    Awesome payback to early adopters and cash flow monkeys.
    Just the opposite of Tesla. Support for the roadster although 2 years out of production.
    Treat your client as you would be treated.

  • Still i cant right point,

  • Michael

    Is anyone having an issue with this app knocking them offline? I can watch NetFlix, Amazon and the rest of the channels but as soon as I start watching a Youtube video my DSL gets disconnected. This has happened too many times to be a coincidence. Using a Model 3100X – Roku 2XS. Software version 6.1, build 5605. Frankly, I don’t know how this could happen. It doesn’t make sense.

  • satin85718

    my rook 3 works on one tv but not the other, why?

  • satin85718

    I have 2 Roku 3’s. One tv doesn’t get youtube the other does. One that doesn’t gets a black screen when I click on youtube. Although they were bought in December of 2014 both hand units are different. One that get youtube has extra buttons for Amazon, Hulu, etc. the one that can’t get youtube doesn’t have those buttons. Can I assume that the unit is out of date? Probably in the warehouse for a good while.

  • satin85718

    Why is my comment (twice) been removed? I have 2 Roku 3’s. One tv doesn’t get youtube the other does. One that doesn’t gets a black screen when I click on youtube. Although they were bought in December of 2014 both hand units are different. One that get youtube has extra buttons for Amazon, Hulu, etc. the one that can’t get youtube doesn’t have those buttons. Can I assume that the unit is out of date? Probably in the warehouse for a good while.