Great news for Roku customers and Time Warner Cable subscribers! TWC TV on Roku has been updated to include on-demand content.

In addition to the up to 300 channels of live television that launched on Roku last March, customers can now access more than 5,000 free and subscription-based on-demand entertainment choices from nearly 100 top networks. Other updates include a new scaled video window featuring a live stream of the last viewed channel, improved browsing and on-demand search functionality.

TWC TV on Roku is available now on the Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku LT players as well as the Roku Streaming Stick.

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  • PorCompasion

    Only for Time Warner Suscribers. Maybe other people who has roku want to pay for Time Warner on Roku without cable service.

  • Pisidan

    Buying cable service and watching it on Roku seems stupid why have a roku than?

    • wnyconservative

      To avoid paying a ridiculous lease fees on cable boxes.

      • Chris Moses


    • Mike McClure

      Also, if you want to watch TWC wirelessly to an outdoor TV. Live sports etc…

  • adtask


  • Nat Ramnan

    How do you subscribe to TWC on the Roku if you are not a TWC cable customer?

    • insanity4all

      impossible their channel is dependent on a TWC cable modem. Actually not a but your individual. Couldn’t watch it at work, which was also a TWC modem.

  • Maq

    Really dumb channel to have if you already have cable. Even more dumb if you have download the app to find out that you can’t use the app outside your home. Only useful if your stepping out to the garage or on the crapper.

  • john

    just want to say that i have the TWC app on my roku 3 and its freakin awesome! It completely blows timewarner cables own hd dvr box out the water. The menu is awesome and the screen overlay is impressive. Why the heck would they allow streaming outside the home? get a slingbox and ur problem is solved.

    • Allyson Tessmann

      Hey John- Can you use roku 3 with TWC as a true dvr? All I see is “on demand streaming” but what I’d like to see is something where I can dvr things like the news, and I don’t want to be beholden to the dates that something is available “on demand” (eg. I sometimes record an entire season of a show and watch it during the summer. Often, on demand items are only available for a few weeks). thanks!

  • Dave

    which catigory is it under?

  • Jerry B

    The advantage is if you have a couple of TVs around your house that you don’t want to rent the cable box for, such as a tv in a guest room, you can put a Roku in there (or easily move it as needed). I have eliminated several cable boxes around my house by using the Roku for the tvs I don’t use very often. $10+ a month for the cable box or $50 for a cheap Roku. Better yet, if you upgrade your primary Roku to the latest model, put your old one in one of the other rooms!!

  • UWS Girl

    Yeah.. I don’t get this.. if you already have cable why would you want it on the roku??? though having an xfinity, comcast app for the roku I think is a different situation all together simply because xfinity will only allow streaming through their app so if you are an hbo xfinity subscriber you can’t subscribe to hbo go on the roku cause you have to watch it through the xfinity app… just saying..

    • Mike D

      You get access to the digital tier, that they charge their users an additional fee for, without having to pay for it or the box to lease.

  • mcjaydub

    even if the app is free do I have to pay a fee to get the channals, then if so, how much would it cost?

  • Josh

    Im a college student and have been using my fathers twc account on roku and it is great, sadly my dad changed to uverse. Does anyone know if Uverse might do the same so i could use his account just as I did with Twc. My roomates dad has dish so we are hoping dish anywhere might be an app on roku also. Does anyone know if uverse or dish apps might come to roku?

    • Paul J Engel

      Josh, did you use this in the same house or away at school?

  • Iva

    I have new roku 1 but can’t connect to local network? What is wrong?

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  • Edd Phelps

    Without a doubt you have to be at your home for the app to work with all the channels with TWC tv. My problem is that on my ROKU3 Time Warner app TWC tv just started refusing to load, started last nigt and continues still. I have contacted ROKU and did all the ususal resets to no avail. There is something amis with the TWC tv app and I havent a clue what it is. I am sure though that Time Warner is since it has no real competition, they are dealing in some underhanded money grubbing techiques….anything for a buck. Just ask that trouble shooter that you can barely understand that is in Malaysia. Direct TV is only worse. I am about to drop Warner for the last time.

  • Edd Phelps

    To be sure the TWC tv app has ALWAYS had trouble on my Roku3. There was a long period where it worked wonderfully well but it is again failing. Nothing on my end has changed but Time Warner is always screwing with the programs and us.

  • Lafayette Azevedo

    My question is: Do you need to subscribe to TWC TV or just have a internet package?

  • Amy H

    I am signing up for time warner and was planning to get a second box in my room, but was told I can also usemy roku instead of getting a second box… is there ANYTHING i would be missing out on if I choose not to get a second box? For example, then I DVR an item on my home box, could I rewatch it in my bedroom?

  • Jimmy

    So if I only have wifi with time warner will TWC TV be free?