The weeks leading up to the Game of Thrones season finale last summer were bittersweet. Being huge fans, we could hardly wait for it to come and at the same time, dreaded the idea of Sunday nights without Lannisters or Starks. Needless to say, we love HBO GO on Roku – and think it’s great that the service is available to customers through participating television providers.

Since the launch of HBO GO on Roku, that list of providers has steadily grown – most recently to include DirecTV. Now, customers who subscribe to HBO through DirecTV have unlimited access to HBO GO on Roku – this means HBO shows, hit movies, sports, comedy and more.

HBO GO is a very popular service and many customers tell us they get more value out of their television subscriptions when they have additional ways to watch – like through Roku. Whether it’s Game of Thrones, True Blood or GIRLS, customers can indulge in more than 1,400 titles, including every episode of every season of the best HBO shows.

In addition to DirecTV, customers who subscribe to HBO through the following providers can also access the HBO GO channel on Roku:

  • ATT U-verse
  • Bright House Networks
  • Charter
  • Cox
  • Dish Network
  • Mediacom
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon FiOS
  • View the entire list

Thank you DirecTV for expanding your support! If you do not see your provider listed, we encourage you to contact your provider and request that they add support for HBO GO on Roku.

Happy Streaming!

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  • EnTerr

    Hallelujah, maşallah!

  • DarkLord

    So when does Comcast customers get access? I can access HBO GO via my X-box and my iPad. Why not my Roku?

    • Mark

      I agree. I have COMCAST service but as far as I can tell, you can’t get HBO-GO if your internet and cable TV is through COMCAST. People should call them to see why they won’t participate. Maybe then they will if the get enough calls from customers.

    • schveiguy

      It also works on Apple TV. Very annoying that Roku is not supported, I have no idea why.

  • prettycripple

    What about Cablevision – Optimum online for NY customers?

  • DevilsHockeyGuy

    I can’t seem to get the “View the entire list” link to work no matter what browser I use. Then again, from the comments below, it looks like my provider, COMCAST, still does not provide access. They (COMCAST) are the poorest example of customer service I’ve ever experienced.

  • Molly

    YES!. This is the only reason I bought a Roku and I was very disappointed when I found out it was not available for DirecTV subscribers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • SonoranSnoozer

    Still waiting to get HBO a la carte. I have cable, but I can’t add HBO to my package because it doesn’t qualify, so I live without it and just wait for game of thrones to come out on bluray. I’m getting really sick of the bundling game played by cable and satellite companies and may just get rid of cable altogether. There are a dwindling number of things I can’t stream on demand directly from the Internet, even sports.

  • Richard Burleson

    If you already have it .What use is this anyway?

    • Tanya Smith

      Yeah, what is the use? Unless it’s to allow you to stream HBO on TVs that aren’t hooked up to your cable box. Guess I’ll give it a try when I get home.

    • jonsilver

      HBO GO is great because it enables you to time-shift: the entire HBO movies and shows line-up is available to start and end when you want, without having to find when something is on in order to DVR it (and therefore, filling up your DVR drive is no longer an issue vis-a-vis HBO).

  • Tired of Comcast

    Comcast needs to get their head out of their ass! They are now the only major player that has not gotten on board. I just might switch over to DTV now.

  • Vic Mark

    I echo Sonoran Snoozer. I will not add HBO GO to my Roku unless I do not need to subscribe to HBO itself.

    • Angie Grabowski

      I have HBO NOW and stream it on my ROKU. I have direct TV and DO NOT have an hbo subscription on there. It works great on ROKU and you can stream a new episode live on ROKU although sometimes it may be a bit behind the start of the show on TV. It was cheaper and I can cancel the subscription at any time. I got the free month trial.

  • Timothy J. Lorang

    I agree with everyone who is complaining about Comcast. I would pay for an HBO channel on Roku NOT connected to HBO GO and Comcast but that is not available. The thing is as long as Comcast and other cable providers are given a monopoly alternatives like Roku are at a disadvantage and consumers get screwed. In my apartment, in the middle of Seattle, I can only get the internet via Comcast. I must buy a bundled TV/internet package even though I watch all of my programs via the internet on Roku. We need to break up communication monopolies like Comcast and fight for net-neutrality so companies like Comcast and Verizon can not impede free access to the internet by individual and companies like…. well like Roku.

  • ScottP

    What.About.Comcast? …

  • RHO1953

    Just what is the benefit of accessing HBO through the Roku as opposed to just watching it on satellite? What am I missing here? I watch the Roku on my tv the same as I watch my DirecTV

    • Jeff Lucas

      One benefit I have found is when there is a big rain or snow/ice storm and my satellite receiver goes out, I can always watch HBO or whatever through the ROKU.

      • SeaGail

        And in my case, trees prohibit our being able to get DirecTV in HD, so if I could get HBO in HD on Roku, I would most likely subscribe.

  • RokuXT

    I, for one, am thankful that DirecTV is finally on board. Good move guys!

  • Doughnaa

    What about Directv without HBO? I can watch Directv on my phone and tablet but not on my Roku upstairs where I don’t have a satellite receiver. I used to be able to watch Time Warner.

    • Steve

      Read the title of this article.

      • Ejody

        The title of this article does not answer the question.
        HBOGO states you can get it as a standalone subscription on Roku without Directv, yet it seems impossible to figure out how to do that.

  • Francisco

    Hi to everyone is here. Before Comcast was an affordable cable company to have TV channels, phone and internet. But from some years ago Comcast is creating or maybe all ready created a monopoly and charging too much money. Comcast charges very low prices to new customers but as soon as those people have a year, then Comcast charges all that money could not get during the first year, and maybe more money than that. Comcast does not care anything with the people are all ready customers.

    Also, I am very curious why sometimes Comcast and Verizon are like working together sending by regular mail an advertisement to offer a tablet with Internet. I do not see a reason, or maybe these two companies are trying to consolidate a very strong monopoly between them and destroying those other companies offer the same type of service like phone, TV channels and Internet.

    Now Comcast bought another cable company. I think the federal government should review what Comcast is doing putting some rules and conditions to Comcast to avoid this company to make a monopoly and charging higher prices. Comcast is shit. Do not trust Comcast and Verizon

  • Folkie

    Recently Verizon FiOS has begun blocking access to HBO Go through Roku, so Direct TV might be alone in providing this access (assuming it still does so). Are we all being caught in a pissing contest between program material suppliers and service providers? Watching programs such as ‘True Detective’ on my iPad is a bit cramped; I’d like to be able to watch it on my TV.