We’re pleased to welcome A&E, HISTORY and Lifetime to Roku’s expansive channel lineup.

The A&E channel brings all your favorite TV shows, from Duck Dynasty and Wahlburgers to Bates Motel and Bad Ink. You can catch up on Pawn Stars, Swamp People and Top Gear on HISTORY and Project Runway and Dance Moms on Lifetime.

The number of providers offering the additional value of Roku channel support continues to grow – including DirecTV! Find out if your provider supports these channels here: A&E, HISTORY and Lifetime. We’d love to expand this list, so if you do not see your provider, we encourage you to contact them and request that they add support for Roku.

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  • Jennifer

    How can you link to provider if you do not have cable? Is there another way?

    • John

      yes I have the same question… Could I subscribe to some cheap, cable company in Timbuktu to get a valid email login ID???

      • lenabunnie

        PlayOn with PlayLater $8.00 or less per month or $59.99 for lifetime membership has a lot of cable channels works with roku

    • angela

      i’m in the same boat don’t have cable got this roku wanting to get the channels of tv shows and networks that we watch because heard alot of people were going this way and decided to wait out and see and try it now we have tried it and want to know how to get it working w/o a cable provider.

      • Dale Butler

        Same here. I would like to watch SOMETHING that I like to watch without having to also have a cable provider or Directv etc. What is the value of using a ROKU except subscribing to premium channels like Netflix, Amazon, etc. Other content is very limited. And no NCAA football at all! Should I forget the ROKU and keep Directv? Unless there is some workaround for cable, etc. I don’t see that it offers much. Anybody know of a workaround to get A&E etc?

        • Zelee

          Wow tv.

  • Shelley

    When I link my Directv to the Roku for the AETV it tells me that is was successful but then the Roku never updates. What do I do?

    • Francoarmani

      Same issue here on 05/30/14
      Says link was successful but Roku doesn’t
      Update, same when I try to link Lifetime channel too.

    • Christy Holmes

      Log into website through google chrome. Safari browsers ect., will not work. Hope this helps!

      • John

        This worked for me Christy Holmes! Thanks for your post!

    • Joshua Quinn

      I had the same problem make sure you turn off the block third party cookies that made it work for me hope that helps

  • Sredfield

    We couldn’t make it work either. Want to watch Longmire when season 3 starts but all we get are clips.

  • Terry

    Roku doesnt seem to really be an option unless you have an existing cable provider. In which case the roku is redundant…

  • James

    okay this really sucks because i want to watch witches of east end on my roku and you got to sign in and there is no option to choose mediacom….what the heck is that all about??

    • Ready2watch

      Even if your company was listed it still does thy. Only with specific shows. The ones I want to watch

  • Libby

    If Roku doesnt automztically update channels you add then go to Settings on Roku then scroll all the way down to System Update & it will update any channels you added.

  • Libby


  • c_hemken88

    I have a cable provider and some things work on the lifetime app and others won’t it says user not authorized and i have the xtra package with directv and it won’t play it will play killer kids but not witches of east end

    • c_hemken88

      btw it does say I am authorized until i try to play my show

    • Ready2watch

      Hi! I am having the same problem. Did you get it resolved?

  • PeaJae

    Every time I try to register (I have Direct TV as my provider) I keep getting an authenticatin erro

  • i dropped a tv privider for roku now it wants to know who my tv provider is and I aint got one?

    • CD

      All the apps like The History channel, NatGeo, A&E, ABC, Freeform etc etc. on roku require a “tv provider”. Even trying to stream off a computer live from the website you still have to enter in a tv provider. Its there way of controlling cord cutters. I just simply use a friends info that has cable and tv at home. Sync up my roku with their login info for Verizon through the app and it works now I can watch live tv through the apps on the roku.

  • I dropped uverse for roku is their a way to get lifetime on my roku without having a tv provider?

  • it’s asking me to enter a code in my pc and give my cable provider which i aint got.

  • mobious

    they don’t have my cable provider and now have locked down the roku so you can’t watch certain episodes w/o logging in

  • Dianca

    when is Comcast gonna come into affect for Roku

  • Sam

    These channels are poorly designed. They randomly lose tv provider information (sometimes even while watching a show) and they are over all unreliable.

  • Zoie

    I added History

    to my Roku.. we are getting it but many of the shows say unauthorized user when we try to watch… any suggestions

    • Cd

      Getting this issue as well still. No fix.

  • Spencer Lent

    Why doesn’t xfinity support these channels?

  • Donald Keck

    When I go to link many channels with roku, it does not list my provider (Xfinity) even though xfinity offers these channels. What can I do ? (donke21@verizon.

  • Gerrilynn Jacobs (Lynn)

    Im signed into these channels but when I choose a show it kicks me out back to the main screen.