Great news, SHOWTIME subscribers! We’re pleased to welcome SHOWTIME ANYTIME to our growing entertainment lineup.

SHOWTIME ANYTIME users can now watch current and past seasons of award-winning Showtime original series including Homeland, Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex, House of Lies, Dexter®, Nurse Jackie and more on available on all current-generation Roku devices in the U.S.

Homeland marathon, anyone?

SHOWTIME ANYTIME is available at no additional cost to SHOWTIME customers who subscribe to the network through AT&T U-verse, Brighthouse, Cablevision’s Optimum TV, DIRECTV, Grande Communications, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS and more to come.

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  • Tracy

    I got really really excited there for a minute…until I read that last paragraph. Hopefully Dish Network will be added to that list soon.

  • say what?

    Most people, myself included, who use Roku do not subscribe to cable. Was so excited because Outlander starts this summer. Another loss for those sticking it to the (cable) man 😉 Wah wah waaaah. I will dry my tears with my $100 saved per month though. For the greater good!

    • theamira

      You know that Outlander is on Starz, right?

    • NickL1975NYC

      so you still have to ‘subscribe to the cable company’ for high speed internet access which not only do you pay full price for but Comcast charges a $16 ‘premium’ if you do subscribe to any of their TV packages

      • rosickness12

        Century link isn’t considered cable. 40mbps here. 1GB fiber speeds just a few miles south of here.

      • Shareen Ghaly

        Untrue 12 for showtime, starz, cinemax, 15 for hbo

  • Laurel

    No dish?! 🙁

  • stuart

    Sucks to be on Comcast. I guess those Time Warner customers will be loosing access soon?

  • Lynn

    Cox cable please?

  • joooosh

    y arnt these channels available in canana. this is boot!!

  • Adrian

    Did anyone get it to show up on the Roku one yet?

  • Steve

    Shocked that RCN isn’t included! Shocked!

  • steph

    Ugh was too excited til the end. Maybe showtime can become like a “hulu”

  • cbgb

    Does it work on the N1100?? Not buying another Roku to get this to work.

    • reddogs

      I just checked Roku’s website … none of the “classic” Roku boxes, including your N1100, are considered “current generation”.

      • cbgb

        Thanks reddogs. I also verified that via chat with a service rep. They said “it was the providers choice” because they would need to develop a separate app for the older generation Rokus.

        • JCL

          So which models are “classic”? I have a 2100x.

          • cbgb

            JCL – I’m not sure what’s considered “classic” – you might want to check with support. Based on the info at this link, it seems that your 2100x might be considered an older model that doesn’t support Showtime Anytime I think our best bet is that Roku/Showtime do the development work for the older models.

  • anthonymendez

    I’m just shocked that Time Warner Cable got it right away. Although that might not last long (I noticed Comcast isn’t on that list.)

  • AlexFirth91


  • Doug Dragon

    I was excited…until I read the last part.

  • CableSux

    So what? Obviously Roku does not understand its audience. Chromecast rules!

  • Kat

    Where is Dish????

  • EnTerr

    Oh, so Roku is the *first* streaming device to do Showtime Anytime? Congratulations!
    (first = other than all-purpose devices with iOS, Android, Kindle and PC)

    • Adam Parker

      In their defense, it is the first set top box type device to do Showtime Anytime. Beats out the game consoles, Apple TV, Smart TVs, etc. That’s certainly something.

      • EnTerr

        Whose defense? I was sincere and not ironic in congratulating Roku on the good work. Let me try rephrasing above

        • Adam P

          Whoops! I did misunderstand, lol.

  • Adrian

    So you still can’t confirm that this is coming to the older models

  • stereoguy188

    I have an old roku. Showtime Anytime is not on there.
    I do have HBO GO.
    Any suggestions? .

    • Tiptrip

      I did not see it at first, but go in under movies/tv. I found it there.

      • michael parker

        chaos reigns

      • kwags

        This worked thank you

    • Sylvia

      I also have an old Roku player..and just signed up for Showtime..go thrugh your Roku account..Iam trying to find out right now, why I can’t also ge Showtime anytime,since it is free with Showtime.

  • Confused roku owner

    Everytime I select the “showtime anytime” app on roku it says “there is no internet connection which isn’t true because my HBOGO and hulu work perfectly fine. What gives???

  • mike

    How does one find out how much it costs to have showtime on Roku when you don’t have it anywhere else?

    • Buddy

      If i read another article right Showtime will be 8.99 a month in addition to the 7.99 for hulu.

    • sylvia

      $10.99 month

  • Auburn Catfish

    I have a pretty new Roku and the app is not showing up in the store. Is this because I do not have a “current generation” Roku? If so, this is a massive fail. I get this if I had the Roku 1, but previous generation?


      Unless you subscribe to Showtime, then you cant get showtime anytime, same with HBO Go, you have to be a subscriber to it also to get that one.

      • michael parker

        word mistuh taber

  • This sucks is not a valid website according to my computer. What gives? I have a valid subscription with a participating provider and it still doesn’t work.

  • Marq

    Is anyone finding the streaming incredibly unreliable? We cant go 3 minutes without shows reloading… HBO Go and WWE network stream without issue, so it’s not our internet connection.

  • WHHAT!

    As is usual you STILL have to have a cable provider to get “Showtime Anytime” on roku…AGGRAVATING!

    • worldsgonemad

      Ask someone you know, family friends, if you can use their service to sign up. I use my parents who don’t use it.

      • Rossta

        So as long as you have an online account login info through a cable provider then you should be bale to download the app? I read that for Xfinity you have to have an Xfinity registered set-top box

    • Buddy

      Until July then it comes out. You won’t need a cable provider

      • Steve Forman

        You just need an antenna.

  • King Andrew

    about freaking time!!!!

  • WTF?

    I have Roku 3 for some reason it doesn’t work…you click on a movie and nothing happens…same thing on a computer, they ask you to download WideVine ok fine, you do it, go back to the page click on a movie and again nothing happens and the screen gets tinted…..don’t know why…meanwhile HBO GO and Max Go work like a charm…Max Go needs to get on Roku…

  • SG

    Roku 3 isn’t compatible with this? I got mine about 6 months ago and can’t get this channel. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Somerset Rocks

    I’m trying to getting rid of cable – is there a way to subscribe to this app through Roku or some other service?

    • worldsgonemad

      Family or friends who have Showtime via Dtv or dish who don’t care about Roku or internet access.

  • Brad

    Along with the lifetime Roku this is possibly the worse channel on to activate use or try.
    After several attempts I just gave up,,,!!!
    And I subscribe to showtime
    Good luck to showtime guys and gals help get it together

  • Jeremiah Charles

    I am trying to register my Showtime Anytime account but it won’t let me get past the choosing of cable provider.

  • Jeda

    If you cant see Showtime on your Roku then go here & log in with your roku info & it will be added to your roku lineup!details/38820/showtime-anytime

  • Frustrated internet streamer

    I would pay a monthly a la carte subscription fee if I could get this app and actually use it without cable!

  • Wendy

    Do I have to have a computer to activate show time anytime on my roku I have I pad

  • snowman

    I found it on one of my roku boxes, but not on another. Why can’t this process be easier than repeatedly scolling through hundreds of selections (and then coming up empty)?

  • former_pagosan

    Late to the party. We can’t find Showtime Anytime on our Roku (only Showtime Preview). It’s an XDS. Looked under Movies & TV. Any suggestions? (we are Showtime subscribers on DirecTV)

  • laura

    I have xfinity and i am trying to get it on my roku, I have the channel app installed on roku, the showtime anytime app tells me to activate my devise and then proceeds to give me a website, and type in my activation code that appears on my roku, i follow the directions exactley but when I go to the website it tells me I have to log in to active and when I click to log in so i can proceed nothing happens, it never goes to another page, is anyone else having this problem, i tried all day over and over again and still cant activate with the code???

  • mellissa

    Hey everyone I just got a new roku smart tv but I don’t understand how to get the show time anytime to work I don’t know where to go online and do it I have to put a code in to active it but I’m lost on it anything or any comments would really help

  • Gae

    We have roku & need to know if we can watch Homeland series 3 for free?

  • Bob

    So can I get rid of my Uverse 450 package and get Showtime & HBO on Roku? Or not?

    • Steve Forman

      Absolutely get rid of uverse.

  • jv

    the thing I hate is they should give us the channels without having to be a cable or satellite subscriber and just pay a nominal fee. I heard hbo go is going that way

  • Matt

    Great news! You still get screwed if you dont have cable! Isnt it nice to know some things never change?

  • Steve Forman

    I have roku 3. Just waiting around. Live in the philadelphia area where most people are stuck with the big companies. Word is getting around. The consumers need to read the fine print on companies. We also provide hi speed internet service. Google whatzonyourmind.

  • Showtime keeps failing to load while attempting to watch on Roku. Seems either ROKU or Showtime have a streaming issue to resolve.

  • Yep. I subscribed to the ala carte Showtime Anytime channel, and the Showtime channel app has some serious streaming issues.

    If you use the back-button to replay the last 5-7 seconds, whatever it is, the Showtime channel app will then start a constant replay at a random moment afterward, no matter what you start streaming, and keeps doing it like a stuck record. Over and over again. The only way to make it stop is to exit the Showtime channel app entirely and reboot it — after you boot something else first to clear the ROKU 3 memory/cookies whatever. Pain in the buttocks.

    It also takes a considerable amount of time for the streaming to even start. It starts to load — then just hangs for a minute or two. Sometimes, it doesn’t start streaming at all and you have keep trying until it does.

    And. the Showtime channel app, while delivering HD video streaming, streams only PCM stereo sound. No surround sound at all. Not even Dolby stereo. Just tin-can sounding crackly PCM stereo for literally everything offered from series’ to the movies. I won’t even start on the movie menu and archaic old crappy movies offered. Seriously, wtf…?

    I doubt I’ll stick with it and will probably be canceling near the 30-day end. Even friggin’ Netflix and Amazon Prime Video streams in surround sound, and they’re much less expensive than this $11 per month offering of basically crap movies and only mediocre TV series’.

  • Me

    The shittiest channel on roku. It keeps giving an unable to play error every 5 minutes. VERY disappointed and will be cancelling my subscription.

  • Randy Marrero

    I’ve added Showtime to my hulu plus subscription, as an add-on. Says I can stream using Roku but when I go to my roku hulu app and try and stream any Showtime shows, I get an unauthorized content and something about hdcp. Works find when I view it on a computer or laptop. Any ideas how I can get the showtime add-on on the hulu add-on subscription to stream using my roku x4200?

  • Shooters33

    This was very confusing. I got an e-mail saying I can get Showtime free for 30 days then a disclaimer way at the bottom that I had to already subscribe on cable. I was ready to cancel but after playing around I had to subscribe to BOTH Showtime and Showtime anywhere or whatever. I can now stream Showtime on my Roku and my laptop etc.

  • jenny

    I can’t log in to my dish account subscription on Roku. Do I have to ALSO buy Showtime anytime if I already subscribe via Dish?

  • Jeff Maurer

    I have Uverse with Showtime. Every time I try to log into Showtime Anytime on my Roku 2 it directs me to the showtime web site. Then it tells me I am not subscribed to Showtime with my provider. What a waste of time. If I try to log in it sends me to directv. Chatted with Uverse about this Ned was told Showtime Anytime has issues. I guess they do.