HDTVs rejoice! With the new Roku® Streaming Stick™ (HDMI® version) announced today, consumers with an HDMI port can now choose the compact stick design pioneered by Roku to stream their favorite entertainment. This new tiny player plugs discreetly into an HDMI port – perfect for those beautiful wall-mounted TVs – and packs the complete Roku streaming experience. That means access to 1,200+ channels of movies, TV episodes, music, news, sports, kids’ shows and free programming streamed in up to 1080p HD video, plus a TV user interface featuring the beloved Roku Search.

Roku is all about the easiest way to enjoy the best selection of streaming entertainment on TV. That’s why in addition to the included WiFi remote control for the entire household’s use, there are the free Roku apps for Android™ and iOS® devices for those who desire a mobile experience to browse and select content to stream. Users can also cast Netflix, YouTube and personal media from their devices to their TVs and additional mobile features such as the ability to cast content from a computer to the TV are on the way.

The new Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version) is $49.99 and available for pre-order now from Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, Target.com, Walmart.com and Roku.com. It will ship to consumers and arrive in retails stores in April.

For our international streamers, the new Roku Streaming Stick is $59.99 in Canada and £49.99 in the U.K. and in the Republic of Ireland. It is available for pre-order from Amazon.ca, BestBuy.ca, FutureShop.ca, Currys.co.uk, LondonDrug.ca, Staples.ca, Walmart.ca, Roku.com/ca and Roku.com/uk.

Stream on!

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  • Is this still MHL compatible or do you have to have a USB cord hanging off of it all the time?

    • Doug Jantz

      Did you read the ad at all?

      This new tiny player plugs discreetly into an HDMI port – perfect for those beautiful wall-mounted TVs – and packs the complete Roku streaming experience.

      • Josh

        That doesn’t answer his question. For power, HDMI 1.4 (or MHL) is typically required and that’s only on the newest TV sets. For the majority of TV sets with HDMI 1.3 or earlier, I’d bet dollars to donuts that a USB cord will be requited to power this unit. This ad simply doesn’t mention that “caveat.”

        • Kevin Moore
          • Doug Jantz

            I guess so then. Not a big deal after all lol

        • Doug Jantz

          Looks pretty plain to me. If so I don’t see the advantage

          • Josh

            How so, Doug? Your answer was incorrect.

          • Doug Jantz

            I already answered. 🙂

        • Harry

          Follow the link and check out the manual, if the TV’
          s USB isn’t strong enough then you have to plug it into the wall, supplied power supply.

    • Kevin Moore

      Technically, you do need a USB cable hanging off of it for power. http://wwwimg.roku.com/Roku%20Streaming%20Stick%20QSG%20US%20Web_0.pdf

    • Hi Matt, the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version) is powered through a TV’s USB port or can be plugged into the wall for power.

  • Monkey Business

    Dang should have waited a bit before getting my Roku 3!

    • Nomad07

      Not really. The Roku 3 still has a MUCH faster processor. Also motion control remote, wireless headphones, ethernet jack, and micro SD card slot. The Roku 3 is a higher spec product. The streaming stick if for people that 1)need something more portable; 2)need something less expensive; 3) need something easier to hide behind a TV or can’t spare another AC wall wart.

  • User

    Does this get the Youtube chanel?

    • Doug Jantz

      It says that right in the ad

      • Josh

        To be fair, it doesn’t mention a YouTube native “channel” so much as it mentions the ability to cast content from YouTube from a handheld device or computer to the TV. Yes, I’d bet this device does have a YT channel (like the Roku 3 device does currently) but complaining that his question is answered “right in the ad” is disingenuous. Especially when so many other Roku versions still don’t have that same native channel.

    • Yes!

      • User2

        Is Youtube still coming to the Roku 2 and other Roku devices mentioned in the December blog post on the subject?

      • TELL ME: Youtube still coming to the Roku LT 2710R and other Roku devices mentioned in the December blog post on the subject?

  • Mark

    Does it have a power supply, or does it only hook up to the HDMI port?

    • Josh

      Yes, it has a power supply. My guess is that it’s needed for most TV’s. Perhaps not for the newest sets with MHL, HDMI 1.4 or newer, but then I don’t know how it’d work with its touted “instant on” connectivity.

      • Mark

        Well, shoot. I think that it would be really slick if all you had to do is plug it into the TV and you’re all set. I suppose that day is coming.

        • Nomad07

          Check the photos. Clearly shows a USB coming off the “top” of the unit and connected to the TV to provide power.

          • Mark

            Got it. Thanks. Now to check if my TV has USB or not.

          • Nomad07

            And check if it’s powered or not. Harder to check. Otherwise you have to use the micro usb to AC wall wart. =)

  • Tim Chaten

    Does the Aereo app work on this stick? !!!!

    • Nomad07

      Any Roku channel should work. In terms of “casting” from an “app” tablet or smartphone it appears to be Roku, Netflix, and YouTube.

  • Greg LaFollette

    Question — will the wifi login system allow me to use a hotel wifi that has an “authorization” page? I understand how it would connect to my home wifi with username and password, but many public systems use a second level landing page approach.

    If it would work this way it’ll place my order in a nano-second and it will become a part of my traveling tech goodie bag. Sure beats hauling around HDMI cables and the related converters.

    Looking forward to determining if I can do this.



    • Nomad07

      Doubtful it would work this way. I’m not aware any any current Roku supports this. Typically do accomplish a landing page it launches a web page. Roku doesn’t support (officially) this approach. A fair amount of places actually either don’t allow access to streaming sites, or limit amount of data or speed anyways.

      If you have hotspot on your phone and unlimited data thats always a good option. Many of the carriers (except AT&T) offer an unlimited data option.

    • yyzed

      Agreed, but most hotels have very bad wi-fi coverage and very slow internet connections to begin with. Imagine if everybody started streaming with a roku. Nobody would be able to surf/work due to the total bandwidth used up by streaming devices. Until hotels have a better solution for true high speed when they’re full streaming isn’t much of an option for most locations.

      • David

        I’m in a Hilton chain hotel probably 3 nights a week or more and always watch via the hotel wifi. I would love to use Roku, but I’ve found no workaround the landing page problem as described above. I did buy the Netgear Push2TV device and mirror my Kindle Fire HDX to the hotel TV. Perfect solution! I love it!!! But I would prefer a Roku HDMI stick w/remote. This, on top of the 3 Rokus I already own. Please Roku…HOOK ME UP!!!

    • Amir

      The best current solution I could think of right now, is to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot host and connect the devices to that network.

    • Wendy

      The workaround for this problem is the Connectify.me hotspot. I’ve successfully used my Chromecast in hotels using Connectify.

      • joachim

        Wendy’s solution is exactly the same that I’ve been using in hotels: Chromecast with Connectify hotspot from a laptop (either with the hotel internet or when that bandwidth isn’t enough, paired to my phone hotspot as the network connection). Requires 3 devices though (Chromecast, laptop, phone).

        The roku stick with it’s own remote would be a nice option and possibly slicker and could use it in hotels without the phone (Roku + laptop with Connectify) unless I needed the network bandwidth. Chromecast requires the phone as the remote. and if I’m using the phone for network bandwidth, I can’t cast from the phone and have to cast from the Chrome browser with the Chromecast extension. That’s a little bit of a pain that would be averted by the Roku remote.

        BTW, it wouldn’t be hard for Roku to support authenticating to hotel networks with a browser login page solution. Neither would it be hard for Google to do it with Chromecast. They just haven’t done it yet.

        • joachim

          Actually, thinking about hotel-based solutions further, A roku streaming stick paired to my phone hotspot while in the hotel would be a slick solution for hotels that don’t have the bandwidth! So from a hotel one of two “2 device” solutions:
          1) roku stick + Laptop with Connectify or
          2) roku stick + phone with hotspot. that would work nicely.

          Still would like to see roku stick support web authentication to hotel networks for a one device solution in hotels.

    • Mayaco

      The best way to get this working is to sign into the hotel wifi using your pc with the cloned mac address of the Roku….after logging in with your laptop, you can then connect with the Roku as the hotel wifi will have already authorized the mac for access

  • Chris

    If you bought the remote separately, can you use the remote with the headphone jack with it?

    • Chris, you can use the Roku 3 remote to control the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version) as it’s also a WiFi remote, but the headphone jack functionality will not work.

      • Nomad07

        Will the motion control work from the Roku 3 remote ?

  • Sean

    will it work on a HDMI projector

    • It will work with HDMI projectors. Note: the 3M projector in our Roku Ready Program will use the MHL version through (https://www.roku.com/roku-ready/devices#!/other).

    • Nomad07

      As long as you have an HDMI input and a USB port (or USB to AC adapter) it’ll work on any display.

  • Kallum

    Seems like the UK version doesn’t include YouTube, Amazon Instant Video (Prime Video also), ITV Player, or 4oD. Either that or they aren’t advertised anywhere, but that makes no sense since they’re bigger than most of the things advertised on the UK’s page. There’s no clear place to look for a definitive list of channels/apps, at least not linked anywhere I can see on their site. That’s a massive turn off as “450+ channels” could mean anything.

  • Nomad07

    Hope the next announcement will be a Roku 4 with 4K video support. HDMI 2.0 is officially out and Netflix 4K streaming has been beta testing for quite some time now.

  • EnTerr

    Trying to catch-up with Chromecast?
    If you had released this a year ago – “The Stick” with no MHL port requirement (and then maybe in July ’13 dropped the price), the reaction to Chromecast with no channels would have been shrug or chuckle. Now is tough, media outlets have started releasing apps for CC.

    • Nomad07

      I would agree in general. One problem with the Chromecast is how you have to sling everything from your phone or tablet. Be that actually transfer the data through your device to the Chromecast or just forwarding a weblink and letting it pick up the link.

      The Wifi set-up that Chromecast has set-up for this is somewhat more complex and doesn’t function well in all situations.

      Also (depending) Roku let’s you control with the remote, tablet / phone, sling the data from your device, or get it direction over conventual wifi set-up.

      Roku is still more flexible.

      I have multiple Roku’s, AppleTV, & Chromecast. There are somethings I prefer about the Chromecast but overall it’s just annoying. It needed more time to cook. =)

      • boardinggirl

        I would agree with Nomad07. I have the Roku 3 and love it. When Chromecast was introduced I was excited because I could stream HBOGO. I switched to DirecTV after getting my Roku box and there was no contract between the two at the time. Imagine my horror in NOT researching that in advance! 🙂 They have recently got with the program so I can now access HBOGO with both devices. I’m looking forward to getting the Roku Stick as it does have WAY more channels and flexibility. I know Google will step up soon, but right now Roku is it. With Chromecast I was able to take it to someone’s place and use it; although it doesn’t allow to ‘add’ another wifi network in the same way your cell or tab will. You have to reset it to the factory stage and then connect to wifi. I’m not keen on having to use a smart device to control it but oh well. The clarity on the Chromecast is awesome. FYI, there is a software called PlayOn that will give you more cable channels (that we pay for via a provider) through your Roku device. It works well. You will need to download it to a computer and ‘run’ it while you’re watching it but it’s worth it. If I didn’t have a roommate , I’d cut the cord entirely. It’s the sports that keep it on currently. 🙂 I’m interested in the international Roku stick in hopes to cover both the US and travel. Will research to see if it will work for both places vs. buying 2. Have a great one all!

  • Khan

    Chromecast has problems playing on Protectors, like epson I just bought, it doesn’t work.

  • Question

    Does this support a Miracast connection from a Windows 8.1 device like a Dell Venue 8 Pro? Also, will there be a Windows Phone App?

    • WinUser

      Any Roku moderators have an answer for this? Would be nice to know if this is worth buying.

  • chraaaa

    A dedicated “Blockbuster” button?? Haven’t we prolonged their extinction long enough??

  • Sean C

    I really didn’t learn the specs mostly what’s included?

  • dave k

    “HDMI Version”… What is the other version? Will they make a version that can plug SOLELY into the USB port, saving the need for the power dongle and freeing up an HDMI port?

  • Token Aussie Geek

    Australians are waiting with fistfulls of cash. Show us some love!

  • Matthew

    Great, now how about getting Amazon Instant UK up and running in Roku now. Nothing but silence from Roku since Amazon Instant UK launched. It even uses the same UI as its US counterpart!

  • johnwalter

    does the remote have a headphone jack or two???

    • Darin

      I saw a video earlier that said that the remote that it would come with does not have a headphone jack, but i too am curious if the Roku 2 Enhanced Remote will work with this stick. I would really like to maintain the headphone jack feature with this roku device, and I would be willing to purchase the remote separate if it would be compatible.

  • Arun

    Is there a Windows Phone/Windows app planned? Also, Miracast support?

  • varsas

    Cool but are we going to see Amazon Instant and YouTube on existing Roku LT devices?!

  • Liz

    I have a Roku 1 and want to upgrade. Does the stick have a faster processor than the Roku 1?

  • milo

    That’s nice.

    So when do we get Netflix profiles on older Roku units? There hasn’t been an update on when that is expected for months.

    • milo

      Same goes for Youtube.

  • yyzed

    Headphone Jack on remote is MIA! That’s a great feature of the Roku3 and wish it would be available (or work) with the new “Stick”. I think it’s important to be able to keep the sound off when others in the room aren’t interested in the show being watched or other times just to keep the sound down in the house. I love the tiny form factor and would buy it if only the remote had the jack or the 3 remote jack worked with the stick.

  • disqus_QQmo5i3vVT

    Where is our headphone jack? It was fantastic for folks with hearing problems.

  • Blake

    I, for one, would love to use the Roku products. Unfortunately they are not accessible to the blind and visually impaired. The Apple TV has a built-in screen reader. Before too long this will become a requirement thanks to the CVAA. Why not get ahead and implement text-to-speech? I’m tired of having to AirPlay Amazon from my iPhone! A product with both Netflix, Amazon and TWiT is highly appealing. I know quite a few blind folks that would love a Roku and will definitely pick one up as soon as we have a talking interface. Please, feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter @frequency660 or email me at blake at bsinnett dot com.

  • JBT

    Would make it even nicer if it included DLNA functionality…

  • Marilyn Rondeau

    What I want to know is if I have just basic cable plus INTERNET from Comcast will ROKU allow me to get HBO, Cinemax, StarZ, Showtime and Bravo without paying Comcast for the Premium channels?

    • JayHoosier


    • Adam Parker

      Short answer is you get what you pay for from any of these companies. If you pay for HBO, Starz, etc. then you can get access to their content online. Right now HBO and Showtime have dedicated Roku channels that work really well (the others do not to my knowledge). No free lunch as they say.

      • Marilyn Rondeau

        Thanks, so in actuality ROKU is not going to save me from paying premiums for those channels I have on Comcast now.

        • Adam Parker

          If you are paying for these channels now, Roku gives a really good interface for watching the content, but it doesn’t keep you from having to pay for them. good luck though!

    • boardinggirl

      Hi Marilyn, For those channels you mentioned especially the ‘premium’ channels (HBO, etc.) the answer is no. Currently neither of those companies are ‘selling’ their content directly to the public. They’re ALL in bed with the cable/satellite providers via contracts and I don’t think they’re ready to break up yet. They know people will flock to streaming only even though the market (us) is going that way slowly. I do wish they’d offer that without one having to HAVE cable/satellite. With PlayOn (look them up) you may get other ‘basic cable’ stations like Comedy Central, OWN, Bravo, etc. it will be the same content you can get on their website. The software is upgrading often and have proved be pretty good.

  • Marilyn Rondeau

    Does ROKU work with Direct TV ?

    • Adam Parker

      HBO and Showtime work with a DirectTV login, but you’ll need a DirectTV receiver to get access to their broadcast material, on demand, or dvr content. Roku doesn’t replace that.

    • It has nothing to do with DTV. It is a separate piece of equipment that accesses the Internet and deliveres it to your TV. http://thestreamingadvisor.com/2013/12/26/what-is-a-roku/

    • boardinggirl

      YES! Finally it does Marilyn! 🙂

  • If I already have some form of Roku box, why do I want this? The answer may be that I don’t need it, but I’m curious of the thinking behind building this product. Lower COGS maybe but the margin has to be about the same.

  • stevewinil

    Will it work when I travel with it on business to Europe? Or is it only US/NTSC HDMI?

  • Kingogames

    Hate the dedicated channel buttons. Miss the headphone jack, I use mine all the time! Wish they had a vol you could sync w your TV. I only use my TV remote for power and volume. I’ll stick w my roku 3.

  • greeee

    Is there a difference between this stick and the one for Roku-ready TV’s?? Because they look identical but the roku-ready one is $20 more.

    • Richard

      MHL ports have “Power” in them already and you can plug and play the MHL version. This new one will be like Chromecast where you need a USB port or transformer to outlet.

  • Alex Cabusora

    I don’t understand what’s the big deal about the headphone jack, my tv has a headphone jack and I just use that. Problem solved for me anyway.

    • Just Me

      It’s a nuisance to have a cord between headphones and the TV if the TV is across the room, especially if you watch in bed.

  • bouzid

    Anyone knows if this unit support XBMC? thanks

  • Richard

    Youtube coming soon for the stick and not exclusive to 3 anymore?

  • Richard

    I have the MHL version. Will the old stick get the same upgrades as the “HDMI” version? Looks like on the “Products page” shows youtube will be available on it. I wonder if they will make a new 3M projector. That this is awesome!

  • Lupita

    It would be nice if we could access local channels with Roku, Is this something you are working on? or in the near future?

  • Patty meadows

    I have a Roku setup and have found the content it allows me to see is VERY limited. How can I expand what they have available?

    • varsas

      Which channels do you have set up? Add more channels to expand the range.

    • boardinggirl

      There are many channels that you can add via the channel store. Also look up PlayOn. It is a software that works with Roku and offers more of your regular as well as ABC, NBC, and CBS, cable channels like USA, Comedy Central, OWN, etc. They offer a 30 day free looksee. I bought the lifetime deal for $49.99 which I thought was fair. It may be $59.99 now, but not sure. Take a look in the channel store and I’m sure you’ll find other channels that fit your interest. 🙂

  • phillip carroll

    I think if roku wants to continue claiming to be America’s favorite streaming player they need to get youtube on this device and stop allowing the the thieving cable and phone companies to stop paying them off! to continue to deny it’s customers the youtube app so they can maintain the monopoly on the market to keep ripping us off!!!!

    • Smackos

      Both the Roku 3 and the new Roku streaming stick shown above do have the official YouTube app.

  • Donna M Hein

    can you record things wioth roku2. my husband works at night and records shows

  • Istvan

    It seems to only work with Wifi, not with CAT5 cable. How reliable is it for watching a 2 hour HD movie? How many times will it stop playing due to loss of Wifi bandwidth? For example in apartment complexes many people/neighbours would watch HD movies over Wifi in the same time (lets say Friday evening), using/sharing the same frequency band that is fixed/limited for the Wifi standard?
    Do you recommend Roku streaming for people who live in apartment complexes or townhouses where many home wifi networks overlap? Or should they use Roku3 with Cat5e UTP cable instead?

  • block buster is an error; that button is probably for Hulu Plus.^^ lol

  • Great Product; I hope to see it in my local Walmart, soon.

  • John Kennedy

    Can I buy this and use it on another TV and still use my existing Roku on the original TV?

  • KvinlonWeldon

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  • Micah

    Does the netflix channel on the Roku stick support profiles?

    • I just went on a customer service chat with Roku, and was told it did support profiles. I won’t believe it until I see it, but at least I took a screen grab of the chat, just in case I need to return it…

    • Katzmeow

      yes it does.

      • Katzmeow

        oh hahaha! your post was two years ago.:)

  • trippcook

    Does the new stick support the new Netflix Experience with profile support, etc?

  • Jortch

    What’s the speed difference (interface-wise) between this stick and any of the other boxes?

  • Red

    I recently purchased the Roku Stream Stick and find that it is too large to fit into the recessed hdmi 1 port.in the back of the tb.
    I have a Vizio tv and have 2 ports. Hdmi 2 is located on the side of the tv and the stick fits but I can’t get it to work. Any ideas before I have to return this?

    • Alexis Tito

      Did you ever get an answer? I have a Vizio and my roku stick worked fine for about 2 months then it just stopped and we even had a Roku 2 thats in our childrens room that won’t connect to my Vizio either.

      • Red

        No, I never got an answer but I figured it out myself. I bought an extender for the recessed hdmi 1 port. Wouldn’t play on the other hdmi port. Recently bought a Chromecast and an extender came with it. Roku should throw one in as well. No problems with the Roku connection, Alexis. It is still working great.

  • Shannon Brown

    will the HDMI roku stick work fine in a roku-ready TV? just want to make sure. thanks

  • Karen

    It would be really nice to be able to livestream weather here in Arkansas! Tornado days get scary when you can’t watch coverage. Only downside to Roku for us.

  • Genevieve Roussel

    does playon work with the roku streaming stick?

  • Steven

    Can we add XBMC to ROKU streaming stick?

    • Ontario Auctions

      I just bought one and I know it’s not built in but im looking for a way to install it with no luck so far. if anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated.

  • old people ??

    Does the Roku streaming stick auto log out or anything? I purchased one for my grandmother to watch Netflix and she had to retype the pass word daily. I don’t want her to have to do that.

  • John Smith

    even if it did you would have to have the video file in an h64 format mkv mp4 another problem is actually streaming said videos there are a few channels for streaming personal videos but if you have the roku stick then just watch netflix or hulu for entertainment google chrome cast was supposed to allow you to start on one device then watch the content on the tv check the tablets app store to see what will work for you

  • Broadren

    I have recently purchased a Roku hdmi stick but don’t seem to be able to connect to the local area network. Can anyone help with this – I can connect to the wireless router in the house

  • noah

    I have a roku box at home and love it! I recently bought a streaming stick cuz I travel so much for work! The problem im having is… the sick will connect to the “wireless network” but can’t connect to the “local network” or “the Internet”
    The hotel has an unsecured wifi network
    Please help

  • Michal Carlos

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  • Tom

    I have VGI port on my laptop, and an HDMI port on my plasma TV-will Roku stream netflicks from my computer to my TV, and what do I need to do ?

  • U Malik

    Will this device still provide channels out USA, I m in Asia .. I heard most of the channels will be unavailable..Please advise

    Thank you

  • Shareen

    I have had my Roku streaming stickmfor a little over a month worked beautifly until today the remote keeps blinking green. And won’t work at all. any advice?

    • Steven Seick

      Did you try new batteries?

  • triggo12

    I have just purchased a Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI). I have plugged it into HDMI outlets on three different TVs and I get nothing. According to the instructions, I should see a home screen to allow me to set up the device. Did I get a bad one or am I doing something wrong? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • varsas

      Do you have it powered on? I don’t have one but if it’s like Google’s Chromecast then you need a power source.

  • Lyd

    Can this be plugged into cable box? My tv is older version with white, red and yellow hook up not HDm I.

  • Steph

    I just got the Roku streaming stick, but haven’t been able to connect it with my laptop for mirror imaging. The roku does not show up in my “add a device” I’m not sure if this is a computer issue or a Roku issue. My computer is a dell xps 15z and I’m running on Windows 8.1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Tracey Newland

    Can I hook the stick up to my laptop? My laptop is windows and does have an HDMI port

  • Melody

    I can’t get my tv to acknowledge the roku stick via the hdmi port

  • nik

    I have an HD conversion box on my cable to allow me to access hd from their system. I just purchased a streaming stick and plugged it in and nothing.???

  • Christina Kelley

    I have a streaming stick that came with a JVC TV. Can I use it on another tv? Also, where can I get a remote for a JVC Roku streaming stick?

  • cyril

    I can not get any channels when I try to add channel it says channel cannot be added

  • Ronnie

    what’s the model number on the new Roku streaming stick (HDMI version)? and when will it be available.

  • Shirley

    I am hung up on the net Felix sign in page and can’t get out

  • Jakes Duvenage

    Great article! I agree that the Roku Streaming Stick is one of the most cost effective ways to unlock the world of streaming media. However, for only a few bucks more the Roku 3 offer so much more. Also, there are quite a few others worth a mention. For more information visit http://www.streaming-players.com/best-media-streaming-devices-top-20

  • Darla

    My television quit recognizing my Roku. Help!! Roku says it’s the input. What is the correct input?

  • Stephanie Walton

    If it’s plugged into my TV can it be played on another TV without removing it & plugging it in to another tv?

    • varsas

      It needs to be connected to the TV you want to use.