We are proud to announce that the Roku mobile app, for both iOS and Android, has been updated to version 3.0 and available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store now. This is a major update with several notable new features:

All-new User Interface

It’s faster and has been updated with a new, modern look.

Login Not Required

You can now easily pick from and control any Roku player on your WiFi network. Most functionality is available without logging into your Roku account (though you’ll still need to log in to access the Channel Store). If you do log in, you’ll be automatically logged in to any other Roku players on that account so switching between players in your home is easier than ever.


Simply enter the name of a movie, show, actor, or director and quickly explore the results available across on our top TV and movie channels. Tap on a cast member to get their available filmography. When you find something to watch, just tap your preferred service and your Roku player will automatically switch to the entertainment, leaving you just a click away (or less) from watching. Roku Search on mobile will debut on the new Roku Steaming Stick (HDMI Version) and be rolled out to other models over time.

Haven’t tried the Roku mobile app? See what you’ve been missing:

  • It functions as a full remote control, and includes an instant replay button and a keyboard for use in search.
  • You can browse the Roku Channel Store and add and remove channels from your Roku account.
  • You can instantly launch your favorite installed channels with handy quick launch buttons.
  • You can play your mobile music, photos and video right on your TV with the tap of a finger.
  • It’s free!

We hope you enjoy this update to the Roku mobile app and look forward to your feedback!

UPDATE: On 4/2, we released an update for the iOS app (version 3.01), which addresses a number of items reported below. Thanks again you for your feedback.

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  • Zargh

    For the next major update would be nice if Roku made at least a minimal attempt make the Android client look/work like its for Android: http://developer.android.com/design/index.html

    That and having a the legacy menu button on the bottom right side (due to not setting a reasonable target api) makes it look like you don’t even care. And even if that is the case (due to bad economics on Android vs iOS etc), there’s still no reason to make it obvious.

  • ChadZ

    Please tell me there is a way to remove this update. My phone auto-updated on me and this new app is HORRIBLE! At least give us the option to use the old skin/look of the app. I guess it is time to find a 3rd party app now.

    • EnTerr

      Nope – on Android nor iPhone you cannot download older versions than the latest available one for your device. Only exception would be if you had previous version downloaded and saved on the side. Which is why i don’t allow my devices to auto-update all the apps.

  • AC

    I don’t think this was tested on iPad Air. The interface is a mess. Icons are all overlapped and unusable. I used to enjoy having control from my iphone and iPad. 🙁

    • Eh

      layout is fine on my iphone5; but no search. the article does say “Roku Search on mobile will debut on the new Roku Steaming Stick (HDMI Version) and be rolled out to other models over time.” not sure why only for the stick, since that comes with a remote, i could see it being useful if the app was the only remote for the stick.

      • AC

        Regarding search – I see figured I’d get whatever feature they were advertising since I have their top of the line roku 3. The iPad Air experience for this app is just horrible.

        • Gareth Lewis-Pitt

          Oh dear… Bad move Roku. Do yourselves a favor and listen to your loyal customers – address the issues on your blog and either fix them ( the poor contrast, pencil thin icons and absence of search) or make the previous version of the app available).

        • Hi, this problem is related to attempting to use or launch the app in landscape mode. If you rotate to portrait mode, the problem should go away (though you may need to switch to a different screen in the app and then switch back).

          We have a proper fix for this that we hope to get out soon.

      • EnTerr

        Marketing. They are giving temporary edge to an upcoming product. Withholding functionality like this can backfire though…

        • AC

          By giving $49 stick preferential treatment over their $99 box they effectively killed any incentive I had to buy the roku 4 when it’s released. It’s unclear what’s top tier anymore.

  • BadJoe

    Bring it for Windows Phone please…

  • CableNewsGuy

    I think this new update looks awesome. Amazon is saying the stick I order ships on the 27th so how is the in-app search function going to show up on either my N4 or N7?

    • The mobile apps will be able to determine that your Streaming Stick supports mobile search automatically. You’ll be able to access search from the menu in the mobile app or from the shortcut icon in the app.

      • CableNewsGuy

        I see that and it’s pretty awesome, can’t wait till the 3 gets it.

  • EnTerr

    Congratulations on realizing how stupid it is to require account login for a remote app!
    What took you so long? Over two years to remove that wart, can’t help but chuckle

  • tensuke

    Excited for the update! I use the phone app a lot mainly for typing in my search queries, I find it’s much faster. Cool that I can do universal search on it now.

    Just gotta release an app for Windows Phone now so my dad can stop griping about how his is the only phone in the house that can’t use the app. 😛

  • HpyGoCrazy

    Since the devices that run this app require wifi to connect to the roku device it would be great if you could implement a feature where we could get the audio feed through the device (phone or tablet) while headphones are plugged in. This would be the same feature as the headphone jack on the roku 3 remote.

    • Mike

      Agreed.My tv does not have a headphone jack, the only way to listen quietly or boost the audio is through the roku remote. Then the batteries become an issue. If a roku app allowed you to listen to the audio through your phone headphones, that would rectify this problem.

      • Lex

        I really wish it had this feature too!

      • Alisha Lynn Watts

        How can you listen thru your ROKU remote? I’m thinking maybe you have a remote with a headphone jack in it or something? Mine does not. I’m just curious if that’s what you mean by that. Please let me knew thanks.

        • Alan

          You need the remote with Roku 3

    • Daniel Medcalf

      I agree I thought to myself this would be a great feature that your friends could utilize if they came over and you didn’t have an extra 3 remotes, and you don’t want to wake the kids.

    • Mike

      I agree the batterys just won’t last in the remote. It would be great if the app allowed you to use the phones headphone jack.

      • SoCalBohpGal

        I use high mAh rechargeable NiMHs and they are a lifesaver! I keep 2 in the charger & that way I always have fresh batteries for my remote! I change these about once every 2months, much faster if I use audio in headphones! It’s good to start a great movie with fresh batteries! Nothing worse than wanting to take a “potty break” only to find it doesn’t pause because the batteries are dead!
        A remote where you could charge using micro USB, like a cell phone, would be a great fix for this! That way you could charge the batteries in the remote!

        Hopefully a great remote w/charger, talks to you, tells us what’s on the menu (if you choose – blind & limited sight ppl can’t navigate the Roku menu or submenus on the channels, so hoping that will be an option in the newer models, or at least remotes too!)

        Hope this helps

    • Brian

      I would love this feature also!!

    • consiglieri655

      Has anyone found an app that will enable you to receive the Roku audio feed on an iPhone?

  • Techsticles

    Bring “search” to all devices right away!

  • SomewhatDisappointed

    Poor contract colors, purple on black..really? Ultra thin on top of that makes for poor readability. I purchased several Roku 3’s Top model from Roku. A new feature is excluded from it and made available on the cheapest model? Really? Poor user experience as a result of both choices. Who was in charge of this update? Who approved this color scheme and hard to see pencil thin icons? Who OKed excluding the flagship model from the best new feature, search? Better strategy and execution will keep you around in this tough market.

  • LessIsMore

    Update looks great, but you guys really need a tablet optimized app! I hate having to use it in portrait mode on a tablet…

  • Cyndria Abernathy

    I’m sorry, the colors and design are the worse. I can’t see it. Options to change the theme would be awesome. Please change this, or I’ll have to revert back to a third party app just too see the buttons.

  • ddockery

    Took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t find the search option. Bad move only including it for the stick.

  • Craig motyka

    This update sucksssssssss I’ve been using roku for like 2 years I have 4 devices this update ruined my controls it always says connection lost can’t control anything anymore as the remote that came with boxes have been lost and broken the previous version worked perfect ….why mess with something that works I literally can’t watch anything right now because can’t connect with boxes I can’t find my remotes do I really have to put cable back in play because of an app gone this needs a resolution like ASAP new update is a fail on 2 different galaxy note 3

  • glhandler

    mulitple rokus – dont see a name displayed in app – only serial #s – am I missing something?

    • If you’re logged into your Roku account, you should see names for any devices which you have named. To log in, connect to one of your Roku players and go to the Channel Store in the mobile app. In order to get people using the app more quickly and provide more flexibility, we’ve removed the need to to log in in the mobile app to do most functionality. Functionality that make changes to the users account (such as adding, removing, or purchasing channels) requires log in and you’ll be prompted on first access. Once logged in, you can change the name for the connected device in the settings section of the mobile app (or, of course, from owner.roku.com)

      • Ennoil

        I have 2 roku accounts – One for the kids and family room Roku and one for my room. On the app, it will show the friendly names for which ever account I am logged into but when I first open the app, I still need to know the serial number which does not help.

  • rad4d

    Being able to use my ‘existing’ Roku in a similar/enhanced manner to Chromecast is what most people are after. I’m guessing firmware updates are needed on older Rokus for Search to work, and Roku just hasn’t finished those updates. I just hope ‘over time’ means soon (within 60 days) and doesn’t get rolled out at a time when the hardware has become obsolete.

  • Neal

    I’ve got 2 Roku 2 XD boxes on my network. How do I tell tn apart in this update? I used to be able to change the name?!!

  • Blair

    I updated to the newest version (other updates had been great), but now the app crashes as soon as I try to do anything. I have two Roku units (XD, XS) on my network, and I can see them, connect to them, etc., but as soon as I try to navigate, the app crashes. I have an iPhone 4. Can I PLEASE get the previous version back? It worked GREAT!

  • notnot2

    As others have stated, the color scheme is VERY difficult to see. It is also tough to discern the boundaries between the interface elements (buttons, etc.).

    Furthermore, Roku’s trend lately of only making new software features available on their newest model is getting very tired. This version of the app adds a search function, but only available initially for the Roku Streaming Stick. It will be rolled out to older models “over time.” Likewise with the YouTube channel. This doesn’t show much regard for customers who spent a lot of money on Roku players just a year ago. At the very least, it would be nice to give a projected release date for these features, instead of just saying they’re coming “over time.” Not very customer-friendly, Roku.

  • larry

    I’ve been using the new remote app since it autoupdated a week or so ago. I use it as my primary remote. After getting used to it ive decided that this is a horrible app. It has major functionality issues and is very clumsy to use efficiently. Please update to something less suck.

  • AC

    Neat I can totally use this again on the iPad! JK… Seriously please fix this. I know it’s an iphone app but it used to work on iPads before this UI update.

    • Copy and paste from another reply so that you get the notification

      Hi, this problem is related to attempting to use or launch the app in landscape mode. If you rotate to portrait mode, the problem should go away (though you may need to switch to a different screen in the app and then switch back).

      We have a proper fix for this that we hope to get out soon.

      • AC

        That fixed it. My orientation was screen locked in landscape mode so it exacerbate the issue, Thanks for the workaround!

  • Chris Roffey

    The colors are poor. The play on Roku feature no longer has album artwork displaying on the TV or in app, the song listed as playing does not match the song that is actually playing, and I no longer have the ability to control the music that is playing on the roku from the lock screen and there is no link to leave feedback from within the app.

  • Tom

    since the update the app is not working with my Roku 2 HD.

  • Atreja seyali

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  • malaentuvida

    The “Play On” feature for my iPhone is buggy. My tv shows the song playing without the artwork but the Roku app says a totally different song is playing. Is there a fix for this? Not major, just annoying.

  • opad

    Wish the trivial effort for usability on ipad was made…

  • A.L.

    It would be great if this app was integrated into the browsers and other apps, like Youtube, so you can pick to share the content on your TV. PlayOn/PlayLater has this feature and it is handy.

  • You guys need to change something because when I search the app store (apple) for roku – your app does not come up at all. I could only get to it from this blog

    • dysan21

      I was wondering about that too, the same time issue occures in the Google Play Store . I always see a long list of third party app showing in the search result and never the app from Roku. Had to search google which gave me a link to it in the playstore, strange.

  • Racy

    Is there a version for the original iPad with ios5? Thank you.

  • vanwalle

    I’d like to be able to give a friendly name to my ROKU’s. I have 3 and would love to name them “Family Room” “Bedroom” “Office”. Right now, it becomes difficult to tell which one is which on the pick screen when they all say “ROKU 3”.

    • lunerfaze

      Can a few more people +1 this comment, please??? I have six Roku in my house, and if Roku thought enough to allow us to assign a friendly name to our devices in the account website, why not where it matters most…with the mobile app, where we’re actually interacting with the darn things! Please add this feature soon!

      Patrick, you seem to have indicated in a reply to a post below that this was possible, but all my devices are named in my online account, yet all I see in the android app is Roku 2 XD and XS plus the serial #. Friendly name support should be easy. Overlooked feature, perhaps?

      • James Parks

        And the old app actually had it!

    • Bruzer

      So I have two roku 3 s and they both display their logical names. A few times I have had to log in to my roku account so the logical names would appear

  • Touque

    Would really like to see a native iPad app.

  • Aaron Lea

    Still broken, and no longer works with the Roku 1.

  • Tom

    Anyone else having trouble finding the app on the App Store?

  • Michellemo

    Can I watch movies from my roku library that I have purchased on my iPad?

  • Roku Guy

    The app doesn’t play video on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Why not? Everywhere I go it says it does, but it clearly does not. If this isn’t a feature, then quit promoting it as if it were.

  • NotHappyCustomer

    This app sucks. It sees all 4 of my rokus, but won’t let me ” play on roku”. Takes meto a damn page to buy a roku. Guess it only works on new models.

    This will keep me replacing with appletv devices !!!

  • Dalton

    Any chance of having the mobile app act like the advanced Roku 3 remote and let us listen to whatever is playing via the onboard headphone jack?

  • candide08

    Tried everything, switching from wired to wireless, powering down and restarting – even manually entering the IP address. Simply will not connect to my Roku 3.

    • Linda Cassell

      did you go online to activate it? when activating mine (2) i had to go to home, then settings, then network, and then detect. you may have to type it in the but you need code for your internet sevice, and password. you probly need to call your internet prvider to get the code and password. i have never heard of having to type in an IP address.Y can also call roku cs, they will talk you thru it

  • mandy

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 and now our Roku 2 XS will not work with the app. HELP!!!!

  • Great for this! Also there is a way to transfer iTunes movies to Android Device, works with both rental and purchased iTunes Movies & TV Shows.


  • jskdn

    I installed the updated version of the android app on my Nexus 7 and it couldn’t find my xs2 player, either automatically or manually putting in the ip address. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it, with the same result. I had waited to do the update hoping that their would be any bugs and I still ended up with a useless app.

  • bobzam

    My Roku 3 is connect via network and not wifi. Is this the reason I cannot get it to work?

  • James Parks

    This update really sucks. The old app was WAY better, faster, and had a way to set names for each Roku in the house. If your idea of improving the app is to make it ugly, less functional, and clunkier, then congratulations — you’ve succeeded. GIVE ME BACK THE OLD APP.

  • Will not see or play videos on Android devices at all. Dell Venue 8 3830 KK4.4.2

  • gbenninger

    Why can’t the app rotate??? I use this on a 12 in tablet. Just allow users to lock and unlock the feature. My god people!

  • papa pizzaria

    That’s great. I’ll definitely check this out. With so many people
    using I phones today, it makes sense to use this type of app creating
    product. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Kyle

    I constantly crash the app and the Roku connected to the device when attempting to use the remote. It will get to 1/3 purple bar when using Play on Roku and crash both device to the point that you need to hardboot them. I have tried this on my Roku 3 and my Roku 2 XS Angry Birds, and both have the same issues. I tried this over Wireless and Wired to the Roku. I have tried opening ports on the Router so the Roku has a clean path out as well. Phones used; Galaxy S5, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, HTC One, iPhone 5 something, HP Touchpad using CM9 and 10, and Nexus 7.

  • Disappointed

    You cannot stream the videos/movies stored on your IPHONE with the Roku 3 (not videos created by the phone but movies you stored on the phone…..no option!

  • AnavelGato
  • George

    Where can I get a roku app that works with iPad 1 iOS5? Some of us are happy with the original iPad.

  • Jill Pfleiderer Lucius

    I can not find this app on my Ipad. Any suggestions?

  • Beth Wilson

    The microphone option shows up in your image but is not available on version 3. I miss this option.

  • The Woodwose

    I can’t connect to my roku.. My ipad and roku are on the same wifi network… With the roku remote I can find the IP address of my roku is However when I try to connect to that device from the roku app using that ip it says it can’t connect… What’s going on?

    • Linda Cassell

      just go to iwebtv.com, on your phone and install that app. then the iweb icon will install on tv (just follow simple instructions).then, on your phone, pick what you want to watch from a free movie site. when you clk on the start arrow and some icons will come up under the video (any video) on the bottom R hand corner for full screen, then when video starts playing, more icons will pop up and then clk on the one that looks like a small tv and it will mirror the video to the tv. get the iwebtv app while it is stll free. make sure you have iweb channel on to start. dont pay any attention to what it says on the tv screen when you engage it.

      • Linda Cassell

        it will mirror any video to tv.

        • Linda Cassell

          for FREE ^

  • Ben James

    Landscape option? Not great for tablets

  • Sebede Katoh

    What are those apps features? Is this capable controls
    some TV like of remote controls? Would you please tell us? Thanks

  • Andaleeb Doll

    Your new app Update looks will, but really need a tablet devices optimized app! I not interested having to use it in previces mode on a tablet devices…

    iPhone Development

  • Simply Sadie

    Works great! It never could connect before, even manually entering the IP address. But now it works just fine, connected quickly. Thanks!

  • Aaron Ziegler

    The Play on Roku function is not working for me. I’m running the Roku Mobile App v3.1.3 Build 2118134 on an iPad Mini running iOS 7.0.6. When I run video, the audio comes through clearly. When I run audio using “Play on Roku,” it does not come through clearly. If I turn the sound on my amplifier WAY up, I can hear very faint sound indicating that the audio IS playing, but it won’t play clearly. Is anyone else having this issue? I have rebooted both my Roku, and my iPad, and reinstalled the Roku app. No luck there.

  • Aaron Ziegler

    One other requested feature….update the Play on Roku feature to use the native iOS “play on” capabilities that appear if you swipe-up from the bottom of the screen. Additionally, please incorporate the Apple Podcast app, so we can play our podcasts through Roku!

  • The Pickle

    AGREED X2: Why no audio through iPhone 5S on board headphone jack?? My 4 year old just dropped the Roku 3 remote in the toilet. FYI: Not water proof 🙂 Seriously, new app synced up nicely but when I plugged in the headphones NADA. Must fix for future app update. Seems like a no Brainer.

  • Chris

    Why did you remove the search feature from the app for all other rokus except the stick? I have a roku 3 and I used to be able to search with the app, but now it’s gone. Please, bring it back!

  • Larry mason

    A great feature to add would be to use the remote feature to sync multiple roku devices so the same stream is playing simultaneous on more than one device.

  • Dave

    Trying to connect to the ROKU 3 with the mobile app because i forgot to bring the remote when traveled home for the holidays. But i keep getting the error that no devices are on the network. The help section tells me to go into setting ans check the IP address for the ROKU, which I can’t do because that i why i’m trying to use the mobile app, i forgot the remote!! I have tried connecting manually with the network IP address, no luck. Tried to hard wire the ROKU, no luck. can anyone help me get this sorted out??

  • T Diddy Vegas

    The app forgets my log in information. I wish it would remember it if I choose. Logging in assigns the names for each of my Roku. I have 6 in my house so I have to log in to know which one to use.

  • EPM

    Quick Question: Is is possible to watch a video through an iPhone 5S? It’s all set on my TV, but would really like remote possibilities to view programming on my computer and iPhone.

  • Jim

    Why does the app need access to the microphone?

  • dkaman

    Totally agree, audio via mobile device makes it all work

  • Rick

    Can I use my phone as headphones?

  • JimThinks

    I just discovered the PlayOnRoku feature of the Android app and was intrigued. Since I moved to Android and Roku 3, I’ve been missing my favorite Apple feature, which is the Remote app, so I can remotely choose network music sources (from local network shares) and direct them to the output (in this case, my Roku 3), effectively using my phone as a remote to pick what to play and where to play it in the house. The POR feature is close except the Sources option is limited to only local sources (on the phone.) How about expanding it to network DLNA or simple Windows shares too?

  • ClarkWedner

    Wanna play movies on your iPhone and iPad? Check this out.

  • New user

    I have new Roku 3 (4200r). The iPad (air IOS 8.3) app ( causes the Roku to crash. As soon as I navigate to a channel, the TV screen freezes with horizontal lines across center. I have to power down and restart the device.

  • Heidi

    My roku app on my iphone 5 won’t open. In addition, the search feature on my tv (using roku stick) won’t work. Help!!

  • FordTough

    I completely agree. If there would simply be an audio feed from the Roku to a smart phone my elderly father could then continuously listen to the headset (due to hearing problems) and then can use a standard charger to recharge the phone. I would even be happy to buy a remote from Roku that has a micro usb charging port like the androids so it can simply recharge every night or even while it is in use.

  • Orlando

    Not a full remote, headphones dont work

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  • Rakshit Pk

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  • Catalina Keller

    Is there a way to have Roku open directly to the remote? I now get a menu, have to click on “remote”, which then gives me description of what the remote does (every time and rather redundantly since I know what the remote is by now), then I have to click again to get the remote. It’s a minor inconvenience, but one nonetheless since I browse online on my device while watching my channels and have to pull up the remote often. Thank you!

  • Susan

    Just downloaded version 3.3.1 Nov. 2.

    Before the download, I could play photos on Roku from my iPhone.

    Now I CANNOT play photos on Roku.

    This is a pain point for me because I use Roku to display photos I use to create watercolor paintings.

    Could you please fix this soon?

  • Tharak temper

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  • SoCalBohpGal

    The updated app, when switching to it after using the regular remote, makes it a mess – have to reset everything as it reads a wireless error when using the newer Android app, yet I’m hardwired into my network! The old app never had this problem! The features to add channels, etc look nice, but fixing the error is a headache, & not exactly relaxing!

    Can you guys figure out what’s wrong & fix please? I don’t recall weather I was using your app or another before, but didn’t have a problem before the battery croaked in my remote & I didn’t feel well, had phone by me, so redownloaded this app & it has had this problem since around end of November 2015 at least, perhaps longer, as I normally don’t use it, although might become more frequent, as my cat LOVES the strap for my remote & frequently swipes my remote!
    (Any chance you guys will market a cat toy with the same strap material & a stuffed catnip version for cats, a rawhide one for dogs? :). )

  • Hernawan Id

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  • Corey Osman

    It would be awesome to use the phone app / device to receive sound from the roku. Make a shoutcast channel for multiple listeners to tune into.

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  • ChemReaper

    I can’t believe there are no widgets for android.. All of the 3rd party roku remote apps have this feature but I’d rather use the official roku remote app. Can you please try and implement this feature in the next update? Thanks

  • jj

    we should be able to use headphones in the app because my roku device is not compatible with the remote that has the headjack. also controling the volume through the remote would be a nice feature, if you cant find you tv remote.

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  • I can’t connect to my roku.. My ipad and roku are on the same wifi network… With the roku remote I can find the IP address of my roku is However when I try to connect to that device from the roku app using that ip it says it can’t connect… What’s going on? https://mp3-hitz.xyz/

  • Jennifer Sanchez

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