Update: unfortunately the Roku Watch won’t be our newest product. Happy April Fools’ Day!

At Roku, we’re all about delivering the best streaming experience to your TV. But hey, why stop there?

Meet the Roku Watch®.

We know that nearly everyone loves watching TV at home on a big ol’ flat screen. The Roku Watch is for the rare individuals who enjoy squinting around a teenie tiny screen or like showing off their wearable tech.

The Roku Watch is the evolution of streaming. Now your Nicolas Cage movie marathons never have to stop. It includes:

  • A crystal clear 1 ½ x ½ inch screen
  • HDTV omnidirectional antenna
  • A Roku Remote for easy navigation (with optional belt clip)
  • A customizable strap (designer straps coming soon!)
  • 40’ power cord

It doesn’t stop there. The Roku Watch will also track your body’s inactivity and grant you rewards when you hit impressive milestones.

  • 10 inactive hours = one large pizza will automatically be delivered to your home.
  • 25 inactive hours = after we confirm you’re still healthy, we’ll send Jean-Claude Van Damme to watch Bloodsport or Double Impact with you.

The Roku Watch is $199.99 and will be available on Roku.com on April 31, 2014.

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  • Bob Costas

    It still is March 31st here on the west coast. You jumped the gun on the April Fools joke. Fail.

    • Kelly Ripa

      That’s probably why they released this on the 31st, so it wouldn’t be confused with an April Fool’s joke.

    • minnesota linux

      The world *does* revolve around you!

    • Louis

      You live on the west coast. fail.

      • gilahacker

        Sounds like you live on the East coast. Try not to freeze to death. 😛

  • Nina3

    You had me going until I noticed the size of the remote…

    • jkp

      The only problem I see is that the belt clip option on the remote should be standard issue!

  • That antenna is a thing of beauty!

  • Jordan

    Truly? You have to be joking right?

    • giantslor

      Totally real, I hope you’ve put in your pre-order, there are only a few slots left.

  • Julia DV

    Love it! LOL! (I kinda like it) :p

  • Indynan

    Hahahaha! April 1. Thanks roku!

  • Cadcmmngs

    Love it! April Fools!

  • Really obvious April Fools joke, btw.

    • minnesota linux

      Oh. You’ve been helpful.

      • It has an antenna sticking out of it. Did you need help with that?

        • giantslor

          Pretty sure that was sarcasm.

          • Guest

            Same here.

  • Calcifide by Fluoride

    Great, my english-reading cat can now operate my remote. Now, I’ll never get the remote back from him to watch human content again because this is so small that now he’ll be able to find really good places to hide it

  • William

    hahah too cool I have to have one hahaha

  • SB_Guy

    What is up with the aspect ratio? Everyone wants 16:9 now.

  • William White

    i hear apple has a 60 foot power cord model on the way.

  • Jeff Bough

    George Bush doesn’t care about black people.

  • Sharon Mefford

    April Fool

  • Rob

    You people are really slow……..the watch will be available on April 31, 2013….really slow!!!!!

  • Richard Estes

    I had a hunch it was fake, but when I heard what you got if you didn’t use it, I realized that this was definitely a joke.

  • Larry

    April’s Fool!

  • Joe walker

    Lame April fools joke.

    • giantslor

      Pretty funny, actually.

  • kkkk

    hahahaha april fools day 😉

  • Chuck Mate

    Happy April Fool’s 🙂

  • Michael Jacobsen

    40 foot power cord! I missed that the first time. I love it!

  • If you make the screen even smaller, it would fit better on my wrist.

  • Dan Myshrall

    April fools?

  • Erica

    Hell yeah Pizza!

  • Jim Rose

    A lot of other cool electronic products will probably released on April 31st of this year too! LOL!

  • Nina

    This made me sad wanted it!

  • Alleycat

    Perfect for watching “In the Kitchen with Hannibal Lecter” on Hulu or “Rotisserie Chicken” on Netflix.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I really want that now. Hey Roku release it now. We all know that you are laying up in your office enjoying the watch testing it all out.

  • max

    should of have a app

  • Jim

    I wish I would have received that working remote instead of the broken one I got.