There are now more than 1,500 channels to choose from in the Roku Channel Store! That’s not just hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies and millions of songs and music videos; it’s also news, sports, science, food, kids, fitness videos –  that’s countless hours of entertainment and enrichment. With so many choices how does someone decide what to stream?

The Roku Search feature has been helping customers quickly find exactly what they want to watch on Roku since it debuted in 2012. Roku customers access Roku Search on the TV screen with the included Roku remote control. Starting today and over the next week a software update will roll out to Roku 3 players so customers can also use Roku Search via the Roku mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices. (Roku Search on the mobile app will be available for additional models in the coming weeks.)

Roku Search scours for movie, TV show, actor or director entries across multiple channels including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, Vudu, Redbox Instant by Verizon, Popcornflix, Blockbuster On Demand, HBO GO, M-GO and SnagFilms. This allows customers to see all of the options available so they can determine the channel that’s the most convenient and affordable way to stream the entertainment they want to enjoy. Feel like a Daniel Craig flick? Just enter “Da” and Roku Search serves up a list of “Daniel” results. When Daniel Craig is selected a filmography of more than 25 choices appears, each with channel availability and associated pricing for free with subscription, rental or purchase. Simply tap your preferred search result and your Roku player will automatically take you to the channel to start playing your selected entertainment.

When presented with the largest collection of streaming  entertainment available anywhere, what do Roku customers search?

We took a look at aggregated Roku Search on-device results from last few months and Roku customers agree that it’s the golden age of TV with television series dominating the top 25 searched titles. Lord Grantham outclasses Walter White to help Downton Abbey nab the number one spot among most-watched TV series. The top list includes a mix of comedy, drama and kids shows and proves the lasting appeal of Sponge Bob over TV phenomena like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

The “aca-amazing” antics of Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and crew pushed Pitch Perfect to the top of Roku’s now 35,000 movie offerings – it was the number one searched for movie by Roku customers since the start of 2014, followed by Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. The remainder of the top searched for movies include best picture nominees like Silver Linings Playbook and Life of Pi as well as favorites Star Trek Into Darkness and The Lincoln.

Roku customers are less likely to search for famous personalities than TV series and movies, but when they do, they sure enjoy a classic hero. The top searched for people are surprisingly almost all male, and are headed up by silver screen icon John Wayne. One woman broke through the sea of macho…Sandra Bullock, who defied gravity to land at the number three most searched for spot. See below for the full breakdown.

Happy Streaming!

Top Searched TV Series:

  1. Downton Abbey
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. SpongeBob SquarePants
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. The Big Bang Theory

Top Searched Movies:

  1. Pitch Perfect
  2. Despicable Me
  3. Despicable Me 2
  4. Silver Linings Playbook
  5. Star Trek Into Darkness

Top Searched People:

  1. John Wayne
  2. Clint Eastwood
  3. Sandra Bullock
  4. Jason Statham
  5. Tom Selleck

*Roku Search for the Roku mobile app on Android and iOS devices is available on the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version). Roku 3 players will automatically receive the software update which is expected to be completed by April 22.

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  • Bobbymobile

    Does that include the UK?

    • Sorry, Bobby. Roku Search is only available in the US at this time.

      • SL

        Why? There are lots of “we hope to in the future” statements but I was reading those when the feature was first released. This is frustrating and as I need a second box, it’s unlikely I’m going to get another Roku as it’s the main secondary feature I care about. There have to be many other non-US roku users (potential and current) who feel the same way and are getting left with no answers or timescales.

        • varsas

          Indeed we still don’t have Amazon Instant or ITV Player on our UK devices and no indication if they are forthcoming 🙁

          • SL

            I can kinda understand them having to sort legal stuff and keep everyone happy when offering competing services… But I really can’t understand why the search feature isn’t there and nobody atbroku seems to want to give a straight answer.

      • SL

        Still no answer?

  • Ordeith

    Hey, Windows (and Windows Phone) users have Rokus too!
    Reciprocate some of that love. 🙂


      I need that love too

    • Consider the request passed on to the team!

  • HR

    Would love the Netflix profiles on the Roku 1.

    • EnTerr

      Be careful what you wish for – the “new Netflix” is vewy, vewy swow.

  • bobododo

    Before adding silly features, how about concentrating on the basics, like the fact that as of the last time I checked, the Roku 3 still can’t output 24p and Amazon won’t stream in 1080p?

  • tsheets

    Still waiting for youtube on my Roku2 XS. 🙁

    • EnTerr

      And now you got it – congrats!

      • tsheets

        Yep! Happy camper, here! I also did acknowledge and thank them on the recent blog post announcing the new youtube support. 🙂

  • How do we opt out of Roku Corporate viewing our Roku search results?

  • EnTerr

    Roku Search on mobile has been available on Roku HDMI Stick for couple of weeks already – but is not on Roku 3 as of today, i just checked.
    So the title “Search on Mobile App Released to Roku 3” is jumping the gun. It appears there will be a firmware update coming – but it is not available yet when forcing a check. Current firmware on Roku3 is still at 5.3.4016 from December.

    • It’s rolling out to devices over the next week. We expect it to be completed by April 22, so please keep your eye on it!

    • migui_blu

      Every review raves about the search feature being the Roku USP vs Chromecast/AppleTV et-al, off the back of that I purchased the Roku 3 earlier this week, but I couldn’t install BBC iPlayer, 40D weirdly…

      After much deliberation and a very late night I discovered my account was registered to Alabama and not UK. On my UK purchased box I had full use of the “search” feature and it surpassed my expectation, it was like IMDb but really quick and instant access to watch the very films in an actors filmography. I loved it! When I corrected my accidental US registration, this function disappeared, wow back to the stone age. Without it my Playstation 3 does a better job of hosting media with decade old technology leaving my 2 day old roku to collect dust.

  • Markbt

    Why does an app that runs on my phone or tablet require a certain model of player? My Roku XD already has this search feature, and all my android devices are much more powerful than the Roku. Is there a technological reason this isn’t available for other Rokus, or just a marketing reason?

    • EnTerr

      I believe player needs 5.4 firmware to provide (speculation) means for remote app to poll search results.

  • Ted Turner

    The update pings Google DNS when connecting to Netflix , even with a VPN no more region free viewing . Now this has killed Roku….. time for a new streaming . yah really great job on the update coders … thumbs down ! Why limit your products capabilities ?

  • Joan

    Hi there,
    I am based in Ireland and I have Roku3. Why I don’t have the menu option “search”? I can see in YouTube that US users have this option.
    I have the latest version of the software.
    Recommendation: Users want to browse while we are in the sofa! Chrome!

  • vicar8

    how do I get out of amazon on Roku and go to Netflix

  • Frank VansEvers

    i found the search feature and I typed in the name I was looking for Liam neeson, but I could not figure out what to do next, and help would be greatly appreciated.