Jack Bauer lives another day! We’re counting down the days to the 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY 12-episode event starting May 5th on FOX. That’s one of the reasons we love the FOX NOW Roku channel. It makes it possible to stream full episodes of your favorite FOX shows on demand from American Idol and Brooklyn Nine-Nine to The Mindy Project and The Simpsons – the day after they air.

The FOX NOW channel on Roku has been very popular and we’re happy to report that Comcast customers can now also get in on the action by linking their Xfinity accounts. This is in addition to already supported providers, including AT&T U-Verse, Dish, Verizon FiOS, Optimum and many more. For more information on supported providers, please visit: http://fox.tv/providers.

The Roku streaming platform helps get the most out of your subscriptions with unlimited access and additional ways to watch. For instance, if you have a room in the house or a weekend getaway that doesn’t have a cable box, all you need is an Internet connection and your Roku player to start streaming entertainment.

And, while linking your TV provider to FOX NOW gives you access to the most current season FOX episodes anywhere, you don’t need a provider login to access new episodes of select spring and summer series including 24: Live Another Day, Surviving Jack and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

As we like to say at Roku, Keep Calm and Stream on!

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  • doutee

    The app is updated on the roku, now we just need to wait for foxnow to update its website so we can link our accounts to comcast, because it isn’t showing up yet.

    • You don’t see Xfinity listed here when you click all the way to the right?http://fox.tv/providers

      • doutee

        Yes I see xfinity there but it doesn’t show roku as a supported system for them and I haven’t been able to link my account. When linking xfinity doesn’t show up as a option

        • If it’s still not working, please let us know! It may have taken a little while to roll out…

          • doutee

            Yes it is working. It went live later that night. I’m sorry for the late response.

  • Michael Merry

    Just updated the Roku 3, and linked the account. Yay!

  • Debi Beirne

    Will the Fox Now channel on Roku have commercials?

    • Moneek

      Watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight no commercials

      • DebiB

        Thank you Moneek, I’ve give a try!!

  • Taylor

    While it’s great to see Comcast adding support for this channel, what we really need is HBO Go! An updated Netflix app supporting profiles for Roku 2 would also be much appreciated.

    • Rain

      Exactly! Fox is all well and good, but HBOGo is WAY more important to most of us. Why is Comcast dragging its feet on making that available on Roku?

      • avol2

        Playon channel lets me watch HBO

    • Kaladin80013

      Um, I use the HBO go channel on roku already, and my comcast uid is accepted. What is missing?

      • Don

        How can that be? When trying to watch anything on ROKU HBOgo channel it says must go to a PC and enter: http://www.HBOgo.com/activate (and Comcrap/Xfinity are still not listed). SO if this is true then kindly tell us how to get HBOgo?

      • Just havin fun.

        No you’re not.

  • Vani

    Is there a way to add the other channels? Like CW, ABC, NBC, CBS…. I would like to catch up on all my favorite episodes.

    • avol2

      playlater for the ROKU works great look it up online I LOVE IT

      • avol2

        AKA Playon channel

        • Mary

          I have a MacBook and it looks like PlayOn is PC based…. is it compatible with Mac?

  • RK in Colorado

    The bad thing is, this requires a cable subscription. I bet a lot of Roku users are cord cutters.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      You know it!

    • Kaladin80013

      I use both, as there is a lot of content that is, as of yet, unavailable on Roku.

  • Oblio

    Since faux Sux, I would rather have ANY other TV channel than this. There are some cheapies out there running re runs that aren’t so bad, and why can’t Comcast users get HBO GO?

  • Mary

    I am frustrated that Comcast has blocked HBO on Roku

    • avol2

      Get the Playlater on your ROKU and you can work around it 🙂

      • Mary

        I’ve never even heard of that!! Thank you. I will try to figure out what it is.

  • palosrob

    I have Comcast in the Chicago burbs. When I try to watch something on FoxNow I get a popup box that says I’m not authorized to watch this content. No one at Comcast can tell me why.

    • avol2

      I am in Seattle and I get it too

      • This just started happening to me today – I’m in Denver – and Comcast is it’s usual brand of helpful, which is to say…not.

    • Jim D

      Go to Options and sign out and reactivate your device and everything will be available. You may have to do this occasionally to keep it working. It only takes about 2 minutes to do.

  • 69GT

    Ready to watch the latest episode of 24. It doesn’t work. It works on my ipad, computer, etc. Come on roku. It’s funny, not ha ha funny, that all the other episodes work but the latest. How hard can it be to make things work. Any ideas, anyone else with this issue.

  • jbiot

    Did Live Another Day get yanked? I was watching it up to episode 4 and now LAD is gone including the first 4!

    Where’d it go???

  • philadelphiaflyersfights.com

    Is this a pay channel? What are the free channels for Roku? We already have Netflix and HuluPlus. Thanks for any help.

  • xander2558

    I am trying to activate FoxNow, which lists xfinity support, but when I try to activate xfinity is not actually listed in the list of providers to choose from. Any ideas?

  • I do not see xfinity ever releasing a full version of there to go app. That means instead of watching on cable, you will be using data. Comcast has gotten stingy with data. Plus you get to skip commercials on roku. At any rate, I dnt see it happening.