YouTube-logo-full_colorHappy Tuesday, streamers! We have a great and long-awaited channel update to share – YouTube is available now in the Roku Channel Store for all current-generation* Roku devices in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and the Republic of Ireland! We’re thrilled it’s finally here as we’re dedicated to our industry-leading selection of streaming entertainment.

YouTube has something for everyone, and is without a doubt a favorite for people to watch creative, high definition videos from all over the world. From viral hits to music videos to educational videos, we’re excited to be able to bring the YouTube channel on Roku to more customers. We appreciate your patience and know you’ll enjoy watching the best of the web on your big screen.

Remember, you can also send YouTube videos from your Android devices, iPhone and iPad to your TV, when you’re connected on the same WiFi. Perfect for those situations when you’ve been sent a link of the latest YouTube sensation or when you don’t want to huddle with others around your phone or tablet to watch Rosanna Pansino’s latest cooking tips, or news around the world from VICE. Just click on the screen icon to instantly send the video to your TV.

*Current generation players are those introduced after June 2011 and include the Roku LT, Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD, Roku 2XS, Roku 3, the Roku Streaming Stick (both HDMI and Roku Ready versions) and the Roku HD model #2500.

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  • CB

    More than overdue. Good going.

  • Pissed Off Customer

    Thanks for not putting on all of your models! #SuckIt

    • SimonWakefield

      its painfully slow on a RokuLT so I don’t think your missing much if you have any device below this anyway

      • zeezee

        It is slow on the Roku 2 XS, which was the flagship model a year ago, just before the Roku 3 release.

  • Geoff ‘G’ Ashworth

    so does this mean that I can get rid of the old private channel that I have for youtube?

    • EnTerr

      Figure out that for yourself. The official channels is kind of slow to load, so you may go either way.

    • lonnie247

      NO! Never get rid of that one. If your roku is old enough to have it, it’s too old for the new YouTube channel.

    • zeezee

      Don’t bother. I personally like VideoBuzz more than the official channel. Im keeping both around.

      • TMartin

        Thank you, zeezee, for the VideoBuzz rec. I’m only interested in the search function, which is intolerable on the official channel. It only took a few minutes in “developer mode”, and I expect to recoup those few minutes by not using the official channel’s frustratingly jerky single-line A-Z search.

        Also, VideoBuzz loads waaaaaay faster.

  • planettom

    sweet! Thanks Roku, took some time, but glad to have it now.

    • Thanks for your patience!

      • Cherry Soda

        I really do love my ROKU. Greatest invention ever! 🙂

      • bigmand4l

        to roku<
        I have the roku 1 and looked for youtube and couldnt find it please help

  • Kathryn Rocha

    that’s great news (not) let me know when you have an adapter for the non “current” generation models. I’m not going to by another piece of equipment from you that goes obsolete in 6 months. Or at least give buyers of past generations a good deal on a current one. #biteme

    • EnTerr

      Kathryn, they have made a good faith effort to release YouTube to older players – up to 3 years back, anything with model number >2222. Have to give RokuCo credit for that.

    • BruceMcF

      I’ve got an older Roku and its not gone obsolete at all. It’s not got all of the new channels, but its still got everything I originally bought it for and more options today than the day I bought it. Meanwhile a tablet I bought in 2011 has a broken charger cable and the no longer make them. Compared to tablet and cellphone makers, Roku is a champ at supporting users of their older hardware.

      And even if I have to spend $50 on a new Roku every 5 years, that $10/year. That’s a bargain.

    • filmteknik

      I view Roku as a bit of a scam operation. I don’t know the technical necessities of having Youtube on the device but so many channels are added that are simple video delivery just like others and they make them available only to newer Roku devices. I cannot fathom any technical basis for this other than to encourage (force) folks to buy new ones. Look at the Wiki article about Roku and see how many devices they have released in a fairly short number of years. How does, say, Netflix manage to work on nearly everything and yet (name a channel you can’t get on your device) does not when both are simple choose-a-program-and-watch video delivery systems? How is that not intentional? My box has the technical capacity to show HD from Netflix but not from, say, PBS? If you believe that I have a lovely bridge for sale.

  • Now how about a Windows Phone official app?

    • johngettler

      What’s a Windows Phone?

      • MrBlue

        The one with 2% market share. LMAO

      • I’ve got a home with an Android cell phone my wife uses and an Android tablet. I’ve used friends’ iPhones and unless you try out the Windows Phone, you just can’t get it. I’ve barely touched my Android tablet because the live tiles are what make the experience so enjoyable. You can have what you want, but your negativity and MrBlue’s down below are probably based on limited experience, if any, with this great platform.

        Lemmings can be lemmings. I don’t base my phone decision on what everyone thinks is the best phone or what the percentage of the market is. I tried them all and made my decision. That’s what you should do, and I hope you did, and I can support you in that decision.

        Now get back to the YouTube comments sludge your negativity belongs in. I’ll get back to playing with my phone.

  • dan

    ok, in excitement we clicked on it, says its installed and now cant find it….what gives ???????

    • Peg Kelly

      Go to “My Channels” . It should be the last channel ,you added. If any trouble , Go to Settings , then System Update , click Update. Then it should appear !

  • Peg Kelly

    Hooray !!! Thanks Roku ! Now I have it on ALL My Roku’s !!

  • MJ

    Does not recognize my subscriptions or watch later list on my Roku 2. Any ideas?

  • Annie

    I am now using my Roku to watch Youtube (thank you!), but have a question. I tried to pause my videos, but no matter what button on the remote I press, nothing seems to pause it.

    • Hi Annie, are you still having trouble? Which Roku player do you have?

      • Annie

        Hi. I use Roku 1. I figured out the problem; I noticed that when I click on ‘pause’, it takes a few seconds to react. In fact, everything on the Youtube channel seems to lag a little. Is there anything I can do differently to improve this?

  • Annie

    Thank you for adding Youtube. I can’t figure out how to pause a video, though. Help?

  • Jennifer Henriksen Thompson

    Funny how this gets added after I get rid of my roku. Oh well, planning on getting Amazon Fire TV eventually.

  • devilinpgh

    Does this have any implications for Google Play Movies and TV?

    • bkck2k3

      It’s tricky. What I do is find the Google Play videos I’ve purchased in a YouTube search and add the YouTube version to my Favorites. Then in the YouTube app, go to My Favorites and there you go, movies purchased on Google Play played on the TV via Roku!

  • Anthony Luis Maldonado

    Bout freaking time.

  • Bryan Hoffpauir

    Wasn’t that added a month or so ago?

  • tsheets

    Thanks, Roku! I had all but given up hope on getting this on my Roku2 XS. But, you came through in the end.

  • Rodel Rufo

    This is awesome news! Now, time to include iOS mirroring…

  • stuart

    Are we ever getting the new Netflix?

    • Frog

      I have a new Netflix app with my Roku, but my smart devices still have the older Netflix app. I do not believe the old apps like on my smart devices will be updated. Newer devices should have the new Netflix app. Roku has the new app.

  • Cherry Soda


  • John Jackson

    When are we going to get Amazon Prime Videos in the UK?

  • agcret

    Good thing I have Chromcast – since my Roku is too old.

  • James Baker

    My wife hates computers; but, she loves “Law and Order” on Roku!

  • CrabbyJoe

    Finally!! Thank you for delivering on your promise! Yay Roku!

  • A. Tsai

    Yay! So glad I can use it on my two Roku devices. Thanks

  • Cody B

    Awesome! Thanks! Now how about a browser???…

  • Guest

    Does it support Live broadcasts?

  • Itan2much

    When are you coming out with a new model to compete with the speed of the new Amazon box?

  • ana maria

    does the roku hd 2050 get the youtube?

  • Bhart K

    wonderful! no need to switch on PS3 now for streaming Youtube content.

  • Larry

    Took long enough. Everyone else was streaming YouTube years ago. Kinda late to the party, but better late than never. For what it’s worth, the app seems to work well.

  • wilsonyorks

    We tried YouTube on our Roku 2XS and found it a very user-friendly experience. Many thanks from us in The White Rose County of Yorkshire.

  • Andy Lockett

    Does this include Nowtv?

  • Rokud

    Latest update bricks some Roku 3s, such as mine.

    Every time I went to update, it would completely the download successfully, then reload and stay on the splash screen forever. Rebooting would reboot back into the older software, and it worked fine. Albeit, minus the update, which I dearly want for the new remote search function.

    Forums recommended a system reset, which I did. However, once the reset is done with updating to this software update, and reboots, it’s back to the same old problem again with the splash screen staying on forever. The K in Roku tapping it’s foot eternally.

    After a system reset, this problem is now fatal, as it’s impossible to get back into the prior OS once you reset the system. I would think only that rolling out a new update that fixes this issue would help this. Until then, I’m stick with a Roku that’s only good for playing a splash screen.

    Will such an update happen very soon? If you had a Roku 4, I’d junk this one and grab a new one at the store, but since you don’t, I’d hate to grab the same version.

    • Rokud

      This is model 4200X, btw, serial starts with 1GM3, ends with 575. Message or email me for the full number.

    • zeezee

      Roku also bricked my Roku 2 a year or so ago with a firmware upgrade. Several other people posted on the same issue. It still ran but would fail to finish an upgrade and would reboot frequently. Fortunately they replaced it after jumping through some hoops, but there is an apparent quality control problem that I’ve never seen before on other devices.

  • zeezee

    Does it even matter anymore? This app is about 2 and a half years too late. Fire TV already seems like it will be my next streaming product. If Roku 2 instability, slow app release times, and Brightscript inadequacies are indicative of Roku 3, I have no incentive to buy more product.

    This app is sluggish and clunky. Even though it has some decent features it still lacks the performance and quality of a few third party apps like VideoBuzz (now open source).

  • JasonA

    I just installed it last night on my Roku 2XS. It does seem to lag quite a bit. Hopefully there will be an update to fix this in the near future. In the meantime, I might as well keep using PLEX or Twonky Beam.

  • Mera Jade

    It’s about time!

  • jess

    i can’t see my youtube playlists on roku tv …. just subscriptions, recommendations, history! Help!

  • John Page

    I just installed the you tube app. I was looking forward to it – until I tried it. It is probably the worst piece of software I have seen in a long time.

    It has icons down the left with zero explanation what they mean. With a mouse I can hover for an explanation, but not so here. Why do so many mouseless apps use icons??

    When you scroll down the icons it takes about 5 sec per icon. So slow it seems broken sometimes

    The search function is so agonizing with the hunt and peck key pad. And once I entered the search string it could not find the movie I wanted. The identical search string on the you tube web page works just fine.

    It’s virtually unusable.

    • oldaarpy

      I agree! It is beyond slow!

      • sluntchop

        I agree with the slowness, its terribly slow.

        I just wanted to comment for you and others, yes you can use any device with your youtube account once paired. When you are searching on your laptop, theres an extra icon in the lower right of the video that you can select whether to play “on laptop” or “Roku”. Hope that helps!

        • vegemighty

          I don’t know if you will see this, but maybe you can help me with a problem. All of a sudden, that extra icon that you mentioned has gone. I’ve tried rebooting, logging out, everything, but I can’t get it back. Any ideas?

          • person

            same here. used to work but now the icon to transfer the video from my phone to my tv is gone.

          • Lord Kilgannon

            Thou needest to turneth screen mirroring back on

          • clares

            Me too! The option to pair was working great. Last week it stopped showing up as an icon on the youtube screen. Uninstalled roku and youtube activate done (no option to pair device is available anymore). It worked for a few days and then stopped. Had chat support for both attempts and the second guy couldn’t get it to work. This is so frustrating. The support guy said maybe it was a glitch with youtube. Anyone know what to do?!!!

          • vegemighty

            Well, for me it came back, and then it left again. (And again, etc.) I have found that I simply need to pair it again each time and it is fine for awhile. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help you.

    • SS

      Its a terrible application. I couldn’t get the pairing feature to work. It just freezes when the code is requested.

    • David T-Rex

      This is the google standard UI for these sort of devices from what I can see. Its the same on a friends connected TV.

    • Frog

      I have the old YouTube app on my smart devices, & it works fine, but I still have not gotten “You Tube for Roku” to work….yet, I’ll keep still working on it myself. I’m otherwise quite happy with my Roku Express. I’m a pretty happy Roku customer.

  • Thank you so much for YouTube on the Roku! I’m very happy with it overall.

    I’d just like to suggest some improvements:

    * A setting to make it so everything displays on the screen of old, non-widescreen TVs. (As it is, the edges are missing.)

    * Instead of the search letters being all in a single long horizontal line, it would be good to have several narrower lines of letters to make it so you can navigate to letters more quickly.

    * On this page – – it says:

    “There are even some keys you can send that are not available on our actual physical remotes.” […] “Search is useful for short-cutting directly to search screens.”

    In Linux, I use a Roku remote controller script written in Bash to control my Roku XS, and it can send the “Search” key to the Roku, as well as alphabet keys, to make it faster and easier to type in searches.

    But, the problem is, the “Search” key and alphabet keys don’t do anything on the YouTube channel.

    It would be great if the YouTube channel would react to those keys.

    Thanks again! I’m thrilled to finally have YouTube on my Roku XS. 🙂

  • TheJammer

    Way to go Roku! I have been waiting on this with a ‘2’ for some time. Nice work.

  • Chad

    Working well on the LT, better quality than expected, though it doesn’t quite fill the screen.

  • Shri

    Long overdue update. However this has got to be the worst piece of crappy software written EVER! on my Roku LT (2nd gen) – the youtube channel lags so much that it almost feels like I am browsing my years old Bluray player…

  • jimmieT

    Got the youtube and lost region free netflix….. major FAIL 🙁

  • CriticalThunker

    The youtube app on the Roku 2HD and Roku 2XS are so brutally slow as to be essentially useless. I understand that this is likely “by design” to get us to upgrade to the Roku 3 but if that’s the case, why bother to release it at all? The search and key entry features are also terrible, sadly.

    I’ll stick with Twonky Beam for now and just use my tablet to send videos to my TV.

  • yousonuva

    great addition but unbearably slow on my Roku 2. only 2 gripes I have are the youtube channel is rock slow (and doesn’t give me a working code to pair with my phone/laptop) and when streaming music from my phone, doesn’t go to an album or song I’ve selected, under the album or all songs selection. Although I wonder if that’s a result of Android’s 4.4.2 horrendous update.

  • John Hamilton

    Why would you release such a slow almost completely broken app? I understand now why it took so long to release. Because no one bothered to make it correctly. The search feature is enough to make me blow myself up. “Lemme look up a cat… starts with C *arrow press from A to B*…………………………………………..B..ok, now on to C *press*…………………..dammit I’ve evolved a sixth finger, waiting for it to move to C

  • Walt Ski

    The YouTube channel is pretty useless. On my tv the videos are about 2 inches wide by an inch high and there’s no setting to fix it. It’s basically a piece of shat.

  • Alij

    Youtube started out great..then suddenly today the screen has shrank , how do I fix this?

  • JP

    I just installed it on my Roku2 and it’s working fine, full screen and plenty fast so far.

  • Chris

    Ugh. Search feature is so slow. Why can’t you just type in what you want using the keyboard on the roku remote app for the iphone? Many other apps let you do this.

  • Mladen Sudarevic

    the only thing that’s worse then youtube channel on Roku 2 is picture quality. I applaud the effort by the Roku team but for God’s sake browsing is slow, not intuitive and if you are lucky enough to pull up some of your youtube subscriptions picture quality is deplorable.

    Roku if you are reading these comments I really wish you haven’t released Youtube channel. It’s just not ready for mass market.

  • SpamCop

    Was really looking forward to this app but it really blows. The interface is terrible and the video streams rarely load. Hope I can find some troubleshooting tips because it’s pretty much useless to me.

  • Maddy Mappo

    I have not tested Youtube channel on my Roku 2XS but I have been getting YouTube streamed via the chromecast device, and that is excellent streaming, but need to search youtube directly from your on-line device and then streams the selection you make to the TV.

    • rhytonen

      Not only do I have to get a new code and RE-pair each time I view youtube, but roku sees NONE of my ‘watch later’ videos, TV-queued videos or subscribed channels to select. So I have to select and run each video from the computer, once paired for the session. FAIL

  • DAC21

    There were hacks that allowed older generation Rokus to get YouTube years ago. Roku shut them down. So I know my older XD/S could work. Just another shakedown of Consumers.

  • se

    Can a friend use my roku1 you tube account to view their you tube videos

  • chrisbuilder23

    The youtube app is an absolute abortion of an app.
    Amazingly slow. Side menu is impossible to read.

    The “help” menu is useless.
    This app should be avoided at all costs.

  • filmex

    I love the Roku 3 Youtube capability. Navigates faster and more easily than it does via the PC.
    The carousel while viewing subscriptions allows for hours of hands-off entertainment.

    However, I heard that there is a way to subscribe to channels on the Roku remote that you come across while surfing, but I haven’t discovered it yet. Any help? Thanks.

  • Gr1pp717


  • Unknown

    The search function is extremely painful. Not only is it slow to return results, but there doesn’t appear to be any method for staying within a certain YouTube channel so the results are actually what I’m looking for.

  • allen martin

    trying to search for a show is very tedious and slow. doesnt have all the options that you get on a computer. the fast forward and rewind is the most irksome . it takes 30 minutes to fast forward 30 minutes. there is nothing fast about it at all. its so slow and annoying, it really makes me hate every single person that had anything to do with the design of this abomination. fix this soon, or i will get rid of my roku and do away with youtube. this is just wrong

  • Laura

    Are there any plans to improve the YouTube channel? Navigation similar to the old channel would be nice.

  • Cris Hoxie

    Enjoyed YouTube on Roku. But yesterday, all of a sudden, won’t work. Says no signal. But other channels work. What’s going on?

  • Very Slow app. poorly written bit of software imo. only just works on a roku 2 🙁

  • Woody

    Nope. It seems to only be a subset of YouTube. No paid content, so pretty much useless to me.

  • Mahaloth

    You can use Youtube on a Roku HD(pre 2011) if you download the app myvideobuzz.

  • Jill Odice

    I have a Roku XS2 and have Youtube downloaded to watch my “Liked” videos and subscriptions. MY question is how to use the Roku controller to navigate Youtube? If I am watching one of my “Liked” videos, how do I get back to the menu? I have tried clicking all the different buttons on my controller and can’t figure out how to do anything but play and pause , or just let it go to the next video I have saved…THe only way I can get back to the menu is to go back to the purple screen and pick the Youtube channel and start over.

  • BulletPeople

    I’d like to direct this comment to the developer who told someone that this was ready to publish: you have wasted about 20 minutes of my time, and at my age that really hurts. Shame on you.

    Oh, but it supports ads.

  • Emdashes

    I joined Roku right at the beginning and it’s still working, incredibly enough. As they keep getting upgraded, I keep getting left behind. Shouldn’t I be rewarded for my loyalty?

  • TMartin

    This channel is a terrible implementation of YouTube. I use VideoBuzz instead to search YouTube without pairing my Roku to Goggle/YouTube.

    I removed this channel (with one star–hated it) from my Roku player because it’s worthless without a link to your YT account, and also with your YT account. It’s also grindingly slow.

    Utter garbage. GB2 drawing board “official” Roku developers, please.

  • Separabunt Funiculus

    Mother of all gods….the YouTube channel is simply the WORST of the lot. Whenever we perform a search which ought take any normal channel seconds to accomplish it requires YouTube twenty times longer, what with their ingenious one-line keyboard. Unless of course it is paired with a device that is linked to a … wait for it… a Google account! Ah, and that is the smoking gun. Why would such an innovative corporation with incredible resources have such difficulty in creating a user-friendly app on a user-friendly device? Conformity. That is what it breaks down to. For the love of the internet gods, don’t force us to use your paltry Google account because clearly that is what this is really all about. Google has become too controlling in it teenage years.

  • phyllis55

    I don’t understand how you sync the search to YT on computer. I put in the code and don’t see the movie I selected.

  • Demetrios Sobliros

    dear roku, i have no desire to watch nothing but ads for 3 minutes whilst i try to navigate this pile of dung you have offered us as a working product, please fix this, soon.

  • Darkguardian

    This Youtube app is just a half baked mess.
    Just rewinding and fast forward is impossible without crashing the app.
    Youtube is difficult to search through.

    No filters for looking for recent videos and the results are a mix of videos days old and years old.

    The original third part app is far superior even though accessing channels followed is broken.

    It has been going on since day one, and Youtube doesn’t bother to patch it.

    My connect is 120 Mbps (super fast) on Roku 3 with 2 GB SD microSDCard connected with ethernet.

  • Bolzenmuffin

    I do wish it would stop auto playing a list of videos that it thinks I want to watch. When I fall asleep during a video, I am rudely awakened by the next video in the list. I wish to disable this auto playing feature.

  • N

    why does the video “black out” on my iPad once it starts playing on my tv?

  • jrott37

    is the roku2 model 2720r a current device

  • 1reallytaxed1

    and yet ….no volume control ?

  • rhytonen

    Why do I have to RE-pair EVERY time I watch youtube on the tv with my current model roku? It also doesn’t see ANY of my saved (“watch later”) videos OR subscribed channels!

  • rhytonen

    Also Huluplus (as well as Amazon and Netflix, but not as bad) buffer so often -and even sometimes have to reboot roku – that they’re essentially unwatchable. roku’s HW and OS need a TON more memory and address stack width!

  • Dave

    This is HORRIBLE … SO SLOW. I could literally, go into the kitchen, make a sandwich, pour myself a beer, return to my living room, unpack and login to my laptop, bring up youtube, watch the video on my laptop’s youtube site, close the laptop, eat the sandwich, drink the beer and it would STILL not be finished loading a 30 minute video on your channel. I seriously wanted to watch a 2 minute clip on the youtube channel and it took almost 5 minutes to load. I can’t imagine how long an hour long clip would take? A day? Two days? This is beyond useless. And its not a net speed issue because there is no loading time lag at all when I watch videos on youtube through my laptop. Big fail from you guys.

  • Not working any more

  • canilive

    roku 3 wont let me watch youtube live but everything else is great

  • VV

    New format doesn’t allow me to search within my playlists! : – / I can see, for example, that I have 9 videos saved under a certain playlist, but I can no longer scroll through and choose the video I want; it seems I have to just keep blindly forwarding to the next video (which itself wasn’t working a minute ago). I would appreciate the old format back, as for all its slowness, at least it worked.

  • VV

    This is regarding the new Youtube format. Really not user-friendly. Ugh.

  • Davin

    I Have a Roku XD-S,Will i ever be able to use YouTube on that? The app simply doesn’t work, and there’s no alternitive but to watch the videos on ANYTHING else. I used it on a friend’s roku 1, and yes. YouTube on a Potato is more stable.

  • Marinella

    i’m trying to buy Reign on Youtube. How does that work?

  • Moritzeefoil

    I don’t know what this is all about, I got my Roku 3 last week and there’s no YouTube app.

  • L p

    I’ve never been able to cast or mirror videos that are streaming from my other devices–windows laptop or android device, and no matter if the video has been downloaded to my device or if it’s streaming online. That symbol NEVER shows up. We need more information from roku as to how to do this.

  • L p

    I also tried paring my windows laptop with my Roku YouTube and while it appeared to work, nothing changed. It would also be helpful to have more information about this as well. For example, if you have more than one device do you use the same pairing code or do you close out you tube and then pair it with a new code to your other device? Or are you only able to pair it with one device? Not enough info!

  • jimjinoc

    hate the new screen “update”, cant find my stuff only “recommended etc. its a mess.

  • carre1

    I bought a Roku XR, don’t remember what year, but it was before 2011. I paid $99.00 for the most expensive box at that time, because the XR was advertised as being upgradeable. I like Roku but why can’t I upgrade to get Youtube on it? ChromeCast works well with Youtube although it requires a computer to get to it, so I would rather use Roku to watch Youtube. So Roku falsely advertised about the upgrade?

  • Yanira Ramirez Perez

    Can someone please tell me why on the new YouTube app I can’t see my playlist? I have Roku 3. Thanks!!!

  • Jed

    So, what your saying is my Roku XD 2050 will never have Youtube! I guess it’s the trash heap for that Roku….bought it just for Youtube

  • Darkguardian

    Something has gone wrong with the YouTube app after the upgrade.
    I’m finding myself logging in daily after the app kicks me out – sometime in the middle of a video.
    I get a sign in error and never had this issue before.
    I uninstalled and app, restarted Roku 3 and reinstalled.
    No change. It still kicks me out at random. It’s definitely a glitch in the app.
    I have to keep a book mark to

  • Darkguardian

    Something has gone wrong with the YouTube app after the upgrade.
    I’m finding myself logging in daily after the app kicks me out – sometime in the middle of a video.
    I get a sign in error and never had this issue before.
    I uninstalled and app, restarted Roku 3 and reinstalled.
    No change. It still kicks me out at random times. It’s definitely a glitch in the app.
    My internet connection is fast and solid at 150 mbps.
    I have to keep a bookmark on my PC to

  • pj

    why is the pairing code so small on my t.v ? i cant make it out.

  • Lex Smith

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ll going to try this app. Keep posting 🙂
    buy soundcloud likes

  • DavannaC

    That icon was working just fine. Suddenly yesterday it stopped showing on the youtube vids. I can only get youtube vids by going through cumbersome onscreen search since then. Why?

  • tee

    They say the youtube app is for all generation of roku but it will not load on my roku XD device!!! Help me !!!!_

  • DJ_Wicked_Will

    I enjoy watching YouTube videos via my Roku player, but would like to know if you can sign in to your YouTube account via the Roku player and thus be able to stream and watch your already saved/favorite YouTube videos? The search feature on the Roku YouTube app is very slow, tedious and entering a search term per letter in order to find a particular video is just really slow. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • susan v

    I just got a new ROKU and it is fantastic. I don’t understand the YouTube or ROKU complaints. I can use my iPhone, pick out any video I want from all that is on YouTube, and click on an icon, and then it is on my tv, full screen. I can still use my phone while the video is playing on tv. ROKU is fast sorting through the 1000+ channels to find movies I want to see. I also enjoy the local news on the device, watch the German channel to improve my German, and I’m ready to end our $100+ cable tv. Subscribing to Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime for approximately 30 dollars sure beats the cable price.

  • Gregory Muir

    So I’m enjoying the youtube app but can’t get it to play in high def. Checking against it on my computer, video has 1080. I see here that there’s a limitation concerning DNS for some reason. Why? I don’t know. Have to change DNS to get high def. Fine. Only I just now discover that my motorola surfboard cable modem/router purchased from Bust Buy doesn’t allow this! WTF? Every router I’ve had since the internet came out has allowed for this. So, is there any other workaround?

  • never2bebeaten2014

    I was wondering what was up. Should’ve known they couldn’t leave well enough alone and made one of their crappy improvements. Now my YouTube just g pi es to black screen. I spent $79 on this roku for my son who has adhd and asperger’s. It was really hard to come up with that amount as I’m disabled and widowed. I want value for my money. Roku is such crap that I have thought of changing it through the store window a thousand times. Worse purchase I ever made!

  • Mila

    Hi We had Roku 3 player since December and Youtube worked great . last 3 days we have problem with it. Now it jumps from one movie to the next one after 10-15 min ? what can we do about it ? thank you in advance for all your help .

  • obama the extremist

    slow, slow, slow….non working….slow, slow…won’t work, slow, slower……you get the point.

  • Gary D.Derby

    My roku oblerated my CD collection and DVD collection as well No longer rent from any stores. Thank You for posting

  • Martin

    So I kind of feel that Roku is taking a literal dump on us who have been loyal for years regarding Youtube and who knows what else…basically regardless of the fact I have purchased (at full price at the time) several Roku boxes once it is determined they are obsolete you just start cutting off access to channels! Why should I EVEN think to buy another one if you are going to stick it too me again and again.

  • Ryan N.

    Why doesn’t the YouTube app on the Roku 3 allow me to watch videos in HD? Every video I watch on Youtube is blurry and coming through as 480p at best. And it’s not the speed of my internet. I’m getting 21 Mbps down and 11 Mbps up with the Roku connected through Ethernet cable. HBO GO and most other channels work just fine through HD. I can’t believe more people haven’t complained about this.

  • Jason Vincik

    FIX: The icon was not showing for me on YouTube either. When I went to the YouTube app on Roku and attempted to pair the device again, a code was never displayed. It simply read “Generating Code” or something of the sort. But, a code would never display no matter how long I waited. I discovered that when I went into the Settings in the YouTube app on Roku, and selected ‘Delete Device,’ there was a long list of devices attached to my Roku 3 from previous pairings. I opted to delete all devices; then went back to pair the Roku again. Now, I’m presented with a code. Seems like having too many devices paired to the Roku can cause this issue.

  • pabarge

    I Just brought up the Youtube app on my IPhone 6 Plus (latest o/s) and I don’t see that icon that sends the youtube video to my Roku/TV.

  • Daniel Cohen Gindi

    Is there a chance to get a unicode keyboard? I.e. with Hebrew?..

  • Luciano Gutierrez

    My YouTube experience with my roku1 and roku2 has been nothing short of horrendous. There is this constant annoying crackling and popping noise on the audio whenever I watch anything. I’ve tried deleting the app and then downloading again but to no avail. It doesn’t happen with Netflix, Hulu or anything else. I’ve even connected my headphones to the roku2 just in case I was imagining it and sure enough I can hear it plain as day. The fact that it only happens with YouTube leads me to believe it’s not the devices but an issue with the app. I’ve tried casting YouTube videos from my phone onto the roku2 and the noise still happens??!! I used to have the YouTube app on my Sony Bravia tv and never had that issue. Anyone experience this weird phenomenon or is it just me because I’m perplexed!!!

  • DaveK

    Might just get a chrome cast device connected to your TV and use your Android phone/tablet to “cast” YouTube to your big screen. Seems to work much better than the Roku YouTube channel. Except for a single international channel we use, the Roku rarely gets used any more and I won’t be buying more of them. It’s too bad since it seemed that Roku really had things going in the beginning, but they are way behind in things that are important to their user base (e.g. a good functioning YouTube channel).

  • ObamaTheNewNixon

    YT streaming picture small & off to one side , any fix for that

  • David Williams

    How can I set a video back to start if I want to watch it again? It keeps insisting on picking up where I left off, and it’s tedious to just backing up to the beginning.

  • lylejk

    Anyone else having issues casting videos via computer to youtube (Windows to Roku)? I have to refresh the sink option to temporarily get this function to work, but as soon as I close the browser and re-open it, the problem returns (started happening a few days ago). Weird. Tried to re-install browser and that didn’t work either. 🙂

  • guesty

    I am a plumber. I want to take a piece of pipe and throw it on the shitheads who made this software. I will learn coding just to fix this horseshit!! OMG

  • Here u go.2017so Easy,Trusted and Tested Method..

  • Shauna Williams

    Roku keeps kicking me out of youtube.

  • Miss J

    It worked fine until last week. I have it on my Roku TV now it won’t work. I’ve rebooted tv, wireless service, updated wireless service on Roku and all these things have been over and over the past weeks and you tube still will not come on. It was playing fine for several months until we had an power outage a week 1/2 ago.